Cruise ship passengers plead for help as virus spreads aboard

Florida Gov. DeSantis: 'We cannot afford to have people who are not even Floridians dumped into South Florida using up those valuable resources.'

4/1/2020 11:33:00 AM

Florida Gov. DeSantis: 'We cannot afford to have people who are not even Floridians dumped into South Florida using up those valuable resources.'

Florida Gov. DeSantis said the state can’t take two cruise ships with sick passengers. Four people on the ships died and nearly 200 became ill with flu-like symptoms. NBC News’ Kerry Sanders reports on what officials are saying and where the ships may go.

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Shameless putz So his plan is to let them die on the ship. Put them in your butt buddies hotel. Just being honest I don't have much sympathy for anyone who's on the fucking Cruise right now they should have knew better Corona virus is the hindenburg of the cruise ship industry DeSantis must be a Tourist Board nightmare. I don't think I will ever 'dump' myself in FL again.

So much for 'United' States GovRonDeSantis we r all members of the human race and have a responsibility to take care of each other. For Gods sake some humanity DeSantisGenocide DeSantisBetrayedFlorida These are Americans DontVisitFLA Thousands of Canadian open their home during 9/11 to stranded American. Snowbirds support the economy of southern Florida 6 months a year. And then, 400 Canadian stranded on a cruise ship treated worse than livestock. Canada should remember GovRonDeSantis 👎

The heathens never cease to amaze me. American spirit is DEAD. Someone should explain to DeSantis that those nonresidents are future tourists and all of us tourists will remember this when we plan our next vacation - not to Florida! Nobody is from Florida. MSNBC, again you are behind the times. Problem has been solved with a plan involving Florida and several countries.

God, what a jerk Why are blue states in a Union with red states? There doesn’t seem to be much advantage to the arrangement anymore. The press statement said you want them to go to New York. Really. This is the new America, let people die there are Americans on that ship Well, this is a screenplay writing itself

I was sick and you visited me. Blessed are the merciful, for you shall obtain mercy. For God fearing , bible quoting people, these folks don’t seem to recall the lessons of Jesus from the New Testament. Should have said this while spring break was going on BUD They are human beings! Does that not count? Idiot.

Disgusting. So much for my annual Christmas there. Not a dime to them. DeSantis is seriously a horrible human being. Bring the people off the boat, quarantine them, get medical attention to the ones who need it. It's not hard to make the right choices if you have a functioning moral compass. Should we dump the Senior Citizens in the ocean?

RonDeSantisFL: BuildTheWall around Florida beaches! TheCrueltyIsThePoint TrumpPlague Can someone please explain how people are getting tested on these ships? AliVelshi just said 4 people have tested positive. How are cruise ships able to test people when our hospitals and doctors can’t? DeSantis goes day to day looking for people to f__k over. Its his jam. Yesterday Detestable DeSantis said there was no real problem, today he says its so big we have to abandon these other people. What a sick society, that he is even considered for office. Shame floridaman

1st: Hope everyone onboard does well. 2nd: Schadenfreude; hope some onboard are avid trump cultists and FoxNews viewers. Maybe (doubtful) they’ll viscerally understand seeking asylum/being denied. At least their kids aren’t pried from their arms & they’re not caged. Karma Perpetual_Now Ask Cuba... Desantis: sadistic monki🐒

jacknielsenN7 realDonaldTrump would propose you should sink it... Or send them to Washington DC! jacknielsenN7 Look who is running death pannels... err, cruises now. These people are some effing ghouls. GOP stands for GhoulsOnPayroll. 'Yeah no Americans, Floridians only!!' FL GOP Perpetual_Now Bad, very bad.....

Dollar bills y’all. RobertaD7777 Well heck. Why not? You’re not doing anything for the Floridians in south Florida anyway. DeSantis is just a symptom of a much wider cultural virus Shades of the St. Louis during WW2 where a ship of 900 refugee Jewish folks from Germany were not allowed entry to the good old USA and any other nation. Hey were forced to return to Europe where most were killed by the Nazis. Sometimes we suck at being human beings.

What would Jesus do? 🤔 What would Jesus say? Florida man ... RonDeSantisFL , your message appears to be that if you're not a Floridian, your life has no value. Any deaths on the ships will be in your hands. Grow a pair and stop kissing realDonaldTrump 's ass. A floating coffin - how American of de santis to not let them dock. The deaths are on your head and the t for not helping. Shameful behavior and your state of not on lockdown. What is wrong with you?

Gov. DeSantis: Is it okay for the rest of the USA to say, when a hurricane strikes Florida, 'we don't want those people who are not even from our state using up OUR valuable resources?' Whose choosing who lives and who dies? Republicans. And so no Floridians should’ve allowed in states that HAVE enacted stay at home measures.

