CPS Energy sends crews to Florida to help restore power after Hurricane Ian

9/28/2022 2:30:00 PM

CPS Energy is dispatching crews to Florida on Wednesday morning to assist in restoring power to areas affected by Hurricane Ian.

CPS Energy is dispatching crews to Florida on Wednesday morning to assist in restoring power to areas affected by Hurricane Ian.

CPS Energy is dispatching crews to Florida on Wednesday morning to assist in restoring power to areas affected by Hurricane Ian.

CPS Energy said the crews are being sent following a request from the Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA).The rebate comes after high natural gas prices, and extremely hot summer weather led to outstanding customer bills and revenues to the city that exceeded normal expectations, said CPS Energy..Energy Dome , a company that uses carbon dioxide as an energy storage medium.

Nearly 40 employees, including overhead linemen, pole crew, fleet personnel and safety teams are leaving San Antonio’s East Side Service Center and will make their way caravan-style to Jacksonville.Heavy rain and wind gusts from Hurricane Ian are expected in the Jacksonville area late Wednesday through Saturday.“Returning this revenue is the least the City can do for the public, which owns CPS Energy and deserves consideration at a time when high energy prices are taking a toll on household budgets,” said Mayor Ron Nirenberg.CPS Energy will be helping get the power back on for impacted JEA customers.Hurricane Ian intensified into an extremely dangerous as it approached Florida early Wednesday, according to the Associated Press.” All active CPS Energy electric customers will receive direct credits based on their July 2022 electric usage, said CPS Energy.Florida residents are rushing to board up their homes, stash precious belongings and flee.20 MW/200 MWh? Did you read that right? Yes, you did.

Cuba also remained in the dark early Wednesday after knocked out its power grid.5 million, which will be credited to all CPS Energy electric customers in the same way it was collected, with the average residential customer receiving a $29 credit.Read Also:.

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CPS Energy to send nearly 3 dozen employees to Jacksonville to aid with Hurricane Ian responseCPS Energy is preparing to send nearly three dozen employees to Jacksonville, Florida, to aid in response to Hurricane Ian, which has already caused power problems in parts of Cuba. The teams include linemen, pole crews and safety teams who are expected to help with any potential power problems in the area.

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