Cruise ship passengers desperately plead with Florida to allow them in

More than 1,400 other passengers are now pleading with Florida to allow them in, but officials say the state simply does not have the resources to take on an extra burden.

4/1/2020 4:14:00 PM

Cruise ship with more than 1,400 passengers is not being allowed to dock in Florida; 4 people have died. “We cannot afford to have people who are not even Floridians dumped into South Florida using up those valuable resources,” the governor says.

More than 1,400 other passengers are now pleading with Florida to allow them in, but officials say the state simply does not have the resources to take on an extra burden.

“People are getting sick and they need proper medical attention in a hospital, they cannot be treated onboard,” Anderson said. “The people on this boat, we are all someone’s parent, grandparent, aunt, and uncle. The governor should think ‘what if my mother was on that boat?’”

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While the governor has expressed staunch disapproval with the ship disembarking, the final say lies in the hands of the Broward County Commission who was not able to come to a decision on Tuesday. The commission is still waiting for clear and proper protocols for disembarkation by the cruise line.

They still have a lot of conditions to consider, said a spokesperson for the commission.The Zaandam, and its sister ship, the Rottendam that took on asymptomatic passengers from the Zaandam, are scheduled to reach Fort Lauderdale by Wednesday--much to the dismay of the city’s mayor.

“We are a community that are trying to hold everything together,” said Mayor Dean Trantalis to Fox News on Monday. “We don't need any more infection in our communities. It cannot come to Fort Lauderdale.”There are more than 300 Americans onboard the ships.

April 1, 202003:52Passengers say they are strictly confined to cramped cabins and meals are left at their door. Even during a special 30-minute dispensation allowing them to move around the ship, they could not touch anything, sit anywhere or stand near anyone.

The cruise ships, run by Carnival Corp.'s Holland America Line, disembarked from Buenos Aires, Argentina, on March 8 for a two week cruise through South America and was scheduled to end in Chile on March 21 before they were shut out by the country.

“We started getting turned away by everyone,”said Emily Spindler Brazell, a passenger from Tappahannock, Virginia, who was on the Zaandam but was later transferred to the Rotterdam. “The world was closing its doors as we sat there waiting.”While she said passengers have been treated very well by the ship’s staff that has been working hard to provide online exercise classes and game nights to fill time, she’s worried they will lose steam.

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“It’s a lot of pressure,” she said, adding that life feels like the movie ‘Waterworld’ since she hasn’t touched land in weeks.“I get it. I understand where they are coming from,” said Branzell, who is in her 60s. “But it’s important for them to know that there are so many people who are feeling fine and we should be allowed to get off.”

Orlando Ashford, president of Holland America, called the ships’ multiple border rejections “a humanitarian crisis” in an statement.“We are dealing with a 'not my problem' syndrome. The international community, consistently generous and helpful in the face of human suffering, shut itself off to Zaandam leaving her to fend for herself,” he said. “These are unfortunate souls unwittingly caught up in the fast-changing health, policy and border restrictions that have rapidly swept the globe.”

Anderson is hopeful Florida will realize the human toll of turning people away and will eventually allow them in."These are real people, who are getting sick and who are away from families and proper care," she said."How many people have to die on this ship before they realize we need to get off?"

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my mother is not stupid to get on a boat in middle of global pandemic...especially knowing what happened on other boats 4 vessels. Strong swimmer could come to me from there. Florida's fault...🙄 He is WILLING TO DUMP OTHER HUMANS ILL NEVER LET A REPUBLICAN TRLL ME THEY ARE THE MORAL HIGHGROUND Where is the humanity?

I’ll bet he loves the tourism that the cruises bring to Florida. Although the cruise ships register somewhere else and don t pay taxes. No bailout for cruise lines, but get the people off. What is wrong with him? You weren’t saying that when the were spending tourist $$$...they my not be Floridians but many ARE’s called planning. You knew ships were out and would be returning...planning...

PaulDRamone Three weeks ago we KNEW about this pandemic. We even knew about people being stranded on cruise ships then. THEY CHOSE to go on a cruise ship anyway. How can you ever sail on a cruise out of Florida again? Wait... what happen to being pro life? Unbelievable! For those criticizing Florida's response, this ship left port in Argentina to go to Chile, not Florida. It left March 8 & everyone on her knew about Covid-19 & the Japanese cruise ship. Chile refused the ship to protect their people, so did Peru. Why can't we protect our people?

Why don't we put Florida's governor on the ship and let the People off. But leave one person who has covid on the ship? “Pro lifer”RonDeSantisFL nysileney Why don’t they cruise up to the navy medical ship in NYC ? We have already been bombarded by people infected from spring breakers and those trying to avoid quarantine in tri state area already.

