Country optimistic after Biden’s 1st 100 days: POLL

5/2/2021 4:18:00 PM

BREAKING: Nearly two-thirds of Americans (64%) are optimistic about the direction of the country as Pres. Joe Biden completes his first hundred days in office, per a new ABC News/Ipsos poll.

to the Oval Office, only 42% of Americans were optimistic about the future, compared to 52% who were pessimistic.But there are some warning lights flashing for the White House. Biden is betting on a lofty agenda to maintain momentum and set up Democrats for success in next year's midterms, while the GOP is hoping that voters perceive an overreach and the president's policies become an electoral anchor.

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Melina Mara/The Washington Post/Pool via APPresident Joe Biden addresses a joint session of Congress in Washington, April 28, 2021.Only a slim majority (52%) think the federal government should spend to revitalize the economy, even if it raises taxes -- including 80% of Democrats and 54% of independents. The question of government spending and taxes largely divides Americans, with 47% saying taxes should stay at the same level, even at the expense of the economy -- including 78% of Republicans.

After more than a year of thecoronavirus pandemicravaging the country, roughly one-third of Americans (36%) still remain pessimistic about the country's future under Biden.Only about a quarter of Americans (23%) think the country has become more united since Biden took office. Among this group, an overwhelming 87% give Biden credit. Only 3% assigned credit to Republican leaders in Congress, and 10% said both in the poll.

MORE: Biden's 100 days: Low-end approval, yet strong marks on pandemic response: POLLAmong the 28% who said the country is more divided, 6 in 10 think Biden is more responsible for the divisions, compared to 34% who say both Biden and Republicans are culpable for sowing division. Only 6% faulted Republicans.

Nearly half of the country (48%) doesn’t see movement on the question of unity since Biden took office, believing the country is neither more united nor more divided. Views on the polarization of the country during Biden's early tenure fall along party lines, with 95% of Democrats saying the country is either more united (45%) or the same (50%), and 97% of Republicans saying the nation is more divided (65%) or the same (32%).

Alex Wong/Getty ImagesSenate Minority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell speaks as Sen. John Thune, Sen. Joni Ernst and Sen. John Barrasso listen during a news briefing after the weekly Senate Republican Policy Luncheon at Russell Senate Office Building on Capitol Hill April 27, 2021.

Biden, who developed a reputation as a moderate over decades in the Senate, has shifted his policy priorities leftward as president. In his address before a joint session of Congress this week, he outlined unprecedented investments for his core priorities, while standing undeterred by sharp Republican resistance. And the Democratic Party appears united behind him: 90% of Democrats approved of his job performance in the latest

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Thats a funny way of saying 77% either don't know, don't care, or think the situation has worsened. That’s a weird way to phrase that only 1 out of 5 people think Biden is uniting the country... Time will tell I call bull crap. He has done nothing for this Country him or his VP who he talk crap about. But I wouldn't trust anything the News has to say any more. The News media and social media has and is destroyed this country and then trust that I had in it.

No one asked me. It is turning out just as I expected, 4 years of listening to Biden call all white folks racist. What garbage. We need a strong voice to show up in 2024. Who will it be. That’s not good and means we are 77% Less United because media keeps at dividing the nation. 87% of 23% are idiots There's only 513 people in America?

ABC is a company full of liars, like the rest, apparently. Once again time to get these laws passed! Ban white privileged, Ban Republicans from working Government Jobs, Make white supremacy, Kkk, Alt Tights, etc, etc they are Terrorists! Let alone send all racist out this country! Pass a law on Black hate!!

Yes that is correct, America is united under this President rules, with peaceful, conquered Covid19, etc.

