COVID-19 live updates: CDC says there won’t be any federal vaccine mandate

A pandemic of the novel coronavirus has now infected more than 195 million people worldwide and killed over 4.1 million of them.

7/31/2021 4:30:00 PM

A Louisiana nurse says patients in ICU are 'younger and sicker, and we're intubating and losing people that are my age and younger—people with kids that are my kids' age that are never going to see their kids graduate.'

A pandemic of the novel coronavirus has now infected more than 195 million people worldwide and killed over 4.1 million of them.

New Orleans to mandate indoor masking, city employee vaccinationsNew Orleans officials reissued a mask mandate Friday, requiring that everyone, regardless of vaccination status, wear a mask indoors in public spaces due to rising COVID-19 cases."Thanks to the delta variant, the COVID pandemic is once again raging out of control," Mayor LaToya Cantrell said during a press briefing, noting the daily average of new COVID-19 cases increased from 104 last week to 272 this week."This is a very dangerous number. We have been here before. ... And what was once unpreventable, today is preventable, and is through our people getting vaccinated."

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Kathleen Flynn/ReutersProducer and burlesque dancer Trixie Minx hands out face masks to audience members, having asked both the attendees and performers to mask up before the performance as Louisiana rises to worst COVID-19 outbreak in U.S. amid Delta variant in New Orleans, July 25, 2021.

The mayor also announced that city employees and contractors will be required to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Over 71% of city employees are vaccinated,"but that is not good enough," the mayor said."We want to get to 100%." Read more: ABC News »

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This is fake news 💩💀💉💀🤥 I’m tired of people who have CHOSEN not I vaccinate. Good Luck… More ppl like you need to speak put Too many believe covid is a joke. It's no joke and when God forbid they lose a loved one or work as hard as u. N other health care professionals who c it everyday. Maybe they will not b so selfish N GetVaccinated

No hospitals in Chicago are overwhelmed or overflowing with sick people. I live in a suburb of Chicago and life is totally normal. This media manipulation is getting disgusting You guys show the most misleading videos, what hospital does she work at?, what ICU? facts not some heart strung videos with closed captions over the same shit you guys have been constantly pushing.

She did a dancing TikTok; her opinion is invalid. This doctor works on the COVID floor at our hospital. The entire floor + the ICU are at capacity w/ COVID patients — almost all unvaccinated. That’s crazy… HollyHood does not care about who killed Pac and Biggie. Hollyhood is helping the Killers get away. hollyhoosd is down with the Killers of Pac and Biggie. You have to wait till the end of the Video to here what Tupac got to say about his Killers.

So upset you had time to add subtitles and use the communist lefts talking points. Not buying it. The masks we wear do nothing to stop an airborne virus. Without the proper mask like you wear, why wear one at all. bobhasdogsagain If they choose not to get vaccinated then they have chosen the consequences!

Covid-19: Furlough 'kick in teeth' for firms and 'Covid jab scammers nearly got me'Five things you need to know about the coronavirus pandemic this Saturday.

When people rather say no than being safe 💔 Vax is not full proof but helps for sure. Masking up works! morgfair Their choices have consequences So sad! Most killers go to prison but the covid spreaders area allowed to go free. No shoes,no shirts, no vaccine no service! CVS in Florida is now limiting the vaccine they have on hand to online made appointments only. No walk ins. People who want vaccine being turned away.

morgfair 💔 pac do we have any statistics on this? How many are dying how many affected? How about how many children? Give is facts not emotional pleas. I could've done a better performance with the fake crying... No tears whatsoever... My gosh dear! 😂 I’m so sorry we’re seeing these videos again.

CDC shares 'pivotal discovery' on Covid-19 breakthrough infections that led to new mask guidanceA new study shows the Delta Covid-19 variant produced similar amounts of virus in vaccinated and unvaccinated people if they get infected -- illustrating a key motivation behind the federal guidance that now recommends most fully vaccinated Americans wear masks indoors. You’ve lost the plot! Fear mongering and lies, damn I feel sorry for my American friends Well, this is a disturbing turn of events. expect to endure the war. you have my brother HUSHPUPPI. it is the war which started. I will be in New York to do your skin

Another nurse hero. Be safe! 😢 💧 Listen up get vaccinated. I am all out of fucks left to give for these people. By the way 5 lawmaker from Texas got “COVID”, above 50 years old and they are fine, none of them have die. This woman is a liar. Fake! RT : A Louisiana nurse says patients in ICU are 'younger and sicker, and we're intubating and losing people that are my age and younger—people with kids that are my kids' age that are never going to see their kids graduate.'

So why are fully vaccinated people contracting the delta varient? I have 2 family members who are currently positive and sick with the delta varient AFTER being vaccinated in the first place. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes Yet less than 37% of the state population is fully vaccinated. This can be prevented.

