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COVAXX gets supply deals worth $2.8 billion for potential COVID-19 vaccine

COVAXX gets supply deals worth $2.8 billion for potential COVID-19 vaccine

11/25/2020 7:15:00 PM

COVAXX gets supply deals worth $2.8 billion for potential COVID-19 vaccine

COVAXX , a unit of United Biomedical Inc, said on Thursday it has received purchase commitments totaling $2.8 billion to deliver more than 140 million doses of its potential COVID-19 vaccine to developing countries, including Brazil , Peru and Ecuador .

The U.S.-based company signed an agreement in September with Brazilian lab and hospital group DASA S.A. to conduct mid-to-late stage trials in Brazil for the vaccine.COVAXX estimates it can produce 100 million doses in first half of next year and 1 billion by end of 2021.

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Last month, the company signed a logistics partnership with Maersk for transportation and supply chain services that will be needed to deliver the vaccine around the world.Reporting by Mrinalika Roy in Bengaluru; Editing by Arun Koyyur Read more: Reuters Top News »

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COVAXX_ Wasn’t Covax the name of the puppet monkey in Mrs Doubtfire’s tv show? Rush to market vaccine, it’s about the money not the health efficacy (long term) of the millions and millions who will be vaccinated. wow IsraeliPM netanyahu Have you ever heard about this organisation?🤔 Has any vaccine actually failed trials? Seems we are having 100 percent success rate of all Covid vaccines...

How sad that my country isn't included in! :-( You know who else liked vaccines? Hitler!