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Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, Boston Marathon Bombing

Court overturns Boston Marathon bomber's death sentence

A federal appeals court on Friday overturned the death sentence of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the man convicted in the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing. The three-judge panel of the 1st U.S. Circuit...

7/31/2020 10:53:00 PM

BREAKING: A federal appeals court has overturned the death sentence of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev , the man convicted in the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing that killed three people and injured over 260 others.

A federal appeals court on Friday overturned the death sentence of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev , the man convicted in the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing. The three-judge panel of the 1st U.S. Circuit...

By ALANNA DURKIN RICHERJuly 31, 2020 GMTFILE - This file photo released April 19, 2013, by the Federal Bureau of Investigation shows Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, convicted and sentenced to death for carrying out the April 15, 2013, Boston Marathon bombing attack that killed three people and injured more than 260. On Friday, July 31, 2020, a federal appeals court overturned the Boston Marathon bomber's death sentence. (FBI via AP, File)

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FILE - This file photo released April 19, 2013, by the Federal Bureau of Investigation shows Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, convicted and sentenced to death for carrying out the April 15, 2013, Boston Marathon bombing attack that killed three people and injured more than 260. On Friday, July 31, 2020, a federal appeals court overturned the Boston Marathon bomber's death sentence. (FBI via AP, File)

A federal appeals court on Friday overturned the death sentence of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the man convicted in the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing.The three-judge panel of the 1st U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Boston issued the decision more than six months after arguments were heard in the case.

The April 15, 2013, attack killed three people and injured more than 260 others.Tsarnaev’s lawyers had argued that intense media coverage had made it impossible to have a fair trial in Boston. They also pointed to social media posts from two jurors suggesting they harbored strong opinions even before the 2015 trial started.

ADVERTISEMENTThe appeals judges, in a hearing on the case in early December, devoted a significant number of questions to the juror bias argument.They asked why the two jurors had not been dismissed, or at least why the trial judge had not asked them follow-up questions after the posts came to light on the eve of the trial.

The judges noted that the Boston court has a longstanding rule obligating such an inquiry.Tsarnaev’s lawyers say one of the jurors, who would go one to become the jury’s foreperson, or chief spokesperson, published two dozen tweets in the wake of the bombings. One post after Tsarnaev’s capture called him a “piece of garbage.”

Tsarnaev was convicted on 30 charges, including conspiracy and use of a weapon of mass destruction. He’s been serving his sentence in a high-security supermax prison in Colorado.His brother, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, was killed in a gun battle with police days after the two brothers detonated two pressure cooker bombs near the marathon finish line.

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Now we can bomb and kill people what do our courts think. This is a premeditated murder on innocent men women and children and there denying a death sentence ridiculous. BrittPettibone Acht jaar oude Martin William Richard was één van de dodelijke slachtoffers van hoerenzoon/volgeling van de profeet Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Martin zou vandaag 20 geweest zijn.

OMG I can't believe this. He didn't care about the people he killed and injured. I could see if it was a accident but this was intentional. We know he's guilty but he gets a lighter sentence. When people that was falsely accused fet a death sentence. RUBBISH! ONLY ON AMERICAN CAN A TERRORIST KILL AND MAIM US CITIZENS AND NOT DIE LET ALONE HAVE THE PUNISHMENT LEGALLY GIVEN A SECOND CHANCE! Hell, many of our own citizens are denied this chance. TRUMP WILL LIKELY PARDON

❤🖤💚🇺🇸❤🖤💚😡😥 All he had to do was say he would vote democrat. The families of deceased should have final decision The US justice system is a joke If this guy doesn't qualify for the death penalty, what does? Unbelievable!!!!! Tsarnaev’s death sentence was overturned & he could face life in prison instead. But what does DJT get for the more than 155k lives that have been lost and over 4.6 million people that have been infected and suffer lasting effects of the pandemic?

So the taxpayer will be taking care of this murderer for the rest of his life. Free meals, free health care, access to library, gym, the list goes on. WTF we need to do away with this disease.!!! Let him pay with is life gor the killing of innocent lives..he doesn't want to live any way. .he hates American people. .

It can only happen in 🇺🇸. Is he a friend of Thump ... He's that dude who lives at 1600 PA AVE I guess life in a supermax is life...but is it? I think it is existence. More cruel than death. The federal judge was appointed by who else, Barack Hussein Obama It is wrong kill or harm anyone 😡 I'm unsure if I'm more baffled by this than the cover RollingStone decided to run w years ago justified as journalism,while it was still a fresh trigger for the BostonMarathon victims.🤦🏾‍♀️

I live in Colorado. I have seen this prison from the outside. There is a description online. I would rather be dead. WTF 🤬🤬🤬🤮🤮🤮 unbelievable crap!!! I'm assuming someone will bodybag him in prison. There'll be a queue of people willing to ice the dirty little sandrat, I'd imagine. Hell if the Dems are letting prisoners out, let him out too! Idiots!!

As long as he never goes free, jail for life with no parole should be his sentence! This is wrong! He is a mass murderer...his victims were not able to appeal! Shame on our system! Tsarnaev has huge fan base among liberal women, likely causal This is horse shit if it was up to gavin newsome, this terrorist would be released like so many in CA

Good, death is too quick.. .let him suffer like his victims continue to suffer today. How is it even possible that he won an appeal 😠 Hmmm, on what grounds ? Is he an American citizen ? If not then he should not receive any leniency under the law. If an American is tried in another country we get the book thrown at us with the stiffest penalties. He should experience the same fate.

Tell thattothe people he killed Wrong. So wrong. BS. Man needs to die. gaynor_gregory I say put him in Gen Pop in a proper prison and let him get his cheeks split. Learned the hard way they would never be white in Boston. Then got even with everyone. Another moocher on our economy, how great planning and succeeding on killing Americans and some uneducated people have mercy for this murder.

DavidVidecette Why? Terrorist bombs a marathon: 'Death sentence is inhumane, we can't put him through that no matter what he did.' Guy uses a counterfeit $20: 'INSTANT EXECUTION, GOOD WORK OFFICERS.' This is a slap in the face to every American. Wth.....seriously? اعدام_نکنید Hanging should be banned The death sentence should be banned

So he sits in prison while others lay in a grave,un fair And somehow these racist assholes justify killing Black and Brown people without even giving them a trial. justUs The U.S. justice system is a damn joke. Who assigned this damn stupid judge? 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻 Those innocent people didn’t get a chance to overturn their death penalty. Fuck that. Someone in jail will handle it. 🤷🏻‍♀️

He knew what he was doing!! Death Penalty SHOULD NOT BE appealed! Whose paying the defense? Woooooow This is so very wrong. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️😐 'HANG THAT CRACK MONKEY' Just remember that our country would gladly fork over the cash to keep this POS alive and comfy for the next 60 years.. but would never chip in a nickel to help the victims..

I agree. To costly to keep him here alive or on death row. Why not just revoke his US citizenship, tattoo ' I 😍 USA' on his face, and fly him back to Kyrgyzstan. He gave up the right to live when he carried out this’s about time murderers were made to pay, an eye for an eye. Only country in the world where a terrorist gets a death penalty overturned.... because his cowardly deceased older brother was the true mastermind Fuck him, he was an accomplice, and innocents died!!! He doesn’t deserve the air he breathes

Um, why? I get that he was young when he placed the bomb, but he permanently injured dozens of people! bostonbomber What a waste of time for lawyers, the court and taxpayer dollars. Must be a FAR faster way to get these clearly guilty indisputable killers from sucking off the taxpayer teet!!! REDICULOUS AMD ENOUGH ALREADY!!! JUST KEEP LAWYERS IN BUSINESS NEEDLESSLY!!!

Go figure Great! Rot in prison..POS Proof we are living in an upside down era! WTAF This is not justice! They should let the families of everyone affected spike a nail for every one he and his POS brother put in the pressure cooker , into his body til he bleeds out . Now US taxpayers get to support him for life ? F that ....

Should have put him down in the field, like they should have done to Omar Kahdr. You can't trust the far left establishment to distribute justice against those who they have sympathies for. All good ,put him in general population. Let nature take its course More taxpayers money down the drain. More time for him to become more radical.

As long as he's rotting away behind bars never able to see the light of day ever again, I don't care what happens to him. Wrong. Just wrong. 😡😡😡😡😡 Guillotines are cheap to make Let him rot. 23.5 hours a day in a cell no windows for the rest of his life. That’s what those families want. Not the easy way out by killing him (by injection not torture).

This is exactly why a Trump needs to be re-elected. To get rid of these morons on the court. And he has done a great job so far. Lovely. Just Lovely. Getting COVID-19 would be worse... The sight of him sickens my soul. bambooney Wtf eXECUTE...YES Liberal judges need to go! good. end the death penalty NOW!

How? What? No way! What is his defense? People lost limbs, and suffered life-changing injuries. What do the victims think about letting this horrible young man live? Did they even get a say? He should be hanged in a public place, in deference to the beliefs of the society he so loves and wanted to introduce us to.

Execution would only have continued chain reaction of actual or virtual execution of others by others outside judicial system. Assigning specific responsibilities in life would be a better idea. They're not turning him loose, just redoing the penalty phase of the trial. If he can't get a fair trial, YOU can't get a fair trial.

Only in america can the system be so ass backwards that incarcerates us citizens for life without little or no proof yet gives a terrorist a break even after so much death n destruction Is that judge a popular person with the anarchists now? He knowingly placed a bomb beside an 8 year old child. He doesn't deserve to live.

Let him out into general population Yay a free hero haha kaboom REALLY!? REALLY !?REALLY!? Three dead, hundreds hurt? Let’s have a NEW penalty trial and have him executed QUICKER!!! Then just move on! BOSTON STRONG The lil porker SOB will never ever get out!!! Like I said, BOSTON WAS STRONG. Death is too easy....

Guess we gone wait for joker to break out and keep recapturing him Next story he will be released out of fear he might catch Corona WE DO NOT NEGOTIATE WITH TERRORISTS WTF IS GOING ON IN AMERICA WHEN A TERRORIST should never get NOTHING MORE THAN A JAIL CELL THAT HE DESERVES FOR THE REST of his days.. Or death PENALTY which ever is cheaper 4 the taxpayer...

It just means he gets to think about it longer... hoping his jail mates welcome him with a bone Ik Good ruling. Good for him? Wow, a black was killed over a $20 dollar bill. No chance for a trial. I have an idea: rather than subjecting Tsarnaev to execution by lethal injection, let’s chop up his body into 263 equal pieces, one for every person he & his brother killed or maimed. Each piece should be sent along w/ certificate of authenticity to members of his extended family

Just like a coward to kill and hurt a bunch of innocent people and be afraid to die. The judge that over turned the death penalty should be forced into retirement. I forgot how much I want this asshole to be dead. That’s crazy! !!!! Dems will probably set him free Where is the justice ? Look at those cold empty eyes. No emotions or empathy. How many more of these heartless criminals are in our country, just waiting for an opportunity?

Why and i'm sure the left is totally OK with this since cops are not needed and jails should not be functioning.l anymore. This man better off himself epstein style or i stfg .. unbelievable.. that appeals court is a bunch of twats 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼 This is an outrage Next the Democrats willbe advocating for his release, for compassionate reasons.

He should be already playing the harp somewhere if you don’t believe in God. What is wrong with this country’s judges?! Don't worry Deatheaters they're having another death penalty trial. This is disgusting That’s BULLSHIT!!!!! My condolences to all who suffered and are suffering due to these assholes. They’re terrorists and don’t deserve to continue to share this great world. It’s crap! Let the people who make these decisions pay not the hard working Americans who get the bill.

Was Barr involved Well that sucks but at least the spending his life in prison maybe more punishment then taking him out early Bullshit. Good, death is the easy way out If a Democrat was in office the Republicans would immediately be creating attack ad saying that Democrats let this guy off the hook and look how much they love terrorists

I truly believe this was a USS LIBERTY or Levon Affair event, to make Israel look like heroes, the fact he was sent to an Israeli hospital, because he was a terrorist is so damn suspicious, let alone he's not able to talk to anyone or talk at all. They should let the same guards that watched over Jeffrey Epstein take over now.... be sure to turn the cameras off again.

