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Court Denies Trump Campaign’s Appeal of Pennsylvania Ballot Challenge

A U.S. appeals court denied the Trump campaign's appeal in its Pennsylvania election case, saying the claims had no merit

11/27/2020 9:32:00 PM

A U.S. appeals court denied the Trump campaign's appeal in its Pennsylvania election case, saying the claims had no merit

A federal appeals court denied the Trump campaign’s appeal in its Pennsylvania case, striking another blow to the president’s dwindling legal avenues to contest the outcome of the election.

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Senator Kamala Devi Harris, the daughter of Indian and Jamaican immigrants, is set to become America's next vice president. She is the first Black woman, first person of Indian descent, and only the fourth woman, nominated to a major party ticket. She will be the first woman to serve as vice president.California's Attorney General Kamala Harris, February 2012.

That's sad to see a man try to hold on to something so tight that he didn't have in the first place realDonaldTrump IvankaTrump FoxNews Remember our chosen judges & jury are only a small sample of a real jury of 90+ mil people who found our election system of people to be guilty of fraud. IN THIS COUNTY IT IS MOST IMPORTANT WE ALWAYS QUESTION OUR LEADERS NO MATTER WHAT.

Donnie boy, when 30 judges tell you your claims have no merit, that’s not good. You see normal people would quit after 5 times. 30 makes it clear that you are seriously delusional. Where's the laugh track when you need it? Him, his lawyers, Team Trump (aka: grifters) and cult idol worshipping faux patriots are pathetic.

Courts in the future will forever remember Trump as the boy who cried wolf!! Jon voi Claims have no merit! tRump has NO MERIT! The boy is a clown! It’s truly fitting to watch him squirm like this! I’m overjoyed just watching the beating! TrumpIsAManChild EndThisCharade 306 America We Stand wsj is irrelevant...

arrest Joe Being A Sport, Is The Secret Of Happiness. 'President Shri Donald Trump Ji & President Elect Shri Joe Biden Ji' are Good Sport in life & living . Please get a real job and stop spreading fake news We all know you are in BIG PANIC NCSWC Obviously. Can they just put that maggot out already 🤔 We don’t need to wait til January. He’s not doing his job. His job is NOT to cry about votes‼️

The conspirators are many, only the Supreme Court can block their intensions, actions and results of their conspiracy. On to SUPREME COURT. 😉 Lawsuits with no merit filed by a man with no credibility. Not surprising. Frivolous lawsuit, justice again QUÂN GIAN LẬN ĐỪNG DỞ TRÒ BỊP BỢM MỊ DÂN NỮA MÀ HẢY ĐỢI ĐẤY HẢY ĐỢI ĐẤY

Just because Trump says the election was rigged & a hoax doesn’t make it true. There has been over 1,000 babies murdered every day in the US, so far in 2020, they have been over 330,000 babies aborted. WE CAN STOP THIS TODAY but JoeBiden ossoff ReverendWarnock & Dems don't want 2 stop these murders, they want them expanded! Don't need masks!

Who are those judges in US appeals court? Next step: Supreme court. “The Loser” loses again and again the last 30 out of 31 Times, oh btw WSJ 13 million cases hospitals full, nurses doctors and staff beyond their mental strains and of course over 260,000 needless lives lost. AND “THE LOSER” is on the golf course. Who cares, not Republicans!

The conservative 4th COA says no merit because there is no merit. Never did. As expected, the Third Circuit Court of Appeals dismisses the Trump campaign's appeal in Pennsylvania. A necessary step before the referral to the Supreme Court. This judgment concerned the jurisdiction of the tribunal, and not the merits.

The notion that SCOTUS will come to an unlawful conclusion is unrealistic. Imagine these poor judges having to sit through five hours of Rudy & co ranting like they did at the press conference the other day realDonaldTrump JennaEllisEsq LOSES AGAIN! loser! The blistering opinion from a panel of judges on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, all three of whom were nominated by Republican presidents, said that the Trump campaign’s claimshavenomerrit

Orange moron without merit, and a porn star wife who will soon be FREE Swamp Judges, won't stand. On to the SCOTUS Maybe this Loser will now realize what the American people voted for, for him to start packing his bags Donny Lost, is in the WORD: Certified - adjective, 1: Having earned certification 2: GENUINE, AUTHENTIC 3: Officially recognized as possessing certain qualifications or meeting certain standards. Synonyms: authentic, bona fide, certifiable, genuine, honest, real, right, true

It is time to get over this crap. All this hate and discord is hard on everyone and not just those in the White House. The worst presidential in American history. His ego and pride has caused 260,000 Americans to die from covid, and if Americans are not careful the said ego and pride can cause another civil war... instead of conceding.

That's what his team wanted so they could appeal to SCOTUS. SenWhitehouse laid it out during ACB hearings. 45 really trying to call in that favor. Stop thinking he wont do it. Anything he wont do is exactly what he does traitorTrump never wanted 2 b potus SHOCKER! Not. TrumpCollapse Claims had no merit… 8.1 million votes with only 7.8 million register voters… Where are the extra votes come from?

DiaperDon GOP appointed judges upholding the law. Claims have no merit. Stop with the lunacy. TrumpIsALaughingStock We just might in January be watching the first President to actually be forced to leave in HANDCUFFS arrested for trespassing and Leaving in the back of a POLICE CAR instead of the President’s Helicopter...! However, Joe can’t pardon him without pardoning him for all his crimes!

womp womp. I was told there would be a kraken I really think those Newsmax and OAN backdrops are cheesy. THE KING OF ALL DRAMA KINGS! IT’S OVER! Georgia got paper ballots in 2017 making election auditing and recounts more secure. We need voter-verifiable paper audit trail (VVPAT) in Texas. Right now, there is no meaningful paper trail in Texas for auditing or recounting.

I wish he’s put as much effort in COVID as he is fighting the courts. Opinion by a judge appointed by realDonaldTrump, along with 2 other Republican appointees, no less. DiaperDon Good because Biden can't get into whitehouse unless he too proves the 800,000,00 votes were real too. So Stalemate TRUMP WINS!

Add another one in the L column 😂 Just like Trump...meritless. Poor DiaperDonald DiaperDon Another one bites the dust. “find people with cases and get them away from on another” Appointed by trump himself! Lol 🤣🤣🤣trump!!!! Your going down.... accept it get over it move on logodesign logomaker logos modern logo_design Logodesigner minimalist professional Virginia ashokatano More info/Order Now:

Half Truths.. off to the supreme court.. realDonaldTrump DiaperDonald TrumpMeltdown TrumpTantrum