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Court to look anew at health care law birth control rules

The Supreme Court will consider allowing the Trump administration to enforce rules that allow more employers to deny insurance coverage for contraceptives to women.

1/17/2020 11:54:00 PM

The Supreme Court will consider allowing the Trump administration to enforce rules that allow more employers to deny insurance coverage for contraceptives to women.

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court will consider allowing the Trump administration to enforce rules that allow more employers to deny insurance coverage for contraceptives to women. The...

January 17, 2020 GMTFILE - In this June 17, 2019 file photo, The Supreme Court is seen in Washington. The Supreme Court will consider Trump administration rules expanding religious, moral exemptions from contraceptive coverage. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

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FILE - In this June 17, 2019 file photo, The Supreme Court is seen in Washington. The Supreme Court will consider Trump administration rules expanding religious, moral exemptions from contraceptive coverage. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court will consider allowing the Trump administration to enforce rules that allow more employers to deny insurance coverage for contraceptives to women.

The justices agreed Friday to yet another case stemming from President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul, this time about cost-free birth control. The court probably will hear arguments in April.The high court will review an appeals court ruling that blocked the Trump administration rules because it did not follow proper procedures. The new policy on contraception, issued by the Department of Health and Human Services, would allow more categories of employers, including publicly traded companies, to opt out of providing no-cost birth control to women by claiming religious objections.

The policy also would allow some employers, though not publicly traded companies, to raise moral objections to covering contraceptives.Employers also would be able to cover some birth control methods, and not others. Some employers have objected to covering modern, long-acting implantable contraceptives, such as IUDs, which are more expensive and considered highly effective in preventing pregnancies.

The share of female employees paying their own money for birth control pills has plunged to under 4 percent, from 21 percent, since contraception became a covered preventive health benefit under the Obama-era health law, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Even though the Trump rules remain blocked, a ruling by a federal judge in Texas in June already allows most people who object to covering contraception to avoid doing so.The issue in all the cases is the method originally adopted by the Obama administration to allow religiously affiliated organizations to opt out of paying for contraception while making sure that women under their plans would not be left with the bill.

Some groups complained that the opt-out process violated their religious beliefs and wanted to be relieved of even signaling their religious objection.The Trump administration issued new rules in 2018. New Jersey and Pennsylvania challenged them in federal court, and the appeals court in Philadelphia decided the rules should be blocked nationwide. The states said the administration rules would result in fewer women receiving cost-free birth control through employer health plans and said states would have to spend more money in their programs that provide contraceptives to women who want them.

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The justices said they will hear the administration’s appeal together with one filed by the Little Sisters of the Poor, an order of Roman Catholic nuns. The Little Sisters have argued that the Trump rules would protect them from having to provide some birth control, although Obama administration lawyers had argued that they probably were exempt from the rules.

“There are plenty of ways to provide people with contraceptives without forcing Catholic nuns to participate,” said Mark Rienzi, a lawyer for the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, which represents the nuns.Several other lawsuits are pending around the country. Katie Keith, a health policy expert in Washington, said the high court’s consideration of the issue has the potential to resolve all the pending legal fights.

“Religious groups want the court to weigh in once and for all, and they’re not going to be happy until we have a clear answer,” Keith said. Read more: The Associated Press »

Pray for RBG and Sotomayor Are you suggesting it would be against the law to take contraceptives or that tax payers wont pay for it? Good! Ya do KNOW that women CAN to pay for their own Birth Control, RIGHT? Good You should probably plan to lose the enemy is a group of women, the Little Sisters, who serve the elderly poor by providing nursing care at no cost.

Conscription. This'll hopefully start knocking down frivolous lawsuits of the Catholic Church Oh please buy that like the rest of us or MAYBE tell PP instead of spending MILLIONS on political ads they should use that money to give you FREE birth control!!! Good! This makes the people more free and the country a better place!

Translation: Supreme Court will hear case to determine whether or not it falls within protections of the Constitution. They aren’t deciding about “Trump,” or “denying stuff to women.” Good grief! How did we survive until this mandate? How did the nuns not provide contraceptives to the elderly they've been caring for decades? Anyone who thinks that they can force nuns to go against their own beliefs is a tyrant and deserves nothing but to live under tyranny.

