Covid-19 pandemic linked to early onset of puberty in some girls

9/17/2022 2:50:00 PM

Covid-19 pandemic linked to early onset of puberty in some girls

Covid-19 pandemic linked to early onset of puberty in some girls

Several studies suggest that the number of girls starting puberty early has more than doubled amid the coronavirus outbreak - and experts are unsure exactly why

Although this hypothesis can’t be ruled out, especially because many childhood covid-19 cases are mild and may be missed, it seems unlikely, says Kaplowitz.“I don’t think the effect of covid on female puberty is restricted to girls who actually had the infection,” says Kaplowitz. “Especially since, in the earlier stages of the pandemic, children were much less likely to become infected than adults.”

The pandemic aside, the age of puberty onset has beensince 1977, although there is little data on the effect of other traumatic events like wars or recessions.Medication can reduce hormone levels and stunt sexual development for several years. However,

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(11b4eib9) covid is the curse that keeps on giving. it is hard to imagine that such a special organism arose through natural selection alone. it looks like a biological weapon. It's got ZERO to do with hormone disruption via chemical alteration in highly synthesized world. Maybe Biology and Evolution by Natural Selection is trying to tell Consumerist Childless Humanity something it doesn't want to hear?

Before anyone says it, they didn't approve the vaccine for kids in this age group until a few months ago. These aren't vaccinated kids. What about the early onset in general? Get a job :) When man makes the virus….. The poison ☠️ shots There are snails in the Pripyat river that went from asexual reproduction to sexual reproduction to create better genetic diversity against the increased mortality and genetic damage from radiation. My guess-earlier breeding age to fight increased mortality from Covid

It's disgusting how they just made everybody take this without any long term studies. Fucking evil.

I think it's OTT content on TV It’ll be because the spike protein is allowing the virus to attach to the ACE2 receptors of cells and still inject the strand of RNA. This is then incorporated into the DNA of the cell and alters it in random ways. But then scientists would know that. Hopefully they won't give birth to zombies 😵‍💫

This is why they should never give the vaccine to the whole population, esp children. Not enough long term research has been done on it. Why would doctors and scientists want to take such massive risks? Over 50s should be minimum, preferably just to over 70s. The GOP: Can't they just identify out of being female?

Possible side effects of pumping our children full of inadequately trialed drugs? Is it only in the vaccinated? Lots of evidence Covid vaccines cause dysmenorrhea. So now they're blaming it on prepubescent girls why not just blame it on eggs Vaccine

😯 This has been happening before Covid puberty (11b44m2v) covid just keeps getting stranger. what is next: we spontaneously get new teeth? Also early on set of menopause. Any stress or trauma can cause early onset of puberty ...along with hormones , antibiotics and steroids in food. is there a pathology with which the COVID wasn't linked already?

You mean like the vaccine does This is like the unknown deaths since we started the jab. More and more as time passes. Someone needs to pay Never seen a disease that has so many side effects. For a respiratory illness it sure interferes a lot with the sexual organs....

What about trans-identifying people and non-binary people? How are they affected? Just another mild side effect, nothing to see here. Normalcy is too urgent to pay any concern to this innocuous disease that burrows its way into every organ system and almost every cell type. I mustn’t be bothered to consider the vast potential for long term consequences.