Coronavirus updates: Miami mayor says people treated reopening 'like COVID didn't exist'

A pandemic of the novel coronavirus has now killed more than 504,000 people worldwide.

6/30/2020 5:23:00 PM

Sen. Lamar Alexander calls on Pres. Trump to 'occasionally wear a mask...The president has plenty of admirers. They would follow his lead. It would help end this political debate.'

A pandemic of the novel coronavirus has now killed more than 504,000 people worldwide.

10 a.m.: Fauci, others to warn of 'tremendous burden' on health care system this fallIn a Senate hearing Tuesday, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases, and other top health officials are expected to warn of a"tremendous burden" that the U.S. health care system faces this fall if seasonal flu and COVID-19 are circulating together.

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"While it remains unclear how long the pandemic will last, COVID-19 activity will likely continue for some time," the prepared statement said."It is also unclear what impact the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic will have on health care and public health systems during the upcoming influenza season. If there is COVID-19 and flu activity at the same time, this could place a tremendous burden on the health care system related to bed occupancy, laboratory testing needs, personal protective equipment and health care worker safety."

Still, the officials are expected to stick to their suggestion that the decision to open schools be left to each community.A chair remains by a window in an empty hallway at Yung Wing School P.S. 124 on May 14, 2020 in New York City.A chair remains by a window in an empty hallway at Yung Wing School P.S. 124 on May 14, 2020 in New York City.

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images, FILE9:38 a.m.: No social distancing, optional masks at Mount Rushmore event with TrumpSouth Dakota won't be enforcing social distancing at the Mount Rushmore July 4th celebration with President Donald Trump, Republican Gov. Kristi Noem told Fox News Monday night.

"We told those folks that have concerns that they stay can home. But those who want to come join us, we will be giving out free face masks if they choose to wear one," Noem said in a Fox News interview with Laura Ingraham."We won't be social distancing, we're asking them to come, be ready to celebrate the freedoms and the liberties we have in this country."

Noem added that she's told residents to focus on"personal responsibility" and that everyone should make a decision"that they're comfortable with."The event will take place on July 3.8:57 a.m.: Brooklyn Nets star DeAndre Jordan tests positive for COVID-19

Brooklyn Nets center DeAndre Jordan announced Monday that he has tested positive for the novel coronavirus.Because of the diagnosis, Jordan said he won't be joining his team for the restart of the NBA season in Orlando next month.8:06 a.m.: Over 100 cases linked to single bar in Michigan

California lawmaker hospitalized with coronavirus after outbreak at state Capitol Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen Sent Back to Prison Judge in Michael Flynn case wants full appeals court to rehear dismissal of charges

At least 107 new cases of COVID-19 have been linked to a bar in East Lansing, Michigan, officials said.The Ingham County Health Department is asking anyone who went to Harper's Restaurant & Brew Pub between June 12 and June 20 to quarantine themselves for 14 days since their visit and watch for symptoms.

Harper's in East Lansing, Mich., has been closed due to a COVID-19 outbreak, June 28, 2020.Harper's in East Lansing, Mich., has been closed due to a COVID-19 outbreak, June 28, 2020.Lansing State Journal via USA Today NetworkThe infected individuals are between the ages of 16 and 28, and none have been hospitalized so far. Most of the cases have had mild symptoms, with 28 people having no symptoms at all. At least 40% are Michigan State University students or recent graduates, officials said.

Just 12 of the cases are from secondary transmission, meaning people who were in contact with a primary case but did not go to the bar themselves, officials said.In a statementposted to Facebooklast week, Harper's Restaurant & Brew Pub announced that it has decided to close temporarily to implement a program to eliminate lines and to install air purifying technology. The bar said it had reopened at 50% capacity on June 8 according to the governor's executive order.

"We have experienced long lines on the public sidewalk in front of our building," the business wrote in the June 22 post."We have attempted to instruct customers waiting in line to wear face coverings and practice social distancing through signage on the public sidewalk and with a banner on our railing. Our oversight of the line on our stairs has been successful, but trying to get customers to follow our recommendations on the public sidewalk has been challenging."

The growing cluster of cases has prompted Ingham County officials to issue an emergency order reducing restaurant capacity to 50% or no more than 75 people, whichever is less. Restaurant capacity was already restricted to 50% of normal seating, but there was no limitation on the number of patrons.

"Large crowds are difficult to control," Ingham County health officer Linda Vail said in a statement Monday night."By allowing no more than 75 people, restaurants and bars will be better able to enforce social distancing and the use of masks and face coverings. I strongly encourage all bars and restaurants to strictly enforce safety measures and to do all they can to help stop the spread of coronavirus in our community."