😡😡🤬🤬 We need the names of who reversed this. The whole thing is suspicious,also why did they go take his body to an Israeli Hospital? It makes no sense,unless they brainwashed him not to talk,Which they claim he can't anymore,from the shooting(yeah right)😉wink wink,Then it makes sense to cover it up &remove his voicebox.

Good If our court system failed us, maybe our prison inmates won't. Is there any reason why this vile pig should be allowed to live? Where's the reasoning? Too bad WHAT A GROSS MISCARRIAGE OF JUSTICE! He hurt so many and EVEN ran over his own BROTHER/ACCOMPLICE WHILE RUNNING AWAY! SCUM! Of course, he's white. White privilege

Why? Why? Sometimes the laws suck and yes I’m against terrorism and I am most definitely pro police and law. Just once in a while the laws suck He will spend the rest of his days in prison. Overturning the death penalty does not let him off the hook. Bottom line is he WILL NEVER WALK FREE. 👍 Omar pulled strings. This is the world we are heading toward.

Nana dies of Covid but this piece of crap...Life is not fair. He’s a hero to the liberals A lot of you commentors are plain soft. I'm sorry! Give Him His Freedom With Mandatory zmental Health Exams By Cultural Sensitivity Psychologist BeckleyResearch. PsychUcommunity. PsychCentral. psychologistJ1. Psych_Studies RacismFacts ShowUp4RJ knecessary UNHumanRights

Waiting for them to release him fearing he may contract the Coronavirus next while in prison. All lives matter people are jumping for joy right now The justice system is so fucked at this point there might as well not be anything that's illegal. 24/7/365 Purge. I thought he was already dead. Why? Tsarnaev should be let out. The team did it, not Tsarnaev.

RAT Will he be on another RollingStones cover? why not?!! He’s just another govt patsy 😖 just let his ass sit in prison for the rest of his life...the death penalty is the easy way out and it there are no studies that show it deters crime Soooo he can skip the chair or injection but but George Stinney jr. was killed by the electrocution chair at the age 14

Wonder Whos big idea that was. They were just peacefully protesting. Too bad he chose to do what he did. Ah these liberals want to let him go. What is wrong with their thinking? To much coddling? They should just set him free so that he can restart his bombing. Sometimes I think ppl are truly stupid. The lives lost are for nothing and all those injured with lost limbs should just leak their wounds, right?

They reduced his sentence?!? He killed and injured multiple people but a black man with a drug charge for selling weed can't released from jail? Injustice Disposable Thanks Jewz🤬 TheNewsBrian A life sentence is far worse to a guy like this. Being put to death would have been just an easy escape clause.

We were supposed to be there that day. No one was getting ready to go fast enough. Sadly my classmate at the time's family wasn't as fortunate. This is bull. First of all if we were in his country they would’ve immediately put us to death. This is why murder is so high in this country because we allow the court system to walk.

Terrorists deserve a bullet as their last meal. Until Tsarnaev is dead justice isn’t served. Why This is disgusting. Our justice system is clearly biased. Death to all terroists, even Muslim terroists. Unfortunately for those killed by the evil cowardly cnts... Their life sentences can't be overturned. Wonder if trump will call him a hero. He seems to love those who do terrorist acts...

They going to let him out for Covid concerns next? For Gods sake he murdered people. Get these liberal judges off the bench! Who appointed them Obama? Death is the Easy way out. Let him suffer in a prison cell the rest of he's life, not be able to walk in a general population but be in a single cell, until he dies of old age !!

What a pussy society we live in Incredible that’s what liberals dowhat are the victims going to say that a criminal that hates the US wonvery sad What is wrong with you guys, you won't even uphold the law when it comes to terrorism. What the hell's going to stop them from wanting to attack now if they know that death is not waiting for them! You have just single-handedly put our borders at greater risk!

They should make him join the ones who died in the in the blast at the race Hopefully other prisoners will finish the job our courts were too weak to complete. This is horrible, what happen to a mass murderer gets the death penalty I think in this case the death penalty is warranted. He killed and seriously injured the lives of many people and traumatized the runners for life.

WGY This is total BS. Why should this POS get to live when others died by his hand? Life in prison isn’t enough!! He shouldn’t be allowed to breathe. Where is info about a murderer being released from prison due to “virus”? Did the victims get an appeal to their death penalty? And at the same time, the Left chants - 'What do we want?' 'DEAD COPS!' 'When do we want it?' 'NOW!'

How broken is the American Justice system? This is a perfect example. This is what happens when you put so many loop holes in place. What’s needed is a return to old west justice. An eye for an eye. BretBaier The people and children this degenerate killed do not get a reprieve. The Liberal judge would not do this if it had been his/her grandchild that he killed.

He's a monster. Period. He ran over his own brother to save his ass for God's sake. He destroyed so many ppl and families. An entire city for that matter. This is one instance I'm ok with death penalty. nah man. hell no. i don’t fuck with the prison industrial complex for a second, but if they let this dude live it would be a huge slap in the face to the victims and survivors. this dude had no remorse. neither should we. extraordinary circumstance demands extraordinary action

Wow. This is America. You call this justice?! WTF?! Just wrong! If you take someone's life you should have yours taken without question and ASAP. Don't understand why that's not a thing. Dont really see the issue with just shooting him on the spot as soon as he had been charged As a Christian I have struggled over the death penalty. But I have concluded that in most cases it is deserved . This being one. And he should be executed. Meanwhile in the US since 1973 60 million innocent babies have been killed in their mothers womb.That's OK with the liberals

boston strong, 4th amendment gone. Who did this? Our justice system is broken....end of story I'm usually against the death sentence because it's irreversible and there's always that case where new evidence shows up and it turns out that this person was actually innocent, in this case this motherfucker needs to die

Considering the Obama admin was warned about his proclivities two years prior and they let the marathon attack happen anyways, this is fairly just. BrittPettibone Weak! He came to our country lived amongst us, became part of group with followers we are at war with... goes to peaceful gathering sets down bomb near young children..blows it up and we want to pay for him for the rest of his life?! Disgraceful!

Can't they just epstein this kid? Reading that his intention was to kill 263 people, but we save his his life? Deserves to killed point blank BrittPettibone After 3 or 4 decades rotting in the Supermax he might be wishing that the DP hadn’t been overruled! Why? Bc he doesn’t deserve to die? 😳 Why are you showing a convicted terrorist’s face for the story?

He’s been alive seven years too long already. In the Colorado max they don’t even get TV , I would rather be dead than live like that ...they give you pain meds so you don’t feel anything then stop your heart ... Absolutely outrageous BrittPettibone I am sure he will be allowed to vote for Joe Biden. We tired to tell y’all the justice system was trash

Now the have to do the penalty phase over again , which they will do and he will get death again , in essence all it does is add another 5 or so years before he gets to meet old sparky .. I don’t get it he is a horrible terrorist .. if I was him looked in a room with nothing You kill others you forfeit your life. Plain and simple. We all know he is guilty. The only crime here is they didn’t execute as soon as the trial concluded.

Go figure. Dissenting judge is a Reagan appointee and the others were Obama appointees. No wonder our country is screwed up. The Dems are for lawlessness and the Republicans are for law and order. Re- fund the police! All live matter except for Dzhokhor, he took too many. Fine. I'll do it myself Molto male

He will like Life in Prison better. Remember he ran over his brother and will never see his parents again not they him. He had everything going for him now nothing. Hunt him down, an eye for an eye. That eye for an eye is how I see it!! Good, let him rot in prison. Far more fitting than his pussy brother taking his own life. Still to this day no idea what their message was by attacking a marathon. WTC i can understand because of it’s international value and symbolism. However, a marathon is a symbol of peace.

He killed 3 people maybe the judge should ask the victims family how they felt before making such decisions Why? How is the world a better place with this scum alive? Yet Stephen Avery is still in prison. Crazy. Bullshit! If the crime has no consequence, for sure there will be more crimes. What the color of your skin can save you from!

He needs to fry People were killed and others lost body parts what in the hell is wrong with our judicial system are you crazy 😜 Seems that the perpetrator of the massacre gets an oportunity that he did not give to his numerous inocent victims. The justice system is so jacked up. There have been so many who’ve appealed but put to death anyway ...and some were even innocent. Smh

The lawyers defending this savage are doing their jobs but man saying that the jury didn’t have all the information needed even though we saw the explosion on TV and watched this sub human garbage try to run, and has been proven guilty just shows lawyers are scumbags good. the state sanctioned death penalty is barbaric and ultimately doesn't assuage the deaths of the bombing attack. the bomber needs to spend the rest of his life in jail and live with other murderers, rapists and criminals. that is a far worst life than a swift injection.

Why? 😡 pathetic decision Wow! George Floyd died for a $20 bill. Breonna Taylor was killed in her home while she slept. Ahmaud Arbery just wanted to take a jog. Trayvon Martin walked neighborhood holding skittles and ice tea. Eric Garner just was trying to survive. Sandra Bland didn't use her signal. What about the people he blew up they had no decision he just murdered them

What the fuck!!!!! And once Kamala Harris is voted as VP he will be able to vote ... What could go wrong? Why? Now that there is a precedent His attorney can claim suppression of his right to peacefully protest because of police presence caused him to turn violent .make him the poster boy for a new civil rights violation campaign for Democrats Call it the Anti Terrorist Prosecution League

Are you fucking kidding It’s a travesty this 3rd world shitlord is still breathing oxygen Injustice. A child he is not. And he is guilty as charged. The right thing for him to do would have been to report his brothers plans to authority. He was old enough and a mind of his own. Now taxpayers have the burden to support this murderer for god how’s how long.

Hard working/covid unemployed Americans don’t have money to feed their own families, but we’re expected to feed/house this ilk? Priorities. I think the rest of his life in prison is a perfect punishment. He can wake every day knowing he's a low life. Lock him up and leave him a Bible. Let him him go back to the Middle East once his read it. They are so often uninformed even about what they hate - basis of misconception is not enough information

This is bulldshit !!!!!! Only in America! Wait... because you know this isn’t the end of this story. No justice,for white lives! This is disgraceful! What is this country coming to. Murderers get better treatment than and consideration than citizens. Mr. Floyd got the death sentence before getting to a police station. Oh yeah he isn’t black. Just like all the criminals pardoned by trump.. pedos, frauds ect

Also killed in the attack was Martin Richard, an 8-year-old boy from a tight-knit community in Dorchester, Mass... execute this terrorist fuck! What a great big piece of 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩. Let him go in the streets.😁😁😁😁😁😁 Just bring him behind a shed and do what needs to be done. We don't need due process for this one.

realDonaldTrump do something? Just once? This is Massachusetts. He will probably be their Governor in a couple of years. 😂🤣 Wow! Let me Guess a Liberal Judge? What the Hell is wrong with this Court ruling. What about the dead and injured ? It would be interesting to know why they overturned the death sentence on this piece of shit. Next they'll be sending back out into society and say time served. Nothing but the death penalty should be given out.

Should have been put to sleep as soon as he was found guilty They should just release him with a target on his back and his forehead Disgraceful Great know he can get married and gave conjugal visits maybe get a college degree Just freaking how...wasting time, should be dead Hell nah so, life w/o possibility of parole or an invitation to the white house?

Good. Don't martyr the cunt. Bunch of Islamic fs worshipping him like he's a hero to a loser Bedouin sect. No let him rot in Florence, in isolation, no human contact for the rest of his life. He'll break for sure. Of course they did 😒😒😒😒🙄 Somehow he’s connected to Epstein Disgusting Get a rope! Why exactly?

