Couple who pulled guns on Black mother and daughters charged with felony assault

Jillian Wuestenberg, 32, and Eric Wuestenberg, 42, got into an altercation with the family outside a Chipotle in Michigan.

7/3/2020 7:30:00 PM

A white couple from Clarkston, Michigan, was arrested and charged with a felony after a video shows the woman pointing a gun at a Black mother and her two daughters.

Jillian Wuestenberg, 32, and Eric Wuestenberg, 42, got into an altercation with the family outside a Chipotle in Michigan.

Oakland County Sheriff's OfficeThings quickly escalate after Eric Wuestenberg begins to reverse the vehicle out of the parking spot."You gonna f---ing hit me," the mother yells. Both groups begin arguing and the video shows Jillian Wuestenberg get out of the car and point a gun at the mother.

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"Get away," Jillian Wuestenberg says, telling her husband to call the police."Get the f--- away."The video ends with Jillian Wuestenberg getting back into the car and the couple driving away. The footage does not show what led up to the altercation but Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard said that it began when one group bumped into the other.

"There was a bump as they entered and exit. The one person said they didn't realize they had bumped the person with the food bag and the other person felt they needed to get an apology and it escalated from there," the sheriff said at a news conference Thursday.

Jillian Wuestenberg and her husband, who are concealed pistol license holders, told deputies that they feared for their lives after threatening comments were directed at them, according to the sheriff's office press release.The mother and daughters told deputies that the Wuestenbergs threatened them with firearms.

The Wuestenbergs were arraigned on the charges Thursday and each was given a $50,000 personal bond. As part of the bond conditions, they have to surrender all firearms and are prohibited from leaving the state. It's not clear if they have obtained attorneys.

Eric Wuestenberg was an employee at Oakland University. The school said in a statement Friday to NBC News that it found"his behavior unacceptable" and he has since been fired. Read more: NBC News » (@woodslabs) TikTok | Watch's Newest TikTok Videos (@woodslabs) on TikTok | 931.5K Likes. 173.9K Fans. Get your perfect piece today at WOODSLABS.COM! A Division of

mitchellreports I think there was more to the story. mitchellreports Are they brother and sister? These type mental actions can be caused by inbreeding right? mitchellreports More race baiting from the slug Mitchell and nbc mitchellreports So..... where is your retweet on the deaths of children in Atlanta and Chicago?

You did the right thing publishing their mugshots. These are terrorists. So, is there an official name for this new game where black people harass and provoke white people while filming, and when the whites respond they get to call them racist and ruin their lives? Just curious. The full video has been out for at least two days - further proof that you're lying, race-baiting propagandists.

mitchellreports EXCELLENT. mitchellreports The only acceptable outcome is they are charged to the fullest extent the law will allow. thislifegood good to hear that charges were laid !!! her actions were so so bad. mitchellreports I’m shocked that Michigan....the Alabama of the north actually did this!

Black privilege...Black person starts some shit...white person defends themselves...white person gets charged. mitchellreports Good. Thrown them in jail and let them rot for a while. Sometimes, USA this country very strange, and absurd ,democracy always hang on their mouth , always contempt to other countries, but,in fact, they already forget where they are from … invaded other countries,brutal, selfish, arrogant …it's a evil country !

FCC - ask the FCC-licensed network NBC why they are capitalizing Black & not white? Distorting the news is a crime most heinous. I don't get how bumping into someone is considered racist...the video keeps accusing them of racism over a's not always racism sometimes it's just assholes. Granted they shouldn't have pulled the guns out. Clearly they're irresponsible and don't need them anymore.

mitchellreports In the old days, people would scream, yell, curse, flip a finger, or maybe throw a punch or two. No one ever pulled a gun over an argument. What the fuck is wrong with some people? Lock them up! Ok to put 'white' couple but you refrain from ever stating the person is 'black' when they are arrested.

mitchellreports Good! mitchellreports Keep them locked up too. mitchellreports good. mitchellreports I'm glad they arrested these two racist bigot. Charge them with assault and felony. They are toxic and full of hate to humanity. Lock them up. mitchellreports THEY ARE DANGEROUS Now who's the big shot gun wielding heffer now!!?!! Bubba waiting for you 2!!

THEY WERE LET GO ON BAIL AND WILL BE FIGHTING THE CHARGES. AMERICA! Let me fix this headline. A white couple from Clarkston, Michigan, was arrested and charged with a felony after a video shows the woman pointing a gun at a Black mother and her two daughters who were being aggressive and blocking the couple from leaving.

Brandishing a pistol with no plans to use it could get you hurt. This is why the USA is in the mess it is in !!!!!!!!! I hope you guys enjoy some jail time. Thankfully they weren’t driving a white car!! Those racist cars kill people!! Imagine being such a coward that even the sight of a black woman & her little child scares you so much that you need to pull a gun & back away slowly to a getaway car. LMAO😂🤣! Cause that's what racists are in a nutshell, Cowards!

Couple who pulled guns on Black mother and daughters charged with felony assault. Jillian Wuestenberg, 32, and Eric Wuestenberg, 42 So.... What are the circumstances surrounding the gun being drawn? LockThemUp Good More proof that the Right To Bear Arms should not be for ALL Americans. 2A How many times are you going to post this? You have posted at least 5 times. You people are disgusting. Stop trying to incite a race war you barbaric heathens.

5 This has been in my news feed 5 times. 🤣 Look at the TOTALLY CLUELESS look on their faces! They're like, 'But . . . but . . . Trump!' GREAT Ahhh.. the MAGA beautiful people I wouldn’t have pulled my gun in that situation. People gotta realize youre being baited in. Stay calm and don’t argue. Just laugh like you’re at the zoo watching the animals doing animal stuff.

a couple of trumpanzees Absolutely disgusting.....what is wrong with people 🙄 A simple encounter escalated. She was waiting for an opportunity to use her weapon. Minor incident major response MAGA I am sure you will start also reporting on crimes of other races pointing guns at innocent people!? Stopracebaiting. Yousuck

Uh oh Karen went to jail Black Karen and her privileged brat started the whole thing, they only pulled the gun when they weren't allowed to leave What's the whole story? Beginning to end? And being rude doesnt count as an excuse. And why not just a woman and her daughters? Why must we label everyone by race?

Pregnant White Woman Falsely Accused of Racism Defends Herself with Firearm After Being Assaulted, Threatened by Black Woman (VIDEO) NotGuilty 2A Russian operatives. A vote for traitor trump is a vote for Putin. Putin will continue running our country if Traitor trump is elected Throw the book at them - charge them with attempted murder. Fuck it.

A pregnant woman being threatened and harassed by a group who wouldn't let them retreat pulls a gun to protect her unborn child. Good. Lay to Rest that 'Old Killer Instinct', they could have 'killed' someone's 'mom', & do 'not' conceptualize that this is someone's life! A complete 'disregard' for Human Life, based on 'False' Ideology of White Supremacy embedded in their psyche for generations. Isis

and the crazy continues Charge/convict them of a Felony..then they loose the right to own firearms. Repeat this on everyone who thinks it's OK to brandish weapons in public. But I’m sure nothing will happen to them. Please follow the story to the end and you will see Good Every American should own a gun at this point. May the best gunslinger win. If it’s gonna be wild Wild West again let’s get it. 💯

Gun possession should be prohibited To charge someone is meaningless. It'll be dropped later after the propaganda quiets down. This is what black power can do. This means as long as you are black, you can get anyone you want in trouble. Isn’t it a privilege? I remember that woman was attacked by a black woman.

You have sent this tweet out 4-5 times already which clearly means you are trying to sew division and stoke the fires of hatred. This story is old news already. All people in the entire video behaved badly. You leave that FACT out once again Thanks for clarifying what color they are we see you race-baiting trash! At what point can white ppl start suing these companies?

This is bulshit!! But the guy who intimidated a guy sitting in his car for no reason... not a problem These thugs need to be taken off the streets. Lock these violent thugs away! Maybe you should show the complete video. Beginning was cut! The Father also intentionally tried to hit the Black woman with his Truck...

OK these 2 are scumbags and all but this is legit the SIXTH time you have posted this story. Does it seriously warrant this much attention when you choose not to repost much other serious stuff to the same degree? Can’t help but notice you capitalized the “B” in black, but not the “w” in white. It’s a subtle but clear message. Stop encouraging racial division!!!

The amount of angry/volatile people these days is frightening. Thank u Trump .... and NBC fails to show the whole video where the black mother was instigating the whole thing Arrested for attempted murder, I hope. Crazy people Good. Good! Lesson for those individuals who think they above the law ... with their white privilege.

There is NO way to determine what actually happened here from the limited video. Clearly, the gun owner is seen giving ground, which suggests is being approached by the screaming person behind the camera. Question is, was she threatened before pulling the gun? Inconclusive. It is your right to own a gun. It is NOT your right to show it or point it at someone, now you’ve broken a law. Know the difference suburban people.

