Council Post: Building A Mindset For Success

Building A Mindset For Success

8/4/2021 8:20:00 AM

Building A Mindset For Success

Adopting a growth mindset helps support growth and build resiliency at every level of your business.

ExamplesA fixed mind might say,"When I struggle with something, it means I'm a failure." A growth mind might say"When I struggle with something, it means I'm learning."A growth mind might say"This deadline is tight; we are up for the challenge." A fixed mind might say"We will never make this tight deadline."

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How Business Leaders Can Develop Their Growth MindsetChange begins with you. Adopt this mindset in your own personal and work life. Lead by example as others will naturally follow you. People instinctually want to be happier and more fulfilled. Once you practice this form of thinking, you will notice everything around you changes for the better because a growth mindset provides a perspective where setbacks are a gift and/or opportunity to learn and grow. You and your business will become more resilient.

How Leaders Can Bring The Growth Mindset To Business Operations•Implement a policy that encourages every team member to focus on continued growth and betterment.•Foster growth through mistakes. Because mistakes happen all the time, praise and value team members when they openly share the lessons learned from mistakes.

•Ask people to write down lessons learned so that others can learn and build empathy.•Recruit team members with growth potential.•Recruit people who are willing and prepared to learn and be coached.Conclusion Read more: Forbes »

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