It will soon get reversed calm down Great job 'Murica. Absolute cess pit you've become! Why are people surprised. This is not the first time this happened ? So we put a triple murderer to death a few weeks ago, but a triple murderer who also injured 260+ people is all good ? What time line is this holy cow

This is so wrong. Why He should be given the original sentence. His actions in the bombing require it! I just watched 'Patriots Day movie'yesterday and am emotionally depressed prior to when I saw the movie on MBC 2 He doesn't even deserve a court to prove him ❌ He needs execution straight 💯⚰️ Dont attack me for my reply if it's provocative to you😊

Glad they did. If police and white terrorists are given slaps on the wrist, why should this young man get the death sentence? So this leftists judge is just another example of how the liberals taxpayer funded employee think the American people are stupid. What's the point of having jurors? NHDems NHGOP NH1dotcom

A travesty of justice! This should have never happened! PATSY Convicted 7 years ago. Why is he still alive. If he’s anything like he was portrayed in the film, he needs to die, horribly. Vicious, evil, no good comes from keeping these people alive. His lawyers talk about closure. End him - that's closure. And give the money it would cost to keep this excrement for the rest of his life to the victims and bereaved.

Justice Department should appeal to Supreme Court! He must be made an example to all would be terrorists, NO TOLERANCE ‼️👍🏻🇺🇸 now he can change his name to ,like Tommy or somethn instead of just a hand full of random letters in no order,,,eyyyyyeeeee Why!!!!!!! All justice is sick. Attorney of this idiots suppose to be lock up in jail for life. Mentally sick people, mentally sick system absolutely same like mentally sick cabals families, which governs this mentally sick world.

Looks an innocent nice boy......but he's not he's a killer👎 All you liberals talking about how death penalty is inhuman then when they don’t give it to someone y’all mad😂. Double standard city Let me guess. Now that he’s not on death row he’ll be released due to COVID19 concerns? Another violent terrorist back on the street? I sure hope he spends the rest of his life in prison for however long that is.

Don't understand the lack of consistency with the US death penalty? The prooooblemm is that if he is left alive and in prison, he might one day be pardoned. Possibly by a president in cognitive failure who is being controlled by extreme leftist activists who actively hate america.... A miscarriage of Justice!

Now the Taxpayers in the US get to pay for this price of trash to live out the rest of his life. Bullshit. Might as well let him go, worthless fucks He'll wish he was given the death sentence now that he's gonna be in the ADX for the rest of his days I would have thought he would have wanted to die to achieve martyrdom. Maybe he wanted to traumatise victims more by appealing.

Dam Shame SMH🤬 This is very encouraging for would-be murderers. Such BS debtofgratitude I’m for keeping him alive. He’s still young. 70 years in prison seems better than him being a martyr for the cause. Well! I don't know what to think. My instinct is give him a lifetime in jail. Never let him out. And this is why America sucks at the moment. Our justice system is messed up! We have the proof. Lock him up! Better yet my new go to- the guilottine. Let’s see how many criminals kill when they know thier heads are gonna roll!!!

Killing will just bring more senseless killing. The cycle will continue if it doesn't stop with you. What the hell! He killed all those people and your letting him get away with ...a life for a life. That terrorist must have been dead for years, he does not deserve any kind of consideration. These people in power have a lot to answer for. I wonder who's is being bought. So wrong.

How can this be? So he doesn't want to go meet his virgins yet. He is a terrorist. He absolutely has to die. Y’all are meanies. We can reform him. He’s got feelings too! Oh crap, I was having a nightmare. I though that I was a liberal constituent working O’crazio Cortez! He was never going to be executed:

WTF? 👎🏾 Probably will hire him fir a job.? A fucking disgrace His face makes me want to vomit Life with no get out of jail card then. I suspect that the same people that supported saving the Boston marathon bomber cheered the recent death of Herman Cain, after attending a Trump rally maskless. This is NOT Justice!

Why Bunch of apologists, you make me sick Guy deserves to be fried, not left alive on YOUR money Uh... Honest question.... Why is he not in a psychiatric ward? Is he at least seeing a psychiatrist? I’m against the death penalty but do you really want to make a crazy person suffer in prison for his entire life?

Sitting in a prison for life is cheaper anyway, he's not gonna be happy, fuck him. This cannot not be real? I’m sorry but if son looked like this he is gonn be a bomber or serial killer! A Mother Knows I hope he rots in jail for 70 years, then. But tay-K mit get the death penalty..... fuck outta here Bullshit

The fact that this terrorist is STILL ALIVE is absolutely mind-blowing. Wow. No words for this. They got this wrong.🤨 Bruh. so you’re telling me that he gets to live but Breonna Taylor didn’t I agree with this overturning, because I don't support the death penalty, but this bastard should never feel comfort. He should feel empty and live the rest of his life locked away somewhere uncomfortable in every aspect

On what grounds? Tell the complete story 'journalist'. Revenge justice not served but one day there’s always karma We teach our kids right from wrong from an early age. But somehow now society feels punishing them for their actions is wrong. Parents count to 3 then 10 & still no punishment. If we stuck to punishments they’d stop. Stop giving in & teach ur kids actions have consequences!

Scumbag gets 3 meals a day and a roof over his head while the people pay for it. This is awful All those saying good...arent you so happy he didnt kill anyone you loved. Wow. Unbelievable. What a bunch of crap. Those poor familys and the city wow Only under trump can these injustices occur And it Dems have their way, he'll also be able to vote

That's BS!!! He likes it in prison . He gits to eat pork This is privilege if I’ve ever seen it Blaming trump? 😂 you guys are dumb this is bigger than the president. This was orchestrated just like the Las Vegas Shooting, and JFKs assassination. The alphabet bois do this sh* best 💯 Only in America can you blow people up and win on an appeal. Crazy shit!!

This is TERRIBLE news. That terrorist should have been executed long ago. Without swift and forceful punishment other terrorists will feel safely empowered knowing their own lives will not be forfeit. Boston marathon was false flag A/F so I expected this Just let him into general population. They will take care of it.

wouldn't you rather die though than rot away in jail for the rest of your life? The legal system is pro criminals and murders! This is f*cking disgusting 😡 Fucking bullshit. Just saying. He’s less guilty! Wow! That’s the defense? Listen, he’s just as guilty as his brother. I deeply dislike the amount of money being wasted to care for this individual. His crime is unforgivable.

I rejoice. Capital punishment is not just in every case. He was misguided and not greedy 🗑🚮 One thing he was in it with his brother seems like all these people who takes a life and when thay geth death penalty that cry oh no please don't cry cry cry Wtf? 🤨 Honestly thought they killed him already. A lot of you didn't read the entire article and it shows.

I guess life in jail is worse than taking the easy way out and getting the death penalty. But this man deserves to be dead. Anybody that thinks this P.O.S. should not pay the ultimate price for what he did should have their head examined. He willfully tried to kill as many Americans as he could. Judges Ojetta Rogeriee Thompson, Juan Torruella and William Kayatta were easily manipulated. Weak minded fools. How many kills was dzhokhar hoping for? I would estimate 100's, maybe over a 1000. They overturned the Boston jury's decision, the people's decision.

I still think that the Tsanaev brothers were made the scapegoats of the FBI. If a 'foreigner' in the US is wrongly accused of a crime, which was likely committed by the authorities in an act of true terrorism, they are better off running. Dzhokhar hasn't admitted guilt. That's a shame I always wanted to remember him as that little punk giving the camera the finger in his jail cell when he takes his last breath!

why is he still alive? Despicable. They were terrorists. They would execute any American in their country for doing less. Execute him. Stop wasting time, money and the stop relieving what those poor people who were there experiencing this horrific act of death! Outrageous! A “pardon” a bomber; a criminal😱

Personally I don't mind contributing tax dollars so that people like him rot in a cell. What kind of federal court would do this ? Ridiculous!! RaoulMartinezTV Unbelievable.....what more is needed The end result shouldn’t be about money, but justice. If he’s guilty and extinguishing him brings it get it over with. If making him suffer in prison is more humane, brings justice then so be it. Lives were lost and ruined in an instant this has gone on for years

We want pictures of him. This is got be a fuckin joke, right? Someone check on davidortiz That man didn’t even deserve to be put in cuff in Watertown. Being at the marathon was the scariest thing ever. He shoukd be fried and smoked crisper than KFCs. Smh Sad day! US Justice system failure!!!! losangelaas 🥶😱😰🤯

Why is this OVERTURNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF! Liberals are happy about this and will be advocating for him to be released unconditionally. This is totally sh*t. I now understand why people forgot about Black Mattering and getting laws into place and make this a better place to live for all. Ass** decided to through a coup instead and heck here it the evidence.. next they will set this piece of crap free.

Stupid I say, fight fire with fire. Lock him in a room with the same device he used, and arm it. Let him experience it for himself Killers be killed should be how this country works. Fucking show citizens how to behave Sounds about white His life was saved and killed people. GeorgeFloyd was pulled over for $20 and killed. Good job VoteBlueNoMatterWho VoteBlueToSaveAmerica VoteBlueToEndThisNightmare VoteForOurLives

Hopefully someone in the prison will take him out. You're kidding me, right? Why ? Anyone wanna bet on how long this fucker stays alive for? Was that really all the way back in 2013? It feels much more recent Good. Life in prison is worse. Death is just nothingness. Considering how he killed so many people senselessly- I hope he gets another death penalty. Some people aren’t worth the tax dollars; he is one of them.

Run new drug trials on him rather than endangering the lives of rats and monkeys Lol but a black man on death row for an alleged crime with no evidence can still get the death penalty 🤦🏾‍♂️ “ALL LIVES MATTER” I bet y’all still don’t see it... a 9mm to the back of his head is cheaper and more humane than having him locked up, also why should we second think his life when he didn't do it for the innocent people killed that day

Justice served One way or another, justice WILL be done. This is how stupid the Massachusetts democratic court system is . The horrible man killed so many people and the stupid people of Massachusetts will now waste millions of dollars keeping this piece of dung alive pay for his housing and healthcare and lawyers . Messed up system

Unbelievable. I was there that day. The deaths, injuries and fear installed that day was unspeakable. ? I think this is one where the death penalty is necessary. It should be reserved for horrific crimes and this is exactly that. There is zero question of his guilt. We don't negotiate with terrorists of any color or creed.

And the left celebrates. This definitely warrants another Rolling Stone cover. Heres to his ass getting raped every breathing day...🍺 Doesn't surprise me---let's vote in more far left liberals so that anyone can commit a crime against anyone and get sentences that do NOT match the crime Pay attention to who you vote for cause THIS is how our society continues to deteriorate - laws no longer matter

He kills 3 and injures 200+. Your president has the blood of thousands of Amercans on his hands. When will he be held accountable? this is a waste, why does it take so long to convict a terrorist but yet we can out people in prison and have worse treatment with no problem.. THIS SHOULDNT BE UP FOR DISCUSSION. The man should be killed for his inhumane actions. I can’t believe this is too confusing for the US.

Death sentences are unconstitutional. Disgusting This does not make a whole lot of sense. They overturned only the penalty phase Stating that the jurors were biased. Wouldnt that bias also carry over to the conviction itself? ? It's totally illogical to throw out the penalty but not the conviction! 🤔 lexii3marie “OmG nO KIlL hiM hE Is GeTtInG oFf eAsY” Really? Immediate death is worse than a lifetime in prison? Okay milloomers

He would already be dead in most countries. Disgusting! Now taxpayers will waste money in supporting a wasted life. This is just plain infurating, sickening ,and insulting to all the victims. The justice system is seriously f**ked up. How do black men with a broken tail light get an on the spot execution but a terrorist who ruined lives gets to continue breathing?

Disgusting Fruit of the poison tree. He deserves to die...but we’ve proven we’re not capable of capital punishment without executing innocents, either by incompetence or malice. Take heart, I can’t think of anything worse than 60 years in a closet. He’ll get stabbed eventually... How outrageous?! Where is justice for the victims and their families?! It is insane!

Smh 😡 Bulshit we have to start executing these people these things will stop sending to the father for judgement Death sentence would only be appropriate. No reason to let him get by with nothing In prison...and we pay for his food & bed The death penalty should be legalized in all fifty states again. You took someone’s life. That person doesn’t get it back. Why should you keep yours?