Post their photos, but still label them 'white couple?' Racist propaganda. This isn’t a Dad and daughter combo? Wow! Nasty! The smirk alone irks me Just curious. If this incident was 2 white parties would A. It even be national news? And B. Would the headline read A white couple pointing gun at a white mother.....

Good job, this woman was out of control. If someone with such poor weapons drills, poor education, and poor self control pointed a gun at me like that, I’d be freaked!! Hey maybe the real problem here is only one person was armed. America’s gun manufacturers and cultural edgelords are trying to remedy that at record speed:

I hope they're both convicted of the felony and become prohibited from owning guns. Disgusting how violent Americans are that they need to threaten to kill a woman and her children over an argument. I have no doubts the real issue was the woman and children are black. see, you shouldn't have dropped out of school

This is bullshit, so called mother and daughter were talking bullshit threatening the both of them! Then the mother has the nerve to get behind the vehicle, and hitting their vehicle. Excellent. May more such racist criminals be caught and punished to the fullest extent of the law. Couldn't happen to a,nicer couple!

tRUMPs white supremacists Why wasn't the full clip included in the article ? This had nothing to do with racism. This is pure sensationalism. I understand that the gun was uncalled for but these white people were clearly provoked and targeted. Check out the full clip here: Good. Fucking maniacs. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

This has got to stop Let them come to live in Russia.We are quiet and peaceful. Hope the black mother and her daughters are OK. 👮‍♂️🗽🇺🇸 Fry these pink idiots No matter how hard CNN, MSNBC etc tries,I will never accept America is structurally racist country.I've travelled around the world. No fairer or more egalitarian place like USA. Try being black in Europe,Asia or even Africa itself. US media is a virus causing division & hate

TheValuesVoter They don’t seem stable maybe owning guns should be re-evaluated, because they definitely need some mental evaluation. GovParsonMO LydaKrewson this is no different than what you’re lawyer friends Patricia and Mark McCloskey did in St. Louis. Why are they not under arrest? You are complicit with a racist system.

They say they “feared for their lives.” Seems to me that the people the lady pointed a gun at feared for THEIR lives. Why do these people always pull guns on the vulnerable, never on someone who can and is willing to shoot back? TheValuesVoter So that’s what they look like without a hood on You can’t just point guns at people.

I still don't understand why this breed of people call themselves WHITE! Take a sheet of white paper. Match yourself with it. Are you really WHITE? Ha ha. Good to see racists losing their jobs over their actions! Before long people will be worried to protect themselves from aggressors and yes I'm calling the mother and daughter the aggressors.

Oooooh, this was that event where a black child walked into a white woman, was extremely rude, and then her mother comes along and starts attacking the car of the white woman as she tried to escape, and fearing for her life she climbed out with a gun to protect herself... THAT! This is what you get when you play stupid hot-headed games.

Show the entire video of the mother and daughter terrorizing and threatening the couple. i dont know what to be more concerned with: the act or the reactions from the piblic really NBC? could ya find a more non relevant about all the shootings in Chicago every day? We hope they get prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Ppl who don’t know how to use guns, should not own them. Trump has created & provided human killing opportunities based on the color of our skin. PLEASE VOTE HIM & GOP ENABLERS OUT. VOTE BLUE We are not barbarians.

Keep fanning the flames. Por otra parte, hay que procurar resolver los problemas de manera amistosa y no tomar supuesta 'justicia por su propia mano', para eso están las autoridades respectivas y realicen el debido reclamo. Why these aren't terrorists? Why was the man charged if the woman pointed the gun?

Я видела видео! Это чёрная сука провоцировала беременную женщину...Это чёрная сука грозила убить мужчину..Они извинились и хотели уехать,но её чёрный выкидыш-дочь стала бить в машину,после чего белая женщина выскочила с пистолетом.Она защищала себя и своего не родившегося ребёнка I hate this type of journalism that pushes race for clicks at a convenient time as this. Clearly it had nothing to do with race but a bunch of impatient over-reacting idiots that bumped into each other at the wrong time and happened to be different colours. No need for race bait

Thank goodness for video. So pathetic. They are church going patriotic Americans. Others are just twerking dancers The charges will never stick, per Michigan precedent. Look, as much as I love that these assholes have been charged, this story is like 3 or 4 days old. C’mon. Are you Looking for Creative awesome doodle and outline over your portrait? I am a doodle artist and i will create design in your profile picture contract-

sharandstevie Can this not be reported ' Couple points Gun at Mother and her two Children' What has the colour of there skin got to do with it ..lets promote racism when its probably got nothing to do with the altercation. Hay que investigar si estaban defendiendo su propiedad de vándalos o quizá la pobre señora morena recibió tal amenaza por cuanto los terroristas domésticos hablan en su nombre para cometer fechorías y ella siendo decente, tampoco está de acuerdo. Veremos lo que suceda.

Lol 😂 we have a karen and ken now The black woman was looking for some 15 minutes of fame. The liberal white woman and her liberal husband will be voting straight ticket R from now on. Keep up the good work Democrats! Way too far. That crazy bitch tried to block them from leaving and was banging on their car (assault where I'm from)

they were bullied by crazy blacks! 👍 Triste personnes qui pensent que la faute de leurs vie c'est l'autre Karen and Ken. They was defending themselves. We all saw it. Good Small dick energy right here! she needs to get some cos he aint gone none! Welp, goes to show if you fear for your life and wellbeing as a white person, you're fucked in today's world. Good to know.

JohnTitor33621 Leave it to the lame stream media to only offer a snippet of the video to conveniently fit their narrative and push the race card.🙄 Here is what NBC didn't show you: The lady is that guy’s sister and wife at the same time. Those trumpians are unbelievable, they have to stop dropping out of middle school and mary from outside the family.

Why didn’t your headline on the freeway crash say African American man runs over two white women? She should of shot them Play the whole video You're about 4 days late on this. Way to keep up NBC. Charged, won't be prosecuted. That woman jumped behind their car and stopped them from leaving. Couple of meth heads pulling guns again. .

Lock them up with Trump! They had a right to self defense. You keep tweeting this and I will keep wondering if they are really white, what is the story they are white or someone pulled a gun on someone else. NBC is racist and should be censored!!! Sad, my first teaching job was in Clarkston and my husband graduated Clarkston High School. I’m see to see such anger from there.

Lick them up Oops lock them up Here's the deal.. I'm not gonna stop anymore, all right? . Fast, day at Congress a nd to those in survivors of war off our Constitution Ok, hold on.. He helped me to realize the cockroaches,. Let's act now.. you really should look at the other video that shows a different story. But you don’t want to show the whole story. Black woman mad at white woman is good for clicks. I can’t wait to see this family sue NBC and the rest of the media.

What the hell is wrong with people. For all the people claiming the white couple were blocked from leaving, they actually weren't Here's their car right before the lady got out with a gun? Does it look like they couldn't have left? I guess it was a good thing the police weren’t defunded there. SMF☠️☠️☠️☠️

Good!! Lock them up!!! They just SCREAM stupid...don't they Felony. No more guns for them! Lock her up. NBC...two days behind as usual... purple2blue9 Fame, you got it. They were stalked, harassed and assaulted by a crazy mother and daughter. It doesn't matter the intensity of the altercation, pointing a gun, was wrong

If only there was a way they could have chilled the out a bit... All that drama because they couldn't apologize for bumping into someone..... Imagine how they handle a real crisis Why the 😞 it’s only gonna be 4yrs it’ll go quick I’m sure the husband will flip on Karen get a reduced sentence 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣championship

Fack Gesicht The new normal in America - fearful and fragile white folks carrying lethal weapons for protection against some perceived black threat. You people are dumb. Both women are crazy.. but if the lady filming initiated, well.. she got what she deserved. Being ANY race doesn't exemplify you from self defense from the person you are aggressive against. Shit's gonna get weird.

Good! Maybe they’ll loose their gun rights because they’re seriously unstable. The black lady and her daughter are troublemakers. They are the POS. Emboldened by trump I'm usually against Karen's but this couple was in the right What the hell is wrong with these 2, do not give them bail. Thanks again Trump for your usual racist remarks!

JohnTitor33621 They were afraid for their lives this is a hate crime 'Two couples from Clarkson was arrested and charged with a felony after a video shows the woman pointing a gun at a mother and her two daughters' This isn't selling right? Jail time! 🔒them up!!! Crazy white folks! Will the other lady who threatened to “beat the shit” out of this lady be charged? Threatening someone is a crime. I wonder if has seen the whole video or just the editors one.

Dumbasses getting dumber by the day. Almost time for them to crawl back under the rocks they came from. Plus, no more guns for them. these people own guns for events like this. they are not protecting themselves. they are looking for opportunities to scare and intimidate other people. likely they can't tell the difference.