Let me understand. These are American citizens, with as much right to be here as anyone else. If they are sick, wouldn’t a better response be to set up a field hospital? BoycottFlorida It's irony in it's finest form. He allowed 50 flights in a day last week. Our state isn't even on lockdown til tomorrow night but he won't let these poor souls in? Jesus take the wheel. We're killing our own...

taniacarey123 Very Christian. “Dumped” into S FL Did this leave two months ago? Because that is the only way anyone can justify anyone being on a cruise ship at this point. I wonder how he would feel about another country refusing a ship with Floridians to dock. United. States. United States. GavinNewsom CAgovernor Please help these poor people 🥺🥺🥺

Amazing, just amazing. So they got on this boat one week ago? Forgive me for being naive....but why can’t the American citizens get off? BoycottFlorida if we are not good enough to get off the ship then our money is too good to spent in Florida! Sounds like manslaughter to me. And? Wise decision for Americans

They should get up steam and ram the U.S. If more die Floridians might want to watch their backs as they travel through states where the people on that ship lived. More than a few sets of parents, others. United States my ass. If more people die on these ships it on DeSantis I guess republicans are only pro-life when it comes to the unborn

They’re humans.... what a good Christian he is .. They are still citizens! Damn, wtf GovRonDeSantis! No but you welcomed spring breakers so you could take their money. Good Christian he is, Rick DeSantis. Churches can have services but people that need help should be turned away and allowed to die! Way to go !!

No! But we’ll take the money of all of those out of state spring breakers hitting our beaches, restaurants and hotels. Then we’ll send them home across the country and let them spread the virus they may have picked up here. GovDeSantis sucks. I wish you get sick overseas,them you Will know what the word MERCY means.

This is so wrong on so many levels. Would I be wrong in saying this is a Republican response. So what? Wait until they all die? Shame “To dump into south Florida...” you’re the freaking Governor RonDeSantisFL these are human beings. Manage it. They don’t have to stay in FL. How did Newsom handle the cruise in the Bay Area? Give him a call. What are you good for? TrumpLiesAmericansDie

When Fl is one state that has 3x the amount of resources than any other state and more coming ugh All he has to do is let the ship dock, get a mobile hospital to the site and sort those people out, those who are sick get them the care they need and some may be well enough to go home. Simple. No? I am sure that is exactly what Jesus would have said. The governor is such a great christian.

But you didn't care or worry about this last week! Wait. Wasn't Florida the state that refused to close the beaches so not to lose the spring break dollars? Says man who let college students from all over the country pass COVID19 around on Florida beaches, then carry it back home with them. No public official has done more to spread disease in this country since the Philadelphia war bond parade of October 1918.

I understand they need help & should be allowed to land but I must ask the obvious question. WTF is wrong with people who would board a cruise ship during a WORLDWIDE CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC? Does their complete lack of common sense justify endangering the safety of other people?! Isn't this the dude that didn't even want to close the beaches until like literally noon today?

GovRonDeSantis. Is everyone in the GOP just pure garbage humans or what? Hmmm, he knew about the cruise ship BEFORE he shut down the state... The country they ported from won't even take them back. Why dont u talk about that?!! Dumped? I guess I will think twice about “dumping” my money in Florida for vacations.

Yeah, fuck those US citizens and human beings. Fine. Send back all the FEDERAL AID you have received. After all, those people you won't take helped pay for it. Won't allow a cruise ship but WILL allow thousands of spring breakers all over the beaches.....makes no sense at all. Quite the humanitarian, isn't he? Jerk.

Originally I made a comment saying NO, because we are near to reaching our capacity. I feel for the people on the ships needing care and I think if the situation was in reverse, and we were on their turf, especially as an ally country, they would provide care. The persons who Pro-life only counts for American fetuses.

A fine old Floridian tradition, turning away ships full of desperate people and potentially sending them to their deaths. Florida will happily take the millions of dollars it gets for being a point of embarkation for cruise ships. But help sick people on a cruise ship scheduled to disembark in Florida? Nope.

90% of those on board are not US citizens IT dosant matter if they are Floridians, THEY are AMERICAN'S. GET THEM OFF THE SHIP NOW!!!!! Maybe we shouldn’t let the TR dock either? What an inhumane response. He knows they are people and not flamingos, right?! But DeSantis can take tourist beach trip $$$ and let them spread the virus all over the world again. Cretin.

Pretty sure Canadians in Nfld didn’t want a bunch of Americans in their houses after 9/11 but they did the kind, right thing. Americans appear to be incapable of doing the same. We're talking about people not bags of trash. Reprehensible. That’s what we have become? Total lack of humanity and compassion? We are so unprepared that we will let people die, that’s what we are now? TrumpPlague

First at all why these people took the cruise knowing the coronavirus is dangers? If so ....... So much for America and Americans “first”....or “pro-life”. VFW_Vet Didn’t Florida receive 200% of the requested supplies 🤔🤷‍♂️ This sounds familiar🤔. Maybe he should build a wall or something Sure didn’t bother him when swarms if kids were on their beaches, staying in their hotels and buying food & drinks with possible covid19 exposure

I think I’ve made my last trip to Florida if this is how you look at us outsiders. Republicans like when people die... I’m convinced of it... Chile, Peru, and Argentina turn their back to the and Florida is to blame for? I went to NYC Feb 28th and was already bathing myself in purrel and took my chance bc I could come back driving. My plan was to go to Brazil but cancelled so they knew the possibility.

