Covid passes: What do fans think as Swansea and Cardiff City meet?

Covid passes: What do fans think as Swansea and Cardiff City meet?

10/17/2021 1:21:00 AM

Covid passes: What do fans think as Swansea and Cardiff City meet?

Fans need proof to watch the south Wales derby in person for the first time since January 2020.

Image caption,The last South Wales derby, won by Cardiff City, was played in front of no fans due to Covid-19 rules at the timeFootball fans expect "a mixed reaction" to Covid passes for sporting events, as the south Wales derby between Swansea and Cardiff City is played on Sunday.

It will be the first game for both sides sinceSince Monday, the pass must be shown to prove vaccination, a negative lateral flow test in the last 48 hours, or having Covid in the past six months.It applies to stadiums with a capacity of more than 10,000 people.

About 20,000 supporters are expected at the Stadium for Sunday's game.It is also the first time fans will be able to attend the fixture in person since January last year, with the past two being played behind closed doors.'Better safe than sorry'

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Image source,Image caption,Anyone deliberately using a fake pass will be finedSwansea City fan Luke Davies said he did not have a problem with the introduction of the Covid pass."Personally I think, if you remember back to last year, there was a long period where we couldn't go to games," he said.

"The game this weekend is a big one for the team. We missed out on that last year, it's the one everyone gets excited for."If [showing a Covid pass] means we can get back into the stadiums full time then I'm not bothered by the decision.

"I think it's a case of better safe than sorry. It helps the bigger picture really and helps get everything back to normal."What is a Covid pass and how do I get one?But Mr Davies, who also hosts the Swans Cast supporters podcast, feared it could put others off attending.

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"I think there's been a bit of a mixed reaction," he said. "I understand the frustration for those who chose not to have the vaccine."There's a little bit more effort involved there. They have to test proving they're negative to get in and that's a little bit more effort. Some people will be happy just to stay at home, especially if it's on TV."

He said some people had viewed the rule as an "extra control on society"."I've not really heard anyone saying 'this is going to make me feel safer and now I'm happy to go,' but I've definitely seen some that are saying 'I don't want to go while this is a rule, I won't go back, refund my season ticket'. That sort of thing.

"It's a different way of living and I understand some people are not going to be able to adjust as easily as others, so it could definitely have an impact [on attendances]."First day of Covid passes in WalesFellow Swansea fan Cath Dyer said she was hopeful most fans would get behind the new requirements.

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"It's got to be done, the legislation has been passed, so we've got to follow Welsh government rules," she said."People, hopefully, will feel a bit safer knowing either that they've either been double jabbed or had a lateral flow test.

"Safety is the top priority and that's what the club are working towards."The club wants everything to run as smoothly as possible, because at the end of the day, everybody wants to get into the ground to get all the excitement, the build-up, ready for the game."

Image caption,Fan Cath Dyer said safety was the top priority as Swansea host rivals CardiffSome supporters have expressed concern that having to show Covid passes before going in could cause disruption, but Ms Dyer said she was confident the club was well prepared.

"The club was proactive before everything started," she said."They gave us plenty of warning to get ready before everything came into effect. Everybody knows they have to have their passports, passports will be checked."It's a 12 o'clock kick-off on Sunday, but the turnstiles will be open at 10 o'clock to give time for everybody to get in with their passports."

Will fans miss kick-off?But Mr Davies said he was worried some might not have got the message, which could affect what kind of reception the passes get."It might have an impact on how long it takes you to get into the stadium, how early you've got to go down", he said.

"That will be interesting, to see how many people miss kick-off, and to see if their reaction to the rules then might change after that."The club has actually communicated about this and said to bear it in mind and to factor that in to your timings and come down a bit earlier, but not everyone is going to see that.

"I'm not concerned because I'd make sure I account for that, but I can completely understand sometimes you might just get caught out."

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