Typical idoits with a gun He lost a 'good job'. Hope it was worth it You sent this out two days ago. You are repeating because you are trying to sew division! Shame on you I’m sure they were “responsible gun owners” right Blacks are allowed to assault you now. Watch the whole video If you threaten someone with physical violence dont be surprised if you get a gun pulled on you. The lady with the gun did nothing wrong and they should sue for false imprisonment. The other lady should face charges for making threats.

Fucking people... Good. They are scum Good! They’re innocent. Good for this pregnant woman! Let’s start a go fund me. Arrest NBC employees NOW! Oh good! Morons🤦🏼‍♀️ NEXT!!!! Wow, we couldn’t fingure out their race. Thanks for your help 🙄 Couple or father and daughter? Eric lost his job too. But guns are safe...

Racist red necks Good ride end to thier ability to buy, permit, license, own guns as they were ridiculous Just saying I think you need to have your staff watch this and really consider who you are as people and what you stand for because right now all you stand for is division when we should be united.

Good!!! I hate it when jerk offs do stupid things with gives responsible gun owners a bad rap. So tired of Karen's That's that white privilege 🤫 Disgusting human beings IDIOTS KKKaren from ClarKKKston, Michigan. 50 years for those trumpets! Asswipes White Supremacists + Black Lives Matter = Game Over USA

I think she’ll enjoy jail If I was under a racial attack I’d defend myself too The black woman was being a total biach and the white lady just told her to back the phuq up. Media agitating division by not providing full context. Conflicts are never one sided. There is always a catalyst and that was not presented.

Show the whole video.. She certainly has that look of... ignorance. “White people arent racists. No ones racist.” As a white person who has spent much of his life around white people, I can say with 100% confidence there are racist white people lol. One is sitting in the White House now. Do you really want this as a neighbor ?

Sure look like trailer trash/hillbillies. What’s the whole story is there a link to a real news source? Leave it the part where the mom threaten the dad and wouldn't leave them alone. Fucking bias sobs You forgot to mention they were Biden supporters Nasty Broadcasting Corporation. Yeah. After the 'victim' started instigating and struck the 'evil white racist's' car. That's totally justified though because the victim, as a matter of race, is perpetually a victim and therefore can never be the problem.

The should be forced to watch the Lions... So blacks are now allowed to attack whites. SAD, If your white and not armed your just foolish. I can see pure hate all over them. I am a mother myself and would dare for someone to threaten my child's life by having a gun in my child's face. It shows that as of 2020, it doesn't matter what gender or age of a black person, we are in danger!

Never pull the gun until you’re ready to use it. Let em hear it before they see it. Then, it’s too late. That's great news. AfrDiasporaNews rolandsmartin RickeySmiley Why must EVERYTHING you report about involve announcing the races of the people involved? Does it matter what race they were? Why is this news company so racist? Why do they have to make everything about race? Do they think people of different races act differently?

Most times the women are the alpha and the husband is the “yes dear”. The most dangerous ppl are domestic white terrorist A couple more trumpsters off the streets! Good thing! U should tell the full story for once U guys are to blame for the race war we are currently in Tell the whole truth both parties are at fault here

They don’t look white to me!! NBC must be blind !!! I saw the video. It was off the charts crazy. It was self defense why’s the liberal media alway trying to divide our country. And they will get off. I hope she fights this and takes it to court. No jury would find her guilty. It’s in our bible studies to turn the other cheek. Mom should have had enough sense to just walk away but instead demanded an apology. Was it worth it White couple? Now ya’ll May go to prison for this assault. Why didn’t y’all just apologize? A simple apology goes a long way.

Show the whole video. Insanity. The ladies yelling at her and calling her a racist want an Instagram viral video. Nothing happened. She bumps into someone, the people act offended, start filming, blah blah. After threats of violence, telling the man I wish you would try something...gun comes out. A simple apology would have escalated this situation. Neither parties would just say those words. Both at fault for not trying. Once the gun showed up made the situation worse. Sometimes we just need to turn the other cheek!Mom missed that opportunity in teaching her daughter.

They needed to be arrested Is New world with a president that used to hang around with the mobsters and gangsters are now allowing his supporters to think they can do whatever they want we are human but we are the ones the kill this Earth and we kill off our own people after head Why is black capitalized?

This is what happened. That’s a good thing, totally out of line Jail those savages, they are the worst. Typical just because they are white they think they can pull this shit on minorities. What happened to go old fashion ass-kicking? I bet they would both run with their tails between their legs! Cowards is what they are! Lock them up, they’ll get it in jail.

They followed the white lady to her car, stood in between her and her vehicle,threatened her and husband,then put herself behind the vehicle to keep them from leaving,then they're surprised when the white lady fights back!! Sounds like baiting. The whites tried leaving, but the blacks purposely got in the way of their car, so the white woman thought the blacks were going to assault them. I've seen this baiting many times on youtube. Videos never include the nastiness that gets white people so upset.

Guess those folks be going to the club in the morning to show off their new fashion face mask. did you happen to see the whole video? they arrested the wrong people... Drop the Charges it was self defense I live in Texas, I watched the entire video. If this would have happened to me, I may have also pulled out my firearm. I heard the woman who pulled out the gun was pregnant as well. Not sure what the gun laws are in Michigan, but here in Texas she would not have been arrested.

If they get divorced would they still be brother and sister? Well. If the black women wouldn’t be gettin all-up in the white women’s face and would have just walked away... as the white women tried to do; the white women wouldn’t have gone stupid and pulled a gun on the black women. You can’t get any more black and white then that.

Thank you for reporting this. I was actually wondering. Everyone in this situation sucked. But there’s a clear difference when one party has guns and the other only has words. They could have stayed in the car & called the cops but yet here they are with their names plastered on the internet and fired from their jobs. usecommonsense

Idiots; you never point a weapon unless your ready to fire.....leave it in the open but point down until your ready to snatch the life from someone! Yea!!! Jailed these two Whiteys! They’ll get off Unrepentant Whiteys! Just beating this thing into the ground eh? Lol They are the victims here. The blacks should be charged.

Notice how the women of color didnt flinch....must be used to it Good. andjusticeforall White people be warned, the consequences for this senseless behaviors will only get tougher and tougher; rightly so. The new preemptive trump card, “I feel threatened.” All you have to do is say you feel it and you’re justified in doing whatever you want in that moment.

Pregnant White Woman Falsely Accused of Racism Defends Herself with Firearm After Being Assaulted, Threatened by Black Woman (VIDEO) This is fake news. Educate yourselves. Free these people... watch the whole video She needs her carry permit rescinded Lock them up! American got sick, Black sick. Her defense ? The woman was black and I knew Thad Donald would approve even if I wasn’t on 5th Ave, NY at the moment.

If these two mental midgets can get conceal carry permits there must be many more like minded folk wandering the streets. Food for thought. It's a travesty that in this country people think is acceptable to pull a gun on anyone they have a confrontation or disagreement with Good for them nobody seen the whole video these Black people were tiny these white people I would’ve done the same thing

Disgusting that they were charged, they had every right to defend themselves from the loud mouthed mother and daughter, who on the FULL video, you can hear them admit to causing the trouble. Reality lost in this article, watch the video then comment. Ive seen the video. She was calm, cool & collected. They woman and her daughter were looking for a fight. Very angry people. They stood behind their car so they couldn’t leave ...weve all seen what happens next.

The mother and her daughter should be ashamed of themselves for attaching this couple. To quick to pull out the racist card when there was none displayed. Weak people, they can kill you for nothing. mentalhealth Wow, there is so much racism it blows my mind. many recent riots have left people nervous.... the article did poor job describing events, and why the police charged the couple. the drawn gun was a bit much, but did not sound like assault.

That’s influence from our president, giving the brainless a fake sense of power. Ridiculous situation. Double standard. The women blocked her path. need to report the whole story. A simple 'excuse me' would have avoided this confrontation. What is so hard about saying please, thank you and excuse me? No Justice No Peace! And know, it's NOT and Should not be because they're White, instead because - THEY Broke the Law!

Brandishing a firearm is a felony offence. The St Louis couple is next to be arrested Good! I hooe they will be kicked out from their jobs if they have any good I'd rather they just move to whatever country these terrified lowbrowers plan on founding. Don't stay here. If someone was to walk up on me screaming and did not respect stop , as we all see there is perpetual motion on both sides so again what’s happening?

Nobody was hurt and there are people out there that think A crime was committed When someone pulled out a weapon for self defense. Most people seem to forget that a car is a lethal weapon. Neither the car nor the gun were used To commit a crime. That's ridiculous This is a clear case of anti-white hate and a violation of 2nd Amendment rights. I hope they sue NBC and the violent perpetrators and the police.

never pull a gun out unless you have to use it dummy. Lock them up. RACIST. Racist people man, you need to learn to respect man!!!!!!! Good! LOCK HER UP! This 'news' is really old! I watched the entire video from beginning to end. the WHITE woman was pregnant and being harassed by two BLACK women who refused to leave them alone and attacked their vehicle. The WHITE was defending herself from the crazed f*cking b*tches!

