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Crew member who gave Alec Baldwin gun was subject of prior safety complaint

Crew member who gave Alec Baldwin gun was subject of prior safety complaint

10/24/2021 11:31:00 PM

Crew member who gave Alec Baldwin gun was subject of prior safety complaint

A crew member says she has raised safety concerns in the past about the assistant director who authorities say unwittingly handed actor Alec Baldwin the prop...

Maggie Goll, a prop maker and licensed pyrotechnician, said in a statement that she filed an internal complaint with the executive producers of Hulu’s “Into the Dark” series in 2019 over concerns about assistant director Dave Halls’ behavior on set. Goll said in a phone interview Sunday that Halls disregarded safety protocols for weapons and pyrotechnics and tried to continue filming after the supervising pyrotechnician lost consciousness on set.

Halls has not returned phone calls and email messages seeking comment.This week’s fatal shooting and some of her previous experiences point to larger safety issues that need to be addressed, Goll said, adding that crew member safety and wellbeing are top issues in ongoing contract negotiations between a union that represents film and TV workers and a major producers’ group.

“This situation is not about Dave Halls. … It’s in no way one person’s fault,” she said. “It’s a bigger conversation about safety on set and what we are trying to achieve with that culture.”Baldwin fired a prop gun on the New Mexico set of the film “Rust” Thursday, killing 42-year-old Halyna Hutchins and wounding director Joel Souza, who was standing behind her.

The gun Baldwin used was one of three that a firearms specialist, or “armorer,” had set on a cart outside the building where a scene was being rehearsed, according to court records. Halls grabbed a gun off a cart and handed it to Baldwin, indicating that the weapon was safe by yelling “cold gun,” court papers say. But it was loaded with live rounds, according to the records.

Baldwin, 63, who is known for his roles in “30 Rock” and “The Hunt for Red October” and his impression of former President Donald Trump on “Saturday Night Live,” has described the killing as a “tragic accident.”Goll said it should not have happened because there are “so many steps that you have to go through … that the possibility of it even getting there should be impossible.”

Actor Ray Liotta agreed that the checks on firearms are usually extensive.“They always — that I know of — they check it so you can see,” Liotta said in an interview Sunday at the Newport Beach Film Festival. “They give it to the person you’re pointing the gun at, they do it to the producer, they show whoever is there that it doesn’t work.”

Rust Movie Productions has not answered repeated emails seeking comment.Baldwin, who is a producer on “Rust,” met with Hutchins’ husband and 9-year-old son Saturday at a hotel in Santa Fe where the actor had been staying during filming. Baldwin and Hutchins’ husband can be seen embracing in a photo published by the New York Post. Another shows a defeated-looking Baldwin walking on the hotel grounds pushing a luggage cart.

Goll said in her email that Halls’ behavior on set has concerned her in the past.She said that, during work on “Into the Dark,” Halls didn’t hold safety meetings and consistently failed to announce the presence of a firearm on set to the crew, as is protocol. The assistant prop master admonished Halls several times for dismissing the actors before they had returned weapons to the props table, she said.

She became most concerned, however, when the supervising pyrotechnician, who is diabetic, was found unconscious in a chair, she said. Halls wanted to resume filming after the man was removed from the set even though Goll, the remaining pyrotechnician on site, didn’t have the qualifications to supervise the complicated series of pyrotechnic effects that were planned.

“One of the things that stuck out to me most about that day is the fact that he called out on radio over channel one, ‘Hey, Maggie says we can keep going!’ and I basically held the button down so he couldn’t transmit to anyone else on that channel while I yelled out, ‘No, Dave, that’s not what I said. We’re not doing that,’” she recalled in a phone interview.

She filed an internal complaint with the executive producers of Blumhouse Productions about that day, she said.“To my knowledge nothing was done after my complaints,” she said in an email. Read more: MarketWatch »

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I don’t understand why “live” rounds would even make their way onto any movie set. The accident should never have been able to occur… It is still Alec Baldwin's fault for not properly handling a firearm and checking his weapon. good luck Hiring a non union goof costs to exponentially more.

Assistant Director on 'Rust' Who Gave Alec Baldwin Gun Had Safety Issues, Prior Crew ClaimsThe assistant director on the set of 'Rust' who told Alec Baldwin the prop gun he was about to fire was safe has allowed an unsafe working environment on previous productions. Of course not! Illuminati ordered the hit . 👇🖕👁 Alec Baldwin has safety issues.

Alec Baldwin 'Rust' camera crew walked off the set in protest before the fatal shootingHours before actor Alec Baldwin fatally shot a cinematographer on the New Mexico set of “Rust” with a prop gun, a half-dozen camera crew workers walked off the set to protest working conditions. this is terrible news Was he given a breathalyzer? Why is 'a half-dozen' preferable to 'six'?

Experts predict the legal fallout from the Alec Baldwin prop gun shootingLegal experts weigh in on whether crew and producers of 'Rust' could face civil or criminal liability in the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. You are indeed a great woman to be called, I assure you that I will bring friends to come and invest with you because of your excellent work you did for me. I will keep sharing the good news about you Evelynclark777 It is very unlikely that any of the people who worked on the movie had any idea of what was going on. This is a case of the mass hysteria from the public and a lot of the accusations are not true. horrible

Alec Baldwin was told prop gun was safe before fatal shooting, affidavit saysAlec Baldwin didn't know the prop gun he fired was loaded with live ammunition, and neither did the assistant director who handed it to him, before the fatal shooting of a cinematographer, affidavit says. That makes 2 counts of negligence. We’ll OF COURSE he didn’t know, WHY would any gun be loaded with live ammunition on a freaking movie set?!? Protocol should be that it’s checked for bullets at every touch point

Alec Baldwin facing backlash for 2017 tweet questioning 'how it must feel to wrongfully kill someone'Alec Baldwin is facing criticism for a 2017 tweet he posted in which he questions “how it must feel to wrongfully kill someone.” On Thursday, the actor fired a prop gun on the 'Rust' movie set that killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. Utopians unleashed. NEVER do ANYTHING they say is wrong. The mob will attack like piranhas. What comes around, goes around

Lethal prop gun fired by Alec Baldwin had misfired beforeThe prop gun used in the fatal shooting of the cinematographer of the movie Alec Baldwin was producing had misfired before on the set, sources familiar with the situation told NBC News Friday.