Go back to your home base. Let me guess... GovRonDeSantis is a Christian. PurlLeslie And yet he won’t impose social distancing or close nonessential business CINO (CHRISTIAN IN NAME ONLY) GovRonDeSantis gee you sure wanted “non-Floridians” when they were young kids on spring break drinking and spending their money! What a hypocrite!

GovRonDeSantis will end up in prison for this. I'm certain no other country would deny American citizens care if they needed it. The world seems to be more generous than the US and especially Florida's imbecilic governor. How much $$ does FL collect from the Cruise Industry in taxes and fees every year? Visit South Florida and you’d be forgiven for concluding that it’s an industry Florida has cultivated.

So if Floridians get sick in NY or Seattle or Italy they should not receive medical care? These people are stupid and deplorable! Tell that to California. . GovRonDeSantis ; I never heard you complain when Americans and foreigners travel to and vacation in Florida where they spend their money; and pay taxes on goods purchased and hotel rooms.

MURDER SToP GeTTinG Y’aLL DumbAzz On CRuiSe SHiPs RighT NoW!! But you welcome Spring Break Teenagers with open arms..... They chose to get on a cruise ship AFTER the news of the one in Japan What the heck did they think was going to happen?🤦🏻‍♀️ It’s unthinkable why they even took the cruise! Can’t fix stupid!

This is Trump's new America....unprepared, and cruel. But it was ok for spring breakers to come down there. Hypocrite! Carnival Corp, the parent company of Holland America and these ships, is the 4th largest employer in the state of Florida. But Florida won’t help these Americans who are ill. Shame on Florida. LetThemDock Carnival move your headquarters to Seattle.

Gov. DeSantis,there is only one United States of America!This is not the time to divide us into different people but time to unit us as one people.Put yourself in the shoes of those people holed up in that vessel, if your family is caught up in that situation will you be happy? What a pi$$ poor human being. That's all I can say about the dishonorable governor of Florida. What happened to Character Counts?

Interesting how all the sociopaths are more easily spotted in our government now. Lack of empathy and morals. I feel ashamed that my Mom & brothers live in that state-this guy is worse than Trump-these folks need help now. They are the tourists who support Florida's economy! DeSantis & Trump are despicable.

But you allowed spring break kids to frolic on your beaches spreading Covid-19. They are people. They are Americans. And the Carnival Corp is based in Florida you dumb fuck Florida and GovRonDeSantis made no attempts to protect the public when he blatantly left beaches open to allow the virus to spread. Now, they want to claim virtue? I think not! On a side note, who allowed that ship to set sail? DeSantisBetrayedFlorida

Good call. Has nothing to do with Spring Breakers, they weren’t ill people prior to going there. These are sick people, Florida doesn’t want them for the reasons stated. RonDeSantisFL needs to resign. He’s a horrible human being. We told you during elections but trump supporters didn’t listen Who will be the first to publish the Harvard case study on ethical disasters created by this decision?

Many of the people on that ship are Floridians, this guy is off his rocker! Is that the new tourism slogan? People are people and since when do we “dump” them? Quit dehumanizing Like he really cares. He's aping his chosen one. He is truly a pig. Can only hope he and his family receive the same reception in the future. Moreover, his actions to date will ensure infection rates skyrocket in Florida given his stupid inaction, not even following his king’s (DJT) lead!

Since he’s sanctioned for any healthcare billing he won’t be able to bilk, that’a probably what drove his decision. But you didn’t mind all the spring breakers down there huh glad your not my governor very Funny.takes all the Money from snowbirds and NY and tourist.time for pay=back Such a gross lack of compassion. Human is human.

FL should NOT take those ships! They took chances and went in a cruise in March during a pandemic ! Most of the FL resudents are Jewish to begin with! FL do not want them! Send them to Guantanamo Naval Base and quaranteene them for 14 days first! RonDeSantisFL How can you be sitting there Telling me that you care - That you care? When every time I look around, The people suffer in the suffering In everyway, in everywhere. Bob Marley ‘Survivor’

I can not belive those commenrs! Why would FL be accountable to help those ships? They went on a cruise in March during a pandemic! They took chances! Send the ships to Guantanamo naval base and quaranteene them for 14 days first! RonDeSantisFL Translate: “I can’t let people who aren’t Florida voters ...”

What the Fk is wrong with the people... I was in Florida on March 17 and it was business as usual. The beaches were open, stores were open and everyone was walking around like nothing was going on. Now all of a sudden we can’t possibly help these people. You hypocritical disgusting person! Why was there even a cruise ship still out to sea?!

Trump still trying to keep the numbers where they are by letting cruise passengers die. But I thought he said this was not a big deal? Desantis is a piece of shit That’s not how humanity works. LoveThyNeighbor 😡whatamoron I thought we were all Americans and had the freedom to travel. Perfect example of Trump the weak leader. Not strong.