Do you get dizzy when you spin like this? Baised tweet, how about saying giving them the freedom they deserve to not pay for abortions as they follow Christ, not “deny.” This is about Nuns, they don't want it either... Nice post AP. Slanted against the Nuns who objected to Obama forcing them to go against their religious beliefs. I remember the VP debate between Biden and Ryan, Biden denied that the Nuns were being attacked by his government. I hope Supreme Court votes for freedom.

Wow what a dishonest headline. AP is FakeNews. stop believing this nonsense. Correction: religious institutions should not be forced to provide contraception or abortifacients against their deeply held religious beliefs. The fed gov’t should place no mandates on private insurance companies regarding what they cover. An individual should be free to buy whatever coverage he or she pleases. An employer should be free to offer coverage or not as it chooses.

One thing I’ve learned through the years is when you see a headline that reads “Republicans want to deny X” it really means they oppose a democrat policy or propose a different one and said headline is an indication of propaganda Nice, unbiased headline there, AP 🙄 Trash tweet. Quit trying to make nuns pay for your pills.

Religious liberty is 1st liberty What century are we living in when considering contraception as unacceptable is even a thing ? Wow, you really twisted yourself into a pretzel coming up with that anti-Trump headline. people we are talking about private institutions having the ABILITY to; most wont, but religious freedom is a real thing is this country.

Here is a novel idea. If you disagree with an employer's values, don't take a job with them. It is that easy. Reality: Supreme Court to decide whether government can force nuns, who run nursing homes for the impoverished, to violate their religious beliefs. Hey AP your liberal is showing. Horrible characterization.

Why in the world should employers being paying for birth control The same people complain about health insurance being so expensive That’s as silly as asking your car insurance company to pay for your gas. People need to start being more accountable for themselves. Biased spin headline. Ridic. This is one of the many reasons why US healthcare insurance should be decoupled from employment.

I feel like your leaving out some key details in this headline. If they cared about human life they would be suing so employers wouldn’t have to pay for opioids prescriptions that kill 40k plus Americans per year! 😡😡 No this is over nuns...nice effort tho FakeNews Have a good gander ladies. Any man voicing support of this policy is not datable. They’re incapable of seeing you as an autonomous person capable of your own decisions. They don’t trust your judgment.

Why don’t you actually tell the truth that it’s about intolerant state government trying once again to demanding nuns who help poor to violate their vows to God and provide baby killing drugs. The Left are intolerant and AP is garbage. Wow. A false headline on a story about the government not forcing nuns to pay for birth control. Extremely unethical of you.

Perhaps instead of “allowing” the President to do something, SCOTUS could actually just do its job and rule on the Constitutionality of it. How’s that? How nice of them! 🙄 We are going backwards as a country. They aren't 'denying contraceptives' to anybody. There are SOME things that the left want to CALL 'contraception', like abortion and the day after pill, that aren't covered. Those people HAVE ACCESS to actual birth control but don't feel like using them. Too bad.

You misspelled “would stop forcing Catholic nuns to provide abortion pills as a condition of running a charity.” The actual story for anyone that cares past reacting to the headline is that nuns who run a charity nursing home taking care of old people no one else is making the effort to care for want to be able to abide by their religious beliefs.

This headline is grossly misleading and on top of that birth control is a choice not a medical need SCOTUS considers if they should force the nuns to betray their beliefs. “Reality: Supreme Court to decide whether government can force nuns, who run nursing homes for the impoverished, to violate their religious beliefs.”

Walmart has 15 different birth control pills for the low cost of $9 a month. Is it too much to ask that people be responsible for their own choices? Good Nuns. You want to force nuns into buying birth control No they are going to decide if religious freedoms matter or not. More misleading headlines. Fake news AP.

God willing, we'll usher in a new age of the handmaidens before the year is through! Reality: Supreme Court to decide whether government can force nuns, who run nursing homes for the impoverished, to violate their religious beliefs. 'The justices said they will hear the administration’s appeal together with one filed by the Little Sisters of the Poor, an order of Roman Catholic nuns.'

Another click bait by our Democratic party propagandists at AP. The ruling is that I don’t have to pay for your contraception, do it the “old fashioned way” buy your own. The thing ppl don't get, they nvr get, that this is a slippery slope. U support having this right taken away, b prepared for more 2 go. Maybe, your guns next? Limits on freedom of speech? Slippery slope. Your religion, your employer & theirs don't belong in my pers healthcare.