Just curious why no one is reporting the rates of reinfections and hospitalizations among previously infected people who are unvaccinated. Can someone in hospital setting answer this. Recent Emory study reports natural immunity is extremely effective and long lasting

Most COVID-19 cases in Massachusetts outbreak among vaccinated, says CDCThree quarters of people infected with COVID-19 at public events in a Massachusetts town were fully vaccinated, a study by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) showed. 주님을 섬기는 것은 마음에서부터 지시받는 것입니다 OurEternalHome Why is that? Is that because the unvaccinated are not going anywhere or because the vaccine does not help and make people more susceptible to the disease? Because most of MA is vaccinated and they can carry Delta

Should have gotten the shots. Don't come crying now. How much did she get payed to say that Sorry that this disease has entered our world and are killing our people. Please get vaccinated if you haven't already done so. I have and still afraid. I wear my mark everywhere I go. God bless us all and keep us covered with his presious blood.

Thank you for ur work! Show me proof bitch SteveScalise your state! Do something besides your partisan complaining!! You can’t rewrite the history of Jan.6th! Your guy did it! Try to help people for a change! GOP GOPTraitors NeverForgetJanuary6th TrumpIsTheHitman I am really sorry sister. I cannot imagine what you are going through right now. But this seems like who we are as humans. Some just wouldn't learn or listen no matter what. They are paying the price for themselves, and heroes like you have to suffer because of it....

Powerful. Hopefully will inspire some people to wake up / wise up. 🥲 They didn't want to get vaccinated but now they want YOU to help them, putting you at risk. Not to mention the burden they're putting on the tax payers. They didn't want the free shot, but they want free health care. You know most of them won't pay the bill, so guess who will.

COVID-19 live updates: New CDC brief says vaccines may be less effective against delta variantJapan’s government will put in place a coronavirus state of emergency covering three of Tokyo’s neighboring prefectures and Osaka on Monday. Today, Japan has 9 deaths and US has 382 deaths. Uh…🤔 One question. How many hours are until Monday? About time we need the same thing because of the GOP Hesitancy Policy. The GOP open the door for China to win the economic fight by shutting down the economy with COVID again.

And they will never be able to vote again.🥶 RandyAlberhasky Anecdotes aren't data 'that COULD help'🤔 Order Paximune (a dietary supplement with a great immune strengthener/sustainer), wear your masks, social distance and wash your hands/keep your hygiene up And it all could have been avoided. That’s the tragedy

🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 Fear porn If only there was something they could take …. PandemicOfTheUnvaccinated When your front-line medics say it's bad, it's bad. Reading the comments like 'just fear-mongering' and so on, I'm convinced that the rest of the century belongs to the Chinese, and maybe rightly so. Idiots are not patriots.

I keep saying it, no what vaccine you get, just go and get vaccinated, it will save your life in and others , especially your loves one

COVID-19 live updates: Delta leaves vaccinated, unvaccinated with similarly high viral loads, CDC saysA pandemic of the novel coronavirus has now infected more than 195 million people worldwide and killed over 4.1 million of them. Blame the unvaccinated for the continued virus uptick. The trump virus is like trump it just won't go away. If it’s soooo alarming why hasn’t POTUS closed the borders? I’ll tell you why the news on delta covid is a political distraction so you don’t have to report all the things being ruined by Biden! Load of crap. If you want the vaccine get it if not don’t and wear a mask. Simple -

Personal choice and Personal freedom is all I hear the non-vaccinated respond with. But I'm curious how many vaccinated are also standing at deaths door? I can't seem to find the real data on that. How come you arent infected? Stop fear mongering She is correct … can lead a horse to water , but will they drink? Some may die from the thirst

Very powerful. Thanks for spreading the word. And this champion, will go and do her job.... My mom died of cancer in 1998. My youngest sisters only remembered her sick maybe. One was born in 1976, the other in 1977. Karen was allowed to graduate with Kimmy's class so mom could attend. Mom suffered 9 years due to incompetent doctor Chemotherapy test group using tomoxifen

I’m going to make a video and hope it goes viral is all I got from that. Kudos, it worked as I watched. Where’s the statistical data to back these claims? Anecdotal evidence is not cutting it These car confessionals are a sickness. How come they said the same shit about covid in early 2020 then it turned out covid didn’t kill young people or healthy people. Smells like bullshit.

CDC director tells Bret Baier government 'looking into' potential COVID-19 vaccine mandateCDC Director Rochelle Walensky was pressed Friday on 'Special Report' as to whether she supports or foresees a federal vaccine mandate, as the Biden administration publicly laments continued vaccine hesitancy in parts of the country. Welcome to the service The world went all wrong .. all because of greed and hate.. its sad to watch To hell with that!

MaryAnnAhernNBC Anecdotal or evidence based? Fear porn propaganda. Let’s be honest about what communities aren’t being vaccinated, and I’ll start listening. For the record, I am fully vaccinated. Look at the pro athletes who aren’t getting the vaccine and tell me again how it’s “stupid Republicans”. I call bullshit. Data simply doesn't support this at all. Can Americans take 2 seconds to research information before simply falling for this old gag.

I pray that the Lord saves those parents in the name of Jesus. Paid actor or real nurse. Let’s see the data from that hospital. Nope instead the media plays on our emotions instead of using facts. I don’t means to be Rude but Good 👍 because of their Ignorance parents . They pay the prices . If a hospital is overwhelmed with patients like Italy was, who do they choose to treat first, an unvaccinated adult with COVID or a vaccinated adult with a heart attack? An unvaccinated child or unvaccinated adult? It’s scary to think of choices like these.

Pay close attention to that nurse behavior she seams to be faking it Lame