Crypto Brands That Survive Bear Market Could Be 'Amazons' of Tomorrow, Senior Bank Official Says | CoinMarketCap

Parallels have been drawn to the sensational collapse of early stage internet companies, where $5 trillion vanished from their valuations.

6/23/2022 9:10:00 AM

Crypto brands that survive this bear market could be the 'Amazons and eBays' of tomorrow 🤯 The rather upbeat remarks were made by someone pretty surprising... the deputy governor of the Bank of England 👀

Parallels have been drawn to the sensational collapse of early stage internet companies, where $5 trillion vanished from their valuations.

The dramatic crash of the crypto markets is comparable to the dotcom bubble bursting, a senior Bank of England official has said.According to Bloomberg, the central bank's deputy governor Sir Jon Cunliffe suggested that businesses who survive this current market rout could gain influence in the years to come.

More than $2 trillion has been wiped from the total market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies since November 2021 — and parallels have been drawn to the sensational collapse of early stage internet companies, where $5 trillion vanished from their valuations. Sir Jon said:

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Bank of England: Survivors of Crypto Crash Could Become Dominant Market PlayersTraveling back two decades and examining the dot-com bubble, many experts have compared several parallels that can be seen in today's crypto market.

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