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7:25 a.m.: 'The minute we opened, it was like COVID didn't exist,' Miami mayor saysSince Miami began reopening in late May, Mayor Francis Suarez said he's seen people acting as though the coronavirus pandemic never happened."The minute that we opened, it was like COVID didn't exist and people just forgot and, in some cases, are still forgetting," Suarez told ABC News chief anchor George Stephanopoulos in an interview Tuesday on"Good Morning America."

"You know, the city of Miami was actually the last city in the entire state of Florida to open," he added."I got criticized at the time for taking too long, some said."A man rides a bicycle as people walk on Ocean Drive in Miami Beach, Fla. on June 26, 2020.

A man rides a bicycle as people walk on Ocean Drive in Miami Beach, Fla. on June 26, 2020.Chandan Khanna/AFP via Getty ImagesMiami Mayor Francis Suarez appears on "Good Morning America," June 30, 2020.Miami Mayor Francis Suarez appears on "Good Morning America," June 30, 2020.

ABC NewsMiami is now the hardest hit city in Florida's novel coronavirus outbreak as cases rise across the Sunshine State. The mayor said his office is doing everything they can to control the spread of the virus."People are congregating, they're having a good time, they're partying and they're spreading the disease incredibly efficiently, and it's starting to stress our hospital system," Suarez said.

Miami and a handful of other cities in Miami-Dade County have now made it mandatory for people to wear face masks in public at all times, which Suarez called"a no-brainer." Miami has also implemented fines for those who don't follow the rule. Meanwhile, businesses that are found not following coronavirus protocols will be shut down for 10 days on the first occurrence, 15 days on the second occurrence and 30 days on the third occurrence.

"They're upset that we're implementing some of these rules, but we're trying to do that in a surgical way so that we don't have to undo some of the openings that we've done," Suarez said."We're doing it also so that we don't have to re-implement a stay-at-home order, which was extremely effective in March and early April but it also crippled our economy."

What to know about coronavirus: Read more: ABC News »

StopTheFearMongering StopTheLies StopTheCoronascam PatriotsRising WakeUpAmerica fakevirus VoteRED2020RemoveEveryDemocrat StopTakinTheFakeTests Plandemic2020 .The numbers speak for themselves and that includes the mortality rate. Fear mongering for political purposes is unacceptable. fakenews

Numbers are a lie bunch of bs DrAnthonyGenocideFauci FauciTheFraud DeepStateFauci FauciForGITMO TheRopeForFauci And right now 80% of the Cases are in only 20% of the US. The numbers put us at over 160 MILLION TOTAL CASES and 1.6 MILLION DEAD in the US by INAUGURATION DAY. TrumpDeathToll128K LoveNOLA4ever Murkowski is thinking carefully about wearing a mask, after she gets her table organized. She always *looks* so serious.

Shut up FAKE NEWS Total or Any? 🤔🔬🧬 The totally inflated numbers. But BLM riots had nothing to do with it. Yeah right. This guy and the ones Involved know exactly what’s going to happen because they planned it. What a crazy ploy to take out President Trump and take over the the United States to bring one world order really do you want to do it with killing people these people are sick

Has this idiot been right once? Hopefully he will realize that his 15 minutes of fame has long passed. Nope nor were we ever. We opened too soon because the rich started to feel a pinch in their wallet. Send the poor back out to make the rich stop crying. Is that pretty accurate? If we all wear masks like Fauci says, then there should be no lockdown and the cases should drop to 0. Is that not the theory? realDonaldTrump

Fauci needs to go back to where he came from! Openthecountry What happened to “ the virus will die off in the heat of summer and resuface in the fall? Now it’s this alien virus from outer space that can’t be stopped no matter what? Give me a break people! Open the F-ing country and Stop 🛑 the Madness!!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

The death toll is still less than 0.4 percent. The numbers DO speak for themselves. Sincerely, AN ACTUAL HEALTHCARE PROVIDER BLM so why is there no concern for the protesters who are MOST negatively affected by the virus? Well, there may be more cases of flu when that many people do riots.... duh. 🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆

WHO CARES?! We’re all gonna die eventually. I’ve made peace with that. I’ve learned to thrive in the chaos. Bring it on. Wearing a mask should be law .We have speed limits to keep us safe .We need laws to keep us safe. It’s against the law to do lots of things wearing mask is better for all .Like don’t drink and drive. Your safe and people u don’t know are safer. But taking temperatures is a lie.