A Photo Of The Bidens With The Carters Is Freaking Everyone Out“What the f**k is going on in this photo?” asked 'Daily Show' host Trevor Noah. But there's a reason why the Bidens tower over the Carters in the viral i... Stop it I am looking for new, good friends

at the cost of leaving the whole world in tatters, sure. Spin doctors at ABC working overtime. Soooo....math.....less than 20% think Biden is unifying the country. Crap 🤮 In my lifetime Ive never experienced a POTUS who seems to be making an effort to help the bottom rise. Call it timing. Call it experience. Call it whatever. I;ve never experienced anything like this from gov leadership in my ENTIRE 44 years of life.

This poll has convinced me POTUS is a garbage president 87% of the time and is telling the truth 23% of the time. POLLS ARE FRAUDS JUST LIKE THE MEDIA AND BIDEN 87% of 23%? Got it. Bah hahaha!!!!!! I am sure 87% of the 23% of Americans ate this up like it was actual news. Keep up the great news abc, I’m sure someday you’ll do some real journalism.

My stats aren't the best - but does this mean 77% don't think this ?

A Photo Of The Bidens With The Carters Is Freaking Everyone Out“What the f**k is going on in this photo?” asked 'Daily Show' host Trevor Noah. But there's a reason why the Bidens tower over the Carters in the viral image. I am an Iranian mother and teacher.I selected in the Diversity Visa 2019 and invited to the UAE for an interview, but my visa was denied under Muslim ban. My family and I paid a lot of money and spiritual cost. My little son asked: Does it mean that there is racism in America? social distancing

77% 😂😂😂😂 Or 77% of the country believe Biden is dividing the country. So 77% thinks otherwise 🤔. That’s the real story 23%?And 87% of 23% Not impressive. But we’re is that elusive laptop China call’s him Baizuo is the president been compromised with China we are sending our troops overseas again And 77% do not think the country is more united? What percent of them give Biden credit for that? I gave him 100% credit?

Sooo... as much as 77% of people think the country has become more divided? .23 x .87 = .20. So 20% day good job!! 🤔 I wasn’t very good at math. Even I can say those figures kinda suck.

The Bidens Met The Carters, But Twitter Can’t Get Over The PhotoThe Carters reunited with the Bidens after the couple couldn't make it to this year's inauguration. Where are the masks, that old redneck carter is in his late 90's, is biden trying to kill him?...

everything so positive yet fox news keeps trying to find anything negative thing they can think of to whine about . I'm a blogger. A few my words about Donald Trump: Your numbers are wrong. A controlled poll is not legitimate. If anything people are switching sides given that the Democratic Party is not for the people but for corporations

Wow garbage bias news Wait till the inflation hits home Well trump is still promoting all his lies and then the Senate and Congress GOP get spreading it more. People still by the Con. Sad really. the super rich suits only care about there own deep pockets of greed ass holes I guess when you aim low... I wonder how many people think the country is actually united?

United? There's no connection between leftist and real conservatives

Bizarre optical illusion in Bidens and Carters photo leaves people baffledThe internet is confused after seeing an oddly proportioned photo of President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden meeting former President Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalynn at the Carter Center in Georgia to celebrate Biden's 100th day as president. Holy Twin Peaks level creepy.

Fake news YeAh I don’t believe this at all I don’t believe it one bit. No way. Fake ass news! Lol to the dump? the way of California? 😂🤣😂 I call bullshit! Quit oushing this narrative, ABCNEWS is the worst 36% are stupid.

We Have A Lot Of Questions About That Photo Of The Bidens & The CartersThis would normally not be a headline-worthy story. But after the visit, the Carter Center shared 'a wonderful photo' of the couples smiling and enjoying each other's company. And the closer you look at the picture, the more obvious it becomes that something is very, very off. So they put masks on to .....go outside but not when literally touching vulnerable 90 year olds indoors? ((Vaxxed people can still transmit.)). What a bizarre photoshop.

