Covıd-19 Vaccine, İnfertility, Coronavirus, Pandemic, Gma

Covıd-19 Vaccine, İnfertility

COVID-19 vaccines not believed to have impact on fertility, expert says

ABC News' Dr. Jennifer Ashton breaks down the latest research.

2/26/2021 3:49:00 PM

As more people in the United States are able to get vaccinated for COVID-19, experts note that the vaccines are not believed to have any 'significant impact' on fertility.

ABC News' Dr. Jennifer Ashton breaks down the latest research.

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Perhaps this is true short-term, but there's no way they can be sure about long-term effects yet, that's takes years to ascertain after thorough study. the media openly admits everyone will still have to wear a mask after getting vaccinated, yet so many sheep are still begging for it I sure wouldn’t mind if it stopped the GQP cult members from breeding.

really how can you tell...there are no studies no trials, that sounds like careless malpractice to make a statement like that! If drugs and vaccines don't really need any timed trial and/or studies, why don't we just roll out all drugs on the fast lane! Wtf “not believed” to have “significant impact”. Don’t even need to read between the lines for this one.

I can’t believe we even need to have this discussion! Who cares Do people seriously care more about a clump of cells they might have someday than their grandparents? WTF? Just take the damn shot and don’t question medical professionals. Dr. Gates knows what he is doing. The vaccine is for DEPOPULATION

“Not believed to have” means nobody knows. 'vaccines are not believed' 🤣🤣🤣 WoW so scientific! What about the actual DATA? Not believe!!! seriously!!! LOL Its not believed but they cant confirm nor deny it so lets just say what we think now that this was put out there i see a lawsuit in the future lol cant have a kid after the shot call dewy, cheatem and hyde

That's a major clarification. It is seen that whenever doubts arise about treatments, ppl quietly wonder,will it ? I’m sure all the folks in the nursing homes will be relieved. So no need to close family courts people are not able to get vaccine... especially not in the Hell called Florida. I think so🙄 LIFE IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN FERTILITY !

Believed to not hv any 'significant impact' on fertility!?! I surely hope not because we're already like one more bad President away from Gilead. Here come the hillbillies. Only minor impact. What about five years from now what are the effects on the body?

We don't know! nice