'Crimes against humanity': Hayes on holding leaders accountable for Covid failure

“This is the first time I've seen some official action taken that accurately represents how I feel about the crimes we have all witnessed,” @chrislhayes says. “Bolsonaro and Trump...willfully got hundreds of thousands of people killed.”

10/21/2021 10:01:00 AM

“This is the first time I've seen some official action taken that accurately represents how I feel about the crimes we have all witnessed,” chrislhayes says. “Bolsonaro and Trump...willfully got hundreds of thousands of people killed.”

“This is the first time I've seen some official action taken that accurately represents how I feel about the crimes we have all witnessed,” says Chris Hayes on a panel finding Brazil's president at fault for their botched Covid response. “Bolsonaro and Trump, along with several others like them around the world, willfully got hundreds of thousands of people killed.”

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Before BRITNEY Spears, how many important clients did she have on her payroll ??? She was nothing that damn scammer. chrislhayes has spent years cultivating an audience of unhinged lunatics to maximize their ratings off of anti Trump fervor. Now those lunatics are the only audience they have left & they have to talk about Trump 24/7…9 months after he left office…or the lunatics will abandon them

chrislhayes Yep genocidw chrislhayes chrislhayes The question now, as pointed out in the article about this, is will he be held to account given his cronies in power. Glad they are pursuing this; now we should do the same with t et al. but I doubt t will face any charges. HENRY30126252 chrislhayes It's a capitol crime and he should face the death penalty.

chrislhayes Truth , yes with many political followers who was just getting what they wanted for special interests and their agendas …. chrislhayes It is spoken chrislhayes Such garbage chrislhayes There is a gulf of difference between incompetance and the willful, knowing, feckless, irresponsible politicisation. Trump is guilty of culpable homicide through his willingness to openly sacrifice hundreds of thousands of lives to further his political agenda. Murderer.

chrislhayes Now there was the reason for Impeachment! His actions results in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of citizens. But no one in congress thought we were important enough to draw those kind of impeachment charges. Horrible.

Brazil senators drop call for COVID-19 homicide charge against BolsonaroBrazilian senators investigating the handling of the country's COVID-19 outbreak have dropped a recommendation from their draft report that President Jair Bolsonaro be charged with genocide and homicide, instead accusing him of 'crimes against humanity.' Left senators! Senadores corruptos q estão desesperados desde q Bolsonaro ganhou as eleições! Nada do que falam é verdade! 'Crimes against humanity' sounds appropriate enough. Bolsonaro

chrislhayes Add Boris johnson to that list too chrislhayes Vanity Fair reporting and Trump phone confession to Bob Woodward will go further and produce more chrislhayes Is this what prompted TFG to start running ads telling people to get vaxxed. Sort of. DsOchoa chrislhayes Excellent video! Watch this one...

chrislhayes Both should be held accountable chrislhayes They should apologize to china! Man made all day. I love to cook. chrislhayes Tfg gets away with everything. chrislhayes They undoubtedly did. They need to held accountable. I will not rest until they do.

Brazil's Bolsonaro accused of homicide in Covid response probeSenator leading probe into Covid handling recommends 13 criminal charges be brought against President Bolsonaro, including genocide against indigenous population for a series of actions that left their communities vulnerable to virus. Prophet Muhammad SAW makes dua (supplication) for his ummah (nation) and cries for them like no one ever cried before. He is deeply aggrieved over his ummah and makes dua for the astray. This is Muhammad Qasim's dream, is he the awaited Mahdi?

Leaked Covid-19 report calls for mass homicide charges against Brazilian President Jair BolsonaroA Brazilian congressional panel is set to recommend mass homicide charges against President Jair Bolsonaro over his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, according a leaked government report seen by CNN on Tuesday. He deserves to be locked up ForaBolsonaro Babaca

Brazil Senate recommends Bolsonaro be charged with crime against humanity for COVID actionsCritics have decried the president's disregard for international health guidelines on masking and restrictions aimed at curtailing COVID-19's spread. Dang if this all doesn't sound vaguely familiar. BOLSONARO, DONALD TRUMP AND THESE THREE (CUBA MEXICO & VENEZUELA'S DICTATORS) GENOCIDES SHOULD BE CHARGED FOR CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY TOO.

China's new home prices stall for first time since COVID-19China's new home prices stalled for the first time since February 2020 in September, official data showed, as the chill in the property market intensified amid tightening credit due to an ongoing crackdown on speculative investment

Some pressing Britain to reinstate COVID restrictions as cases surpass 49,000 in one dayCritics and scientists have decried Britain's transition back to behavior that may have been safe before the pandemic, but now leaves people at risk. Fake news liberal media conspiracy Sweden and Norway are wide open with no restrictions or masks. Why do they have lower COVID numbers than England ? In Scotland masks are still mandatory indoors. Masks required for school pupils. Vaccine Passports required for indoor events and venues such as nightclubs. Meanwhile in England none of the above and Covid out of control