Coronavirus updates: Pandemic hits another grim milestone as global cases top 5 million

A pandemic of the novel coronavirus has now killed more than 328,000 people worldwide.

5/21/2020 11:21:00 AM

JUST IN: Pandemic of novel coronavirus hits another grim milestone as global cases top 5 million.

A pandemic of the novel coronavirus has now killed more than 328,000 people worldwide.

3:38 a.m.: Global cases top 5 millionThe coronavirus pandemic hit another grim milestone early Thursday as the worldwide number of people who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 surpassed 5 million.Just two weeks ago, the tally had crossed the 4 million threshold, according to a count kept by Johns Hopkins University.

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More than a third of the world's COVID-19 cases have been diagnosed in the United States.People wearing face masks walk past a mural of encouragement displayed outside a store amid the coronavirus pandemic in Washington, D.C., on May 19, 2020.People wearing face masks walk past a mural of encouragement displayed outside a store amid the coronavirus pandemic in Washington, D.C., on May 19, 2020.

Olivier Douliery/AFP via Getty ImagesWhat to know about coronavirus: Read more: ABC News »

🙏🏻💐 Corona related? Did he die FROM it or WITH it? It does it matter to you who write the headlines? In New York they would call this a late term abortion and applaud That’s terrible terrible awful News JESUS South America? What a standard for medical advancements! We should all go back to the dark ages

What leadership would be promoting their country fully opening with an invisible enemy among us that has already killed nearly 100,000 Americans in 9 weeks? A enemy we know very little about. 😔Be careful world citizens! Take nothing for granted! Please be careful South Africa, your hospitals are not in a good state and lack basics.

I would prefer to read the medical examiner's report, tough correlation when premature babies are missing surfactant. . Stop spreading fear and hysteria. Essential workers are not dying by the thousands. This virus has gone from health issue to political issue. Democrats and Karen’s want Trump out. They hate Trump. You hate Trump. wants the economy to stay on the mat. U R WRONG!

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It seems odd that the coronavirus keeps attacking meatpacking places? you would almost think it was a conspiracy to get people to stop eating meat. 🤔🤔 But the media blasted Trump for saying he thinks there will be a vaccine by end of year If AstraZeneca has an effective vaccine by September I'll eat my hat.

LIARS!! Sadly, 103 of those deaths were Doctors “falling” out of windows. So everyone saying they didn’t show symptoms.... you don’t show them right away and you could still have the virus.. I mean 570 cases from one place is a lot. How many of those 570 went other places and talked to other people Wawa you use Tyson products as your chicken in your stores. Are you aware of this and where does the chicken from your bites and roasted chicken come from?

wsoctv Hahaha I call bs! After months of no reports of cases and now? Shit! This is just fear promoting bs bc how many deaths are caused Pneumonia versus covid? This would be a great video if you see the actual video and NOT the ads! I saw the ads but not the video. So is this a story about the ads? And while some governments are falling all over themselves in confusion, people have to take it upon themselves to develop mitigation.

WillCarr Your headline fails to mention that facility wide testing uncovered these cases who were asymptomatic. You also stated lack of testing...... that’s not on Tyson! NC Gov has testing components he needs! With NO symptoms What on earth is that in the photo? A market? FFS The Trump Petrie Dishes of Incompetence and Stupidity

A day late and a dollar short Go back to work they said. wsoctv 😯 No more Tyson chicken for me!🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔 Good bye non GMO chicken✌✌✌ Sunlight and humidity does work its is not in Florida or California .stop reporting o things you just like the facist and commie news report on things you dont know. Is why I like fox reports on both side . Youare 24% of the population . Stop repeating magical and scientists your article states, they had no symptoms and didn’t even know they were infected. They all are now staying at home with pay and will return to work when they “recover” and test negative. Call your 401k handlers— Stay away from all China biz— Mass exodus but they will continue to eat dogs and cats

China , and the world in general should adopt slaughtering, preserving, processing food according to Islamic and Jewish rules. Do research & find out the ultimate truth ali_hoxie If you are breeding them wouldn’t they then be domesticated not wild? And the labs? Smiles_1372 Will these people ever learn from their horrific mistakes that have wreaked havoc globally?

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Home of the Wuhan Flu and China Virus, ABC peddles pro China twaddle No more Kung Pau Bat? ali_hoxie Not that sounds good to me Good, about time too. Mean while in china Wait, there’s a loophole? No ban on selling? 🤔 What about domestic animals and horrific cruelty to them unbelievable Is every pharmaceutical going to do a pump and dump?

Why should everyone else have all the fun - big Pharma wants a piece of the action... Zero? !here! sure moose... But do you believe them? 😡 BREAKING: China offers higher level of protection for random wild animals than citizens of Taiwan and Hong Kong. Now they're talking 👍 Seems a bit high for the first round.

Shouldn't they have to prove it works before they start selling it? Wtf kind of bullshit is this. Saying that 94,000 people died of Coronavirus in the US instead of Trump & Repugs killed 94,000 people is like saying thousands of people died of 'pike contact' than Vlad the Impaler killed thousands of people.

Herd immunity only way keep high risk people at home like elderly put bums in Jeff's shed.Healthy people should be running their small businesses and people working.Being locked in your home is not the answer. Pandemic? What pandemic? only 328k dead shamdemic 100million dead, now there's a pandemic. So Covid19: 0,07% and 0,0004% Malaria: 2,9% and 0,005% ..... A YEAR !

Harden up people too soft Very small amount less than 1 percent need to open up small business and get jobs going life is a risk pussies. coronavirus This is a reality show Congratulations!! It's being driven by people who think it's a hoax and won't wear masks, because they are afraid someone will think they are a sheep. They got this idea from Trump who they follow blindly without question.

We’re recovering. We’re opening and coming back none of your BS grim news will stop this comeback. No one cares about your hoax

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Coronavirus Case Count Tops Five Million World-WideThe global tally of coronavirus infections passed five million Thursday, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University, a stark milestone in the pandemic that continues to grip the world. These girls are not observing social distancing When have we ever followed a virus like we are doing this year? Can you put that in percentages please? Perhaps if you do it may not be newsworthy

Children have fewer coronavirus receptors in their noses, study findsThe receptors that let the coronavirus into our cells appear to be less common in children's noses -- which may be why kids are less likely to get sick with the virus, according to a new study. So what does that mean? Smear a little Vicks in your nose before you go out and you’re good to go? What? Gotta get me some of those kid noses then yeah... kids are strong!

US could have prevented majority of deaths and cases if it shut down sooner, new model findsIf the United States had implemented social distancing policies just a week sooner, it could have prevented more than half the number of coronavirus deaths and infections, according to new research from Columbia University. The administration should be prosecuted and sued by the victims If Santa came a week earlier every year I wouldn’t have to stay drunk the entire Christmas break. If Bill Clinton would’ve warned us 20 years in advance we could’ve stopped it

US aircraft carrier returns to sea following major coronavirus outbreakThe global coronavirus pandemic has brought countries to a standstill. Here's the latest updates on worldwide Covid-19 cases, deaths, government responses, and more. I'm guessing from the comments no one else is reading the story maybe because it isn't there? 10 headlines and no Theodore. With a new Skipper?