Let him free now. Deport him to London under the careful watch and guidance of Anjem Choudary. What could possibly go wrong. Society saves money with a life sentence. Let him live out his days in a 8x10 cell. Fuc*ing Democrats up to no good bull shit as usual. Those fers are really making heads roll that's for sure. If you vote blue please tie a hefty bag around yourself.....

Why he deserves it ? He killed all those people he killed more people than seriel killers smfh... I never understood why.... Gross Did the people he killed get to appeal their death sentence? Leftists don't care how many babies are killed but they'll defend this asshole's right to 'live' all day long. More wokeness! 🤬

Ohcome on!!! No!! Not right at all LucidFoxx AJAB? America just loves terrorists, huh? Excellent. I love murderers living comfortably for the rest of their lives, whilst their victims lay 12 feet below. Rejoicing at the fact my tax-dollars go to these peoples' books, beds, and food 🙃 He is still alive after what he and his brother did?!?! He should have already been gone with - put down.

WHAT?!?! This guy cannot spend another day on this earth for what he did. You are letting people know that if they murder one or hundreds of people they will get to live the rest of their lives in a jail cell with everything provided to them. Insanity. Freakin judge. Sometimes all you can do is shake your head

Why not? Lucky guy He murdered 3 people, 3 people who had their own lives, who had family, friends, pets, a job, a home, and a purpose, and hurt 260 others causing their family’s to have anxiety and breakdowns, loss of money, scarring the victims for life. How about life in a dark box instead? Poke his eyes out, cut his ears off, break his spine, put him on a drip.

Well of course he won! Just look at his white ass! Now we’re all screwed That’s great news since the Boston bombing was a complete FakeAsFuck fraud!!! Absolutely terrible. This is sickening. An eye for an eye leads to everyone being blind. I talk a lot of things sometimes but it's frustration and just my grumpy side.

Y'all act like it said he's being released. He's staying in prison forever... This is BS and unfair to the victims. I do not wish death on anyone, however I do beleive in a fair justice system. People want to put the death penalty on cops that defend themselves but this guy BOMBS hundreds of innocent people. God has the last word.

What the fuck. Why? This guy killed innocent people. I am a Muslim and Islam prevents attacking innocents people like that. This criminal’s punishment should be death. Let's not forget the only dissenting judge was a president Reagan judge the two whom overturned the Death sentence 2 Obama appointed judge's no surprise here Muslim Brotherhood looking after each other

Death is too good for that POS. Let him rot and die behind bars! 2020 really just keeps getting wtf!? How? The Federal APPEAL need to read our constitution and put him back on death row for terrorist killings American people Appalling Reverse jihad So let me get this straight Emmett Till gets the death penalty for “flirting with a white woman” but this dude who intentionally killed people walks away for a death penalty he rightly deserved. For y’all to say ‘we can’t choose who lives’ looks like you are to me...

Well now what the fuck do we do with him? JenniferReadyTV 🤬🤬🤬 Microcosm of the absolute mayhem that exists today Wow... 🤨 I don't understand why it's okay for these murderers to kill people but their life should be preserved. I bet if he was black, the death penalty would not be overturned. Dude doesn't deserve to live.

I guess it’s who you know ..and who you blow What the actual Fuck That's disgusting. Wtf is wrong with liberals? Did trump have something to do with this? I’m good with it. Let his ass rot in a cage. FLORIDAUNEMPLO2 Whoever the cell mate is will finish the job. What is the point of law when we don’t enforce it?

So sad Damm liberal judge This is bullshit Well I think he should get the death penalty.. He didn't I guess a lifetime of rough anal sex could be worst than death... Total bs! This rectum did not even show any remorse for the heinous crime he committed. The overturn is a bad move. This bitch needs put down

So what even if true..he did what he did with free will. If others involved get them also! Justice 4 Boston!! Great now the tax payers get to feed him and take care of him for killing Americans OK Have him run in the next marathon And don't forget the free health & dental care along with education & entertainment. Those appeals lawyers should tell the families of those he affected their good reason. Disgraceful!

Welcome to Merica Makes no sense. He hurt so many people and destroyed so many lives. He deserves the death penalty smh 🤦🏾‍♀️ Another bad decision by the court in this country that has been hijacked by liberal freaks. At this rate America will be in ruins until the sane people who work for a living and love this country go Mel Gibson like the movie Patriot. MAGA

Murderers are always afraid to die.. Do you want to feel humiliated by me? KieraHogan12 RETWEET FELLOW AND LIKE bdsm slave cashslave tribute Put him in general population while the People appeal this sentence. Excuse me? This guy deserves the death penalty (and I’m a Democrat) and we as taxpayers should not have to pay for his sorry ass for one day longer no matter the cost of removing him. He terrorized my city and he needs to go. wtf Boston 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

Don't understand why they just don't hang the pos He will just wait for judgement day then. Nothing will compare to the end of time when he is left behind to suffer greatly after Jesus takes the chosen off the earth. Read Revelations- he will be taken care of. STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID.

whoopsie daisy! no harm no foul right haha WTF? The world has gone soft. Criminals lives are more important and the innocent. Future democratic voter perhaps.. 🙄 Why was it overturned? Makes me fucking sick to my stomach. This dude should have been dead a long time ago. What he did is absolutely inexcusable and whoever decided to overturn this is an idiot.

Maybe the FBI agents that entrapped him should answer for some of this. Why?!?!? What the hell were they thinking? Come again? Death penalty is pro life issue especially for those who represent worst of us and don’t make us like them. BostonMarathon L This is appalling. Why? What the hell happened that the appeals court would do something like this?

Either way that maggot will rot! ... Yet another distraction from BlackLivesMatter and Americas CorruptGovernment StayWokeMyFriends Black VoteBlue2020 Will the Boston Marathon Serial Killer have body guards when he gets out? When are they giving him the keys to the city? Im sure this wont tell every terrorist in the world attack America they wont execute you for any crime even if you kill their children.

I swear the judicial system is fucked. WOW MY HEART HURTS 4 THEIR FAMILIES MY CONDOLENCES.. WTH! He should've rode the lighting years ago...WTF fuck this nigga up Why? Taxpayers get to pay for 3 hots and a cot everyday for the next 70 years for this piece of shit — cool. 🙄 I don’t believe this. This really baffles me

Funny, some of you are claiming life in prison is too easy on the kid are same ones refuse a stay at home order or are silent when black Americans are killed by cops. Bring back the guillotine, cheap and quick It is tragic and terrible...but it is within his rights as a US Citizen unfortunately. The government was responsible for this to begin with. His brother was the primary, and the case was mishandled.

What about we save the money and quietly send him to his 40 virgins!! Oh, I thought surely obama had pardoned him. Bamie loves all anti-americans! Dems probably paid to appeal his sentence so they could release him if they win!!!! How often does that happen? Probably liberal court They don’t what the hell is going on The left has lost its mind Tomorrow they’ll start the “defund the military” movement

What’s next? You gonna let him out because of COVID! WRONG!!! Judges have apparently been intimidated as well Light the SOB up !!! Fried !!! This is insane! Why is this man still alive. He was obviously responsible and should’ve been put down a long time ago. 263 people. This...animal should not live. What the fuck

Come on the street bro.... lets meet up and see if you last like 3 minutes like people say. Bring your bro too.... oh I'm sorry he can't make it. UMMMM NOPE Do a good job! This news is insane. This is what this monster did, Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013, killed 3 people and injuring several hundred others, including 17 who lost limbs.

Liberalism is getting more and more insane! When the Lord comes back, you all are welcome to the horrors you are creating for this world and the future generations!! So now a portion of the American Taxes go into this man's food & shelter. All this does is let future bombers know they won't be put to death for killing hundreds of people. Instead, we'll pay for them to live in a secure location.

Interesting. Looks like the reversal was jury misconduct (hiding bias), always a good basis for reversing a jury-found capital sentence. If prosecutors choose to continue seeking the death penalty, there'll be another sentencing trial. The man remains convicted, imprisoned. Wait til they let him out due to a possible virus, because he attended a program, because he hadn’t been bad in “x” amount of years aka good behavior or because DemocRat Governor lets him out. Just a tragic news story to all who were victims. Justice was not served.

Weeeee...coool...fuck that guy. BretBaier 😡 Well that’s anticlimactic, the movie made me feel a lot more American than this bullshit I guess his religion had something to do with the overturn. Fry that MF! What a joke He is not worthy of life. He and his brother had no conscience or soul in condemning others to die for their evil idealology. Dont be so damned righteous until you've seen people die in a needless, evil manner.

Trump will pardon him I'm happy the judges didn't say, 'He was carrying out very late term abortions. He should not be punished for his pro-choice views. The court hereby frees him so that he can continue his noble work.' Could happen. ClownWorld I cannot speak against the Court decision, on Christian Grounds, but the waste of money in permanent incarceration! Ah well!

POTUS what is going on with our justice system.? this is APPALLING I'd ask what is this world coming to.. but with Covid-19.. maybe this lil prick will contract it & karma will do its job YOU KNOW WAT I LIKE! First of all, I don’t want to share his evil face, therefore I cannot retweet this much as I’d like to to vent my outrage. His victims have been through enough! Guilty beyond measure! Please don’t let this drag on, Boston courts. Death. Penalty.

No one under the age of 25 should ever be executed. Your brain isn't fully developed until then. This was a kid who was brainwashed by religion and family. He like most troubled young people have the capability to change for the better. Well he better be put in the worse prison with no security watching him

Why Rot in jail, slowly, he will be serving with all the next presidents, including DT. Being stuck in a little room with nothing but time to think about how you landed there is a fitting punishment. He needs to be in hell right now. Some wise person said 'Forgiveness is the virtue of the brave' . How brave does the parents have to be who lost their kids because of his actions? Sorry, not sorry I ain't that brave. If you give zero fcuks about others lives guess how many fcuks I give about yours.

Cant someone just kick him in the balls everyday...I could live w that! Why is he getting the easy way out? Good job America Meanwhile we kill thousands of babies a day ripping then limb from limb then planned parenthood sells their tissue for profit.... yet you've got people in the comments wanting to keep this alive and pay for it. Imagine if their mom or wife was one of the 3 dead?

Although life imprisonment is cheaper, it's disappointing to know that this man will be living off tax dollars. However, the Judges ruled that the penalty phase would be conducted once more. He could still face execution; therefore, a new jury will be selected to decide. What is happening in this country?

This has got to be Trumps fault. What do you think Dems? Good! Let him go! Disband the police, disband the “justice” system. It is cheaper to have him life in prison. Fry Him Yay let’s feed him for life. I hope he suffers💞 Living with that guilt day by day. Knowing he a AWFUL human❤️❤️❤️ bonita676 America: we have a criminal problem with our judges at every level in every circuit, municipal, state, federal and supreme court. Time to dig on them. To whom do they serve? Not we the people. GenFlynn ODNIgov DNI_Ratcliffe

WTF....... Hey get it right he killed four people that day and killed Sean a few days later so technically it’s 5 victims. I can't imagine that he's seen the light. Remind me again why they insist on keeping this bitch alive. WHY?!!!!! Of course! He looks nothing like Trayvon Martin, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Rodney King, Sean Bell, Arbery,Botham Jean, Eric Garner. Am just saying, GoodNecessaryTrouble common sherylunderwood cnnbrk Hasnt it been 70x7 yet? Jesus still say, 'Take up ur cross & follow Him.'

Are you kidding me?! Remember, this is a federal sentence. Also, now the victims and their families have to be put through another trial. Ridiculous. Death row In some cases is 25+year wait with great living conditions. 45 yr old inmates not on death row with 15 yr sentences kill so they can enjoy rest of their lives with the luxuries of death row. Not saying this would have happened in this case but it guaranteed won’t now.