These cruise ships should pull their businesses from Florida In all fairness, San Diego just let a cruise ship disembark over 2k people into our port & city, some with COVID, & is leaving it up to the passengers to self quarantine AFTER THEY TRAVEL back home. The cruise ships are putting everyone’s lives in danger; not just passengers’.

Hear that all you Florida visitors? GavinNewsom take these people in! It’s the human thing to do! Yeah but Florida had no problem keeping their beaches open for spring break so all those assholes could go down there, get sick and take it back home to make the rest of us sick. Put anchor down off-coast.

😢🤦‍♀️ Right. Who cares about 'other' Americans? Each state for themselves? The theme of this bungled response from this administration. selfish selfserving GOP coronavirus Let me guess and all this people believe in God. Right? Ahhh, Christianity in America. Or should I say, the single greatest cause of atheism today. Evangelicals Hypocrisy Floridacoronavirus COVIDIOT45

Is Desantis going to build a wall? I’m a Floridian but this just doesn’t seem right. I agree! Anyone who went on a cryise right now was asking for it! Wow wow So we’re sending Jews back to Germany. Or black people back to Africa. Or Mexican Americans back to Mexico. Indians to the reservations. Is this a trend.

Horrible!! If this gets over (which I doubt until a vaccine is made AND WORKS) I hope Floridians wake up to this hoax of a human DESANTIS..those that follow trump may actually be worse then trump...VERY HARD TO BELIEVE These people went on a cruise by their own will. They took a gamble and lost. Now they want to disembark. Sorry, I don't blame Florida.

LeftSentThis F*ck that dude. These are human beings. If it was a bunch of rich people, they wouldn't even tell us they snuck them back on shore. Just like the 900 Jewish Refugees on the ship St. Louis who were turned away by Florida in 1939. They had to return to Europe where 1/3 died in the camps. This is disgusting. We can quarantine these people for 14 days its not that hard to do at all.

At least Fl got all their asks(and more!) regarding ppe, ventilators, etc. Why wouldn’t they have the resources? Dumped? That’s how we refer to deceased. ? :( if all where ok , no virus, Florida would receive all tourist and share all resources for a good price. But now human life has no value therefore let them die... Shame Florida... Shame USA

Probably a fair number of rich foreigners on board. They won't forget how they were treated. Honestly, who is ever going to get on a cruise ship after this? Stick a fork in this industry. Well when the Australians see us coming with a ship,they'll tell us no.Theres 200 + americans on that ship too besides aussies,canadians,.trump is the one who said,don't worry,have fun,

So let them die on the boat... Governor DeSantis should be in JAIL. WOW Tourist in the future need to remember this, especially cruisers. I know De Santis has made it clear since last month theyre not allowing cruise ships to dock. I'm not sure if this cruise didn't hear the news since back then.... Maybe Florida need to be boycotted.....I will never spend another dime in the state of Florida.

Florida's entire economy is fueled by people who are 'not even Floridians,' including the governor's salary. So Florida isnt part of AMERICA anymore Aclu amnestyusa UNHumanRights UNhumansecurity un WHO Please, take notes hopefully preparing class action lawsuits 🌏🙏 key word here- 'people' our brothers and sisters

Shameful behavior by Ron DeSantis. That is the most F’d up Governor ever. Of course there is not one peep from the Feds. Hunger Games that elected officials are playing and we are the pawns. There is no one in charge of this mess. Seriously!! So this is why he issued a stay at home order Who are not even Floridians... Florida's governor is trash.

lol the dead penguins behind them. So we can bailout the cruise industry who doesn’t pay taxes, but we can’t take care of citizens once in the ship We live is a pos country. Sorry it’s true shaunking Wow. Why are people still going on cruises? DementedDeSantis Many of those people are Americans! This is deplorable!

Isn't Desantis Pro-Life 🤔 Send them to Cuba, they will actually take care of them : ( He sure wanted those “non-Floridians” when everything is going great so Florida would get their money. These are citizens of this country and should not be treated like this! How long was this cruise? Who in their right mind would have taken this trip? Better cruise back out to international water and figure it out buddy

The cruise lines, Holland, Princess, Carnival, all of them, have been among the most irresponsible actors in this whole crisis. They have lied, covered up and placed thousands in danger in the name of greed. The passengers were just as bad, jeopardizing their own safety for ? I don’t think planes should dump anymore tourists in Florida - ever again.

That is inhuman. Is the ship supposed to circle the US and dump each passenger to the correct state? Hey GovRonDeSantis they are humans first and foremost. shaunking Where did the ship depart from? Why can’t it go there? Agreed whatever Port the ship calls home should be responsible He must be a Jesus loving Christian. A fake “Pro-Lifer”

the pro life party hit different Get a lawyer ... all of them ... file suit against GovRonDeSantis and the state ... I think since there are so many Americans on board ... there is got be a court who will intervene Prior to World War II the United States sent a ship of Jews fleeing the Nazis back to Germany. We failed to help humanity, and history repeats itself. Those south Florida resources can be replenished GovRonDeSantis. Once a person is dead, that's it.