They seem nice... They’re so white, they look like Canadians in the wintertime . All NBC sees is color..... Sad Great. I was hoping she might shoot him or he might shoot her. The women attacked this couple and tried to block their car, while demanding an apology for accidentally bumping into someone at the door. The couple should be released and the mob who attacked them should be charged.

Self defense, she even apologized and tried to leave. Mother and daughter continued to harass and threaten. If you haven't watched the whole video, do so. We can see they are white in the photo. They were far from the aggressors The scary thing here is that these two might breed. Putos Stupid people once again making responsible gun awners look bad. Guns are not for dust up arguments. You dont put your finger on the trigger and point a gun at someone who is is not a threat on your life. Get these idiots out of society. I carry everyday and this is wrong

Because of a carry out bag bump? WTAF people? We’ve GOT to be better than this. God help us. American DNA needs an upgrade... ❤😍 Karen and Carl. The media only showed you part of a video again. Go figure, eh? The mother and daughters instigated it. In fact, they were lucky they weren't shot for being stupid. Watch the whole video. Also, donate to their gofundme to pay legal fees for the bullsh!t charge.

Posted 10 minutes ago. Like... this shit happened a week ago and it’s been posted a bunch of times already. Why just randomly post it like it happened today? Twisted minds.... Arrested, charged with felonious assault, and fired all because they felt “threatened “ by unarmed, black teenager and mom. Hired by trump in a near future at trump’s winery

People NBC is only telling you part of the story. Please do a little research, look at the film. Disgusting. Show the entire video. I dare you!! Well thank God something went right. This is what happens when morons abuse our 2nd Amendment. Two less votes for Trump in November. :-) I originally was on the 'victims' side, but if you watch the video again, it's not as simple as it's being portrait in the Media. Not saying she was right, but look at the full video before passing judgment.

Over 100 black people have aimed guns at innocent white people already this weekend. There will never be a conviction, they clearly used the gun in self defense, they felt threatened I stand behind this couple and feel everyone has the right to defend themselves They started, surrounded the car, started hitting the hood and wouldn't let her leave the parking lot. Defends on how the State chooses to define stand your ground.

Lock her up! Justice served HAWT After being accosted by the Black mother and daughters. Really twisting the story more and more. Fake liberal news network. All that’s missing from these two is the eye in the middle of their forehead...... No one should have a gun outside their home or the gun range. Life? Good.

this probably isn't even the first time they did this Regardless of color you don't need to pull a gun on someone. Her life wasn't in danger. Crazy people. Excellent It is now illegal as a White person to defend yourself against Black people. Insane. Lock her up ! Lock them up! They do not deserve felony charge. The white couple tried to walk away 2 times, but the black woman and her daughter were unreasonable. They played race card to make them look like victims but they were not.

What were they thinking? News organizations should stop using racial keywords. Leave out color. The black racist mother did not need to block their exit. The mother should have just let them leave quietly, but no. She provoked them too much, calling them names, challenging the husband, and hitting their car. The mother and daughter are the one who should be charged with.

Prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law PIGS COUPLE !! PIGS COUPLE !! Daamn! TL When is property valued above life. If you can’t solve your issues with your words, contact authorities. You can replace a car.Not a life.yes, vandalizing their car was wrong.Charge them. Respect for life seems you have gon the way of the dodos!

Hope justice prevails These two should have shown more restraint and not pulled a gun! How many videos have we watched where the path of a black person’s car is blocked by Karen! In these videos, the black person has run over Karen zero times because they showed restraint! These two should’ve also. Self defense

Needs a go fund me Why do these people always look so stupid? I didn’t know pulling a gun on someone you feel threatened by was illegal wth Yea! THAT IS HOW WE STOP DOMESTIC TERRORISM! 130 shootings of black on black just in a weekend More than 20 black people killed Not a single mention of it. Black lives matter only when it serves your political purpose

She said back the Fuck up like she was the police! Which was overkill... Gadem guns!!!! Racists Never bring a gun to a ....mouth fight When people start pulling out guns when people annoys or irritates them, then noone will be left alive anymore. Craziness is getting crazier Why? Ohhhh why? They are innocent until proven guilty!

Apparently nobody knows how to Read an 'Article' but, NBCNews & followers only want everyone to hear the half-truth anyway as, better for racebaiting Good I knew it would only be a matter of time before they were arrested, stupid ass people! Trumpers gonna Trump. White trash They look like 50% of the people in my town. Fucking scary!

Charged two white rich pointing their guns this couple must be poor It seemed like the mother and daughter were intentionally trying to instigate a racial incident for social media ... From the comments very few people watched the whole video... Smh Good thing she didn't try that with some thugs... Lord!!! whole situation would have went left...

Amazing how people think they just can shoot people they don’t like Hopefully the judge throws it out... that mother/daughter were looking for a fight. Mother wouldnt let them leave, told the man she would beat his ass, called the lady names, tried to say she was racist etc. Then stood behind their car & acted like they hit her, went all crazy...

That’s what should happen period ! Pull out a gun on someone then use the words I was feeling threatened. Do you know how many times black people feel threatened and could pull out a gun on a lot of people. That is no excuse to pull a gun unless your life depends on it... When I watched - It made me wonder how afraid anyone could be to get out of their safe vehicle with their husband. Honestly, if I'm afraid for my life - I'd get in my car a leave as fast as I can. That's just me.

Funny how they don't show all the videos all of the people who are getting attacked by the thugs. How about the 92 yr old in NY. HOW about the girl sitting in the park holding her cousin on her lap. Show the whole video! Show true story. Don’t cheat people. This headline is a complete distortion of what actually took place. is FAKENEWS FAKENEWS FAKENEWS FAKENEWS FAKENEWS FAKENEWS FAKENEWS FAKENEWS FAKENEWS

When 2 sets of idiots collide... Good Didn’t know there were so many hidden gangster in America! They try to leave and they were not allowed to do so, not once but twice. Why is the guy being arrested? Oops That was an absolutely terrible situation that could have turned deadly..... Appalling to see people behaving like that.....

This is bullshit. These people were criminally harassed, and completed justified in their actions. They broke no laws. The women harassing them should be tried. Fixed it for you -A couple from Clarkston, Michigan, was arrested and charged with a felony after a video shows the woman pointing a gun at a mother and her two daughters.

Northern people...smh This is just for show. They’ll see the video, hear witnesses, interview the couple and case close !! MaryWills612 I hope they get a sentence like oh, like they would get if they were black. Yeah, I said it. Good. Now, how about the two white lawyers in St. Louis who did the same? By the picture are you sure your description is accurate not sure they look white!! Loser network.

After the black mother launched a racist attack against them, then attacked their vehicle Our choices have consequences. Once again the MSM only tells the story from one side. People need to look at all the facts instead of taking the lies the msm is pumping out. How’s that Billy Bad Ass fantasy working for you folks?

it was a over the top reaction using a gun but the woman with her daughters asked for it. Very good. Miserable thugs. Lets hope they’re given a long cooling off period in a maximum security jail. This foolishness must be stopped immediately Tell the whole story. The woman only got out of her car with a weapon AFTER they started banging on her back windshield. Given what's been happening lately, I don't blame her. She was trying to deescalate and leave.

Now tell the whole story of how this started... you know the story, you just leave that part out to fit your narrative. Thank God these morons were arrested and I hope they go to jail. My mother raised, trained and donated German Shepard’s to the Michigan State Police - if this is what happened to that State Police group I want reimbursed for all the dogs my mother provided - FoxNews foxandfriends NPR NewsHour ABC CBSNews cnnbrk PatDolan

Two horrible people Is that her brother/husband? They picked a fight with her in the store. Then they picked a fight with her in the parking lot. Then they blocked her vehicle and beat on it. All because she's white. In the process they slandered her, harassed her, and threatened her. She had every right to defend herself.

her dead eyes showed she was two seconds away from taking a life... you get what you deserve nutjob When you pull it you got to use it. That is not right, that stupid woman got behind the car to keep them from leaving and then started attacking their vehicle Free Karen Chadbro!!!!!!! I hope their lawyer urges them to fight and also bring charges against the mother and daughter who clearly were looking to cause an incident. Harassing and blocking the couple from leaving, etc. Gun was too much, but when people feel threatened can't tell what they'll do.

white power or white stupidity ? That $10,000 probably hurt. You only pull your weapon if you plan on using it. And definitely not over words. Why do you only post crimes when it’s white on black? You only reference the color of someone’s skin when it’s white on black. You never post black on black crimes or white or white crimes or black or white crimes?You’re hate agenda driven!!