Hey judges: Obama Judge... Let the criminals walk away from their punishment... Yeah, yeah, he's still has life in a cage. But better to see him with a needle in his arm. Better yet, a firing squad. BETTER MOST - OL SPARKY. If he hits population he will be done Bullshit! We could use the strength of a President like President Duterte of the Philippines, for matters like these.

I thought these guys were willing to die for their cause and beliefs? Too bad. How about those in our government and ABC agencies who helped are they being charged? Just more typical legal BS....fine, then let him ROT IN PRISON for the rest of his life and send the bill to the federal judges that overturned the death penalty. Make this terrorist scum go through HELL every day he's rotting in his cell!

I’m so hurt that some of you think the Boston Bombing was a hoax. I know way too many who were there. To discount the entire event is a disgusting way to honor the people who lost their lives or were injured - including Martin Richard. Disgusting. He was too pretty to fry. Why? Yes!! We saved the life of a murderer!

F$ck you and the horse you rode in on. I bet the democreeps did this A WASTE OF TAX DOLLARS. WE CANNOT KEEP EVIL PEOPLE IN PRISON ALIVE FOR 40+ YEARS Plenty of people regularly being executed, after a trial or without one, for crimes 100x less serious than terrorism, but this guy gets off. I don’t necessarily agree with the death penalty, but for God’s sake if we have to have it let’s set some fucking standards.

🤬🤬 he's the reason why there's so much security now What about the 600,000+ babies that die from abortion each year? Can they get their death 'penalty' overturned? Did they injure over 260 people on purpose? Nope, they are just a nuisance caused by their parents poor decision making. Disgusting! Lets protect criminal terrorists now. This country is so going off the rails!

The court viewed his 'rights' to life as more important than the rights of his victims. 🤦‍♂️ What else is new in this world that the guilty have more rights given and shown them than the victims that suffer from their selfishness. WHY? And boy, it better be good. Put him in Gen pop... 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️

Lol I thought he was already dead. This is BS lynch the sob I think they got manipulated into this i don’t blame em they were young. Why would we just kill em? The jury was too biased to make an impartial decision wrt sentencing but were fair enough to find him guilty. 🤪🤪 Fuck that guy The 'all lives matter' people shouldn't have a problem with this

amanduhill 2 of the Appeal Judges were appointed by Obama. That's a shame Maybe he'll make the cover of Rolling Stone magazine again This guy is scum of the earth. Letting him rot may be worse than an early death Hopefully he meets the same fate Epstein did. Blood eagle should be the only form of death penalty for terrorists.

WHY! 😐 Only in America that the guilty gets off and the innocent gets punished( p.s I hate to say this but this only happens if you are white) BretBaier Should be decided by the victims ant their families!!! Except I don’t believe for a minute it was them What a bunch of BS Why?! Wooooowwww This is outrageous!

So he can kill and permanently maim innocent Americans and get off the hook? Sad day. It should be an eye for an eye If it were up to most bozos we'd still be crucifying criminals & burning at the stake. Good that the framers of the constitution were more enlightened even than most people over two centuries later. Eventually, death penalty will be an artifact of historical primitive barbarism.

Great lets pay for his cable service for life! National disgrace! America is dying. amanduhill An Obama appointee, Kayatta asked why more was not asked of the jurors, especially given the ease by which jurors’ claims can be verified on social media. This is a joke right? The fucker deserves it and more.

Scared NOW. He Will loose. Privilege. 'Win' is an overused phrase. This is a reprieve. He gets a new one regarding the impartiality of the jurors. And the legal competence of the trial judge to grasp the rules for setting down a death sentence in the First Circuit Wait? What?! 😠 So now we get to pay for this terrorist to lay up on the government and be pampered. Ridiculous, no pampering for those who lost their lives to this murder and his brother.

No. Then he'll rot in prison for the rest of his life. Either way justice is served. Why should the tax payer pay for this prick for the next 50 years? How is that possible ? Who is it that his death sentence was overturned? He gets to live ? What the fuck is wrong with this country he killed people for no reason he doesn’t deserve to live

Absolutely disagree with this decision and the burden put on taxpayers. Then again death would be an easy way out. This way he will suffer every day in jail for the rest of his life. I wish him the most miserable experience possible. Good, hope he’s locked up for life. Why don't they make him do the walk of shame like in game of thrones but he walks to a cell waiting for his death penalty

Is this judge trying to encourage terrorists? I feel for the victim's families. He probably said BLM, the major word on a court. He'll be running for Congress before long at this rate. Boston Bomber? Don't you mean 'peaceful protester?' Certainly killed less people than MayorJenny's CHOPseattle Here’s a neat idea. Just release him on a street corner in Boston 2am and make sure it’s widely know when it will occur. Justice will then be done appropriately and swiftly.

amanduhill If Obama had a son, he would be like Dzhokhar. How he enjoys the rest of his days in prison! This is wrong & not Justice. He blew up men, women & a child. This is the problem w/ the Justice system, there is clear concise evidence he did it & when that's the case in any murder the individual should B put 2 death. Prison doesnt deter criminals anymore, perhaps dying would.

Then that means their is no justice in the world afterall. that is BS that was premeditated he deserves two-faced the faith of the people who he killed and injured. That is exactly what's wrong with the court system Weak justice, this low life should have been fertilized years ago. Throw out the state conviction. Try him in fed court. Then fry his ass. Of inject him. Whatever.

String him up ! What the fuck is the problem? man killed 3 people And George Floyd... Eric Garner... alll the rest ... MURDERED BY LAW ENFORCEMENT! FridayThoughts RacismInAmerica Racialjustice WhiteSupremacy SystemicRacism IF HE WERE BLACK , HE WOULD BE SIX FEET UNDER BY NOW! splcenter BostonGlobe fbi

Trump and Barr see him as 'some good people from both sides'? Commute his sentence or send his ass back to a Boston prison and let's see what happens!! HBT His older brother convinced him and he was radicalized. Death penalty would do no good. Let him rot in prison the rest of his life that is a punishment. Death would be a freedom.

Why, he and his brother are murderers, the death penalty is to good for people like them, their terrorist, So a person who bombs innocent people can keep his life, but innocent, unarmed black people get killed? Some country the USA is. 'Maga' Not sure I agree with this decision I could hardly care less about what happens to this pointless terrorist... Except I don't want the wannabe torturers down here to get their way on him.

He deserves it & the fact that he won his appeal is disgusting! Ok NOW the protesters can burn down the courts. The article says that the Court simply ordered a re-trial because the previous one had evidence of jury bias wait.... we’re going to let literal terrorists live after bombing our people? did i read that right?

But, didn't he carry out a death sentence on three people? He judged them and executed them, who gave him that right? And why should they same not be brought upon him? Good. He should rot in a cage for the rest of his life. He doesn’t deserve the easy way out. JonLemire Hypothetical question. If somehow by the stoke of luck, the CIA, FBI and overseas U.S. agents had tracked down and captured ALL individuals involved with 9/11; how would Federal prosecutors pursue a sentencing? What would America expect?

POS! Only delaying the inevitable! Typically I'm not a fan of the death penalty but if anyone deserves it, it's terrorists and pedophiles. This guy deserves to die, not be supplied with food and shelter while he rots away in prison In 2013 he was willing to die- what changed? Well that figures. this is a sick joke, it’s july 31st not april 1st honey

realDonaldTrump I would’ve killed him on sight. If they don't reinstate his death penalty they should put him in general population to ne taken care of there A very concise and useful analyses of capital punishment. If you are in favour, I ask that you watch this. 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 Revolting Cocksuckers !

It is not egalitarian... it is not enlightened... it is not a mark of higher civilization... for a Nation to allow the savagers of it’s citizenry to live their full lives out. That is a mark of the feminine weak-mindedness that has rotted out Western Culture for a century now. The death penalty is morally wrong and the system is too bias to ever be just.

Let’s keep paying for him to eat.... yay! 🤯🔫 He killed others and deserves to be killed. Simple Let him walk down the street I think the American public will take care if it. They killed and maimed people permanently. He drove over his own brother trying to escape. What's up with this sympathy? Eye for an eye! He deserves the death penalty! He had no regard for innocent people so why make tax payers pay for him to continue breathing on our dime. These people are weak and that's why other countries come here and destroy our country! 😡

I don’t understand 🇺🇸 ... how can you let a terrorist live even in jail? The Joker, from the smoke bomb !! Let him get back alley sallied in the pen. Eventually someone will get to him. With murderers, pedophiles, and terrorists I believe in eye for an eye. Them peeps hurt people for life. Da fuq? That's nonsense we would have probably had to wait 20 years for it to be done hope he has a lot of butt cream

wow What a joke. Booooooooo Little wanker Disgust... I hope Trump doesn’t pardon him and then put him in charge of the ATF 🤦🏽‍♀️ Epstein dies in his cell and this dude still draws breath. For those who didn't read - this is because of a failure during the initial trial. It's a bit of judicial system housekeeping that's necessary, even if you don't agree with the result.

Feels like it has barr fingerprints on it I kind of feel bad for him just have a feeling his brother totally influenced him and he made a mistake a BIG ONE YESS. Why give them an easy way out, nahhhh let them ROT in jail. Now we got to pay for him to live This mf ruined so many lives. What he did to the victims can never be properly punished. May he rot in jail while he remembers the sound of his brother’s body being crushed as he drove over him. I was there. It happened in front of my home. Body parts and FBI everywhere.

If he get's to have his death sentence overturned, then you can argue the same for Dylan Roof. Both horrible people who wanted nothing but to inflict pain and suffering on Americans. The justice system is a fucking joke. What bullshit ! What does someone need to do before they pay! Tell the Judges his name was RichardMartin NoJustice4RichardMartin LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder

Actually, I think this is a great decision! Should deter this from happening again. Death is the easy way out What else is new. Soon they will let him out due to Corona Concerns. Welcome to 2020. This is shameful Disgusting JonLemire Trump pardoning him too? That’s bs. He definitely deserves the death penalty

Are you serious? they mudered people. there should be an eye for an eye. The Judges these days have no problem in wanting to put Flynn, Stones to jail yet feel happy to overturn death penalties for terrorist who actually kill & injure ppl. Justice at it's finest. Don't forget Manafort. Who did he kill/ injure? He's old and sick, but it doesn't matter.

Why Good. The death penalty is bad. I said what I said. This is BS he doesn't deserve to stay here Now I don't believe in God but if I did I would say that death would be a release from your pain. So yeah good. BostonBomber Why is death penalty so controversial? A person who went out of their way to create harm, anger, grief, & pain is not even worth the oxygen that he breathes or the space he takes up in a jail, what a waste of resources. What are they giving him time alive for? To change?

Goddammit why are terrorists being allowed to get away with killing innocent people and children WHAT! WHAT A SHAME! this guy should have already been put down ! Are they giving him 3 death sentences instead? So after aiding in killing all those people they're not gonna do anything with him Bullshit! Those people are gone his brother and him carried out a horrific action against innocent citizens he deserves his karma!

Oh please, Please put him in the general population!! Put him with the General Population and let nature take it's the Gov't some $$$ Of course... It's collecting tax money on him and no mercy cause his ass has been a playground since day one🖕Sit&Sin Wow what short term memories people have now days!!!

This saddens me and I’m sure so many others. Those caught red handed, especially with a corroborating confession, should always be put to death when it involves multiple murders. There's no excuse to keep that type of evil among us. Not defending him but there people who commit mass murders in other public places and I haven’t seen them get the death penalty. At least showing consistency

Only in America I know a lot of people are disappointed but as a Bostonian I’m not. This is what Martin’s family wanted. Hopefully we’ll never have to hear about this kid again (which we would if he lost and kept on appealing) and he can rot in jail for the rest of his life Great news! To me, death is not a penalty. But, confinement to isolation for life, where one can reflect forever on his sins, is real punishment.

