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Matt Foster, David Mazie

Couple sues fertility clinic after giving birth to baby with different race

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A New Jersey couple is suing the hospital where they went for fertility treatments after the white couple gave birth to an Asian baby.

Get breaking national and world news, broadcast video coverage, and exclusive interviews. Find the top news online at ABC news.

According to the couple's lawyer, David Mazie, the parents only realized the child wasn't theirs in 2015.

According to the lawsuit, the hospital claims it used the clients' sperm for IVF and that either the child is their own or"that an extramarital affair led to the minor Plaintiff's birth."

The child is still being raised by the couple, unlike a recent, similar case in California, in which the court took custody of the child away.

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I thought you have to pay extra for an asian baby Heh. 'She's still their child; they love her. She's 6 years old now,' Lmao. This husband is really in denial. How sad for them. A nyilvántartás és a kutatás ezek szerint még mindig gyerekcipőben jár mert nem tudták ki szűrni azt hogy az emberiség a történelme folyamán természetes úton és erőszakos hódítások útján is genetikai keveredett.

Check the mailman... See what happens when you play God. 😆🤣😂 Oh no! waaaaa haaapen?!! He believe that shit?

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I gotta ask, HOW does one ‘develop’ asian features? I mean whar? Ya basing your reason for sueing someone off of being racist. Totally not a waste of the courts time deciding that. Lol Recessive Genes. Or wifey got some explaining to do At least they will never have to get maths grinds Humans playing God without permission...what a mess!! Poor child accountability Ethics integrity ❤️🥰💉🧬🧪🧫🔬🤱🏼🤰👼🤷‍♂️🤷‍♀️⚖️🏛🇺🇸📜💵💸

Lol. Who cares. A baby is a baby. Love them. It’s NJ... were mostly SE asian and Indian Hope they kept the baby,the baby is still a baby no matter what race he/she is,Maybe there were a reason for that to happens. Maybe that baby is there to serve his/her purpose to them or this crazy world we are in. Don't punish the baby by giving him/her away

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Or the wife could be unfaithful🤭 Yahtzee. But does the baby identify herself as Asian? What a nightmare. I can’t believe the hospital said it could be her biological child and she could have had an extramarital affair. Hello, the onus is on you, fertility clinic. Thanks for blaming mom for doing something wrong as part of your defense.

They should keep the baby, though. Fate brought them together! Hahahahahahaha. This is jersey healthcare. And, yes, it was all paid for by the US taxpayer. I know this family, and they DID NOT pay for IVF. 😂😂😂 And who gets to decide what “Asian features” are? The white couple? Asking for a friend. Oh DAYUM!

Couple allegedly spent $120,000 deposited to account in bank mistake, charged with theftThe couple allegedly used the wrongly deposited money to pay off debts, but also used it on lavish items such as a race car and four-wheelers. Well, they actually did not “steal” it, it was “given” to them.😁 But they didn’t steal it tho... Is the bank being charged as an accessory?

They wanted a “Chad” but got a “Zhang” 😂😂😂 Different human race?! Did I miss the part where the article stated this is definitely not their child? Features stem from ancestors. So racist? Six years later... Could have been worse. It could have been green with almond shaped eyes. Maybe mom had an affair? 🤔

Not to be negative but I would start asking certain ppl carefully chosen questions. Secondly, I feel confident some persons would want the newborn if the current persons did not want the baby.

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Oh the horrors. At least that's what she told her husband If you're ” playing God” don't be mad when it backfires on you. Made in China like everything else. Mess with nature... 😱 Well the kid would be 40 percent chance of being a doctor, 30 % engineer, 20 % and 10 % Bruce Lee WINWIN This hospital has no strick immigration control of their sperms tubes.

😲🙁---Shocking but sad. Unexpected, but a child is still a child. I know the couple was probably hoping the child would be 'genetically closer looking to them but, I think The couple should be grateful for the gift of life, regardless.

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Maybe the father wasn’t Asian. Me he has Melania eyes, like mine. They stupid they wanted a kid they got a kid why is that a problem omg 😡 TexSandra210 WTF! They should be overjoyed at having a baby. Not bitching about the baby not being white. We are all the same race, we have different ethnicities. Seem, an advocate meet them. Otherwise, Asian are more stronger. You have every right to sue hospital and know who is the biological father.

They should be happy. The one Asian addition to the family probably increased the IQ of the family threefold. Oh man, that's terrible. I feel sorry for the baby as well for the parents. Secret Asian Man Or ‘a baby’

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Sum Ting Wong? Why are they suing now? The child is 6 years old and they love her. Oops. At least it wasn't a black baby! Seems racist not wanting an Asian baby. Also ungrateful.

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