At a loss for words Are they letting us on the ship....we will go! I will go! I’m a nurse. Give us supplies! We will go! Pretty much par for the course for gop. They’re prolife while in the womb but once you’re born it’s survival of the richest and screw everyone else. Pro life but for the death penalty

JWin802 So if you aren’t from Florida, according to their governor, you aren’t a US citizen or human worth treating. At least their Christian values are consistent. God loves everyone unless you are brown or not from Florida. From the Pro-life party. This is is inhumane. No, they shouldn’t have taken a cruise, but their foolishness doesn’t merit being stranded. —- Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

RonDeSantisFL is cruel and evil. Now, everyone knows it. fkDeSantis un-American MAGA lemming Bet Desantis wishes he hadn’t stolen that election now, huh? Can a state refuse entry to a citizen of the United States? Will they return all federal funding if they do so? They may not be Floridians, but they're Americans, right? Perhaps we should cut off Florida from all Federal money?

That is terrible, but these people did know the risk of going on their cruise. Not saying they shouldn't be helped, but both the cruiseline & the passengers can patiently quarantine in the floating petri dish they chose to go on until a plan is in place. What about human beings? He must be one of those good Christian types..

All the cruise passengers should sue GovRonDeSantis personally The Democrats need to put that in a commercial and hammer the crap out of DeSantis. I've never seen a case where you kissing a cult leaders ass is more important than killing the people you govern! DesantisBodyCount Vote him out FL! This is horrific

Florida: frolic on our beaches during a pandemic cause we gotta have those tourist $$$, but don’t get sick or expect aid in our state. What kind of stupid fools would go on a cruise ship during a pandemic? Especially after the diamond princess fiasco? They knew the risks, so they’ll have to deal with the consequences of their decisions.

That’s horrible! They’re human beings! He’s gonna let them sit out there and die? Who does he think he is? Trump? RELATED: This is on you GovRonDeSantis What a foolish thing to say and do. Oh but spring break with tens of thousands from all over was ok FL is the Petri dish for Covid. JFC GovRonDeSantis should just pretend it’s Spring Break.

So it's okay if Floridians die by letting business as usual so long as no outsiders get in the mix. Got it. BLOOD on the hands of GovRonDeSantis. Didn't he run against AndrewGillum? Sheesh. Eugene_Scott This is bull. We take care of humans, not state citizens. The people on the cruise ships need help. Arrange to take some to other welcoming states.

Looks like I will never take a cruise out of Florida again. It may cost you your life but a least you didn’t lose the deposit on that cruise. Did he really use the word “dumped”? It’s revealing if so. So proud, Ron: As the M.S. St. Louis cruised off the coast of Miami in June 1939, its passengers could see the lights of the city glimmering. But the United States hadn’t been on the ship’s original itinerary, and its passengers didn’t have permission to disembark in Florida.

Dumped? retheauditors One does question the wisdom of the passengers who thought it was a good idea to go on a cruise right now. What did they think might happen?! shaunking My god, the inhumanity of it hurts deep inside for decent people. When this is over, the rulebook for cruise lines needs to be burned in a fire and re-written.

DeBruler2324 Wow. That’s so blatant in your face inhumane. Of course they welcomed all those partyers who spent millions, then sent them home infected for their communities to treat. Perhaps other states/regions should have forbid an exit from Florida, and let the state's greed be a natural consequence.

Get me close enough I’m jumping off FL received all requested Coronavirus equipment from federal government - the only state to get preferential treatment - but can’t help those in need. Are they Americans? Wth this horrid are they all going to die ? American Citizens correct? I agree! Florida’s economy relies on non-residents traveling there, but I guess no one told the governor.

HELP OUR NAVY! our NAVY ship is ASKING for our help. HELP THEM! It’s a tough decision, I’d hate to have to make it. Psy.cho.path. Can't Wait for this News Story: Jan. 21, 2021, Washington, DC President Biden announces Vice President Harris to head up Commission to Investigate Past Crimes in the Oval Office, and Attorney General Warren to captain Commission to Investigate Failed U.S. Pandemic Response.

These are American citizens. Why is it even being left up to the governor of Florida. Are we not capable of hazmatting it up and putting people in quarantine? What hope is there for the rest of us we can’t even handle that? Seems Cuba has a better moral code than the US. Freedom and liberty my ass some of them are Americans. all of them are human beings.

The GOP. The party of “Life” and “Family Values” everyone. Watch NYC allow them in because sure.. they don’t have enough to deal with mgcanmore But all the Russians who are flocking to trumplandia to drop their anchor babies, followed by their entire families, are no problem on those resources, eh, Gov. DeStupid?