What a disgrace. Disgusting, hopefully his roommates will serve justice... Good. Keep him locked up forever! Throw away the key! I hope his inmates are “loving” him daily. There are people who have been put to death for a lot less. If he's not one of the worst of the worst, then no one should get the death penalty. The only reason why I'm against the death penalty because it's not fair across the board in every state.

this guy is barbaric but so is the death penalty. let's be better than these monsters. Let's abolish the death penalty nation wide. Overturned? Shouldn’t he be dead by now? Open your eyes guys! Look what those brothers have done in Boston Marathon 2013. A fuckin terrorist, yeah? good. Holy fuck this is huge! Soon U.S. government will be forced to give him $10 million for wrongful conviction because he was influenced by his brother

Jeffery Epstein this guy POS gets to live off the taxpayers the rest of his miserable life. He needs the DEATH PENALTY no question about this keeping him alive!what is with our court system are they all nuts!👹👿😈👁 Well .... no one holds police accountable either .... Good. Mercy to the guilty is cruelty to the innocent.

Good to know The Victims families will paying for a roof over his head, medicine and food. 'Merica These people went to the Boston Marathon on a spring day and went home without their 8 year old son. The pain that they feel is unimaginable ... whatever they want for this heartless terrorist is all that matters - they suffer every day because of this waste.

This will be trump's next pardon Probably be letting him out soon due to danger of covid. To hell with law abiding citizens. Ridiculous and appalling Skin him alive What the actual?!! WTF! Interesting how murderers have no qualms about ending life - until it comes to their own. What the hell! Someone sneeze on this prick...

He needs to be D E A D Fry the bastards. Absolutely disgusting his poor victims stood no chance why should he be able to appeal who is thinking off the poor victims and their families. These judges are so bloody wrong he should be put to death. The poor victims could not have a say 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠 How the heck did this happen. How fair was the terrorist attack he was part of on OUR soil!! How fair is it he helped kill and forever maime our OWN PEOPLE and he gets the opportunity for a re- do!? But those people don’t get to do that ! OUTRAGEOUS 😡

Boo! Im just waiting for the first 'Obama Adminstration is the cause of his overturned death sentence' tweet. 😆 ...or did I miss it already? Somebody screenshot it for me. Thanks! 😄 WHAT IN THE SWEET FUCK...IK PEOPLE THERE ....WTH 2020 SMH Ridiculous This is great! Now he will be someone’s boyfriend in prison, till he dies!

This guy looking like the Lead singer of The Romantics. No way.... this guy should be gone....he should be given the impalement sentence or keel hauled but stern to bow Can we just stay on topic? White privileged. What if it was a Black man? Put 'him' in a Concrete Room Alone-with ONLY a BackPack-and Remote Detonate that Mother after about 45 minutes🙄

While court of appeals is at it, maybe they should let him out of prison due to Covid. You idiots in the comment section think their vacating it. It's federally controlled. He's going to be extradited back to Russia and freed. What the hell is wrong with this court!!!!😡😡😡😡 They should reinstate it. He needs to go

This isn't right. As a true Bostonian, I am so angry about this. What about the people who died. They did nothing wrong except they wanted to see the marathon. There is no rehabilitation for 'animals' like this. For once an eye for an eye would work. u must b kidding me !!! I spent 10 years in jail for a few things but nobody was hurt but me and my family!!! This animal should DIE ! A person can live quite a comfortable life in prison . It’s the life of no responsibilities!!!! I’m loosing faith in my country! shame on us

votegriffin Good. The state should not be performing executions. It never did make sense to me to show that murdering is wrong by.. murdering 'An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind' Abolish the death penalty. We aren't meant to be playing the role of god and deciding who gets to live and who doesn't

The court systems have become weak and don’t do the victims justice I'm surprised Trump didn't pardon him and adopt him you had ONE job... That’s a sin! Just amazing. This judge is ridiculous! “Less culpable” 👀🤔😱🤦‍♀️ they should put a pressure cooker next to him like he did and killed an 8 yr old boy. Are you fucking kidding me? I realize yall are saying he will suffer more in jail than death but now so will the taxpayers😡

Curious of your opinion on this BenKissel HenryLovesYou They gave an innocent black man in Texas death by lethal injection. And this guy gets a pass? Because he has white privilege. Too bad BLM Yet another sad day for 2020 and this country. Simply amazing. Didn’t mind taking other people’s lives.The coward is scared now for the justice system to take his!

Imagine being naive enough to think this case begins and ends with him. Yet, 153,000+ people died needlessly All lives don’t matter America? Now now... don’t be controversial If he was a brown skin man would this kome. FU3K no No surprise after Rolling Stone and others gave him the rockstar treatment... Such crap.

Boston is a Democratic town. You get what you get. He'll live longer then his injured victims! Some justice system! Let’s get his voting rights back too 🙄 Democrats will probably just release him. What a shame. I hope we can get the death sentence overturned for his victims now. Live by the sword die by the sword. Hatred only breeds death.

Yikes Why WHY does this country soften its penalty on Terrorist..He should forever remain in jail, he should forever be punished for his crime on Americans PERIOD!! dzhokhartsarnaev BostonBomber bostonmarathon boston DeathPenalty DomesticTerrorism terrorism Why can’t someone just airdrop him into the middle of the ocean?After the horrors he and the brother committed and the fear that lingers still...why should we have him here to remind us every day?

Unbelievable 😡...the man who wanted to kill Americans because they hate them now wants to live in the american jail the rest of his life, ain't that some shit Put the little runt in with the general prison population...job done This is total bullshit ! Until justice includes vengeance, there will always be room and a need for vigilantes. Little doubt & debate that this scum needs to be dispatched and we are cowards for not doing so.

Stop showing his face. Stop saying his name. He can rot in a cell for the rest of his life anonymous and forgotten. The Word Win and this garbage of a person should never be in the same sentence! BostonStrong Absolutely terrible. If the State won't kill him, leave his cell unlocked, I'm sure there are a few inmates that'll do it, at no charge.

Trump is so pathetic he tried to blame democrats once again for this. Grasping at straws! How about an updated picture of the scum that bles the legs off of children with ball bearing bombs? Sad because he was definitely involved... Someone will stab him anyway give it time he will go in the end Every single 1 of those stating the death penalty isn't the answer would 100% want a cop to shoot some maniac that was about to stab a loved one to death. Hypocrites or just dumb?

Why? Good. That’s less taxpayers money spent and let him rot in prison. Lethal injection is way too easy. Unfortunate. This is disgusting. Shame on this judge Wtf!!! The Death Penalty, a seemingly cheap solution, is much more expensive than keeping an inmate locked up for 1 year. Surprising, isn’t it? I think Tsarnaev should have been given the DP, but that’s my opinion. He killed innocent people and injured so many more.

If there’s one time I’ve really wanted the US to waste a bunch of money killing some it was this time. 🤨 This country is absolutely fucked. A bullet is cheaper. What the actual fuck? This is BS. Not sure what's more scary...This waste of space dzhokhartsarnaev being able to Appeal his Death Sentence OR The dillusional people liking this post advertising his leave to Appeal....😕😠 BostonBomber should die without delay...It should be expedited!! 😤

Wtf kill 3 injure over 200 including dismemberment... but if you have a good lawyer and money .. well it’s ok then!?!?!? A life for 3 Why You have got to be kidding me. So we have to house and feed this scum. Unreal! Why? He murdered people!!!!😡😡 AWFUL. That is why I agree with the death penalty. There's always some liberal judge that comes along and lets these people loose. Just watch he'll be free in a few years.

BretBaier What next? Are they going to retire his voting rights as Bernie Sanders suggested? Thank god happychristinah I wonder if the victims families can overturn the overturn Don’t believe in the death sentence - period. I agree with it and don’t like it if that makes sense Bullshit what happened to NEVER FORGET...guess we did...

White privilage I agree with this. He was being influenced and essentially pushed by his older brother. Life in prison thinking about what he did will suit him just fine. Disgusting On one hand it prevents him from becoming a martyr and gives him a long time to think about his crimes on the other hand he should be fed to the crows in an actual medieval crow cage.

Why do all of you call him a terrorist , but all the domestic killers are mentally ill? Orlando? Parkland? Aurora? So for people to say that this man that put metal projectiles and explosives in a backpack and left it in the street giving no regaurd to human life, men women and children and did comit murder, should be spared?! Why cause he has rights? The dead and wounded also had rights

What next let him out of jail so he doesn’t catch COVID-19! Unbelievable What Black Americans has Escape Death penalty,Put in under False Pretense,Tsarnaev killed 3 injured over 260,I hope Civil Rights Lawyers are looking at the Case,Barr didn't stop his Appeals Move on to SCOTUS Bring back firing squads

If he was black he would be executed. Any takers who want the job of putting a nice shell in this shlep’s head? The gov’t pays handsomely I heard This is some scary shit right here! 2020 is so full of twists and turn that I don't even want to know what will happen come November 3rd! Please Lord, give us newer leaderships, vaccines, and of course, a better, safer, and happier world!

SOB should burn! Pathetic Nope...nope this guy killed and maimed people...if the dems think they will go to heaven letting this guy off...think again Killing him would have created a martyr for Islamic Terrorists to use. Let him rot in jail and die forgotten decades from now. Too baby he deserves to die after killing innocent ppl

WTF! Hope you taxpayers in Boston are happy to support a killer with your tax dollars. Real nice. I personally do not like the death penalty, but I do find it appalling how this guy got better treatment then so many others that had not been found guilt of anything, they were just being detained it taken into police custody. This cases will forever remind us those facts

Wonder if a family member of the judges that would of been wounded or actually died. Would they overturned there sentence. Absolutely DISGUSTING!!😡😡😡🤬🤬 I’m surprised that realDonaldTrump didn’t commute his sentence. You mean the terrorist responsible for Boston bombing If only he had opened a gym during the flu, he may have faced real justice.

I feel terrible for all his victims. I’m not big on the death penalty, but in certain instances I feel it’s appropriate. I felt it was appropriate for this crime. It will go to a higher court, and possibly be over turned. Great lets give crap bags like this that caused harm to INNOCENT PEOPLE N LET'S GET TRUMP TO PARDON HIM. UR ALL CRAP BAGS COURTS JUDGES ADMINISTRATION ECT.... ANYONE INVOLVED IN THIS SHIT SHOW ROT IN HELL. GET THE VIRUS N SEE YA.

More fake news. They are merely re-sentencing with a new rule that has been included. This is why no one trusts the media. 80 WTF Joke country. Why It's obvious by the comments nobody bothered to read the article. BS! Fry this MOFO! AllLivesMatter Not to make it a race issue but I would bet if he was Black it wouldn't have been overturned! Just a thought & fact!

Well hell we ought to just let him out and give him some more free shit 👍 Why, he is guilty! don't worry america, you will be able to try to fulfill your insatiable bloodlust with someone else soon. Glad we will have to pay millions in taxes to support a murders for the next 50 years. The article says he will be resentenced and the death penalty is still on the table.

Did the people he killed win their appeal? I think he should’ve been let loose in the North End of Boston (Italian) or the South End (Irish) with a word to the right people of where he would be when. And that the police would be on the other side of town for an hour. Problem solved. I don't understand this! Victims he killed had no say!

What a shame. This isn't justice. Why.. They did it and didn't care.!!! bullshit He is a hero to every Biden supporter. A true hero to all Democrat Socialists. Created the blueprint for ANTIFA and BLM protests. One of Obama’s sons. Kill dis mothafucka. Death Penalty is only bad when there's a chance someone's innocent. But this mofo clearly did it.

About time Drain the swamp of Liberal judges. MAGA The Squad is hosting a party tonight as libs rejoice. Danger to others (corrections officers, other inmates) is mitigated by a death sentence, even before it’s carried out. Prisoners on death row are housed individually, using a smaller corrections officer/inmate ratio, which helps prevent dangerous inmates from hurting more people.

