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9/16/2021 7:00:00 PM

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Area Man Proud He Can Still Fit Into Car From High School Biden says DOJ should prosecute those who defy January 6 committee subpoenas Eve Reveals She's Expecting Her First Child With Husband Maximillion Cooper

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Hubble Finds Evidence of Water Vapor in One Hemisphere of Europa

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope observations of Jupiter’s icy moon Europa have revealed the presence of persistent water vapor – but, mysteriously, only in one hemisphere.

This is what saves lives ivermectin and 3 vitamins Works in EVERY COUNTRY BUT USA NOT A VAX! Please share! If there's any way you can help please donate & retweet the GoFundMe. Every little bit helps. Thanks. I'm raising money for Help Dad Mobility. Click to Donate pleasee God bless you abundantly About a year too late

Democrats appear ready to claim more registered voters than Republicans in Florida for the first time in modern political history, Politico reported. This will be the greatest win for Floridian's in years and will stop the bleeding of Florida's taxpayers from corrupt Republicans! Should those with natural immunity get vaccinated?

Chances of getting covid are slim, so some people don't get the vaccine. The chances of dying from violent crime are much much slimmer, but these same people need a house full of guns to protect them. This as if anybody cares if the government officials are banning vaccines and masks mandates by law against Public Health. We are in Hell.

From what I see both you and CDCgov need to do more to ensure classrooms are safe for students, but that isn't happening, is it? How deadly is a pandemic that's been out for almost 2 years and most of us are walking around just fine no shot either such a serious pandemic wow two years without a cold without a bug without a normal flu that obviously went away

Another radio host who urged listeners to boycott COVID-19 vaccines dies from COVID-19Bob Enyart is at least the fifth anti-vaccine talk show host to die from complications due to COVID-19 in recent weeks. F around and find out He died doing what he loved. I would not make him get this one, but it mighta helped. Not my choice. May he Rest In Peace. Now, let’s stop reporting on these cases with the tone and suggestion that they deserved to die.

Is COVID or stray bullets more likely to kill me in Chicago? Can you just distribute the yellow stars already and get over it. Interesting that you use the same fonts and colouring found on a Government Guidance site. I’m a doc quit lying Mandate vaccines for indoor dining, movie theaters, bars, etc. Let the pro-plaguers scream in boredom at home.

No Federal Mask Mandate! Instead Order National Guard to setup Medical Tents & Refrigerated Morgues Trailers Outside Hospitals for Unvaccinated Covid Patients. Reserve Hospital Staff & Beds for Vaccinated Patients needing Regular Medical Care. RT . I'm not listening to you clowns Never gonna happen, say…would you like to see my mask?

I am vaccinated but it doesn’t really matter honestly. People who are vaccinated still got it. Stop pushing it on to people to get it, let them make that decision on their own. It’s a free country correct?

COVID-19 Vaccines Won’t Affect Your Sexual Performance, but COVID-19 MightJust in case you were wondering. I like your choice of that photo. Very fitting. mood😑

You'll get more people vaccinated once your bring in novavax. There are thousands of people waiting for this type of vaccine!!! vax dont stop the spread Friends in WI fully-recovered from COVID-19 infection are getting antibody(?) testing at workplace vaccination centers and told to ‘wait to get vaccinated because levels are too high’ — since when is Ab level a criteria for vaccination? Please clarify DHSWI CDCgov

But it's ok to have a Seahawks game with very few wearing mask this is so stupid! BoycottSeattleSeahawksGames BoycottSeahalksForNoMask 'KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN' Continue to guide and support American's everywhere, God Bless you and your Administration. 🙏🇺🇸 Sheep energy 😂 Nope. We do hundreds of things to keep kids safe. Car seats, helmets and pads when biking/skating, locks on cabinets, blocking access to electricity etc. Why draw the line at wearing a mask? Wearing a mask is less of a burden than many things we already make kids do.

A gun safety instructor used terms Rs & Ds understand. COVID breath is a dangerous weapon like a gun. Not pointing a gun at people is like social distancing. Using the safety is like wearing a mask. Checking the chamber is like getting tested. Using a gun lock is like a vaccine. I'll tell you what I told my boss: No face diapers. No jab. No profit for you off my work. Suddenly the whole thing just disappeared and hasn't been brought up since. Funny how when you refuse to comply it just seems to go away.

Covid-19: NI records 10 Covid-linked deaths,1,304 casesThe total number of deaths linked to coronavirus in NI since the start of the pandemic is 2,478.

If we can pretend a boy is a girl then you can pretend I got the shot Lies and lies. Since people have to either take a chance or end up in a homeless shelter, you can skip the build confidence part. When will inexpensive tests with fast results be easy to find? Apparently in some states it is super easy and pretty cheap to test yourself and people are relying on them to go visit grandparents or just do regular stuff without worrying. Thank you

the damned covid vax is killing stop this bull immediately The only covid 19 vaccine that has been approved doesn't seem to exist. Nobody has it or knows when they are going to recieve shipments of it. Stop pushing disinformation with our tax dollars. Allow us to get the NovaVax shot Unless you are a PSU football fan. They have all been cured obviously.

YES!!! GetVaccinatedASAP GetVaxxed There is no legitimate excuse! justdoit Why are you restricting monoclonal antibody therapy? Do you not want to save lives? Do you think it’s stopping people from getting the v? Please help me understand this craziness!

Prenetics, a Covid-19 Testing Startup, to Go Public in SPAC MergerPrenetics Group Ltd. is going public on the Nasdaq Stock Market in a merger with special-purpose acquisition company Artisan Acquisition, in a deal valuing the Covid testing company at $1.25 billion.

More Americans Are Using Religion To Avoid COVID-19 Vaccine RequirementsThe practice is likely to grow following President Biden’s sweeping new vaccine mandates. Get it right führer Biden Well without a vaccin they will get to meet their maker sooner😢 Tax The Church

Florida vaccine advocate loses 6 members of her family to Covid-19 within 3 weeksAfter months of knocking on doors in the neighborhoods of Palm Beach County, Florida, trying to convince members of the community to get vaccinated, Lisa Wilson said she lost six members of her family to Covid-19 in a three-week span. A never ending tragedy in Florida. Hard to believe there are people that STILL don't take THIS seriously... SMH... So what we still won't take the jab.