Couple loses 80 pounds combined during quarantine

Romelle Morris and Darrin Rahn focused on their health during quarantine.

8/8/2020 1:56:00 AM

Living through a pandemic and quarantining can be a drag, but many are using this time to re-start their lives and prioritize their health.

Romelle Morris and Darrin Rahn focused on their health during quarantine.

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Crowd booing and chanting 'honor her wish' as Trump arrives to honor RBG

As the US election draws near, the race between President Donald Trump and former vice president Joe Biden heats up. Here's the latest news around campaigns, SCOTUS vacancy, voting, and more.

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One death every 80 seconds: The grim new toll of COVID-19 in America“It will go away like things go away," President Trump claimed. Joe Biden says Trump is living in a world of delusion. Ban Chinese imports. I'm really doubting this. While I know there's something out there, these numbers are bullshit. SHOULD FEDEX ALL THOSE CORPES TO THE WH..

It’s Time for the Muppets to Give a Different Couple the SpotlightThe Muppets’ most famous pairing is hurting the franchise. You guys are just creating pointless news for no reason huh?. Muppets being muppets. Let the secret love of Fozzie and Scooter finally burst forth!

This Couple Built Their Dream Farmhouse Kitchen With Vintage FindsThis couple rebuilt their dream farmhouse kitchen with vintage finds.

Couple standing less than 600 meters from blast site survives Beirut explosionThe glass and debris from Tuesday's explosion in Beirut injured Imad Khalil and Lina Alameh, but both say they are lucky to be alive. The husband and wife now lay in a local hospital room, together, recovering. My god thats amazing 😞 Thank Allah the Lebanese government is free of corruption or cleanup could take forever!

This couple made a grain-free cereal from tapioca, chickpeas, and pea protein - InsiderThis couple made a grain-free cereal from tapioca, chickpeas, and pea protein And I used to make mud pies. I’m guessing neither are good.

Reality Collapses Around a Couple in Trailer for Charlie Kaufman's 'I'm Thinking of Ending Things'Netflix has released the new trailer for director Charlie Kaufman’s next mind-bender, 'I’m Thinking of Ending Things' Looks all-white to me 😂😂😂 Yes please It s fan of the aspect ratio. We all have wide screen televisions