Clearly they forgot history and Richard Speck. I feel the victims, and the families of the deceased, should get to be the ones that decide if the S.O.B. lives or dies, and that's it. Didn't realize she was still alive. muh death penalty is too expensive Use a bullet then lol a pack of 9mm costs like £20

I would prefer that the headline simply read: Tsarnaev Wins Death Penalty Obama flew in his family and housed them in hotels during his trial. Im surprised he is not being released from jail. 2020 is officially SOFT AF 🤦🏽‍♂️ The victims of murder do not get a second chance. Eye for an eye U know the vibes

I feel nothing right now. I need to process this news. This is bullshit. That's hilarious. Explaining to jurors 'hey, this dude is convicted of murdering at least 3 people, and injuring 260 others with a bomb. Think you can be unbiased?' Dont worry the United States Goverment will hire him again shave him up give him a different name. They have done it numerous times in history. 'Non-bias jury' 'Let anyone openly bomb us and get away with it' 🙃🙃 rubbish

Are you FN kidding me? Disappointed. Back in the good old days... We start petitions for everything else.. why not for throwing both of them on a first class ticket on death row to the front of the line ? This guy sets off a bomb that kills and maims innocent people and should have been dead long ago! Now we have to pay for him to have 3 hots and a cot and medical and dental for the rest of his life?!?!?! He’ll be better off than a majority of people in this country!!!! WTF 😡

BretBaier Unreal Fucking scumbag bleeding heart liberals The death penalty must be eliminated forever. Each state prison for the rest of his life that is bullshit and bullshit about his brother to Why? He should be put down like the rabid animal he is! What a joke. Everyone is talking like his death sentence was commuted to life, in reality the sentencing phase has to be redone, he still may be sentenced to death.

More taxpayer money down the toilet... are KIDDING me!!!! Killed innocent Americans on American soil at Boston Marathon. A fundraiser “family friendly” event that was more an act of terrorism. disgraceful overhauljusticesystem lawabidingpeopledontmatter 😡 wasteoftaxdollars His life doesn’t matter... get rid of him

Death is the easy way out, let him rot for the next 60 years This is bullshit. Sentence should have been carried out aready. What the hell does it take to execute criminals that take, mame, destroy innocent lives?!?!?! For all who saw only 'overturned': He. Is. Still. Guilty. They didn't grant him a new trial. He was given a new punishment phase because the judge didn't ensure he got a fair trial. His crimes were loathsome. But he still has rights. And you'd not want it to be any other way.

The people in that court should have to pay for his internment for the next 60 years. ABAJournal Yeah seems logical. Waste taxpayer money trying to keep him alive? They also killed 2 Police officers. Sean A. Collier, 27, and Dennis Simmonds died on April 10, 2014, from hand-grenade injuries. Why did you not mention their names?

He’s white. Impeach trump PaulaEbben The victims have to suffer again. The Judge is a competent professional. Good God. And that's why murderers will continue murdering in America. They know they'll get away with it. And we, the taxpayers, get to feed these soulless monsters. I don’t want my tax dollars keeping his ass alive

Let him run his own race and we'll have something for him at the finish line. SMH. Put a bomb down next to an 8 yr old boy and walked away. Why not just blow him up with a bomb? He’s been found guilty already. Freaking disgusting. Where’s Walter White and Uncle Jack when you need them? All life is sacred

Yes although I’m sad for the people who have been killed because of this terrorising guy but I’m happy he got a chance to redeem himself. Was just doing research on him yesterday to see if they set a date. Crazy And the girlfriend of his brother, the other bomber, is a white radical liberal American. WTH? I just can’t 🤦🏼‍♀️

Fuck him He knew what he was doing and now he basically gets off He killed people Overturned but there will be a new penalty phase trial to determine the death penalty or life means life Good. Death is the easy way out. Let him think about what he's done. He's young, he's got A LOT of time for in prison.

so sympathy for them but anyone remember the naked guy? cnn middle of night... live... some dude getting out of a car hands up then cops forced him naked to make sure no bomb... then never heard of it again. they said wasn't brother. but brother then found dead. little weird. No body believes in the death penalty till it’s your son, daughter, mom, dad, wife, or husband, then rehabilitation and a life sentence is just a smack in the face to you after the fact.

He’ll be freed in a wooden casket! loser Wait so he can attempt to kill hundreds of innocents with explosives but we can’t give him the death penalty? I hope he goes to a prison with lots of people from Boston!! Trump again? Wouldn't be surprised! Let me correct that... the man, no you meant, the terrorist convicted... thank me later.

He won't be around long MBSchwietz I’m sorry the family’s have to go through this again. It’s a shame he wasn’t killed on the boat. Outfuckingrageous. Cheaper to let him live in a cage. Oh OK cool. Let's overturn the deaths of the innocent people that were killed as well 🤷🏽‍♂️ The Boston bomber deserves to Fry......

A Trump judge ? Had to ask..the times we live in. He will now continue to suffer for another 50 years while locked up. Mastermind or not, fuck that guy. That's BS What is it with these “fearless” murderers who fight so vehemently against being executed? Just wondering. every terrorist, rapist, sex trafficker, and pedophile deserves the death penalty - there's no rehabilitation for them he falls into the category of terrorist. bye

That's okay. He will suffer in solitary or be raped and murdered love the way he isn’t called a terrorist.. has he shouted “allah hu akbar” he would have been and his country would have been raided by america Bullshit They these people get away with anything now Still a POS They wouldn't put down Charles Manson, Either. If anyone deserves to be put down it's him. Just treat him like a prisoner. Ship his A* to Arizona. He can live on 39 cents of food a day...

Wow!!! Lead to his fucking head It is often better punishment to let another live with what they have done x nobody should be given the death penalty under any circumstances. killing people is kinda bad. especially strapping them down to a table and injecting them with poison until they die. abolish the death penalty. society has progressed past the need for the death penalty

Death is the easy way out. Let him suffer in jail for the rest of his life What a shame. His victims won’t get that option Help what’s this world becoming? Bullshit!! 🤬🤬🤬 And the democrats want to send him a ballot to vote Why This POS deserves the firings squad Federal appeals: 'hurrdurr... he only killed 3 people honestly, should he really be put to death?'

There is a huge mistake. As he placed explosives next to an 8 year old boy Damn shame disgusting. Of course he did. Anyone surprised? Cool. Put him in general population. I feel bad for the families of the victims and the survivors. This is not something I'd want to see on my TL. ? Liberal judges He shouldn't have been sentenced to death in the first place

Fry his ass Let him rot in jail his entire life. The punishment is much worse than an execution. Make him live the worst possible life in a cell knowing what he did to all those innocent people. Anything to take away attention in the Dem party, Clinton/Epstein. You know the Dems are behind this too Are you shittin' me!?

if yall saying this is goods new go eff yourself. you werent around nor had to deal with wondering if family members were okay. Discusting, what have we become? It’s ok to kill and get away with it, it’s ok to harm children, and it’s ok to destroy others property. My grandfather and ancestors who fought, lost there lives are turning over in there graves😭😭

Dzhokhar is an excellent example of our backfired Brzezinski’s strategy, dating back to 1979. He weaponized Muslim radicals to fight “godless” communists in Afghanistan. This strategy gave us Al-Qaeda, Taliban, Kosovo and violence in Chechnya. Check MaxBlumenthal ‘ popular book Good. The death penalty is barbaric. This putz should have to live out the rest of his days rotting in prison, thinking about how he murdered innocent people. BTW, - put THEIR pictures up instead.

Boston Bombing Was Orchestrated By Our Government. 9/11, Sandy Hook, George Floyd.... FALSE FLAGS This is the justice system that Democrats want. He didn't kill anyone black. That's why. Too bad the sentence wasn’t already carried out!!! That’s ridiculous May he rot in Prison How Good! Killing people is not the way to teach people not to kill people. NYYMTweets AFSCpeace fcnl

How is this even possible ? This is messed up...he takes all these lives and gets to breath....wrong kind of justice Did they review the crisis actors? What a joke Privilege....can’t be a black man....yes I played the race card...because justice in America is dead for black and brown can literally get away with murder if you kill black and brown in America...look at the recent history facts matter. As ugly as it is.

Why should he get to live when 3 victims didn’t Booooo Shameful! We need these type of judges gone! Good.. death would be too easy for him I Cannot Believe That a MONSTER Will Not Have To Suffer The Way He Made Hundreds Of Ppl Suffer!! He Is a Coward! He Should Have Taken His Own Life Like His Brother Did! Instead He Is The One Who HID IN A BOAT!! Pathetic!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸☮️🦂veteransfortrump MAGA2020

How the hell did this happen. A life for a life. I thought only the Uk judges were this stupid. The death penalty should not even be an option. This just encourages others to copy his crime. Put a copy of his bomb in his cell...if he survives what's left of him can spent the rest of his life in prison, if not good riddens...

Makes perfect sense coming from America’s legal system This is crazy. Where is the judgement? No wonder America is a mess. Sad day for America. When the death penalty applies to a cut and dry case it should be a quick execution. Also made public. Innocent black people get murdered by police but they can’t even give a TERRORIST the death penalty

Total bullshit I am not a Trump supporter but as an American I am so fed up with this crap and whoever overturn this should be taken out of office we had a soldier who blew up the federal building in Oklahoma how fast did they execute him Cool! 'Cause now that we're in survival mode I was not sure how to spend all that extra cash in my pocket. Let's feed this young fella for a few more decades.

Good. MF needs to suffer for the rest of his life. Execution is an easy out compared to a lifetime in maximum security prison. Nice. Can we torture him for as long as he lives tho? Better punishment than death. Ngl we all forgot about this mf until now There should be an island where we can send people like this and trump supporters to. Far away from decent people.

I’m speechless!! WTF Hell, Trump will probably pardon him with the other murderous criminals he lets walk away from justice 😡 GOPCorruptionOverCountry What the hell is wrong with people? He killed 3 people and injured over 264. He needs to die. HillaryClinton any chance you still have the number of the guy you had kill Jeffrey Epstein.

SMH! WHAT THE FUCK He'll be pardoned by Trump anyway before November. 🤨 Why! Inject his ass! Good, he wont die a martyr now which is exactly what he wants. Let him rot in the shame of having been caught by western civilisation and ridicule him until his last breath What the hell. He's a damn terrorist. Guess what they would do to us over there. No trial at all

Bizarre that he should win ANYTHING but I like the idea of him living in a box for 80 years. Disgusting outcome. So all those lives lost for no justice Shame the victims don’t get a say in his appeal! What the fuck! He needs to fry! Let me guess. Some liberal judge. Absolutely BS!! That's lousy That POS shouldn't be on the planet

Democrats in action, I suppose. Next they'll want to let him out so he can try again. No Justice served. Such a miss use of justice! It doesn't matter the method of execution, we still have to pay for the legal, pretrial, jury, trial, incarceration, and appeals costs. That's over $100 million! That's what it takes to put someone to death. It's far cheaper to just let him rot in prison.

Good don’t agree with death penalty at all. Lock him up for his life in a cell with no one to communicate with but his own guilt and thoughts Absolutely disgusting Wow. Wtf? What are all the judges dems this boy kill and. Hrut people Can his arms and legs be blown off with surgical accuracy? That seems like a fair trade

Sad. He deserved the death penalty. Of course. Well Omar and talib you should be happy now No... He needs to die. I’m happy to do it with my bare hands if they need the help Why? He didn’t inflict enough pain and damage? DISGUSTING! Personally, I think people should suffer the same fate as their victims. He blew THEM up so Blow HIM up! Evil Bastard 😤😠😡🤬 Now taxpayers will have to help keep him, along with all the privileges he will get in Jail. T.V. 📺 Computer 💻 Games Console etc. 😤😠😡🤬

The would have given him a lethal injection and then listed him as a Covid death. Maybe Epstein's old cellmate is available to bunk with him? BostonMarathon Nobody reads articles anymore, just rage about headlines. This penalty, and just the death penalty, was overturned on essentially a technical issue. Justice Dept can almost certainly win second try. But that would take people reading. And all these people will vote...

Why is this guy still a thing? Sharonlynn1967 What the heck! 😠😠😠😠 how Consider yourself lucky young man and be grateful because you deserved to die for what you did striking fear into thousands there to watch a marathon PreppyProf 🤔 He meant to hurt or kill as many random people as possible. It was not an overreaction of violence towards a specific person, just whatever unfortunate souls were around. Throw him in the middle of the ocean and see what happens, if he comes back he gets to live in prison.