Dumped ? They are people. And some are Americans. DeSantis is a vile human. 1400 people will be a drop in the bucket compared to what is coming in Florida. Let these people in. This is a travesty..... my God people.... let these people off these ships!!!! I live in Florida... of course, no one wants more COVID cases... but Jesus.... where is our empathy for our humankind? GetThemOffTheseShips

It’s multiple ships. Must be thousands of victims aboard. Doesn’t sound like GovRonDeSantis is very pro-life after all. 🙄 You mean resources the US government gave you no surprise here, GovRonDeSantis and GOP do not care about human life, unless it's a fetus inside of a woman. coronavirus CoronaUpdate Florida DeSantisBetrayedFlorida GOPCorruptionOverCountry

Dumped. The party of 'life'. GOPGenocide So not only is DeSantis a moron, he is heartless. And doesn't recognize the value to his state's economy of cruises that embark/disembark from his state? Whole new level of Florida Man! AMERICAN CITIZENS humanbeings Dumped? Incredibly poor word choice. Dumped is the sort of language that I'm sure a political party with a 'culture of life' really thought through. prolife sham

Whatever he thinks his justification is for leaving 1,400 human beings in distress, I think GovRonDeSantis can be sure that he's confirmed his status as an utterly miserable human being. How un-American. Maybe if they work with other countries embassies to get charter flights to pick them. Just a thought...

Ship of Fools? How many times has GovRonDeSantis claimed to be a Christian? What a fucking fraud. This is horrible. How many non-Floridians come to Florida every year and support the local businesses during summer and spring break? This is the least he could do. Funny thing, GovRonDeSantis was really cool with taking sales tax money from non-Floridians just a week ago when these folks were staying in hotels and eating at restaurants there waiting to board these ships when the governor knew the risk but wouldn't shut it down

Where the hell was that concern when he refused to close (some still open btw) the beaches to spring breakers? DeSantis needs to GTFO with that bs posturing 🙄 So, just the Native Americans, then? This is a disgrace. lovepeoplejo How 'Christian' of him. Hey , social distancing, flattening the curve , isolation of those infected. It ain't just some cool shit to say when it's convenient. People will be inconvenienced, from the healthy to the ill.

These people left for cruise DURING THE PANDEMIC!! They have not been out to sea since before February or even January!!! They have to stay in place due to their own BAD decisions. The coronavirus situation has been serious for a while now, the passengers should have taken it that way BEFORE they boarded the ship!

I’ll bet he is a Republican. I also bet, like all Republicans, he is going to take the welfare money coming to him from Washington. What? They are humans- citizens of the world. You want other countries to treat Floridians that way? JFC. Where is the ship flagged? Seek help there. Oh, wait, it’s flagged in Liberia? Well, sure, we’ll take the people off for humanitarian reasons, but we’re seizing the vessel and selling it to pay for what this costs us. Problem solved, people saved, costs covered. solved

Sure, but when you could make money off people during spring break it was okay Most of them are Americans you tinny-voiced DiDipshit. Where is the humanity in this country? Yet he had no qualms about sending thousands of people to their states to deal with because wouldn't shut the beaches. I am sure they would like to have had a say about his irresponsible choices. May he rot in Hell.

If/when this is over....never, ever visit Florida or spend money on it's economy. To deny an American citizen entry to a STATE for refuge is no different than what is happening at the border. It was always going to come to this. MAGA's are getting their due pain..never forget. People who went on a cruise because that same day Trump Said: No, I’m not concerned at all. No, we’ve done a great job with it.” when asked by reporters if he was concerned about coronavirus TrumpDeathToll

Yet 'non-Floridians' contribute so much to your state's economy, probably more than any other state. GOP = selfishness, greed, ignorance and Ron DeSantis is it's poster child. Jinxy_Minxy Why are cruise ships still operating? Pathetic and unamerican!! How disgusting life and Christian? deSantis is another GOP jerk with no empathy. disgusting

'Pro-life' Governor shows what a lie that is. WWJD? I don't know, maybe kick this guy's ass and lock him out of Heaven forever? Except of course for that whole non-existence of Heaven thing. RosieM1919 If there's one business that should NOT be bailed out, it's the Cruise Line business. They are a death-trap.

that's just evil & UNchristian. Such hypocrites. not surprised it's a republican led, red state. GOPcorruption GOPvirus GOPlague VOTEBLUE2020 Wait, wait, fucking WAIT. So we can help other countries with supplies but we can't treat sick non-Floridians in Florida?!?! ShitholeCountry In other news, his church has condemned his actions and barred him from services for conduct unbecoming a Christian. Christ was going to walk to Florida from the ship to plead for the passengers but muttered, 'Florida. It is Florida' & walked back to the ship.

What a moron.quarrantine them at Maralago and Doral. Does he want to kill the cruise industry in his state. When this is past us who would sail out of a Florida port? This is what America and Canada did during WWII sending Jews back to Germany to be slaughtered. Way to go governor. You da man! Christian America filled with love for the stranger, compassion for the old and ill. .GovRonDeSantis .realDonaldTrump are heaven sent heroes.

bfs2020 States surrounding Florida need to close thier borders. This man has spread the virus MOST Floridians aren't Floridians either. That's not new this has happened 3 times already. PromisesMadePromisesKept AmericaFirst Does everyone understand there are mostly Americans on this ship? Is RonDeSantisFL Most worried about Money or Numbers? DeSantis is CHOOSING to let people Die They do not need to He is CHOOSING to kill Americans TrumpDeathToll

gop death panels. No hoax. MS St. Louis 2.0 Lesson learned from cruise ship guests brought to Travis CA....infection spread quickly. Why are gop conservatives so cruel and stupid? Put them on a different ship. Quarantine them for 14 days and let them get off. The company that owns this cruise ship company is based in Florida.

mental note: never vacation in Florida again Which bit of the Gospel is being followed here? My only prayer is that they should not come to Africa at last. Everybody should land in their own country ooo. I mean if they were here to party and spend cash- sure we’d take them but spring break was like 8 days ago.