Are these the good guys with guys who are supposed to protect us? Everyone has a choice how to react in any situation. We have all gotten into confrontations. I choose to not react. I stay calm. I keep silent. I walk away. Unacceptable. I hope they come to some kind of enlightenment over all of this. Such SCARY shameful and sad behavior, What is this world coming to? :(

This is what happens when laws are not enforced. These people were threatened and have no one to protect them, so either pull a gun or be beaten into a coma or killed 🤔 pretty easy decision NBC now show the whole video!!! Assholes and race baiters But it would be okay if the ones pointing the guns were black and the ones being pointed at were white. Right?

thank god nobody got hurt but she needs to lose her permit to carry a gun in public . a few days in county will do her some good cuz someone brainwashed her ass probably more trump than anything else . in florida people been shot because of 'stand your ground' bs so their lucky Haaaaaaa! Lock them up When is the Karen apology your

Home girl looked as if she was higher than a kite. Show the whole video. The black mother spat the racist slurs and threatened to hit them as well was the aggressor in the whole situation. Heaven forbid someone who is white defend themselves against black right now. They are immediately placed in the wrong. Hmm just like cops

SAD!! That's awful and I hope they go to jail for a long time but how many black people do that to white people and other people. Fairs fair NBC..lets start posting some of those too, you wouldn't want to bias now would you! These losers are going to feel so sad about losing their guns not because they were wrong in how they handled the situation.

Watch the full video. She was attacked. After they blocked her from getting to her car, after yelling at them & calling them racist, after the mom threatened to kick his white ass, and AFTER the mom pretended to get hit by the car and then pound on it. All that was ok until she wanted to defend herself Report the truth

Is this what we’ve come to? Pulling out a gun because someone bumped into someone? The Woman definitely deserves everything the police can throw at her. I'm *almost* sorry (Not sorry) for the hubby. I didn't see him pull his gun, but he's also charged with a felony? And he was fired from his job? For what? Having a psycho wife? What did I miss?

Fired! Hahahahaha. Good. The racist mother and daughter were looking for a fight. They harassed a pregnant woman and husband over an accidental bump. If I were pregnant and had to deal with that bs I would have done the same. Racist Y'all think this is the wild west? We have morals and value others lives in the America I live in. If you could only see yourself.

Lock they ass up! He's only 42?!? Evil really does rot you from the inside out, huh? O so that ' firearms are only for Last Resort protection not to exude crude Behavior or pose a threat to the life and safety of others; that is a crime' gnasafety Throw away the key Good Don't pull guns on people who are not threatening your life.

Good Good! Everyone wants to own guns but most of them are to unstable to handle one. Check out the local news in Dayton Ohio over the last two weeks. Just ssyin. All she had to do is not draw a gun and they could be home watching Simpsons reruns. icecube I hope that lady gets jail time and they make an example out of her punk ass

stopem Let’s make sure to show the whole video though. Did nothing wrong Good! I love this song White people do the darndest things Thanks for telling us they were white. The picture didn't tell me that. The racist news network What if the situation was reversed? Lock up their red neck asses! HHH Heartless Horrible Humans!

When you watch the video it seems like she was getting even more upset because the black woman wasn't afraid. Too bad, so sad. Guns don’t solve anything. Demanding an apology from a stranger is never going to end well. Stop the fuckin race baiting, PLEASE!! realgirlpro Where the hell is CPS when Takelia Hill and her 15-year-old daughter assaulted these poor people.

Be scared of covid. Be scared of white people. Enslave your self to the globalist elite in exchange for a falss sence of security. Good. Assholes. LynneFeldman2 Great news Lock them up!! Don't let people bait you. Next time call the cops on the aggressor and wait for them to start a fight with the police

Lock them up Yep.....assholes! Only in America! Everyone proud enough yet? 🤦‍♂️ You reap what you sow. This is just the beginning 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 How many stories have you put out about Black people pulling a gun on a white person ZERO!! And you know God damn well it happens too!! So the only conclusion is you are using black people for a political purpose and you think they are to dumb to figure it out! SHAME ON YOU NBC

They truly need to start taking away people firearms license when charged for a gun incident Pulling the gun was not good but they seemed cornered by very aggressive actions ...what happened before this? icecube Trump send them ?hahah its all his fault,, The video look like the black people we're trying to start a racial incident with the people in the van for reviews on social media ...

Throw them in jail and cancel their gun permits Shiny happy people... correction- Jillian and Eric Wuestenberg ***** write their names. With so many protestors who threatened them and even the dog, how could they pick and chose who they pointed the gun at? What is a mother and daughters doing in that kind of protest in the first place. It is NOT a peaceful protest.

It was not just mother and daughters. The black woman was clearly assaulting the white woman. That was clearly self-defence. And race card was pulled up once again. Pathetic people!!! To the watch the video crowd: she got in her van and still felt safe to roll her window down and continue to engage them. That does not look like some one in fear. She gets out of her vehicle and becomes the aggressor. That did her in.

Two more Trump supporter I presume. Well they won't be able to vote for him now Next time drive off WTF No one was acting right in that video. No one. icecube Well Hey they Thought they were Some Type of Bonnie & Clyde Duel So Let's SEE HOW THE LAW WORKS WITH THIS 1 HERE👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👀👂🏾👁 Welp, I don’t think they were racists. I think tensions were high on both sides. when Sis blocked the car from the couple leaving, caused a messed up response. (Seemed) Sis wanted a physical fight but got a pistol drawn. Endgame wrong on the couple’s side.

Oh, nice, my childhood hometown made the news!😐 icecube Waiting for the sentencing 🤷🏽‍♂️🤔 Good. Get the Stupid people like this OFF America's Streets. VoteBlue2020 “Racists” is a weapons now for many. Well deserved! No excuse for pulling the gun, but the other parties seemed intent on being aggressive and escalating the situation.

Good Where’s your little gun now? She looks confused as to why she is there. Tot and Pears AHs FUCK Karen and her husband!! Lesson to be learned here? When you’ve got racist antagonizers behind your vehicle blocking you from leaving, hit the gas!!! Don’t get out to protect yourself. 🤷‍♂️. They want to use their bodies as roadblocks? Run the mf’ers over!!! 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

They “feared for their lives” a mother with her children..... that’s what these racist white folks are doing now ? If you're a white person please watch the entire video. It's enraging and highlights the importance of never interacting with black people. The Racist Black women were harassing, bullying, and intimidating. This was a staged assault to create a racially charged incident. THIS is what Marxist Political Activism is and the two Black women should have their phones looked at and be charged with Conspiracy

Wierd....they didnt seem very stunned or shocked either. It's like it they have been held at gunpoint before. Wierd Where’s their GoFundMe? We’ll donate generously! This is stupid... they were just defending themselves. There was obviously no talking to the people who were video taping and escalating the situation

Never saw a gun with 3 barrels How’s the NRA feel about all these irresponsible gun owners? We shouldn't judge people by their appearance, so it would be wrong of me to say they look like ignorant cult members. Hope this girl gets help. She is off the rails. Good!!! But what did HE do? Why did they arrest HIM?

icecube Good Is that her father, maybe some incest going on here, test the fetus LockHimUp LockHerUp LockHimUp LockHerUp LockHimUp LockHerUp LockHimUp LockHerUp LockHimUp LockHerUp LockHimUp LockHerUp icecube Pieces of shit.... Wait no one was killed and she was able to get away from the two overly aggressive black women who were harrowing them and preventing them from leaving. Looks like good judgment on her part. And if she would have shot the women who kept advancing in her it would have ben ok too

This is the lady... who whipped out her gun and told the other lady to Back Down... 🚔 Insane. They need help. icecube There's a lot of people on this thread who should turn in their firearms right now. What can say? I really hope they aren't charged w/ anything in the end. They certainly do not deserve it.

The black bitch stood behind the car when he was backing up. She is guilty for what happened, and they provoked the situation. The white couple were just trying to leave. I don’t care what color you are, if you behave that way, you’re looking for trouble. It is not permitted for whites to defend themselves from blacks.

DebraBa45242156 These two are nuts - hopefulky they go to jail and have their guns taken away. If you're that scared of black people then you shouldn't have a legal gun permit. icecube dude looks 60 I thought it was father/daughter. Anyway, glad they were arrested. It was self defense. Looking at their pictures I’m pretty sure they’re blood relatives.

How does dude with meth-mouth even allowed a gun? I'd say good. Eh now get that other two that pointed firearms at blm protesters Good! true_onion WHY IS IT ALWAYS THE GOOD LOOKING ONES? Nic4Nack Not so tough now. Take away their guns Good I guess you can't just pull a gun in someone. Who would of thought.

I love how racists always forget they're being recorded. Dude is the oldest 42-year-old on the planet. White people continue to make an ass out of themselves. Your gun rights are gone and so are you Mr Gun man is now unemployed as a result of his manly behavior! icecube Very foolish brandishing and threatening. It’s pretty easy to put a car in drive and move on with your life.