That is bullshit!!!! HE KILLED A FUCKING KID Wrong is right and right is wrong these days. Not surprised So you can attack hundreds of innocent Americans, and not get the death penalty Hmm...sounds a lil fucked up if you ask me! BostonBomberNeedsToDie Wtf Send him to SuperMax and tell the rest of the inmates he's a child molester.

That’s a shame! So he gets away with MURDER!!! What is this world coming to? Another government set up... Good. Now he can rot in prison for the rest of his days. Much better punishment. Why... ? We as American people have to find a way to take his life away from him Instead we’re going to give him 66,000 free meals for the next 60 years.

I rather like the idea of this young man spending decades in solitary confinement thinking about his rebellion. These kinds of people would rather be put to death--why make martyrs of them to their comrades. Trump will probably pardon him though. Well death penalty is not punishment for him but staying in a cage will be.

What a load of 💩 But Warren Jeff is still in prison when is he going to get a death penalty smh What a coincidence, seeing as I just started reading The Chamber by John Grisham, and please no spoilers! The people he killed got no appeal. Nor did the injured. Some lost limbs, some lost loved ones but don’t worry, Ilhan Omar says it’s only some people that do some things. Nancy says people will do what they’ll do. Government has made clear our safety is up to us. Act accordingly.

Ah keep him in jail with Americans. He will pray for death. The criminal always gets more rights than the victim... America with streets paved of gold.. Appalling .., these law makers need to really think about what they are doing Dafuq Not good, he should have to pay! Death sentence would surely discourage future terror attacks. I absolutely agree with death sentence as a capital punishment.

Judge Napolitano said (a few years ago) 17 of the last 20 terror attacks the F.B.I. was having a drill, including911, Boston Marathon and Sandy Hook!! When his brother was arrested, not a mark on him. When he died, he looked like he came thru my neighborhood. Move him to gen pop ASAP. Let justice prevail.

revmagdalen Some people are better off dead. As long as he never gets out then! Oh yes... I remember him. The police captured him ALIVE!!! After he killed 3 people. This is what makes the killing of unarmed citizens by the police totally unacceptable!!! Life imprisonment at the Supermax is probably worse than death, but we’re still paying tax dollars to feed, clothe and house him for the rest of his natural life.

Unbelievable, I hope he is helping to prevent future attacks But of course! Violent people are all the rage these days, haven't you heard?! We should let this guy vote! His contribution is just as important as anyone else’s, and he should be making decisions for us too. Bernie 2020! Tumblr kids are gonna love this... :c

Retrial for the death penalty Sad I’m sure libs stopped it. Wait he only killed 3 people These mass shooters make guys like this seem tame Probably because there were others involved in this event. That’s BS keithandthegirl id like to hear you discuss this on the show - and why he would want the death penalty to be over turned - maybe even a poll? Idk love the show always

themilana_ Yet they giving innocent black folks the death penalty🤡🤡🤡. Why? Unbelievable. How? How could they do this?! What a slap in the face the the families of the victims. This is not right. Cue Trump using him as chum for his ravenous idiots Huh? Gen Pop take care of this piece of shit. I fixed the picture for you. Use this one.

OH THEY TRIPPING!!! US with yet another L He'll get shanked in his cell, or general population, even better Must have said he was peacefully protesting Honestly as long as he is in jail for the rest of his life this is fine but if it went the other way I wouldn't have been opposed Fuck the death penalty it’s mean

i encourage everyone to do their own homework on the Boston marathon bombing... question everything This 👹 shouldn't be alive to waste the taxpayers money. He has no remorse for what he did. Disgusting. This story is still suspicious 😒 What the fuck You got your wish Far Lefties... You stand up for child killers who will never have the ability to be let into society ever again...

I’m actually ok with this. There is no progressive or conservative case to be made for being pro death penalty Put him n gen-pop w/ an open for business sign on his back. Please remember little Martin Richard, age 8, who was standing near the 2013 Boston Marathon bomb when it went off. Court records show he died an agonizing death. He deserves to be remembered. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev murdered Martin. MartinRichard will not be forgotten. He is loved.

So cancel culture has officially hit a limit. No death sentence? You know what to do. Life sentence. But they didn’t do it tho u guys are locking up the wrong guys. They did not do it......!!!! Oh good, another murderous scumbag allowed to live while his victims are dead or lives changed. He should not have been alive passed the day of his crime. These are the kind of people that need to be shot on sight.

Put his arse in gen pop. He'll get what he deserves Welp I hope Jahar rots in Supermax for that long life ahead of him. How is this even possible? The world has gone pear-shaped 🖕 As a Muslim living in Boston, I disagree. This savage terrorist has killed three human beings. God bless America.❤🇺🇸❤ I really hope all the people liking this tweet and responding with the BLM hashtag realize that they are SUPPORTING A TERRORIST. Who killed 3 and injured/maimed 260 people. Do you think those people lives matter?

FREERKELLY BretBaier Snipers didnt do their job that day Here come the prolifers. Good. Omg. Wait. What?! I’m just saying, there’s prob some inmates that read these articles... Were those judges on crack or something MajaEUspox EmineDzheppar uzkoremb🙌Mofa_Belgium PhGoffin Samsung BREAKING: A federal appeals court has overturned the death sentence of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the man convicted in the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing that killed 3, injured over 260 others.

Welp back to ADX What the fuck!!! Give this bastard the chair!! Of course they did. hope he rots and suffers in prison instead. BretBaier 😳 Might as well open the prison gates. This guy, Stone, Cohen. The lists never ends! Let's see how long they last after release......hmmmm just saying! So because there was a lot a media coverage he DIDN’T kill those people and mame little children? It doesn’t change his guilt and it doesn’t lessen the despicable nature of the crime! Let’s redo penalty phase and vote to kill him, NOW!!!!

Wow this ain’t no shocker! On what cause? BretBaier Death sentence overturned. But Dzhokhar now has a new roommate. Nike! this doesn’t feel like it happened seven years ago wtf Hold up how the FUCK did this twerp only kill 1% of his victims? BretBaier Democrats again Someone got flipped Noice Ridiculous. Hopefully they reach the same decision.

This is an embarrassment to our Judicial System and further proof that corruption is trickling into our courtrooms. We need to do an investigation into this judge. This man is a terrorist. Merica “A three-judge panel of the 1st U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ordered a new penalty-phase trial, finding that the judge who oversaw the case didn’t sufficiently vet jurors for biases.” What a load of bullshit! 🤢🤮😷

This is terrible BretBaier They want the case moves out of Boston....sure let’s move it to Texas checkmate If he isnt spending the rest of his mistake of a life in either solitary confinement or the highest security prison the us has it isnt justice. I’m thinking with profound sadness of all the victims of this horrendous crime. And also that capital punishment further perpetuates this horrendous cycle of violence. We must look to restorative justice and not kill people who kill people to show that killing people is wrong.

Lock Dzhokhar Tsarnaev up in an Israeli jail for the rest of his life. Feed him only pork. Only light fixture? A menorah. Live stream it. Some punishments are far more satisfying than the death penalty. Unbelievable. Disgusting... anyone that deserves the death penalty it’s this coward. A federal appeals court decides that our tax payer dollars are better keeping him alive than to put him down and be done with it. He killed more than one and injured in the hundreds, clearly planned. Can’t imagine how the families of the victims feel hearing this.

Guess he won’t get his 12 virgins Death is too quick for him. Let him rot in a cell BretBaier Off in the distance you can faintly hear IlhanMN and RashidaTlaib screaming 'Praise Allah! Allahu Akbar! Ay ay ay ay ay!' Biased against wrong doing? Ya, pay for his food, healthcare and boarding for life. Great alternative

Pull the plug already. Good, I’m glad. Abolish the death penalty. Why, because he’s white or because of orders from Putin or both? 2020 BretBaier Ok fine. No death row, put him in Gen pop. Preferably in a prison near Boston. BretBaier DISGRACEFUL Would the Federal Appeals Court overturn this Death Sentence if it were a Black Man who killed 3 people and injured 260 others? Hmm

Im sure trump wishes him well And they also made a movie about him amazing job holly-weird. Of course. 🤦 Use him and others like him as a lab rat then for disease experiments, otherwise death penalty He is a very young man. His values about being a U.S. citizen crumbled, who knows why. He was using drugs and was heavily under the influence of his brother. A life sentence would work for me. I'm sorry for all the victims. But the death in some ways is worse.

BretBaier The Rolling Stone made him appear to be a rock star. And for the people who say that the government should not take lives- what about abortion? Where is their due process? Idiotic appeal And once again, the system of white supremacy has said that they have to break a few eggs to make an omelet. Even if they kill eachother that barbarism cant be helped because white supremacy is a pass for all white criminals. See, you can commit terrorism and not get death.

I understand both sides of this argument, but IMO he should die for what he did. He did not care about robbing human beings of their lives. Why should he be allowed to continue living his, and why at the expense of American taxpayers including the men and women he tried to kill? You can thank a liberal for this🤬

Guaranteed committed by liberals who hate America Good. Death Penalty is wrong anyway. The American penalty system, from the way prisons are built, prisoners are treated to Capital punishment is a sad chapter. Im not surprised at all in todays world Im sure the socialist party thinks of him as a freedom fighter.

Putin must have ordered it. Mad about this? Look into his brother’s connections to the FBI As expected 😌 he's white kaloku aijebamalayo I just want to know who is he related to? Definitely a political tie in there somewhere. Has to be Looking at four walls the size of a broom closet for decades is much harsher. Makes one think about their crimes longer.

Please don’t show his face. Ever. That’s BS INeedMyRedCheckMark Ilhan Abdullahi Omar, you happy right? WHY FRY HIM. Can’t kill religion. Nice job, Trump.🙄 It should be up to the families .. So life in a concrete box it is then. I'd rather punch out early to be honest. unfortunate. Oh boy here we go This is good news. Abolish the death penalty. Not even the worst people in society should be given the death sentence.

Good. The state should not have the power to murder. Damn....

Silicon Valley Parent Sentenced to Six Months in Prison in College-Admissions ScandalSilicon Valley parent Manuel Henriquez was sentenced to six months in prison in the Varsity Blues college-admissions scandal, becoming the 20th parent to be sentenced in the sprawling fraud and racketeering case That’s it? This wasn’t a victimless crime. he didnt have enough money for just probation huh lol That's not enough!

Trump Says Suburbs Won’t Be ‘Bothered’ By Low-Income Housing AnymoreHis administration has overturned a law intended to fight racial segregation, Trump boasted on Twitter. What minorities can’t live in the suburbs without low income housing? Your racism is showing. Nice. Keep that crap downtown

Trump Says Suburbs Won’t Be ‘Bothered’ By Low-Income Housing AnymoreHis administration has overturned a rule intended to fight racial segregation, Trump boasted on Twitter. Sorry to be such a burden 😢 So...segregation is making a comeback? Why should we pay higher home prices to get away from low income housing, then have it forced on us?

An infant died after her mother drank beer and they shared a bed. Maryland’s highest court said it wasn’t a crimeDivided along gender lines, the Maryland Court of Appeals reversed the woman’s conviction in the co-sleeping death.

Tekashi 6ix9ine Requesting Tight Security to Do Community ServiceTekashi's gotta find somewhere safe to fulfill the last part of his sentence. He learned that in prison. Always request tight. Where tf he been? Living his life scared lol

As US passes 150,000 coronavirus deaths, experts at Johns Hopkins call for reset in national responseKeepingThemHonest, andersoncooper describes 'a self-proclaimed wartime President who... makes no mention of the 150,000 American lives lost in the battlefield that he himself is absent from.' andersoncooper Lol, nice writing Andy andersoncooper Why doesn’t CNN, a supposed news outlet, investigate China. Answer because you are FakeNews andersoncooper 3.10 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️