They're Americans and allies! What the hell does that even mean? Elections have consequences and we're seeing it play out in a horrific way. Hopefully we learn this lesson and get these dumbazzes out of office. Vote Blue! leene50 then return all the revenue you get from tourist going on cruises Dood! It's called HUMAN COMPASSION. And if they're American citizens, they should be allowed to disembark and be quarantined for 14 days, IMMEDIATELY.

He’s a jerk, but why are cruise ships still operating? ...unless their drunk college kids carelessly spending money Evil UROCKlive1 Guess he follows the Right Wing Jesus who has no humanity for the helpless. Talkin out two sides of his mouth. Do these ppl think that ALL of us are easily gaslit? meanwhile, CLOSE FLORIDA!! Covid

Super Bowl was fine though right? Spring breakers? Come on down! Beaches are still open folks! Jump off and swim to one! Just say they are there for spring break I understand not wanting to bring people with a highly contagious disease into the country. Where should they go? Is it possible to send medical assistance? Are we able to take those passengers who are not positive for Covid 19 off the ship and quarantine them?

Many of us took our share of passengers off cruise ships what’s so different that Florida can’t do it? Too much trouble and no money in it for the Scrooge in charge in Florida. The GOP call themselves christians , what happened to helping your neighbour or people in need, Your defining moment GovRonDeSantis! And it's NOT GOOD!

Mar-a-Lago has lots of empty rooms & an opulent campus for them to wait out 21 days of isolation. Donny Trumpy can pick up the tab w/ his I'll gotten taxpayer loot. GovRonDeSantis Definitely something Jesus would say. I wish you were on that ship and begging for heartless.. You sure don’t mind their vacation dollars though do you. Tourism is your best money maker and you won’t use resources they have funded to help them

No...he wouldn't want to help Americans! I honestly think these religious cult southern states think the south will raise again and trump is the closest thing they'll get to it. He has a heart of gold. Well is not Florida a tourist relying industry? Well they should take care of their customers better.

They are people..not numbers! Can Joe Scarborough and his morning puppet show PLEASE be taken off the air? Just an incredible display of hatred day after day. Shut up already. People heard you the first ten times. Do something or say something positive. You’re absolutely horrible creatures! UROCKlive1 To Scumbag DeSantis they're not even people.

These peoples needs to be off of that ship, it’s only infecting the healthy ones, by been all bunch up together. These are human beings not animals, it’s doesn’t matter what state they’re in, get them off that cruise 🚢 to medical care and testing, is the right thing 2 do. Sad! GovRonDeSantis, did you ever hear about the movie, You Are Here: Come From Away? What if Newfoundland had said they didn’t want the plane to land ther & use up their resources? Man up, dude.

Evil man Yet Florida ports, hotels, restauarants and other businesses profit enormously from the cruise industry. DeSantis had no problem allowing college students to crowd FL a week ago. So tourists can come to FL , just don’t get sick or ask for help. GovRonDeSantis The man os a moron. bernieshq Oh, so now he cares... coronavirus springbreak health security policy Fail

UROCKlive1 DeSantis. They are humans. Not dumped, but rescued. HELP. You, on the other hand, are not human and need more help than you can ever offer pandemic victims. I want to know why the hell are people taking a cruise in the middle of a pandemic. UROCKlive1 Who would get on a cruise ship right now? It’s a floating Petri dish.

Shameful. We are human beings. We have to plan and help each other. Hawaii has done this. San Diego has done this. Follow their plan. If the State is not closed how can henot accept the cruise ship. That is one sick heartless fuck. Funny Trump says you have enough! What’s the problem?! Tribalism at its worst.

This makes my soul ache. Why not? He hasn't done anything yet to stop his people from dying GovRonDeSantis Hoo boy. His story will be told in a villainous vein in the future... Not even 5 in worst GOP of the week - wow, what does that say about them? but we are happy to take their tourist dollars “Not Floridians”? Has he checked his beaches? Mar-a-Lago?

RonDeSantis RonDeSantisFL Psychopath. Actually some of those people are Floridians. What if your loved ones were on that ship? What do you want them to do? DIE? All lives must be saved it should not be a tough decision. US is to be the greatest country and should have the resources otherwise it shows to be a failed country so take the right decision and get those people off the boat. Where’s the leader?realDonaldTrump GOP

We are already doomed. The best thing we can do is to take them off. An set up a tent city at a park for them. And provide them with as much food and comfort that they can get while they ride out their quarantine for 30+ days. Man...WTf has happened to you Florida You have always been on the fringes but ever since Trump got elected and called you ' home' , you have really let yourself go.