Look at that phony Repugnant Republikkkan shuffling papers around like she gives a 💩 This guy (who I've literally never heard speak; I live in the real world) and CDCgov along with most of the Democrats and deep state, are lying pieces of garbage. God will judge. We have never been in control because we have a President that promotes irresponsibility and a bunch of GOP governors that will follow every misleading lie he spouts. If people don't start to rise up against this tyranny more will get infected and many will die.

Oh what happened? He can't control the masses anymore...they don't believe him anymore... what a shocker. I do not get why no one else saw this coming? 🤦‍♀️ Is this about a virus or the ELECTION? Do your own research! Dr.Fauci is a quack! Someone needs to put a muzzle on him! The fake news gives him a platform to spew his crazy off the wall predictions! Donald Trump in 2020!!

Clearly he sounds like a passive dictator. (Control) That's the word for the 4th of July. Independence Day. Now covering for his incompetency! Fauci was wrong day after day on the coronavirus crisis — Every step of the way! Has created an unnecessary Panic and OVER 50 MILLION AMERICAN FAMILIES ARE NOW STRUGGLING FINANCIALLY (so for)!

To be informed we need to know how many of the new cases have symptoms? Hospitalized? Recovery times? Ages, Deaths? Etc. Otherwise it's only numbers. Fauci a deep state traitor. Liar. Jail him now! SERIOUS QUESTIONS for MSM like you. If MaskUp & QuarentineLife is sooooo successful... (1) WHY did we have a 'supposed' outbreak after we started reopening & (2) WHY were prison & jail inmates RELEASED instead of masked-up? We DESERVE & DemandAnswers to DNC & FauciFraud

Fauci either has dementia or an agenda that is NOT in the interest of the public health. Wrong direction? 👇 Even cases rising is the right direction given that the CDC director Redfield says they are majority ages 20s-40s (IFR .017%-.032%) which is conducive of herd immunity . STOP the protests and riots and you stop the spread. The up tick in cases matches the riot dates. Light bulbs people? 😷

That man is a national treasure. 35 & Under went Hog-Azz-Wild in Bars & Parties...along w/ 100,000's of Protestors goin Hog-Azz-Crazy...Proper-Perspective is Number of Deaths is Way-Down😤🔥🙏 lisamurkowski You had the chance to remove the lunatic in the WH I'm not going to listen to his economy slaughter.

There is no controlling this virus only can protect yourself with the proper PPE. Check out our catalog online: As long as people are paying him he'll say anything to keep that check coming. “The numbers speak for themselves” Liars! Stop spreading lies & fear We The People Don’t Believe Any Of This It’s All A Complete Hoax To Try To Take Down Our Beloved realDonaldTrump

Sick of being lectured by Fauci & Co about how ordinary people are just not doing enough. No school, no church, no mall. This shit is happening TONIGHT in NYC. Why does no one have the balls to to go after the people who are the real problem not 1 word about BLM protesting nothing. So more Shutdowns lies and Killing as many as possible while imposing more very expensive Regulations and restrictions on business is called Racketeering 18 Title USC RICO ACT anti organized crime laws for when the elite corrupt government employees become an enemy of the people

Covid-19 facts around 40,000 to 50,000 a day infected and 300 - 1,000 die each day The word “total” is completely unnecessary there Blablabla Being in 'control' of a virus is like saying you have control of the ocean. Morons. This is a deep state PSYOP. Fraud FAUCI 💩💩 Then mandate everyone to wear double/triple masks. Wash hands, sanitize everything. You know, like China did. If you can't breathe in double masks there will be a lot less dead that way. Where are the N95's, this is America, we need jobs, don't we?

Dr. Fauci, Is it possible for someone who had Hong Kong Flu in 1968 to have antibodies to help patients in dire need ? If so please let me know. I had the Hong Kong Flu in 1968. The room is almost empty.... The GOP (Gutlessly Obeying Putin) really don’t give a shit about anything but money and power The only time Fauci has shut up since March was during the violent riots that plagued our country recently. He can fuck alllllll the way off.


Taking a look at the numbers more numbers going up equals to more testing being done they're looking at the wrong numbers The numbers that they should be looking at should be hospital numbers Dr Anthony Fauci is misrepresenting what is being shown States Ordered To Fraudulently Inflate COVID-19 Cases 15 Times Actual Rate.... The Numbers today are all BULLSHIT!!!