But all the Spring Breakers were okay right? carlzimmer This is bullshit from the governor Florida governor has shit for brains. People are people Wtf? American citizens you evil fools. Is the governor quoting Jesus? Anyone stupid enough to be on a cruise deserves their fate. They knew this was a bad idea in February.

Gov. Desantis appears to be a big believer in 4th term abortions. I hope they enjoyed your trip !! carlzimmer “Don't Give me my own tired, .. poor, or huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” 300 Americans aboard. RonDeSantisFL is a coward. Feds need to step in and overrule DeMoron. You can't leave the ship out there forever.

Nope. Nooooo MikePerryavatar Wow. He sounds just like r president Are they related or just soulmates Hope he counted republicans on board.I’m sure he wouldn’t want 2kill his base I mean, that wd be unproductive Rich elderly Republicans- limited commodity Anger the kids/grandkids & VIOLA! Democrats😉 It’s us against them. State against state. Country against country. Humanity suffers.

WWJD But I thought the goal of GovRonDeSantis was to kill as many Floridians as possible 🤔 Can’t use the word Ass to many times! RonDeSantisFL is a monster. Florida needs to throw this man out of office. RepublicansAreKillingUs Republicans suck! All the people on those ships are HUMAN BEINGS! What ever happened to humanity? DeSantis should be ashamed.

Cruise should not have been operating. You’d have to be a moron to get on that ship and Florida already has plenty of them. Others countries helped Americans who were cruising. We should do the same. Govenor Santis behavior is unconscionable 'Not even from Florida' Hmm 🤔 and here I've been thinking Florida's biggest source of revenue is tourism. Apparently they want your tourism dollars but fu¢k you otherwise. It's that what they're saying?

This is a crime against humanity. The Florida governor should be arrested. Save these souls! nickconfessore Don’t the countries where the cruise ships are flagged bear some responsibility to allow those ships to dock in their ports during an onboard health crisis? carlzimmer Dear Gov., many people spend six months of the year in Florida. Can they come halfway off the ship?

Millennial_Dems DeSantis seems to want to be the worst governor in America What if they promise to go to the beach and spend money, GovRonDeSantis ? Start hijacking life boats I guess Millennial_Dems The ghost of Terri Schaivo weeps. DianneWatts4BC They also said they are all someones Aunt,Uncle Grandparent, siblings etc. So are the Foridians. Stay on the boat...Fish! Lol

Can you believe this kind of garbage from an elected official 😡😡😡😡😡 Trump fans love racism, hate, and death. TrumpVirus This is sad but who would go on cruises with a pandemic going on? No Samaritan spirit? Diablo Many are American citizens. Florida should not get any federal help or funds until they accept these people.

pRo LiFe beyerstein No Floridians on the cruise? Sounds exceptional. Someone needs to publish how many of these people are 'Americans'...perhaps that would sway DeSantis. Or does he also need to know their skin color and religion? DianneWatts4BC They were told to stay at home. They should have known they would have gone to the media. The media said the Diamond Princess was not allowed to remove passengers in January. Wave to us from the boat.

So tragic. So very tragic. These poor people need help 🙏🇺🇸💪💪 Wtf is this bullshittery 😱😱😱who are we?!?!? This governor is incapable of doing his job. He refuses to protect and help his citizens. He should resign immediately. But he lets people party on the beaches like its 2019. What a dick. As stupid as i think people are for taking a cruise in a pandemic it is completely inhumane to leave them to die on the ship. Make the cruise lines pay. They did this.

Democrat Mayor Dean Trantalis said “NO” to the cruise ship docking sick passengers first. WHEN IS THIS GOING TO HAPPEN?!!! When did this cruise depart. And from where. Did the passengers know board start with A bad choice? Virus has been in the news since mid January. Actually, there are Floridians on the ship, too. Regardless, this is disgusting not to let people in. RepublicansAreKillingUs

keep them on the ship. Thank you Governor for not allowing them back. Narrator: “pro-life politician admits that all lives do not matter to him” State xenophobia. That's a new one. Florida's economy is completely reliant on tourism, or as DeSantis calls it 'people who are not even Floridians'. So it's pretty despicable to shut out those same people in a time of extraordinary need. What an asshole.

Huh. Less than two weeks ago he allowed Spring Breakers all over the beaches. Now this. Hundreds of empty hotels where these people could quarantine and get medical care. You just can't let these people stay on the ship, Florida as their home port has a responsibility to allow them to dock. Where is maritime law? What is GovRonDeSantis waiting for? A ghost ship?

