Covid-19: Travel firms' green list concerns, and Chinese vaccine approved

Covid-19: Travel firms' green list concerns, and Chinese vaccine approved

5/8/2021 1:11:00 PM

Covid-19: Travel firms' green list concerns, and Chinese vaccine approved

Five things you need to know about the coronavirus pandemic this Saturday.

3. Can't sleep or having mad dreams? This may be whyIf you've been struggling to get to sleep during the pandemic, then you're not alone. Psychologists say anxiety- or giving them crazy dreams. Screen activity could also be a factor, as could stress and disruption to our routines.

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4. Brazil's bubble of bad vaccine infoWhen a helicopter loaded with health workers and coronavirus vaccine doses arrived at a remote village in the Amazon,they were met with armed bows and arrows, and were told to leave. Villagers had heard false rumours about vaccines and wanted reassurance from a religious missionary before getting jabbed. It is an example of a worrying trend of false information spreading on social media - even to some of the world's most remote communities.

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Believe it or not, there's a stray dog under this mess of hair - CNN Video

What IS that creature? A stray Shih Tzu needed a haircut so badly you could barely tell it was a dog. But post-shave, CNN's Jeanne Moos reports, a star is born.

Chinese (& Russian) vaccines: where are we on their manufacturers' Anti Slavery Policies?

Covid:19: Nisra records slight increase in NI Covid deathsCovid-19 was mentioned on the death certificates of eight people in NI up to Friday 30 April.

Covid-19: No 10 defends India travel ban timing amid variant fearsAs surge testing for the Indian Covid variant continues, the government rejects claims it was slow to act. Why has a Virgin flight just come in to Heathrow from Mumbai? You can't defend the indefensible. Johnson cared more about a post Brexit trade deal with India than the lives of people in Britain,who will suffer the consequences of his dithering yet again. Johnsons a monster. What happened to the Kent variant? has it gone on holiday?

Covid-19 travel ban unintentionally leaves Indian Americans stranded in IndiaMany India-born visa holders are trying to navigate a bureaucratic loophole as they struggle to get authorization to return to their homes in the U.S. Israel not only attacked the Al-Aqsa Mosque and hit worshipers with bombs last Monday, but rather continues its crime of killing innocent people in the Gaza Strip.GazaUnderAttack

Cathay Pacific Sells Dollar Bonds as Covid-19 Saps Demand for Air TravelHong Kong’s flagship carrier sold its first dollar bonds in more than two decades, seizing on investors’ willingness to fund airlines as the industry’s prospects improve.

Covid-19: NI Executive urged to rethink new travel rulesTwo tourism bodies are concerned about rules on visitors arriving from the Common Travel Area.