How about spring break. Hypocrisy! WWJD? But I bet DeSantis didn't complain when those passengers spent their money in Florida to eat, shop or stay in the hotels before the cruise. Try Cuba? You fukcs learn not to go on a cruise yet? A bunch of desperate humans view America as the last safe place they can go, and they can't get in? Imagine that. I always did think Floridians were a separate species, but if Trump wants to load CA up with as many 'valuable resources' as he sent FL, we could manage it.

But he was fine with spring breakers?!? RonDeSantisFL is a little realDonaldTrump Callous, cruel, narcissistic sociopath DeSantisBetrayedFlorida DeSantisResign 25thAmendmentToRidTheWorldofTrumpNOW But it was ok for the spring breakers to dump themselves into your state for you to make a buck during a pandemic?

These are Americans! Help them now! Can he even spell idiot! He sounds like such a stand up guy. I'd sure be happy to be stranded on an island with a kind hearted soul who cares for people like that. Heard he won't even close beaches just wants people to have fun I guess real nice guy. Many nations & even Germans said the same thing about the Jewish people before they were sent to the ovens. If there are medical supplies and assistance to any serious medical problems, there should be medical accommodations made.

Deadly Russopublican Politicians.. GovRonDeSantis is inhumane. When did this cruise set sail? Seriously. Anyone who set foot on one after February is either suicidal or watches Fox Noise exclusively. Too many Gilligans and not enough Professors these days. SMH Gotta love this from a state that begs for assistance from the rest of the country when it gets slammed by a hurricane. Let’s not long forget.

With all due respect to wanting to help those in need, they got on the cruise when the whole world was saying WTF are they doing? They knew the risks and got on the ship anyway. I feel for them, I really do. But they knew. The ship can alway travel through the panama canal and dock in California since they let in anyone.

The 2020 remake of 'Ship of Fools?' Americans who boarded cruise ships while the administration was twiddling their thumbs should be able to disembark in Florida. Test them, require 14 day self-isolation. Test all other passengers, return to country of origin or hospitalize them Wow. Someone should throw a tarp over the Statue of Liberty. She's dead. Immigrants don't stand a chance when we don't even welcome our own citizens.

Someone should tell DeSantis the story of the SS St Louis. Yes, there is a FL Gov worse than Ruck Scott. If he didn’t block this .... They would say he didn’t do enough Send them to the ships country of origin What do you propose? Let them die? RonDeSantisFL Florida is more than happy to take tourist money, you proved that with spring break. Foreigners and non- Floridians will remember your harsh, unchristian treatment for years to come. Or as I say, “The only way to see FL is through your rear view mirror.”

Is that even legal Refusing the entrance to the US to US citizens Where’s Pompeo? This is not about politics. No red, no blue. This is about American citizens. Period!! That's cold. JFC! What an asshole. “I don’t think RonDeSantisFL is a racist, racists think he’s a racist”.... How very 'Christian' of him.

Good luck on re-election jackass!! cruel and inhuman treatment by Florida Gov. DeSantis Oh, now its a problem. Where is the UNHR when people are in distress ? Florida cannot afford Gov. DeSantis. Dont you just love Florida's Republican Christian values As always, denying aid to the wrong people is more important than helping people.

What a terrible, terrible thing! How helpless they must feel! Sickening!

Ships with people from ill-fated cruise beg Florida to dockFlorida Governor Ron DeSantis said he has been in contact with the Coast Guard and the White House about diverting them, adding the state's health care resources should be used for residents not foreign nationals.

Cruise Ship Struggling With COVID-19 Headed To FloridaCarnival is working with U.S. officials on a plan to allow healthy passengers to leave the Zaandam ship in Florida. Four people are dead on the cruise, and nearly 200 are suspected to have COVID-19. So they aren’t going into quarantine? WTF Who went on a damn cruise? ?!?!?

Trump urges Florida to welcome cruise ship with deadly coronavirus outbreakU.S. President Donald Trump on Tuesday urged Florida officials to open an Atlantic Coast port to a Dutch cruise ship stuck at sea with a deadly coronavirus outbreak onboard, urging the governor to drop his opposition. WuhanVirus ChinaLiedPeopleDied Im cool with letting them into Florida. I don't believe that this was tRump's idea.

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Carnival seeks $6 billion as Covid-19 pandemic devastates cruise industryCruise operator Carnival Corporation is seeking at least $6 billion to weather the coronavirus crisis, after outbreaks aboard its cruise ships killed several passengers and sickened hundreds more. NO Let them sink... StateDept CDCgov HHSGov NIH Yale Yale Researchers Disinfect N95 Respirators For Reuse

How Many Cruise Ships Are Still Stuck at Sea? Sick Passengers, Closed Ports Leave Boats in LimboMonday was the deadline given by the Department of Homeland security for ships to return home, but several have note yet been able to do so The city/ country with the least amount of cases in hospitals and the most supplies available should take them quarantine em and help.