👌 icecube Good. Fuck em Thats exactly what I hoped would happen! Pointing and cocking!!!! Why is that part not mentioned? She hops out like a Dollar Store Charlie’s Angel. Good. The only satisfying thing I’ve read today. He's 42? Guess hate and fear age you. And racism. Well, and probably a shit diet without exercise too.

diggsforjudge I read somewhere it was one count. Shouldn't it be three counts? One for each victim. Rot in hell, racists. I hope they take all your guns away. Good. They are a menace to society but I’m sure they will walk away with a slap on the wrist. They are the wrong color for prosecution. Please follow the case

When keeping it 2A goes wrong. There are hundreds of thousands of them here in Florida. Everyone agreeing with their actions are so disturbing. They're going to hurt someone someday. Hopefully none of them really own guns. They are fired on Monday. They will learn. One at a time it seems, but they WILL learn.

Go figure. Michigan is racist against white people This is how Trump, GOP, FOX NEWS, and their NRA would like to see things happen - every white person threatening the hell out of black people instead of defending themselves with those guns. Sorry, the white couple shouldn’t have been charged - watch the whole video...

good, very good! In order to avoid conflict, when I saw black friends, I had to hide in awe in order to avoid being given the title of racism. Good. Thank you.🌏 The ugly bonnie & stupid clyde icecube Back and forth, same old story. You're a broken record Ice. Change the script. Cowards VoteGloriaJ People who threaten others with guns don’t need guns and need to be locked up, including the Michigan couple threatening the black mom and her daughters! What’s the world coming to? Love thy Neighbor!

He got fired from his university job icecube The other people were the aggressors as seen in the full video. These people will not be found guilty Good for you folks. We or getting tired of it. Things will change. I'm laying odds that they're from 'that trailer park'. Why does everyone have a gun ? It really isn’t necessary at all is it? 🇬🇧

Color coded story Sounds like justice to me.... icecube Hmm nothing about why? Inciting blacks one at a time! Water board them and the execute bonsignore007 Consequences. Good. You don't pull a gun on someone who inadvertently bumps into you. good watch the full video to get the full perspective. Wrong is wrong, but don’t look for trouble and then act like a victim, no matter your race

wait that wasn't her dad I knew this was going to happen. The laws are clear as to when u can pull a weapon on someone and this white supremist clearly DOESN'T KNOW THEM AND DIDN'T CARE TO LEARN. She is the reason gun reform is needed now rather than later!!! Africanfighter Jail time...and the best part, when they get out, they will lose their right to own a weapon.

Anytime I bump into someone or get bumped into i immediately apologize I'm not afraid to say sorry or my fault but lots of people act to good to acknowledge other people... this could've been avoided but just treating others the right way The woman is wrong for pulling a gun and was rightfully arrested. However, please watch and entire video. The victims in this case created an ugly situation and quite literally asked for a bad reaction from these people. They got what they wanted I guess.

White vs black. MediaIsTheEnemyOfThePeople MediaIsRacist MediaManipulation DemocratsAreDestroyingAmerica DemocratsDontCareAboutYou WakeUpAmerica StandUpForAmerica TakeAmericaBack DemExit WalkAway Evidence of violence in streets and attack on white people. Sure jump to conclusion this is racist. People will defend themselves. No local Democrats are protecting citizens.They created this environment. Citizens will defend themselves. DemExit DemocratsAreDestroyingAmerica

“Hope they both have that hole in their front pant pocket still so they can continue to feel cocky all day.” - Ying Ling Do Becerros Estufers YLaEstraShabo Racist,criminals, He’s 42? They were using self defense. These charges will be dropped 100%. More race war garbage Dwankey mfs Nekomimisamsam This is the insanity that 2nd amendment nuts bring. Normal people want to live a haooy and safe life but some think they have the right to terrorize people different than them

Karma Total BS icecube I hope they spend some time in jail, but I doubt it Watch the full video before commenting! icecube They are panicking now. They all subconsciously know that their time is up. Emptiness in their eyes icecube ‘Murica!!! Sad this is TRUMP & GOPs America now ! Glad to hear Karen and Kevin were arrested! LockThemUp


They look nice. CowLady12 I guess they’ll miss Trumps Mt Rushmore celebration. So sad Trunt’s trash got what is deserved! America’s streets are cleaner for not having this garbage pollute our air! Lock them up! Insane overreaction Karma is a bitch! BYE BYE LOVEBIRDS XOXO Why protecting themselves Disgusting!

icecube Good! Fuck them! fukaren1 DumbF**ks This is why... Good scumbags icecube Cleavon_MD Cleavon_MD so thankful for your online presence & how you've helped during the pandemic. So take this as a question from a friend, not foe. Have you seen the longer video of the mom & daughters escalating while the couple tries to leave the situation? Gives some context.

This is what Fox Fear causes .....unstable Mables toting guns after days weeks and months of listening to those two FOX SWEATHEARTS - ‘chaos and carnage “ And he just lost his job...when will people learn? Good! Racists egged on by trump I’m sure! This is bullshit. The other party was threatening them, she had every right to pull her firearm

icecube They couldn't wait to pull their guns out. Scary MF's. AGAIN THIS WAS STUPID PEOPLE ARE UPSET WITH EVERYTHING GOING ON IN AMERICA. TO DO THIS IT IS NOT RIGHT AND I HOPE THEY UNDERSTAND THAT. I saw the complete video and definitely two crazy woman attacking a pregnant mom. icecube Lol, white people making excuses for neanderthugs! Whip their arse

She was attack by a crazy woman and she defend herself. I don’t see any crime. Good Lol people are so dumb. Smooth move peeps This was a good example of what it’s going to look like when the new Social Workers are trying to de-escalate a problem. Difference will be they won’t have a gun...All you Governors and Mayors better take notes. This is the shit you will be dealing with.

They should spend a lot of time in jail icecube Gonna get off pretty easily. The best thing that will come out of this is that they will loose their right to own or handle a gun or be allowed to be around anyone who has/owns guns. 🤣 she is crazyyyyy ChiriKatwa Now arrest the rich White Supremacist lawyers who pulled guns on peaceful protesters!!

I don’t get it.... what does the race have to do with it? MediaFlaming NoAntiBlackRacism Reparations2020 You don’t pulled a gun on any one. Cowards carry guns. The mother and daughter were the ones threatening them and then wouldn’t let them leave they should be the ones charged, ridiculous!! 😒 OUSTANDING ! This crap Gaston stop. Next file suite against them.

All over someone “bumping” another person and then demanding an apology? Christ, that’s fucking ridiculous. How about you show the full video of the confrontation. Derecksupreme That lady was waiting for the “right moment” to pull that gun out. all assholes GOOD!!!! Trump and his anarchists flood social media with messages of hate unrelated to any content. Just full on rage. Add guns to that mix and it's real trouble.

Where has decency gone? Funny how the Americans news media . Does not empathize. With out the gun ,there would not be an issue . Or possible it would not escalated that far . 😳 Always reporting on the white people...never reporting on blacks doing bad shit.. rolandsmartin New passport pictures ...... Some people shouldn’t own guns, regardless of the 2nd amendment.

Absolute trash TrumpIsARacist and has emboldened all the others racists. MakeRacistAfraidAgain After the Black woman assaulted them while making herself an internet celebrity. The mother in the video was in scrap mode. She invited both of them to throw some hands. So I can see why the lady got scared. They weren't about that life and were trying to bounce. Hate to say it but the mom's actions is what gonna get them off in court.

C’mon, people. “There was a bump as they entered and exit. The one person said they didn't realize they had bumped the person with the food bag and the other person felt they needed to get an apology and it escalated from there,' the sheriff said at a news conference Thursday. So, if someone bumps into another person in Canada, the response is usually “sorry!” By both people! It is alarming to see how the US is losing its civility so quickly along with morality, humility and humanity.

Mothafkers Wow. So we’re treating blacks people like Make a Wish kids allowing them to harass whoever they want without consequence. So much for “equality” icecube Keep these thugs off the streets Why do you (the media) put in the headlines “white couple” and “black mother and daughter”?Oh that’s right to stir the pot you instigators.Shame on you!

Jail. Long time. Where are the adults? What happened to civility? everythingtrumptouchesdies In no way should a gun ever been pulled out. But damn, say your peace and walk away. Instead of making the situation worse when dealing with rude people, say your F-U’s and go on. Why are these two arrested when they were the ones attacked?

icecube When saying “oops my bad” turns into pulling a gun out because your “feared for your life”. Btw, full video shows the mother getting behind the van and not letting the couple leave BEFORE she pulls out the gun. Both parties are stupid. icecube We can see they’re white, mentioning it in the headline says how moronic your regular viewers are.....

icecube This is another side of America that most of us who are not Americans don’t know about , I only know of America from watching movies,series and etc , America is always portrayed as a country for all with tolerance to diversity but I have learned that it is not People like this act like they think there are no consequences for being a POS. What makes them think that? Trump's life.

Should have filed off the aim on the gun! Bye Becky icecube Father and daughter icecube Well deserved 👏🏼👍🏼 icecube If you watch the whole video, you'll realize the white couple was innocent, and i think she be pregnant. icecube My day is always made when the lives of racists turn for the worst. icecube Chipotle parking lotssuck not to mention some really sick looking employees.

