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Corrie star Catherine Tyldesley wants to 'slap' neighbour for mowing lawn at 9pm

Corrie star Catherine Tyldesley wants to 'slap' neighbour for mowing lawn at 9pm

7/27/2021 4:00:00 AM

Corrie star Catherine Tyldesley wants to 'slap' neighbour for mowing lawn at 9pm

Former Coronation Street actress Catherine Tyldesley , who lives in Walkden in Greater Manchester, waged war on her ‘selfish’ neighbour as she shared her woes with her followers on Twitter

The actress, 37, was furious as she told her followers on Twitter that the man living next door to her luxury family home in Walkden, Greater Manchester had pushed her over the edge with his evening antics.Catherine, who shares six-year-old son Alfie with husband Tom Pitfield, revealed that the man in question heads out into his garden at 9pm most nights, and gets to work on his lawn.

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“My next door neighbour only mows his lawn after 9pm… I want to march around and slap him with a yuka ... so selfish,” she wrote on Twitter.However, her cheeky comment was met with backlash, as some of her followers criticised her for complaining about the noise when she lives in a pricey home.

"You've got enough money to purchase a house in the middle of nowhere surely?" one replied, while another gave a possible explanation as to why her neighbour was mowing his lawn so late at night."Nine is a great time. It’s cool, no sun on the freshly cut lawn, it also allows the grass not to burn!" they shared.

One also suggested that her neighbour could be struggling to deal with the high temperatures.“Perhaps like myself he struggles in the heat of the day and finds it easier in the evening. Be kind,” the follower wrote, prompting Catherine to fire back, as she revealed her neighbour was simply being difficult.

“Nope. He does it even when it’s not hot. He also fills his bins loudly at 11pm. I’m very kind. Which should encourage consideration really!” the star replied.Some of her followers then threw their support behind the former soap star, and went on to share their stories of their own bad neighbours.

"My neighbours start their BBQs at 10.30pm most nights. Nothing like the smell of fish in your living room before bedtime,” one quipped."I have a neighbour that's up at 4am… goes out in his truck with very loud reversing sirens at about 5am… comes home at 7am and starts either DIYing or other stuff in the garden,” one shared.

Catherine’s neighbourly woes come after she hit the headlines for claiming cash from the government’s furlough scheme during the pandemic.The former Corrie star worked throughout the global health crisis, as she filmed ITV drama series Viewpoint, and the new show Cooking With the Stars.

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However, she used £50,000 of money from the scheme to fund her production company, Dreambig, from December 2020 to April this year.But she’s not the only celebrity to take advantage of the furlough scheme. Read more: Mirror Celeb »

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