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Court rules Texas school district must allow brothers to keep their long braids

Court rules Texas school district must allow brothers to keep their long braids


Court rules Texas school district must allow brothers to keep their long braids

Cesar Gonzales' family promised to keep a lock of his hair uncut if he recovered from meningitis. The Mathis Independent School District, however, claims his long, thin braid is a violation of school dress code.

For two years, the Gonzales brothers have been banned from participating in after-school activities at Mathis Middle School, including playing football and joining the art and computer programing clubs, because both have one long, thin braid, which administrators claim is a violation of the dress code mandating hair for males not go past the collar.

According to filings, the braids stem from a vow their parents made when Cesar, now 14, was an infant and contracted meningitis. If he recovered, they promised God, they would let a lock of his hair grow uncut forever. When they were expecting his brother, Diego, they made a similar

The Mathis Independent School District reportedly allowed the Gonzales brothers to keep their braids from kindergarten through the sixth grade, but when they entered seventh grade in 2017, they were told to cut them or be barred from activities like team sports and student council. The coaching staff reportedly told Cesar,"All it takes is a quick snip of the scissors for you to get your football equipment."

Signed into law by then-governor George W. Bush in 2000

The Gonzales' attorney, Jamie Aycock, argued that the school district's only justification for demanding the boys cut their hair is,"an interest in aesthetic homogeneity and a concern that exemptions will beget requests for additional exemptions." Those arguments, Aycock says, have been rejected by the courts in similar circumstances.

Cesar Gonzales has kept a thin braid of hair uncut since infancy as part of a religious vow his family made.

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The ruling needs to also apply to the Texas Aggies. A few yrs ago my grandson was staying with his other granddad & was offer a position at an East Texas Aggie campus near Como TX but turned it down because he's native american and wouldn't cut his long hair. Why does it matter lmao who cares

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