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Vaccine Hesitancy, Covid-19 Vaccines

Counties That Voted For Trump Still Lag Far Behind In Vaccinations — With 13% Fewer Vaccinated

Vaccine hesitancy continues to be disproportionately common among Republicans.

9/15/2021 3:21:00 PM

The counties that voted for Trump still lag far behind in vaccinations — with 13% fewer vaccinated

Vaccine hesitancy continues to be disproportionately common among Republicans .

ToplineThe gulf between Democrats’ and Republicans’ Covid-19 vaccination rates is only getting bigger as the vaccination effort continues, a new Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) analysis, reflecting the continued high rates of vaccine hesitancy in the GOP.

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Former President Donald Trump speaks during the Operation Warp Speed Vaccine Summit in Washington,... [+]DC on December 8, 2020.AFP via Getty ImagesKey FactsThe KFF analysis of county-level public health data found 39.9% of the total population in counties that voted for Trump were fully vaccinated as of Monday, versus 52.8% of people in counties that went for President Joe Biden.

The 12.9% difference between the two groups is the largest recorded since KFF started tracking it in April, up from an 11.7% difference between Trump and Biden counties on July 6, a 6.5% difference on May 11 and a 2.2% difference on April 22.Vaccination rates have increased by less than 20% since April in Trump-voting counties—from 20.6% vaccinated in April to 39.9% now—while Biden counties’ vaccination rates went up by 30% after starting at 22.8% in April.

The divide between Democratic and Republican voters’ vaccination rates is also reflected at the state level: According to public health data compiled by theNew York Times, the states with the top 20 highest vaccination rates, including Washington, D.C., all voted for Biden, while 18 of the 20 states with the lowest vaccination rates voted for Trump (Georgia and Nevada, both battleground states, being the exceptions).

The state that voted for Trump with the highest vaccination rate is Florida (55% fully vaccinated) and the state that voted for Biden with the lowest vaccination rate is Georgia (43% fully vaccinated).Big Number53.9%. That’s the total percentage of the U.S. population that’s fully vaccinated as of Tuesday,

to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. A higher share of the population, 63.2%, has received at least one dose.TangentThe state with the lowest vaccination rate is Wyoming, where only 40% of the population is fully vaccinated, while the state with the highest vaccination rate is Vermont, where 69% are fully inoculated.

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The true pandemic is stupidity. All this winning... Rewards offred by GOP: A casket A plot An urn Booby prizes: Long covid A tube of half used ivermectin (the previous dude went to er, not sure when he'll be back but it yours now) They also lag far behind in schooling, integrity, maturity and judgment.

The counties that voted Democrat have the highest crime rates and homelessness in the nation. Will their property be lower due to the fact those areas are hazardous to live in? Divisive, political, unnecessary partisanship. Stop acting like fascists. The virus is never going away, turning the world into a prison, is insane. Stop trying to make everyone hate each other.

I am an Open-Minded person and even under the circumstance, ( Killing Virus ) I can roll with their Right to choose, But they Should realize they DON'T Have the RIGHT to go out amoung People Unvaccinated and Potentially pass a Varient off to them. And think that is Right? 1/2 Divide and conquer. Divide. Divide. Divide. When will people start standing up to this bs?

Amusing, if there is truly a connection between those counties and Trump. Surely they are all aware that Trump and wife were both vaccinated. So if counties still lag in vaccinations, perhaps it has nothing to do with Trump or they are refusing to follow Trump's example. that tells the IQ of his supporters.

DanPatrick said it was some nigga shit... lol... sit down, boy

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Um, not for nothing, but the biggest cities that voted for Biden (from Los Angeles to Philly and NYC) have LOWER vaccination rates than the largest cities that voted for Trump. Also, those not vaccinated are minorities that were told by KamalaHarris not to trust the vaccine. No surprise. And they know Trump is vaccinated.

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