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Covid Upends a Rural Hospital, Where Staff Know All the Patients

“You can’t separate home from work here.” At the small hospital on Montana’s Crow reservation, staff must try to save their own family and friends from Covid.

11/22/2020 7:00:00 PM

“You can’t separate home from work here.” At the small hospital on Montana’s Crow reservation, staff must try to save their own family and friends from Covid.

The Crow reservation in Montana has one of the nation’s worst recent outbreaks—one of many rural communities now being hit by the virus. The people helping combat the disease spend their days and nights trying to save their own family and friends.

Nov. 22, 2020 10:11 am ETCROW AGENCY, Mont.—Nursing assistant Becky Long Warrior shuttled between the two hospital rooms. Both housed family members stricken with Covid-19.In one room, her grandmother stared up at her through a large oxygen mask as Ms. Long Warrior gently squeezed her shoulder and told her to rest.

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Next door, Ms. Long Warrior checked in on her uncle,... Read more: The Wall Street Journal »

Delhi police back off after scuffle with farmers, allow peaceful protest

New Delhi police agreed to let thousands of Indian farmers stage a peaceful protest inside the capital on Friday after initially blocking demonstrators on the outskirts and firing tear gas and water cannon at them.

Do they not also know many of the non-covid patients. As a vaccine trial volunteer and ICU Rn, the reported fatigue is 'impaired driver', IPN fatigue. To be taken seriously. 24-30 hour fatigue. Healthcare systems need to admin. to staff going off shift for a couple of days to allow recovery time. Stagger inoculations. Safety first.

Hospitals need to let the Rapid Response Teams (RRT) take over the Covid Codes. If the patient expires, then a Post-Mortem Care Team (PMCT) should take over. Those nurses emotionally involved with that patient need to let go. Then you'll save nurses! Follow Texas lead on this. Hey guys of WSJ, it would be nice & pretty helpful if you try to contact those doctors in Montana to let them know that there's a bunch of other doctors that already know how to successfully treat Covid19! Here's the list: drsimonegold zev_dr richardursomd stella_immanuel

Uh ... you should check what 'unique' means. Every small town hospital is in this situation. Donald said YOU WON’T HEAR ANYTHING ABOUT CORONAVIRUS AFTER THE ELECTION But today’s US Death total 261,822 He IGNORES the DAILY Moms, Dads & Kids Body Counts caused by HIS INCOMPETENCE in directing the Crisis Response! Sadly they are gone & can no longer speak out However WE CAN

Had anyone looked into T2Bio and their T2Dx instrument? This machine can test for covid, but more importantly, Sepsis, while it can take days by normal means, the T2Dx does it in hours, saving lives. ChrisCuomo SteveSchmidtSES FPWellman ProjectLincoln this is terrible news