Covid in Scotland: Demand for GPs 'double' pre-pandemic levels

Covid in Scotland: Demand for GPs 'double' pre-pandemic levels

9/19/2021 8:07:00 PM

Covid in Scotland: Demand for GPs 'double' pre-pandemic levels

A Scottish Conservative MSP who works as a GP says the current level of demand is not sustainable or safe.

He said the demand was caused by blockages in the wider health service."We need to get patients flowing through the NHS again," he said. "We need operations to start again, we need patients to be seen in clinics because patients are quite rightly coming back to me because they're in pain.

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"They're coming back to me and saying 'My hip's still hurting', 'I still have these problems' and I'm treating them but we're struggling to treat them and all the new patients that are coming to us."image source,

Getty ImagesThe demand means GPs do not have the capacity to offer face-to-face appointments to all those who want them, he said.Dr Gulhane said he would like a hybrid system in the future - offering patients the choice of online, telephone or face-to-face consultations.

"But GPs need the capacity to be able to offer this choice and that's the problem - there is no capacity in [general practice] at the moment because of a lack of joined-up thinking from the SNP government."Can in-person GP appointments ever fully return?

A shortage of anaesthetists is one of the problems causing a bottleneck in the system and he called for a change in the rules for consultants' pensions to solve that issue in the short-term.He said the NHS Louisa Jordan hospital - built at the SEC Campus in Glasgow during the height of the pandemic - should not have been completely shut down.

"It shouldn't have been that we couldn't quickly open something up because winter pressures are coming."We knew winter pressures were coming and I'm hoping the Scottish government were doing modelling even at that stage to see what was happening and how bad the winter would be because at the moment we're living through perpetual winter but it's going to get worse in the winter that we've actually got coming up.

"We need that capacity but we also need the staff to actually be able to do the work but there's no plan."'Pent-up demand'Meanwhile Chief Medical Officer Dr Gregor Smith welcomed a recent "slowing" of daily new cases of Covid but he said there was "still some way to go before I'm comfortable with cases entering autumn and winter".

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Writing on Twitter he added: "In the health and care system, the very high numbers of recent weeks are translating through to more admissions due to severe disease."This is becoming more evident in older age groups and combines with the exceptional pent-up demand already in system for other reasons".

He said the seven day average for hospital admissions had risen to 150 admissions a day - "closer to Jan peaks than we've been since then"."On top of existing demand this level of activity is exhausting for colleagues to manage. Please help them - limiting spread remains critical," he added.

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Those who know a thing or two about PublicHealth know why 📡 This includes the BBC, who've helped to hide the truth for a decade now. Only going to get worse from here. Could have been avoided, and could be mitigated. All it requires is someone to grow a backbone 📵 Stop5G Extra demand at a time when GPS have decided that their practices run much smoother without seeing them pain-in-the-arse patients.

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