Health, Covid-19 İnfection Grants İmmunity For Five Months, Uk Study Suggests - Cnn

Health, Covid-19 İnfection Grants İmmunity For Five Months

Covid-19 infection grants immunity for five months, UK study suggests

People who have been infected by Covid-19 may have immunity to the virus for around five months, according to preliminary findings in a new study

1/14/2021 1:30:00 PM

People who have been infected by Covid-19 may have immunity to the virus for around five months, according to preliminary findings in a new study

People who have been infected by Covid-19 may have immunity to the virus for around five months, according to preliminary findings in a new study led by Public Health England (PHE).

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That’s not good. In other words everyone needs to get vaccinated!!! So that must mean the virus mutates every 5 months right or am I wrong bout how your body gains immunity from viruses? Very poor reporting - the five months is the length of time of the study it may last much longer Wow This is from one of your employees at cnnbrasil Early treatment: effective in Covid and in the polls. (google translate)

Just like people that recoverd from 'the' flu have for generations. Coronavirus shows me people are so different Some think only the most vulnerable are at risk so they should stay at home no travel get the vaccine. Others think that only have a few years left on earth, worked all there life they should get help from the people they raised

This makes me wonder how long vaccinations will realistically last. I sure hope it’s longer than 5 months. Stupid article. They may or may not have immunity?! Well, no shit! It’s ridiculous that feel you have to state the obvious to your target audience. They should be offended! (it doesn’t take much)

Makes sense & they should be near the bottom of the list of which groups of people to prioritize when vaccinating. However to the best of my knowledge no country has taken measures to ensure not to start w these ppl now when not enough vaccines are available for top priority grps Sounds like it's never going to go away

MedTwitter Has it been determined that the COVID vaccines DO NOT provide immunity from infection but only reduce the risk of getting a severe case? So much for herd immunity then Conspiracy theory So if natural immunity only lasts up to 5 months... is that the same with the man made vaccine? At thee current rate of deployment, 2/3 of those with the vaccine will need a new dose before enough people even get their first... asking for science..

Irresponsible IMO to run this headline when preliminary anything is all you’ve got in a deadly pandemic. Stop with the bull shit Your goal is to colonize other countries You do not help their people! Otherwise, you would not have imposed the most severe punishments on the nations Help your people if you are right Why do you kill people who are protesting against the election results? your Democracy is dead

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BuniculaTv Less. Probably three months Orange🍊45 should not be allowed to RUN AGAIN for office, get intelligence briefs to SELL to whom? TAXPAYERS shouldn’t PAY for a pension, lifetime Secret Service ,travel, etc . ALL the LOSER should get is PRISON TIME for COVID deaths, CAGED babies, RAPE, INSURRECTION...etc.

So they can go out without mask on , pubs and restaurants can open for them life back to normal ? MariaRMichaela It's just a possibility. so, were totally fucked, the 'vaccine' takes 4-6 weeks to be effective, then is only good for 4-5 months. considering the US cant even vaccinate 1/10th of the population with a 1st dose . . . WE ARE TOTALLY FUICKED

Voetsekvaccinevoetsek How will that help BigPharma profits? Can take 5 months to recover from 1st infection Nothing is more beautiful than you wearing only the moonlight and my kisses. I'd rather stay locked in house and get vaccine rather than get covid. cnnlies Fact check you have no way of verifying that speculative info that goes with your false opinions

Thanks to the Government we let planes in from England and Europe with the new and Improved Covid while those countries closed down there boarders to slow the Covid , But no we let them in ... Stupid This is a garbage headline, the study wasn't long enough to see if it lasted longer. Can CNN use some of that money to hire journalists who know how to read an academic paper?

So is it like every 5 month process? I had it back in June. Now am positive again. And it’s worse this time A country that has been infected by orange virus with brown shirt may have immunity for 4 years ... According to article, people that had the virus May be immune themselves for 5mons but can infect others, bottom line is all need to be immunized for long term immunity

CNN FakeNews fakepandemic Yea, and a vaccine might only protect you for 3 months... if at all. how to explain one person get several times infected? Cool, so all I have to do is get the virus every 5 months and I’ll be alright. Its never going to go away 😱 MAY ....... wow sounds like a falsity. Prepared

Not looking good.... I deal on bitcoin mining...Invest your bitcoin in my platform and gain your financial freedom....Invest now and send me a message ...Then your life is free Isn’t it hard to tell how long without valid studies because of to short time? 🙄 This doesn't mean you should go out and start being a hoe

considering all the studies have been wrong thus far, i’d say they’re full of shit Thankyou very informative How long does the vax give us? 4-6 months. Look at present vax rates: speed of dosing coupled with percentage oarticipation. Regretfully, COVID appears to be with us forever. Specially kids listing adults talk about covid19 in all kind of rumors and false stories have been traumatized big time. News organizations like here need to watch what they are posting or Twitter needs to do something about it. For the shake of the kids.