Skeptic_George Good because that lady is nuts and clearly shouldn’t own a firearm. Two losers!😡 I would have done the same thing icecube Philando Castile was a registered gun owner and he was shot dead by cops. This woman pointed her gun at someone and barely faces any consequences. icecube Let me guess... they’re “Christian” and “pro-life” too, right?

icecube I thought that was her father Felons don't have voting rights. These trump dimwits just learned a hard lesson. What about all the blacks rioting, shooting and killing citizens EVERY DAMN DAY all around the country?! AllLivesMatters icecube Good Hopefully Bubba and Bubbette learned their lesson the hard way.

Master race icecube Not all monsters look like shrek icecube Damn right. 👏🏾👏🏻👏🏽👏👏🏾👏🏼👏🏿I hope she spends a long time in jail so she can think about her actions. You can't expect to pull guns on innocent ppl. cause of their skin color & get away with it. icecube I see bars in front of their faces.

icecube Both sides were wrong. Stop picking sides!! It’s ok to say both sides were wrong. What a psycho. Thank God no one was injured icecube The case will never see a court room...them getting arrested was only to appease the MOB. She took a pretty good mugshot. That’s as good as she’s going to look for a long time!

StephenARhodes Stupid crackers Git that bitch icecube Yea that was some bullshit bruh I saw that shit and was horrified- those folks with the gun still looked scared? Like wtf? Why are you scared and you have the gun! What is your fear? Seriously icecube it really disturbing to see know this country has changed for far worse under the Imperial Wizard living in public housing (1600 Penn Ave) . His ruffians wake up everyday looking to have a confrontation with a non-white.

The tweedledum couple icecube Scumbags The same thing should happen to that entitled couple, Mark and Patty McCloskey of St. Louis, who aimed a pistol and an assault rifle at peaceful protesters marching toward the mayor’s home. Good thing pointed out they’re a “white” couple , we couldn’t tell that from the picture. Good job on keeping race an issue

icecube Not so tough without that gun now huh Karen... peace1 👏👏👏👏👏👏 Anyone want to bet these two are Trump supporters? This is my favorite song icecube WOW! Did you use your phone call to call him to bond you out? icecube Let black guys gang bang her icecube Half the story... Half of the video... Making CNN look 👍

icecube This government is rooted in terrorism, and the citizens just follow their lead, they would not be doing this if they didn't see the police do it everyday.. Please make this go viral. People like this really need a consequence You reap what you sow. Probably not so tough without a gun. icecube 🤔🤔🤔🤔

What’s up now smartass know it all Karen and Chad You pigs I'm sorry, I saw the whole video. And as a liberal, anti-gun Democrat, please don't conflate what happened here with the peaceful protestors. This woman should NEVER have pulled a gun, but the mother n daughter were instigating n blocking her car n filming it to go viral.

Good! Homegrown domestic terrorists belong in jail. A threat and danger to the public. Boom 💥! Thank you Justice I’m glad they were arrested, & that the university where he was employed has fired him. These nut jobs need to learn that threatening someone with a firearm is a felony no matter what political candidates you support & no matter how many time trump scream tweets “law and order.”

I hope they both get at least 10 years for this like trump says for any violence all his supporters are the violent ones it’s showing These ppl need to be sent to jail & take their guns. The don’t know how to use them. Same goes for the othe couple in St. Louis. Criminal racists & killers. They should be fired from their jobs or boycotted by their neighbors & friends. We don’t need these pariahs in America.

Their CCW should immediately be revoked. Self defense is not a crime Total BS and will be thrown out in court. They were accosted and assaulted multiple times. If a white person did what those black people did to these poor people they would be burning down Michigan right now. HowI understood it: the white woman bumps into one of the black daughters at the entrance. Black daughter demanded an apology, white woman gets defensive, things escalate and bobs your uncle. The black family is not innocent or blameless

Should the tables turn and the black homeowner pointed the weapon at the white woman approaching her home there would be no news and no arrest or charges. blm drives the media and the politicians! Weak minds use acts of force when words will do. That’s bullshit.... I would hope my wife would have done the same thing. I guess loud mouth victims playing the race card wins.

This could have ended so differently if she had just apologized - even if she didn’t realize she bumped into the girl. This whole matter is ridiculous! Why did they they pull out and point the gun? If J Edgar pointed a gun at Ma Barker is that a crime? If the two were robbing, that's a different story. Valid Arrest!

IAmSophiaNelson Having granite for brains, on top of being racist, on top of being entitled, on top of living in a delusional world where guns are brandished in imagined provocation creates felonies, job loss, and social pariah status. STOP IT! Or lose everything. LOVE IT! All day long, crazy f*cks! Good. Throw the book at them.

THis is great news! You can't use your white privilege to pull a gun on somebody in a dispute and just drive off to your white bubble neighborhood without paying a price. Pulling a gun is only normal in the USA. You can't draw your weapon on someone for a verbal altercation simply because you're scared. No one threatened her, no one touched her. This is ridiculous. We will never agree on everything but we don't have to kill eachother. Her firearm permit should be revoked.

The other lady should be charged. She blocked them in and was threatening them added some racial slander too. I feared for them Just keep doing stupid things black lives matter haters the more stupid things you think say and do it's giving us the victory over this racial discrimination system and fight for equality and freedom is gonna get stronger

Cleavon_MD This violent dude worked at a university. Thank goodness he was fired. Bitch If they were SO AFRAID 😱 why didn’t they stay in the house and call the cops 🚓 🤔🧐 rolandsmartin Sad trombone plays for all the Karen's mourning their fallen compatriot, thoughts and prayers... And sadly people support this type of behavior....

Longer video of the altercation here Want to get away with anything? Just call people ‘racist’ and the world will back you up 🙄 These two can join Trump. Good. Keep their guns. Good!!!!! Good! Why is race important to this story? There was an incident, an argument, some lady brought her mouth to a gunfight..she’s lucky she didn’t get shot. She impeded their movement. The mother and daughter were verbally out of control. Now isn’t the time to do that.

LOCK THEM UP!!! wwstansburyccfa I say the entire altercation went much further than necessary. The gun was unnecessary; however, in watching the full video, the women were antagonistic towards the woman after she bumped into one of them. She didn’t apologize. Move on. It almost cost them their lives.

Video is interesting we shall see. Show the whole video, tell the truth. mentalhealth This charge will never stick ! LoveNOLA4ever Wow. That lady is ka razy Not sure how this is news. 4 idiots 👏😷👏 ManMet80 Is that her dad? How wish I could disciple this man. They kept trying to leave, watch the entire video.

ManMet80 Karma is good. In Oklahoma they would be able to also shoot two warning shots, below the waist, and still never face felony assault - thanks to TulsaPolice bumbling homicide detective that works under TPD_Franklin Crazy scary still don’t understand why two white rich couple was not arrested pointing guns at individuals in front of their mansion oh mansion money rules the laws where they live

They feared for their life? Theyre the ones with a gun while the black lady had her daughters. I love a happy ending. The dude got fired. The girl? Dunno'. What about the other couple They ugly too PVujin Some actual justice finally. Good. Wait! The mother was threatening the women who pulled the gun. The mother is the aggressor in the situation

SS Poster kids. rolandsmartin So this was all because she couldn't say 'Excuse me' or 'Sorry'🤦 So glad this twat was arrested the ngr wouldn't stop harassing them !! what does she expect rolandsmartin This couple was JEWISH! Noantiblackracism Winking_Buddha Well played 21st century technology. Well played.

This is total bs. The white people tried driving away and the black mom went behind their vehicle and poundedon it!!! The video showingbthe truth...below Guess you missed the part where the black lady is threatening to beat their white ass. What would you do to protect your unborn child? The mother and daughter had a chance to de escalate but they kept attacking. Pregnant women is trying to avoid a physical fight.

watched the full video they should shoot that N😅 stupid political correctness evil law rolandsmartin I’m actually surprised! I guess their July 4th is ruined...GOOD! Enough of this out-of-control Karen and Ken craziness. This is why open carry is a disaster waiting to happen, and in many cases, it has been disastrous.

Shit goes down at Chipotle in Orion Township. But the Video clearly shows they were the ones being assaulted by racists who were trying to accuse them of being racist ... Just watch the full video ... Good... racist behavior at its worst They did nothing wrong. those two black women wanted a confrontation to film and didnt expect them to defend themselves. the mom who is very ignorant was kicking the back of their car as they were pulling out. they wanted to go viral and maybe get some gofundme cash. grifters

Why is this being reported racially? Good lock them up. She is one stupid mean b**ch!!! Jewish as well?..... (We can tell they are white) StopRacism Definitely trumpers... idiots Sick bastards. Typical Leftist fakenews racebating reporting.... It was self defense schadenfreude Why is black capitalized and white is not? You do know this woman was chased and harassed before the gun came out? Your race baiting lies are inciting hatred and ruining the country.