Keeping people out of work is going to be far worse for people than any virus! Senator Rand destroys Fauci during this same meeting. DR.FAUCI, REMINDS ME OF A DEEP STATE LIAR, ANOTHER JOHN BOLTON. MR. BOLTON, WALKED IN THE THE WHITE HOUSE LIKE HE OWNED THE PLACE. Why aren’t the same people who claimed science was their religion last year asking for science, data, research or proof of Covid Cases Where’s the names of the infected? We demand release under the Freddom of information act!

RINO MURKAWSKI !!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol. Rioting is OUTSIDE... Here No, we have someone who exaggerates to instill fear, and that needs to stop. The flu infected 58 million Americans vs. 2.5 million for Covid-19. Fauci speaks as if Covid-19 is the only disease affecting humanity, which is false. People need to focus on their total health.

Dr. Fauci said that 4 states are accounting for 50% of the new cases. She looks concerned Fauci. Wrong EVERY time Could it be protesters? They think we are stupid. Also watch you tube nurses are sending test strips that were never swabbed and they come back positive. It is isn't about the sickness it is about control. Democrats are overplaying their hand and the public knows it.

$50 says he'll change his mind in a month's time. FINALLY today, June 30 some on right wing media started saying wear a mask now that red states are out of control & their governors are freaking out. What if they did that 3 months ago, we wouldn't be right back where we were in March but at least it could start helping.

A fact. It is hard to control 300 million people. Fact - it is even harder if you allow riots and protests to go unchecked during a pandemic and then try to control them. covid fauci Governors and Mayors ignored the risk Fauci the fraud Fauci is a domestic terrorist. Wolf Blitzer is racist. CNN is a terrorist organization.

Warren for Sec of Treasurer. abc3340 WearADamnMask DebraMessing New York State has finally flattened out. if you must come here, you will need to quarantine. for 14 days. 'Numbers speak for themselves' doesn't work on Republicans. That's how 2016 happened. We've been going in the wrong direction for about 4 years now. Thank God that's going to change in November. (If our country can last that long which at this rate is debatable.)

DebraMessing YOU NEVER WERE IN CONTROL!!!!!! DebraMessing What is the use of all of these ad nauseam hearings if there will be no action on recommendations? America has zero control. Mandate masks NOW, before it's 100K a day CDCgov CDCDirector VP realDonaldTrump . We need ACTION NOW! This is ridiculous.....

If you wear a mask what does it matter if others don't? I REFUSE!!! We Don't Copy Trump. Trump does what the People want! Stop this MADNESS now! MyBodyMyChoice!!! BREATHE! realDonaldTrump daddy Of course. Right on cue. But not a word during protest and rioting. This is more political than anything. Fucking leftist.

The positive COVID tests increasing is because testing has massively increased. Even if you have a percentage rate drop, the totality of those infected will rise if you have hundreds of thousands of more people being tested today than the amount of people being tested 2 mos. ago Fauci, Rienfield, and scarf can all go to h..l. Your hoax is failing. The $100m Fauci took from the Gates Foundation and the funding of the Wuhan lab through NIAID means these f...ks will serve LIFE in prison under the Bioweapons Convention Treaty from the 80's.

KarenBovaird from the beginning. tRump dropped the ball on us. This could’ve been under control if y’all took this seriously and had a proper shutdown like some European countries...but we’re so worried about the economy, CRY ME A RIVER Listen to him!! He’ll be Andrew Cuomo’s go to man when his turn comes to run this country in the right direction!!

DrFauci testified today that US could experience up to 100K new cases daily if we do NOT start wearing masks & stop acting like Covidiots Q:When did Americans STOP loving their children? When did being fucking imbeciles to score some weird political point matter more than LOVE? Thank you protesters FakeNews

I have an idea...pull up all the news coverage for all of the riots and protests. Where was their Stay at Home order? They could have used their Freedom of Speech from the rest of us. Yes, let’s keep spending trillions of dollars we don’t have and mentally screwing up children by locking them away from their friends, because it may or may not slightly reduce infection RATE of a bad flu that kills only the very old and sick. Protect the vulnerable, get to work.

lang51b The EU has a bigger population than the USA, yet has 10% of the cases you have and all are testing also. Absolutely criminal. JessesLaw '..not in total control..' How much control do we have, right now, any? Can you say DEEP STATE? This Is Y We As Nation NEED & NOT TO MENTION GO BACK ON TOTAL LOCKDOW!! I Mean Y The 'Surprise In The Spkes' ? This Is What Happens When U Open The Gates WWWWAAAYYY TOO SOON😖😖!!

This man flip flops more than a fish out of water As I spoke to a microbiologist just the other day ( don’t believe the numbers as they are severely exaggerated) if there was an increase our hospitals would once again be overwhelmed Fear is getting the best of him. Don't Be An Ass Wear Your Mask So This Rona Will Pass!!!