Republican or democrat… if you have optimism in our government for ANYTHING you are sorely going to be let down. No one is in it for all of us anymore. It’s all about the right or the left and the haves and have nots. Very optimistic Nope How to lie with polls BS Biden promised you a specific kind of leadership. He promised to unite a nation. To lower the temperature. To govern for all Americans, no matter how we voted. This was the pitch. You just heard it again. He LIED to Americans!

Seems low. Things are getting better. Biden’s fixed the vaccine distribution issues, 401k’s are breaking records, no one has ever seen before. People are back to work, school and able to watch baseball in the stands. Thanks for cleaning up trumps mess. Haha! BS! Just look at the YouTube dislikes for every video of stupid JoeBiden . That is a real poll.

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Bidens tower over Carters in viral photo: 'How is this real'The likely explanation is that the photographer used a strong flash and wide-angle lens to capture the group in a tight space, and created an optical illusion in the process This is how lord of the rings was filmed This is similar to the scale of cats to buildings in the movie cats MY 2 POPE BENEDICTS EMERITUS STORY. Sky is white in WNY & ever since I made appt for COVID Vaccine & asked if it is ok for me to be white. BIG. It's nature. PRESIDENTS BUSH, CLINTON also attacked here where Real Pope Benedict would be.

513 people ... ABC writer blissfully unaware of what followed December 2006 One Law 📜 over the WORLD 🌏 please retweet. Mauritania is facing acute humanitarian needs, including high levels of food insecurity (over 25 per cent of the population in severe food insecurity in most of the provinces) and very high rates of acute malnutrition. UN

The irony of Donald Trump's administration having to build a wall around the United States Capitol to protect the functioning and duly elected governing Congress from TRUMP/GOP members and supporters should never be forgotten, and needs to be addressed by that Congress. So 77% think it hasn’t... 🤔 So only 20% ? Poll of Democrats ?

This means 77% think otherwise. This is quite the spin ABC News are putting on this. Twisted... jayneabrams2 You must have polled those in a vegetative state

A lot of media propaganda will boost this notion, but closer inspection sends knives crashing through that feel-good facade. Stunning how many of the comments here didn't bother to read the article. Ellis Island: 🦴The females and their children where made prostitutes,lesbians using the same methods. The FM Male/Female Schismo project continues today in ALL US states, naTotAn,under control of CYA(FBY\\ YCE)🚻Homosexuals,pedophiles, lesbians 🚻🦴 🌺🐤 usgov ICEgov fbi CIA

So what you're really saying is that 77% of Americans don't think that's the case. That's pretty damning. This data shows public opinion of the United States, shows the United States has lost its meaning of existence. The states of USA should break away from federal government and become independent States.

Holy crap You know you're desperate when you have to tout 87% of 23% Basically only 20% of Americans think the country has become more united Since Pres Biden took office. They are called: Delusional So, if you have 100 people, 23 people believe the country is in good shape. 20 of these people attribute it to Biden. 80 people think the country is going to hell in a hand basket.

Who did the poll? All the fake voters that voted in the middle of the night on election night? The members of Trump's cult do not want unity. Sample size for this poll: just 513 people! Check out this quick video about another recent CBS poll and learn about who the 900 or so people they polled really are:

It's just nice to not have to look at or listen to Trump. Most arrogant person. ABC, your polls have always been untruthful, why would we believe this one. That 23% are 100% wrong What has he done 🤷🏽‍♂️ (?) MULTIPLE SOURCES CALLED THIS BULLSHIT!! ABC showing its tru colors the headline should read 77% feel the country is not united scary how the media is

You mean only 23%*87%= 20% American give him credit , 80% give him shit . Informal polls are as 'useless as tits on a bull.' ABC News, as Americans wisely know, doesn't conform to strict tolerances when it prints national trends, directions, or notable developments as it's controlled by an untruthful bunch of chuckleheads.

