Crypto Regulation Coming - Hong Kong Fears Crypto May Endanger Financial System If Not Monitored

1/12/2022 6:12:00 PM

⬆ +11 Crypto Regulation Coming - Hong Kong Fears Crypto May Endanger Financial System If Not Monitored

⬆ +11 Crypto Regulation Coming - Hong Kong Fears Crypto May Endanger Financial System If Not Monitored

Hong Kong plans to create a crypto regulation plan by mid-summer and implement it within next few years

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U.S. judge says he leans toward releasing some evidence for Trump search

A U.S. judge on Thursday said he is leaning toward releasing some of the evidence presented by the U.S. Justice Department to justify its search of Donald Trump's Florida home last week, in a case pitting news organizations against federal prosecutors. Read more >>

UK Lawmakers Form Crypto and Digital Assets Group to Ensure Regulation Supports Innovation – Regulation Bitcoin NewsU.K. lawmakers have formed the Crypto and Digital Assets Group to ensure that new rules for the crypto industry support innovation. cryptocurrency bitcoin 🚀🚀🚀 SolConnect Solana SOLC As well as UAE 🇦🇪 thes lawmakers should build a path for mass adoption Beam me up Scotty.

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Hong Kong to Set a Plan for Cryptocurrency Regulations by July 2022: ReportThe HKMA plans to outline a regulatory framework for local businesses and traders by July 2022 as it would pay special attention to stablecoins.

Hong Kong to pass law outlawing more 'national security' crimesHong Kong will outlaw a host of new national security crimes, the city's leader said during the first session of a new legislature scrubbed of political opposition Under NSL, arrests and imprisonments can be without evidence. All of laws are used to punish anyone who doesn't kneel down. There have not any fair judicial system. HKer only choice leave or kneel down. BoycottBeijing2022 OnecountryTwoSystemsIsDead The Court of Final Appeal already ruled that the unreasonably restrictive criteria 4 granting bail under the NSL apply to non-NSL cases. So ppl can be indefinitely locked up for sedition charge w/o conviction. HongKong's judges are accomplices of CCP n should be sanctioned! Destroying Hong Kong is never stop

Estonia Offers to Share Crypto Experience With US to Identify Best Practices for Digital Assets – Regulation Bitcoin News'I suggested to the U.S. Treasury Secretary that Estonia can share its experience to identify best practices,' said the Estonian finance minister. bitcoin cryptocurrency Estonia is the country of future! Implementing blockchain in such different fields is the step into the future What does that head of the USTreasury look like Gandpa Munster?

SEC Chair Gensler Discusses How Securities Laws Apply to Crypto Tokens — Won't Say if Ethereum Is a Security – Regulation Bitcoin News'I think that the facts and circumstances suggest they are investment contracts, they are securities, and they should register,' SEC Chair Gensler stressed. crypto cryptocurrency I don't praise people for any reason, the truth most be told good works you deserve appreciation, I'm super jealous of your hard work and skills. I'm proud of you and what you've done in my life and that of people, we need more people like you victor_griffin_ Chinese, Russian and few other governments and Banks banned Cryptos, but that doesn’t mean the people won’t use cryptos! Don’t forget none of the governments has lawful jurisdictions over cryptos. Doesn’t matter how hard the Governments trying to stop this the cryptos WON. metabolic Seeing this I have mixed feelings about. But I have great hopes for the Metabolictoken