WTF were they thinking to get on a cruise in the middle of a global pandemic? How did any port let the cruise embark in the first place? So many Q's on this debacle. GovRonDeSantis is a venal ineffective governor. His despicable & gross mismanagement of FL during COVID19 will go down as the natural by-product of the Trump Admin’s GOP governing strategy. Pres. Trump will exceed his goal w/ Ron DeSantis’ help

not even Floridians... Is this what we come to? We don’t help people in need with our vast resources American exceptionalism at its finest. The facade is shorn away with the first gust of uncertainty. There is a lesson here people. Please learn it. Honestly that’s kinda f’d up though Fuck Desantis. He left beaches open for spring break to grab the $$ while the contagion was in full swing, allowed thousands of kids tank up on beer & virus, and then sent them out to infect the rest of us. Now he won't let the sick in? He owes it to the world to care for them.

'Pro Life' Governor RonDeSantisFL Something something all lives matter Governor DeSantis is acting like a panicked rabbit instead of a calm confident person in charge of a situation. The cruise ship is not full of aliens. we know how to handle it why don't they just handle it? Soooo let em all die?! Are they included in the projected 200k?🤔

There are Americans on that ship GovRonDeSantis. Do the right thing. Organize disembarkment with the help of the military. Quarantine the well, hospitalize the sick. It's not that hard. California did it. My beloved Florida can do it too. 🙄 This DeSantis fella sounds like a sweetheart. realDonaldTrump , time to transform Mar-a-lago into an hospital.

Reminiscent of the ship St Louis which tried to dock in the United States and was sent back to Europe where all the Jews onboard died in death camps Utterly repulsive. Desantis has no humanity. But they're happy to take your money when there is no pandemic This is not what America is about! Who is going to stop it! That damn governor needs to come up with a plan. He needs to step up!

Lol usually they love to have these people dumped there to spend all their money lol. Asswipe Non-Floridians sure do have a lot to opine in regards to a virus-bomb trying to dock in Florida. Wonder if they’d feel so passionately if this ship was trying to come to their state? It’s a tough, unfortunate situation with a not so clear cut resolution as “let them in”.

'On the other hand, spring break crowds and beach parties are more than welcome!' “Christian country.” These cruise companies are ridiculous for not canceling cruises. So incredibly irresponsible. Oh but you can afford to have spring breakers frolick half naked on your beach, putting your seniors & other residents at risk. Way to prioritize!

It seems that United States doesn’t apply to all Americans, America first becomes here a ironical tendentious concept . Ummm Florida is refusing to close beaches but won’t let passengers get off ? But non-Floridian Spring breakers were fine Why do so many good people have to die alone away from their families while garbage human beings like this go on and on?

Desantis is absolute garbage. Shows as much empathy as his 'esteemed leader'. He's thinking 'we got enough of our own people to kill, thanks.' Why is it up to DeSantis to accept the ship at Port Everglades? Where is the Broward County Board of County Commissioners on this? They call themselves, christians... DeSantisResign

This is how Republicans talk. Referring to letting people off a cruise ship as 'dumped.' Disgusting. It’s all good the rest of the time when the same tourists are bringing the fat bucks that keep his state afloat. WHY ARE PEOPLE ON CRUISE SHIPS!!! ARE THESE PEOPLE TAKING CRAZY PILLS!!! Nope. Do not let them in Governor GovRonDeSantis !

This coming from the guy who needs Trump's permission to protect Floridians from a virus that is spreading through his state, including The Villages. GovRonDeSantis suggests he'll enforce stricter COVID-19 measures if White House recommends stay-at-home 4xInsight Translation - our hospital is operating at capacity and cannot handle an influx of 1400 patients at this time. coronavirus

I guess this means we (the moral&ethical part of the American public) can't afford to visit Florida after this is over! Too bad so much of that state's income is from tourism...they've now lost all those future $$s. Isn’t carnival owned by realDonaldTrump best buddy Mickey? We can never say, “This is America, we don’t treat people this way” again. This is America and we are treating people as if lives do not matter. What has happened to us?

GovRonDeSantis is a MAGAMonster TrumpGOPGenocide He says “dumped” in reference to humans in need. DeSantis is another inhumane GOP pro-lifer. I thought cruise ships were grounded, why would anyone get on one now anyway Trumpism is monstrous. Yeah but he’s all for keeping those beach parties going! ProLife? But they are not even Floridians. What the actual eff?

Happy to take their tourism money tho. Now, dis Saint, aint he de Governor dat allowed here de Floridans to go galavanting on dem beeyootiful beaches? Now, soddenly Saint can't have 'outsiders' stretching Florida's LIMITED resources. Hallelujah! I hope people remember this if they ever want to vacation in Florida VoteBlueToSaveAmerica

Florida welcomed thousands of Spring Breakers to flood their shores just so they could take the virus back to their States. (Our outbreak numbers have grown exponentially since)but they won’t allow ships to dock with a few confirmed cases needing help? I’ll board in TX frm now on If you’re short of resources now and aren’t quarantining, just wait two weeks...