Good, the government has no business in insurance anyway! Correct headline: ACLU wants the government to be able to bully,coerce, compel and demand that the Little Sisters of the Poor to violate their constitutional guaranteed beliefs. No more excuses for abortion The Obama Administration gave waivers to PepsiCo and Exxon, while forcing nuns who serve people on their death beds to violate their religious beliefs, or pay massive fines by the federal government. Thisiswholiberalsare

Why should employers pay for someone's sex life? I mean, should they pay for condoms? How about sex toys? Employers like the Little Sisters of the Poor. News flash: contraception is against Catholic teaching so no they shouldn’t be forced to cover it. First amendment. Let me do this Man the comments are swarmed with anti-religious bigotry. Would you idiots do this with muslims? Don't you see that having the freedom to live by your beliefs is necessary? No you guys want to force nuns to pay for birth-control. Who here wants to force who to do what? Its you.

they can pay for their own --- it is cheap --- not screwing around is also cheap I believe birth control should be free to all. That framing is amazing. “Can the government force nuns who care for impoverished elderly to violate their beliefs” should be the headline. We are losing liberty and you are part of the problem. EnemyOfThePeople

Dishonest 'reporting.' 'The issue in all the cases is the method originally adopted by the Obama administration to allow religiously affiliated organizations to opt out of paying for contraception while making sure that women under their plans would not be left with the bill. What a stupid description. There are no birth control rules written into the law. Those rules are executive rules under a power assigned by the law. FDA can (and should) change the list under Trump and it's completely legal.

Wow, the phrasing could not be more misleading. This is a case about whether nuns can be forced to buy birth control, and religious business owners forced to pay for abortions. If you want the govt. to force Nuns to provide birth control and abortifacients. It’s only fair that the govt. force you to pray.

Freedom of Choice Could this headline have been phrased in a way that was more slanted? I don’t think so. 'The Supreme Court will consider allowing the executive branch to decide to stop forcing employers to violate their consciences.' FTFY Buy your own contraceptives. Shit Contraceptives actually allow women to plan their families when they are at an optimal comfort level. This is counter(re)productive. Birth control should be covered. BOOOO.

Good At least two creeps on that court hate women because women wouldn't take their sexual harassment as foreplay. Why is this a issue, if you work for a religious organization and don't get coverage change your job. Thanks to Trump tou can do that with the low unemployment. Trump hates women and treats them like pieces of meat.

People get out and vote so we can end this shit !!!! Your body, your bosses choice. Trump is a horrible man. He better think twice about that or he’ll have more babies by more women. Cause you know that he’s still cheating on Melania. Why do women get free contraceptives? It's a prescription like any other medication. And I'm a women saying this. Equality, remember? Trump, November 3, 2020!

Well that won't do much for cutting down on unplanned pregnancies. But Viagra is just fine ... shame 😡🤬 peoplefor Oh no!!! Sounds like a pro-abortion policy to me. Less access to contraceptives = more unwanted pregnancies = more abortions Religious people are so disgusting Mike Pence and his religious nut jobs at work. That guy needs to be neutered and kept away from children😁

Denying contraceptives is going to skyrocket abortions. If you cant afford condoms then keep your pants on Wasn’t this already settled? And that's how you keep poor people poor. the conservative Catholics on scotus, all 5 of them, would recuse themselves if they were ethical. Oh ffs... Nuns don’t want to pay for the morning after pill. So what?

Yeah, let's all get out there and pump them li'l republicans out. This is why we need MedicareForAll - no employer control of coverage. I don’t understand the conservative line when it comes to the abortion and contraception. You don’t want to take care of those in need, why do you insist on creating more in need people? It’s ok to have some floosey that you knocked up in college get abort...

For things I get free, other are made to pay for it. Except physically and mentally challenged, all should pay for the benefits they get. Also we have a sickness in the world & specially in USA & EU that affects humans based on their appearance & color. Time to follow Jesus Love We won't cover anything that will keep you from conceiving a baby. We'll outlaw your option not to keep the baby. And we certainly won't cover medical cost after the baby is born. But we're pro-life!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

snip snip boys Read. The. Article. Religious exemptions. He’s been fighting for this for years. Nothing new except the Supreme Court will be ruling on it. Why should employers have to pay for employees bad decisions. This is about people like the Little Sisters of the Poor not wanting / needing to poison their insides like the wife of the beta-male spin-doctor loser who wrote the tweet, unless, of course, you live on Hershey Hwy. We see through your deceit. CatholicTwitter UniteTheClans

This is why involving employers in employees’ healthcare is a terrible fucking idea. Outrageous and despicable but that's what this administration is! Why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aren't contraceptives cheaper than maternity leave? Seens pretty dumb especially if your pro life, eating into profits to allow for child rearing.