You cant rob Peter to pay Paul. Or your polls are full of crap as usual. This kind if debt is a disaster for our country and guess what? We will be paying for it!!! Wake up America!!! Lies

Another useless untrustworthy ABC poll. billritter7 Who are you polling no one asked me Lol, don’t believe this garbage Market has been 50x worse exactly once Biden got into office. Stocks are no longer going up. No one has confidence in an economy run by Dems. Fml, kinda sad Whens the last time someone told uncle joe what direction america is heading. He litterally gave a speech at a old kkk members funeral. And we are worried about what happened 200 years ago.

🤣🤣🤣 I can't see optimism when illegals and drugs stream over our borders, nk and china are about to nuke us, nothing is done about antifa and blm terrorists, this country is turning blue from lack of oxygen. It's getting styfling out there on the streets. 51% of 513 people polled. Not sure how 500 people is a good sampling of 350 million people

🐎💩 It's a shame that he even has to compromise with them lying racist cheaters anyways

Yep, still would’ve been nice to see the body. We? Wasn't he against it? This Man is A Liar Anniversary to murder I think if I remember right he was against that not positive You were against it. He don't remember You were against it so don’t take the credit now

And now the tables have turned. You can say that trump took over the role of OsamaBinLaden. 🤷‍♂️ you know it’s true... I’m not saying what you think I’m saying, but what I am trying to say is PUT TRUMP’s ASS IN JAIL! Bull shit. Poll all Democrats and get the results you want. Typical BS reporting I don’t know what pills these are but I see a bunch of negativity about the way President Biden is doing the job although I completely agree myself that he doing a great job and I am personally very happy with the direction the country is going.

“We” Apparently we’re speaking French now. Obama green-lit a raid that you were against. Wonder who ABC is polling? I guess when you close your eyes to the crisis at the border, a complete failure to lead with Russia, China, and Iran, and an apparent willingness to disband ICE, looks like Sleepy Joe is doing great. LMAO and SMFH.

and he was u.s.a. cheating anymore The headline should read: 'Biden takes partial credit for the Bin Laden raid despite being adamantly against it'. Total bullshit we should OBLITERATE IRAN'S NUKE SITES N MILITARY ASSETS W/NAVY N AF, NO GROUND TROOPS; pulverize entrances n airvents until useless; sink all ships n boats. then, we will have lasting peace in the m.e. iran w/nukes means terrorists w/nukes.

Weak Ass Biden was AGAINST the mission to kill Osama Bin Laden!

Hmmmmm. Justice requires a trial. You cannot provide justice through assassination, no matter how evil the target. I weep no tears for Bin Laden and killing the head of an opposing army is a legitimate military operation. But this framing as justice I do not like. This reminds me of the optimism in the phrase “We’ll be home by Christmas!”

In colombia they are killing us!!! UribeDioLaOrden robreiner ProjectLincoln davidaxelrod if the filibuster was destroyed the Dems would really get the country in ri direction Canada banned flights from and to India for more than a week now, while States remain widely open. Nice one... Biden gets the benefit of following an incompetent conspiracy nut. Anyone would inspire optimism by comparison.

Who did you poll? All dems? Anytime I hear a new poll from the media, I remember that toothpaste companies just have to find 9 dentists who recommend it and any other shlub, then they have 9 out of 10 dentists.

Not a particularly good president, unless you compare him to Trump. Then he's amazing... Umm Lies Ridiculous nonsense Free money for all - and no need to work for it. Ask small and medium size businesses about getting employees. Good job dems/libs/progressives Ha Ha the real American dont even watch your fake news

Are you only polling Democrats like CBS did last week? Because Biden is a Dumpster Fire. I wanna meet this 64% of Americans lol So what’s your sample in polling what percentage Dem 😂 The situation right now is like a bomb that sooner or later it will go off. Joe supporters if he has any will learn in a hard way. Just give it some time!

No matter what any left paper prints people know that he is not capable of doing the job, neither is the 2nd banana. If it weren’t so sad, it would be funny. Especially considering all 16 in position to take in numerical order are inept as well.🥺