“Dumped”? Likening people to garbage? So humane... 🙄 My word! 😳 So prolife of them What if they promise to party and pack the beaches like you’re allowing the Spring Breakers to do? Seems equitable. T-Rump has volunteered to allow the passengers to be quarantined at Mar-A-Lago. Not I'm glad that most of the 'Greatest Generation' are not around to see how scared, trembling, selfish and uncaring many of us have become.

Florida is also preparing for Hurricane Season that starts 1 Jun What about Springbreak then? Easy to say for someone getting 200% of the requested equipment at the expense of states in greater need right now. The captain should arrive in harbour and promptly give the order to 'abandon ship' in an orderly fashion forcing local authorities to accept passengers.

They should not have got on the ship period, however blame ultimately lies with the cruise line. Instead of thinking of their safety the ship said all aboard! When they should have given everyone refunds or rescheduled Trump says he’s going to do the humane thing and let them port. How many of them are *Americans*?

Does the governor of Florida claim to be pro life? Well this is vile 💀😂 Argentina Chile or wherever the boat is registered should be responsible for this ship. I would understand if this ship had left or was scheduled to return to Florida but it has no ties to the US. On this one I agree. Unless of course there are US CITIZENS ON BOARD.

As in 'People', is he referring to Americans? How patriotic. HUNGER GAMES. LET THEM FIGHT IT OUT IN THE ARENA Thanks for the example of mans inhumanity. I’m sure there are many who will be glad to extend the same to Florida when the time comes. Doesn't seem Florida leadership has exhibited much care for it's citizens in how slowly it has responded to the virus.

If it sailed out of a port in Florida it should return to that port, but this ship sailed from Argentina. The Argentinean government is obligated to let the ship return to the dock from which it sailed. This isn't Florida's issue. I do not feel bad for them The US of A to a T really. They new getting on this ship that there was a much higher risk. It is not fair that they want to get off in Florida! Please do not allow them to get off!!! They shouldn’t have gone in the first place! They are so selfish

This is terrible. People cannot be abandoned. Please. If that ship had come with all HEALTHY passengers, the ASSHOLE Governor would have been there welcoming them! Shows you how LOW has America gone from 'open arms' policy! KARMA will make Floridans pay! FL doesn't mind all those outsiders flying into FL, spending money, hopping on a cruise ship! How can they mind those same people coming ashore hoping to find a way home?

😡😡 And I thought it was just Syrian kids who no one gave a fuk about. lifeLessons i hope they---all the cruise passengers---are able to disembark somewhere safe, but if they started the journey 3 weeks ago, they weren't caught unawares. that's when the response in U.S. really started to ramp up. Anyone that got on a cruise while knowing this is out there is an idiot

It’s called humanity ... 'pro life' What idiots would even board a cruise ship in the last 4 weeks! Ya, Florida Governor DeSantis the 'Great Humanitarian'? It's an 800 ft long ship. Who's going to stop it? yeah yeah fake news I don't blame them. Its better to have enough to support your own then it is for everyone to have none from supporting many.

So know we have living Ghost Ships floating around the Worlds Oceans now huh? 🚢 You can also let it dock but just not permit people to leave. That we we can at least provide resources. This is what that asshole who refused to close down the beaches says? They should take the governor of Florida a ride on the ship.

Florida makes billions of dollars off the Cruise ship industry’s time to step up Mr Governor. This is heart wrenching. Are they the only state that can take them surley some other state that have more resources less cases can help. Im not playing politics but cant blame him if they already overwhelmed

I will never step foot on a fort lauderdale beach. or spend one nickel in that city. That’s utter BS

Trump urges Florida to welcome cruise ship with deadly coronavirus outbreakU.S. President Donald Trump on Tuesday urged Florida officials to open an Atlantic Coast port to a Dutch cruise ship stuck at sea with a deadly coronavirus outbreak onboard, urging the governor to drop his opposition. WuhanVirus ChinaLiedPeopleDied Im cool with letting them into Florida. I don't believe that this was tRump's idea.

Cruise Ship Struggling With COVID-19 Headed To FloridaCarnival is working with U.S. officials on a plan to allow healthy passengers to leave the Zaandam ship in Florida. Four people are dead on the cruise, and nearly 200 are suspected to have COVID-19. So they aren’t going into quarantine? WTF Who went on a damn cruise? ?!?!?

Ships with people from ill-fated cruise beg Florida to dockFlorida Governor Ron DeSantis said he has been in contact with the Coast Guard and the White House about diverting them, adding the state's health care resources should be used for residents not foreign nationals.

Cruise ship passengers plead for help as virus spreads aboardFlorida Gov. DeSantis said the state can’t take two cruise ships with sick passengers. Four people on the ships died and nearly 200 became ill with flu-like symptoms. NBC News’ Kerry Sanders reports on what officials are saying and where the ships may go. What a terrible, terrible thing! How helpless they must feel! Sickening! As always, denying aid to the wrong people is more important than helping people. Dont you just love Florida's Republican Christian values

Trump Urges Action As Four Die On Coronavirus-Hit Cruise Ship Described As ‘Humanitarian Crisis’The coronavirus-hit MS Zaandam, operated by Holland America Line, is at the centre of a dispute between U.S. officials after being denied entry from ports, while four people onboard have died.

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