COVID-19 Live Updates: FDA to vote on Johnson & Johnson vaccine booster shot after Moderna approved

An FDA expert panel will vote on whether to support or oppose a booster shot for the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine. Follow Newsweek's liveblog for all the latest.

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10/15/2021 10:56:00 AM

An FDA expert panel will vote on whether to support or oppose a booster shot for the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine. Follow Newsweek's liveblog for all the latest.

An FDA expert panel will vote on whether to support or oppose a booster shot for the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine. Follow Newsweek's liveblog for all the latest.

The 19-strong Vaccine and Related Biological Products Advisory Committeevoted unanimously in favor of a Moderna COVID-19 vaccine booster shot yesterdayafter several lengthy presentations on data that shows how an extra dose of vaccine can counteract the waning effectiveness of current shots over time.

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Despite all members voting"yes" after lengthy presentations, many members still had concerns over the data they saw from Moderna and the Israel Health Ministry, worried that it did not reflect a fully-rounded picture, and answer questions about the necessity of the boosters - and who should get them.

Follow Newsweek's liveblog for all the latest updates...04:10 AM EDTNo, Bill Clinton is not in hospital with COVIDThe 75-year-old former president has been hospitalized in California for a non-heart, non-COVID-related issue, his spokesperson Angel Ureña.

On Tuesday evening, President Clinton was admitted to [University of California Irvine] Medical Center to receive treatment for a non-Covid-related infection. He is on the mend, in good spirits, and is incredibly thankful to the doctors, nurses, and staff providing him with excellent care.

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After two days of treatment, his white blood cell count is trending down and he is responding to antibiotics well. The California-based medical team has been in constant communication with the President's New York-based medical team, including his cardiologist. We hope to have him go home soon.

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Documenting the harrowing first four months of COVID-19 with brave health care workers at Long Island Jewish Medical Center in Queens, N.Y., as they risk their lives in the epic battle to keep the virus at bay.

Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 Booster Shot Bolsters Immune Defense, FDA Staff SayA booster shot of Johnson & Johnson’s Covid-19 vaccine showed signs of significantly bolstering the immune defenses of study subjects, said FDA regulators, who cautioned that their data was limited wapo Based on information in this story, the strongest, most obvious conclusion is that J&J vacc'd need access to heterologous mRNA boosters, NOW! JnJVaccineEquity I want to get the Phizer or Moderna so maybe this J&J chip will stop making me do evil. Not a big deal really, i just want the freedom to do my own evil. Yeah but for how long!?! You just got the jab and not even 8 months later you have to get another one ? Ummm so how long until the next booster ?

US to donate more than 17 million Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccines to African UnionThe US will donate more than 17 million doses of the Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine to the African Union, President Joe Biden announced on Thursday. LOL Insert Chappelle joke For all those who are new to this working from home Bitcoin trading options Here's a little tip: Get a trusted Bitcoin expert and stick to her earn_with_jenss Invest and play at similar times each day. Because : In times of chaos, your investment is your anchor to success Every illegal should be vaccinated as they come across the border! Oh then they may not be able to infect citizen’s. HouseGOP FAIRImmigration JudicialWatch HouseGOP

FDA to take up Moderna, J&J Covid-19 booster questions this weekVaccine advisers to the FDA meet Thursday and Friday of this week to tackle the next round of questions about booster vaccines for Covid-19 — and they might be seeing the first trickle of data on mix-and-match boosters. blimey mix N match 😂 the only mix N match I'm getting is woolworths .. .. . Never Forget

COVID-19 Live Updates: FDA to hold crunch talks over J&J and Moderna vaccine boostersThe Food and Drug Administration is set to hold crucial meetings over the next two days to decide whether to issue booster shot s of Johnson & Johnson and Moderna COVID vaccines. Follow Newsweek's liveblog for all the latest.

Abbott Labs unit recalling two COVID-19 lab test kits - FDAA unit of Abbott Laboratories is recalling two COVID-19 laboratory test kits as they can potentially issue false positive results, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration ( FDA ) said on Thursday.

FDA vaccine advisers recommend emergency use authorization for booster dose of Moderna's Covid-19 vaccineVaccine advisers to the US Food and Drug Administration voted unanimously Thursday to recommend emergency use authorization of a booster dose of Moderna 's Covid-19 vaccine. Finally Yea 🎉 Free clots for all.