As long as cialis Is covered 🤦🏽‍♀️ A DAMN shame Nuns. The article is about nuns. There are 443,000 kids in foster care in the United States. Yet we have an Administration whose priority is rights for unborn fetuses conceived by rape. liberalmusing How very on brand of him. Getting pretty desperate for the Trump non Christians that believe they should b able to tell other human beings how to live!🖕

Nice spin doctoring. We're talking about Nun's who care for the elderly, you foul mouthed, click bait bastards of heathens. L I A R S no stone unturned VOTE TRUMP OUT LADIES! GOP Evangelicals are against abortion but don't want birth control?. WTF If anyone wants to see women protesting in large groups, let the SCOTUS enact this. jfc

dont work for people who do this shit. Why is it so important to control a woman's choice what she wants to do with her body? The decisions she makes is between her and her God. Why employers want to deny their women employees proper health care is something that makes no sense at all. Another Republican endorsement for making women breeders. WomensRights

The 'employer' is Little Sisters of the Poor Interesting as it’s based on an unconstitutional law to begin with Wtf! It took so long to get the insurance to pay for this! Would you rather the cost of a baby aholes! My insurance doesn’t pay for condoms so why would a company before’s to provide birth-control for women

Since the equal protection for women was passed recently they can sue an employer for discrimination Is there a reason, AP, why you omit the fact that the petitioners are nuns? The Little Sisters of the Poor get omitted from AP liberals' 'reporting' on their case. Pathetic. Yep, the fight continues to not force the Little Sisters of the Poor to pay for contraception. Nuns. Typical leftist Godless animals who oppose their religious freedom.

Who is bringing the case? Seems like a relevant fact. How dare POTUS deny contraceptive? Will realDonaldTrump ban condoms too? Abortion at 20+ weeks should be a crime but contraceptive should be allowed. WhiteHouse regime must STOP. TheJusticeDept USSupremeCourt HHSGov Can we deny men their boner pills too?

We're running out of Americans So so sad. Can’t believe this shit why don't they just go ahead and deny coverage for EVERYTHING. Trump wants to allow more employers to deny coverage on contraceptives. This man has rolled back this country 30-40 years. They're nuns. It doesn’t make any sense, who and how does this help?

If you don't like your employers health coverage you are free to move jobs. This is a free country. So they don’t want us to get abortions AND they’re trying to limit access to birth control? These dumbfucks just want to control women And if they do they should be on the hook for the unwanted pregnancy medical expense and adoption fees.

I gotta ask this: what the hell did America ever do to trump? Why do he and his cult followers hate this country so much? Women without contraceptives = men without sex Religion. Harms. Women. First. are they all CATHOLIC now? it's not like this is abortion or anything. Like an Antichrist bunch masquerading as Christian. Anti-immigrant Anti-women's right over their own bodies Pro War Death and Destruction

OMFG!!!!! Women better be paying attention. They want us home and pregnant. 😡 I assume these employers will be equally ready to pay us during maternity leave. Jesus this administration needs to go NOW! The USA, among rich democracies, is the most dangerous country in which to be born [incl. b/c of lack of justice]:

And the GOP war against women continues. Look who avoided mentioning 'the Little Sisters of the Poor'. No one ever paid for mine. So, the employers are there for going to adopt a policy too coordinated options for unwanted verse, and a generous maternity leave with full benefits for those people who will need it? 😏

In other words, Little Sisters of the Poor and other religious are able to practice their faith. But you’re not picking a side, are you? Execrable hacks. Then they can arbitrarily fire pregnant women while banning abortion. But it's not a guy problem, so who cares? What? It seems that the Trump administration is waging war on everybody.

Please don’t mess with this Good thing the women’s march is coming up to remind them who and how many we are WomensMarch lpolgreen Wow. First time in my life I'm glad I have menopause. 🙄 How misleading AP. This is to do with 'Little Sisters of the Poor' type situations. Stop spinning it to make the girls scream-I want muh free birth controllllllllllll!!!!