They may be immune for life as long as it stops mutating according to all studies. To the people Twitter i demand this study to be checked by another study before any news organizations post it on Twitter. These kinds of reports coming out ever single day and getting posted by irresponsible news organizations are terrorizing the population of the whole world.

Variants will emerge and reinfect us, early vaccines will have no effect so we will probably spend the next 10 years manufacturing different vaccines for different variants. So many retards replying 🤦🏻🤦🏻🤦🏻🤦🏻 So we can catch it every winter season unless vaccinated each year? The more the fear campaign and propaganda the bigger the lie. If people are really dropping like flies would the Government really need to spend millions of dollars to tell us they are?

Nobody knows if the vaccine response will be longer lived than natural response. Vaccinations may be required twice a year for a while grandmasweater_ Just 5 months AT LEAST 5 months, because we haven’t had it for long enough to say it’s not longer. It probably is much longer. It’s a cold. Let your body adapt to it naturally. Play in the dirt. Get living.

Or 2-3 like they told us in the summer. Whichever Grasping at straws. Just wear a mask and follow the basics - distancing, hygiene & crowded places. Or longer so know one really knows My friend had Covid in March, she was asymptomatic. Got it again this month , also asymptomatic. She would’ve never known if she didn’t get tested...

only 5 months...🤔 Well, you'd better report that PCR shows a lot of false-positive and that PCR does not prove that people tested positive are still spreading the virus (PCR is detecting 'RNA' only) thus does not prove the person is still infectious. Why are you ignoring the recent CBO score of single payer? MedicareForAll

If only all those idiots who called the virus a hoax will abstain from getting the vaccinations we seniors would have plenty! these preliminary studies say one thing today & another tomorrow, it all depends on what 'authorities' or better said dictators want to inspire people to believe, please keep believing. Do you ever wonder why the call CNN chief in fake news?

Survivors of Medical Illness and Family members Read Michael R Mitchell PhD Real Recovery from Medical Illness and Diagnosis for Spiritual; and Faith Based Restoration. Amazon Books COVID19 vaccines are out so no need for anyone to get frightened by this curious thing, meet me for more info. Fact check please

you ned oen a this f shed f ehid f midnd marue sif a god comay t of buy frim d h e hes e he he sea eir dures this civid There ought to be caveats to a headline like this, as it’s also accepted that if you catch it a second time, it’s going to attack you when your immune is already weakened. As such, all attempts to be struck twice should be avoided!

If that’s so why are there so many cases of people getting reinfected in less then 3 months? Lots in media today about covid recoverers having immunity but with the caveat they can still transmit the virus. Do you know which is likely to result in least transmission.. covid recoverers that have immunity or people who have been vaccinated? Is there any data on this yet?

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How long does immunity last from vaccine? That's not how viruses work... 😉 We don't get immunity, but our imune system learns how to fight it. One can still get it, but in a less severe form. .. in other words masks will be the required norm indefinitely 😷 I know there’s more to that story. Go on and tell me more, plsssssss. ❤️

This mean there is no herd immunity. There is no lasting vaccine. There is no end to the lockdown. There’s only the mask and the scream! RepThomasMassie at least they admit a timeline Then, back to spreading it by not wearing mask. Because ‘Merica. 🤦🏻‍♀️ And how long do the vaccines last? What is the use of giving the vaccine dribble by dribble.

nick saben tested positive within 5 months Immunity against coronavirus for 5 months only And with vaccination ? If it is to be immune for 5 months only, then the Euphoria of BartSomers openvld sp_a JanJambon wbeke makes no sense at all. COVID19be This is the only virus that your not immune to for life the same time, you can’t tell you even have it.... oh yeah and asymptomatic spread is happening too. Wake up people

Yay so they wont need a vaccine for 5 months What's not taken into account is that just because most weren't reinfected doesn't mean they couldn't be. They likely continued to take precautions which made reacquiring covid less likely. The Moderna vac's studies suggest immunity for at least a year. Sounds like we will have to have a COVID vaccine once a year (at least) just like the flu and pneumonia.all I know is the US govt best gets its collective arse in gear.

Lol The Covid invades your brain and over a period of 6 months it turns the cells in the brain in to squishy goo. You become a Trump supporting terrorist. Look at all the people who have been arrested so far. '...may have...' Now it's time to study immunity period given by the vaccines. Thank you UK. May have immunity which also means they may not, how is that news ffs 🤦‍♂️

Will we live through continues lockdowns? Or will vaccines deliver a longer lasting immunity? They are preparing you for everlasting lockdown. The question is who and what are 'they'? In other words the vaccine gives you five months immunity 😂😂 Ten months later I got Covid a second time. The others are still prone to the virus, so precautions should be mandatory.

AT LEAST 5 months you nonces Please save me and save my life. I have converted to Christianity. But I have no freedom. And I don't have any citizenship right now. I need citizenship. I am in a lot of danger right now. I want to live. Please save me. I want my freedom. Please rescue me. Please help me.

A finding so vague as to be effectively useless. It's not even really a finding – just speculation. For AT LEAST 5 months they have immunity So would the vaccines be the same?