Why do we always discover the people who SHOULD NOT own guns have guns they bought legally? I wonder what she’s saying to defend her self. Yk what I mean like how is she justifying her action Geez..look at this gene pool. How could those two be the fastest swimmers WRALAaron Maybe they should show the whole video and tell the whole story...the mother and daughter should be the ones charged.

Look at the whole video you racist FakeNews media. Because Democrats allow people to be attacked and media uses short clips you don’t see the family threaten her. DemocratsAreDestroyingAmerica Good! This clearly shows that an armed society is a polite socie.... Oh, never mind. They will get a 50 dollar fine

deplorables trumpCULT I know white people are upset being exposed like this during a damn pandemic. Jesus. Wouldn’t the picture tell us what color they are, you race hustlers. EnemyOfThePeople Dirty Harriet needs to take a Psych test pronto. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 That's what you call 'instant karma'! Like my momma always said, 'you made your bed, now you gotta lie in it.' 🤷🏽‍♀️

But they look so smart. 🤦🏻‍♂️ Good riddance to you both Maybe they could doubles match the crazy St. Louis gun couple. goofs GOOD! That guy looks a lot older than her, is that her dad? Asking for a friend.. guns stop morons from attacking you , they tend to stfu when they have a gunj pointed to their heads, thats what they are for to stop attacks before they happen

Good! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 justice served! Good BS, they were trying to leave and the racist black women would not let them Remember, biden is racist! Vote for someone who isn't! VoteGold Jorgensen2020 LetHerDebate LetHerSpeak JoNotJoe Biden2020 VoteOutTheGOP If I was constantly harass while I am trying to leave the situation and you prevent me from doing so then I would probably do the same.

the gun stopped an assault , those of you commenting on this are clueless and would be better off in liberal canada with the rest of the morons Thank you videos. Lmfao Keep stirring the pot and lying You know the blacks threatened them first and hurled racist abuse at them The long video is out there and shows all

You have these pos media outlets that are on the look out for any type of situation that they can use to further divide this nation along race lines. The mother and daughter instigated the situation due to their color knowing people would take their side due to their race 🔐🔐🔐🔐🔐🔐🔐🔐 🔐Lock🔐Her🔐Up🔐 🔐🔐🔐🔐🔐🔐🔐🔐

Good ! Lock them up and make them famous so no one wants to associate with them any longer. So nothing happened, but a bunch of yelling and someone is charged with a crime. I cannot drive and take public transit and have people point guns at me all the time. I always walk away and that is the end of it.

None of this would happen if we didn’t have this absurd level of firearms in the hands of civilians. We DO need a 2A review. I watched the whole video. Simple: IF she just said she was sorry when she bumped into the teen, this would have ended there. Simple, normal courtesy we all were taught as kids. Now, look where it got her.

Excellent! The judge needs to throw the book at her. If she just gets a slap on the wrist, this will keep happening. GOOD! This is outrageous. They did nothing wrong. Seems systemic racism is against whites. Watch the video before you comment. Father and daughter? Is that the problem here? It’s time to start suing authorities for civil rights violations in cases like this. The black woman taunted, stalked and surrounded the white woman.

Liberals are morons Till some idiot chimes in with the Second Amendment in 3...2... Unfortunately, people like them create excuses for their idiocy. I'm on side of the couple! This whole thing was totally ridiculous! How many people bump others don't apologize! It should have NEVER escalated to this! It's not a racist thing! It's a person being distracted or just rude! They come in all colors AND have thing to do with race!

'The woman told Heavy via email that Eric Wuestenberg “started screaming for them to open more lanes and to open the self-checkout.” The woman said that Jillian Wuestenberg “had her phone out and was filming the workers that were changing the drawers, yelling at them.” Nice pair People need to stop acting stupid! She could have killed them! Take her gun away!

joanneintexas Good to hear. I hope the DA can make those charges stick and get a conviction. Neither of these gun nut racists should be able to legally possess a firearm ever again. Lock them up! Revoke their permits for a year. You left out they were threatened and assaulted and the black woman pulled her car up behind them and wouldn’t let them leave. It’s going to be fun seeing how this plays out in court.

GOOD! playing cops.. Yeah I saw the video....but I don't know what prompt her, I believe there's a reason behind it. It wasn't her fault Was it worth getting fired, a felony charge and a $50, 000 bond, thank God no one was injured or killed in this very heated over the top exchange...this is what Trump's America looks like and it must stop in November!

What that white lady did was wrong and she should get in trouble for it but she was NOT being racist. Show the whole video They’re not so tough without they’re gun and vehicle now are they? They’re innocent. Good for them, where’s their go fund me? That's ridiculous. You can't even protect yourself or your family against attacks from black people anymore..

All the media has to do is say “white people did this to black people” and everyone will assume the white people are racist. Silent majority must vote for Trump in November or this will forever be the new normal. If you stand behind my car when I'm trying to get away from the altercation, then you can expect the same from me.

Just forgot to mention they followed them and hit her car. Let's try and get the whole story Here is the full video What was in that chipotle? Good! Haha. Sucks to suck. If you watch the whole video it's actually a depressing but poignant microcosm of what's wrong with the country. Don't hurt yourself. Good luck finding 12 people to convict them

Trumpsters Say 'Cheese'!!!! After they surrounded her and threatened to beat her up and then refused to let them leave. Watch the whole vid, the black family are after a GoFundMe pay out. That’s a wild waste of government resources... Revoke their gun licenses Racist Media only reports one way They deserve it!!!

Trump Privilege Is there a law when your found to be guilty of pulling a gun without just cause the gun owner should have to turn in there guns...PERIOD! Look at Stable Mable here, she pulled a gun for nothing The Americans really look silly from here. Do all Americans have a gun ? Do the Americans really feel that insecure about other Americans ?

What are these people NOT afraid of? Paranoid and gun don’t mix. The skin color is irrelevant, you disingenuous hacks. If they felt threatened, they were justified. Their apology will do the miracles. Everyone could be melted. I hope they got all their guns from them. THANKS GOODNESS FOR VIDEOS.. OR THEY WILL BE FREE.

Just like their president said.... locked them up!!! Good! Take there guns and make them take classes on fire arms and when to pull them out. That’s the oldest 42 y/o dude I’ve ever seen in my life

White couple in Michigan arrested after woman pulls gun on Black familyA white couple has been arrested after a handgun was pulled on a Black woman and her daughters during a videotaped confrontation in Michigan. too many karens that shouldn't have guns. She ignored many rules in having a concealed pistol license now she looking stupid Sounds like something somebody from Jackson would do. No, I didn't read the article yet. shishagan Good

White Couple Arrested After Gun Pulled On Black Family In MichiganCellphone video captured the confrontation in a restaurant parking lot in Orion Township, about 40 miles northwest of Detroit. Black girl picks fight with white woman. White woman walks away to her car. Black girl follows white woman to her car. Black girl smacks the back of the car. White woman gets out, armed, tells black girl to leave her alone. Black girl didn't do nothin'. Another reason not to visit the US. Their culture isn't changing anytime soon. Everyone needed to just calm tf down, especially the mother. Calm down, probably didn’t hear what the lady was saying to her once she got in the car....

White Mich. couple arrested after gun pulled on Black familyA white couple was arrested after at least one handgun was pulled on a Black woman and her daughters during a videotaped confrontation in a restaurant parking lot in Michigan, authorities said... booooooooo Excellent. BLM Is this the same BlackLivesMatter advocate that calls for defunding of Police on her social media? F.... hypocrite

White Mich. couple charged after gun pulled on Black familyA white couple face criminal charges after one of them was captured on video pulling a handgun on a Black woman and her daughters in a restaurant parking lot in Michigan. Jillian Wuestenberg, 32, and Eric Wuestenberg, 42, were arrested after Wednesday night&39;s confrontation and charged Thursday with Wtf! They can't even defend their property? Unfuckingbelieveable. Thankfully, the couple will have their day in court. An arrest sucks. A guilty verdict would be insane. Brid Dogging someone is also assault

White Couple Arrested After Gun Pulled On Black Family In MichiganCellphone video captured the confrontation in a restaurant parking lot in Orion Township, about 40 miles northwest of Detroit. what the hell is wrong with ppl? there's just too many of these types of incidents lately - waaaaay too many - DT gave them permission so that's where it's at now

The budget breakdown of a millennial couple making $87,000 in Toronto and saving $2,300 a monthSteph Gordon, 24, and Den Mathu, 24, are able to save a lot more during the pandemic, since Canada suspended student loan payments. Den, who used to put nearly $1,000 a month toward his student debt, is now putting all of that money toward an emergency fund. MakeIt Too cold up there for me. I'd love to visit in the Summer, though! MakeIt a couple can live in toronto on 87000 and still save, news to me MakeIt Maybe because they aren’t wasting their time and energy in BLM protests.