Omg, wtf! I’m no longer in that age group but wtf! Why are all these people so against women and their bodies? I thought we moved past the barefoot and pregnant era but guess not. Bet the percentage of women seeking an abortion goes WAY up if that is allowed to happen. Great pro-life strategy! 🤦🏼‍♀️

The picket fence taliban strike again ThisIsAmerica peoplefor Why? Oh wait, GOP cheated and put traitors on the bench. In other words, SCOTUS may allow religious freedom to be respected. I agree with this; in general employers have zero business being involved in an employees sex-life. That said, employee health insurance should also not cover a man's erection drugs either. The only ones responsible 4 any person's sex life is the person & their intimate partner/s

That's quite a take there, AP. Little Sisters of the Poor be damned, eh? Republican war on women continues That is insane! If you work for a bunch of nuns, you probably can figure out that they won't pay for your bc pills. Or abortions. Walmart sells birth control really cheap. Or you could just act like a grown up and make adult choices.

Because paying $10 a month for birth control is too much for women. 😂 Wonder if they'll take up a case that would force the aged ED sufferers to pay for their own dick pills. IMO medicare should not be paying for viagra! Do any of the people in this thread complaining about 'men making decisions about women's bodies' know that the petitioner in this case is The Little Sisters of the Poor? And BarackObama was the man forcing the Sisters to cover contraceptives?

Well guys, you'd better make friends w/ your hand really quickly because it may be a while before a woman lets you near her. I've had 2 kids. I'm *done* w/ that sh*t. I suspect that I'm not the only one. Um...that's a really terrible summation. How about, SCOTUS to hear SISTERS OF THE POOR case-who were fined by Obamacare for not offering contraceptives. AP is full of crap.

This is the most disingenuous headline you've ever put out AP and that's saying something. just go to hell Why the heck does this have to become a Supreme Court issue at all I’ll tell you what, Christians are really starting to piss people off! This is more about trump tryin to erase what Obama did..The next president can do the same thing to him..Dayum sick of it!!

Backwards. VoteThemAllOut Medicare for all is a must. LOL—Not a very good week to be shopping for your next 🏛 court ⚔️ battle ⚖️. Then they better work on better child support laws and enfor It's bullshit that The Little Sisters of the Poor is not mentioned. We are quickly racing to become an un-developed, under-developed, third world (choose your title) country.

you misspelled LITTLE SISTER OF THE POOR Contraceptives should never have be covered by employers lol. Safe sex is not the employers responsibility. Yes, I know the pill has other uses. That's not what it's primarily used for. What is wrong with the Supreme Court? Omg literally everything he does is garbage.

Complete and utter BS!!! Of course they will. And how do we think Drunky McRapist will vote? Hey, ASSHOLES pushing this, not everybody takes these medications to prevent getting knocked up! If the Supreme Court even hears this case, they are inhumane!! painmanagement Of course they will 🙄.. Tillerson was so spot on. I'll add he has dementia too.

Hi susansarandon is this part of the “revolution” you were so giddy to help usher in? Oh but they’ll cover vasectomies....? How long do think the actual Wombs of the World ? Will put up with the male of the species, crap. So drop the kids off at the court house steps Never forget. THEY ARE COMING FOR YOUR CONTRACEPTION.

This ladies and gentlemen is WHY WE NEED VoteBlueNoMatterWho2020 - I don’t care if you are Democrat or Republican- this ruling is only the beginning to rulings that will effect EVERY AMERICAN! Really sounds like this administration cares about the little people. Psh Roll the clock back 50 years! Man! I really don’t understand why they give a shit about what women do with their bodies. They’re willing to pay $300k for some things.

Idiots. Hear that ladies? Who you voting for? ...But they don’t want to contribute to the assistance for resulting children women/families may not be able to afford. Makes sense per usual. Boo, hiss. Should be allowed to deny insurance coverage for religious people especially Christian's. Let them pray to their jeebus, he can heal them for free much cheaper

Why do employers do this? Do they also deny viagra? The best evidence yet that employers should have no relationship with health insurance to start with. And what happens when they get pregnant, denied the right to an abortion, and have kids without medical coverage for the babies? 🤔 They could also make companies give us one year paid family leave

Disgusting. Who the hell is bringing this suit besides Trump? Sharia laws in America wrapped up in evangelical self righteousness. But companies are allowed to pay for viagra? This is crazy :sigh: The 'Pencing' of America. What century do these people live in? Obscene And so it begins.... Women wake up

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Court to look anew at health care law birth control rulesThe Supreme Court will consider allowing the Trump administration to enforce rules that allow more employers to deny insurance coverage for contraceptives to women. The justices agreed Friday to yet another case stemming from President Barack Obama &39;s health care overhaul, this time about cost-free

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