Dr. Fauci said four states account for about 50% of the new cases. It’s concerning but as a whole the country (most of it) is moving in the right direction. Can't wait for the excuse not to reopen after the vaccine comes out. Couldn't take this seriously when I saw it came from All 'Bout Clinton network!! I'll get my info from OANN

This silly feckless a-hole Fao Chi shoulda been fired by now. CDC is conflating antibody numbers w active virus (PCR) cases to drive the numbers up & scare people. Maybe if Citizens United didn't own all the decisions makers playing 'it's okay narrative'.... Maybe this country would get some peace. Billionaires pulling strings is the only thing that has been accomplished and at the risk of the 99% well being. Main stream media to blame.

Mask it up baby !!!!! Where’s your mask? lisamurkowski This guy? These senators do not have a clue! We need a real Scientist on the Senate. So vote for va_shiva a real Scientist with real solutions! Clearly the man is smarter than Trump..clearly Trump was and is a fool for ignoring him Clearly not from rioters and mass protests

Let all the Repub&followers get infected, then they might think differently. An old saying: 'Stubborn and stupid guy will not break down until they see his beloved one lying in the coffin.' Once his/her family members got the virus and dying, then their thinking will change. half million by november 3rd. TrumpsPlague TrumpDeathToll134k and counting... also...Florida and Texas are hiding their COVID19 death counts

Who is performing all these tests? And on who? Are hundreds of thousands of people getting tested daily now? Millions? Where and when did we suddenly get a surplus of test kits? Shouldn’t we see a disproportionate number of healthcare workers with Covid? Fishy fishy. The numbers mean nothing. How many people are actually sick or actually had symptoms, that's the issue. I think we would be amazed at how many people had the flu virus every year. We aren't because we only test people with symptoms.

In GOP states mostly too. Why isn’t realDonaldTrump calling THEM out for poor management by their governors?!!! I can’t keep up with the tickets I’ve had to write. Wrong direction, indeed. This is like a Trump hotel using inferior concrete mix to save a buck and doing everything on the cheap. No PPE, no testing, no contact tracing, cuttin every corner. Low and behold, nothing works.

Too bad Fauci doesn’t have the guts to say, “Quit rioting!” No adequate testing, no strict social distancing policies, and no prime contact tracing this will never end. Where is the Federal Government response? Where is the coordinated educational public campaign about what we are all supposed to be doing!!! Why were bars open in Texas?

What is that gal doing? Cleaning her desk? More people were on my zoom meeting for a small business then there? Where are our representatives? Fauci works for the CCP. He’s a traitor. Numbers, what numbers? This is summer, remember? No control Who cares about cases? How many in ICU per thousand citizens? How many dead per thousand citizens? How do these more important numbers compare to NY, Texas, California and other populous states? How do these importanr numbers for large states compare to countries globally?

More fear porn from your typical ABC news. How about you show breaking news about how the death rate is declining even with the increase of cases... Except the tests are giving false positives and they are counting positive antibody tests ! No1 cares anymore about your fear mongering If only ABC posted the realities around this story.

shareitarie10 So it’s probably double that. Due to testing.. B-but where does GovRonDeSantis go to get his apology, richlowry? RepublicansLieAmericansDie COVID19 How about the death toll? Oh yeah it’s lower than the seasonal flu! Buahahahaha haha where are those I’m on Florida I don’t see one THERE IS NO PANDEMIC, JUST A PLANDEMIC! READ MORE HERE!

How many new hospitalizations and deaths? Those are the most significant numbers. And the sky is still not falling. How about those California numbers? FL is in chaos because of his governor and dumb Trump. MORE: Miami-Dade County has recorded its highest total in the last two weeks with 1,591 and now has a positivity rate of 17.7%.

TELL THEM.. We're calling on Republicans to band together and put an end to this Anarchy! If you care about American put an end to this nonsense! The Democrat Party is hell bent on destroying this country and it's your job to see that doesn't happen! Lol, it's not about trump, its about the government trying to coerce us to do more useless things than it already does.

SenAlexander is the most repugnant gop senator in US political history, together with the other 51 (obviously, excluding MittRomney). And you know why? He’s the most evil because he’s clever and not affected by congenital idiocy like all the others on the hill. He destroyed us dv2020winners wedeserveachance

NO GRAND STANDING HERE? no. moving on. Sit down RINo He won't. The cheap makeup comes off easily.

Coronavirus: Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Key West close beaches for July 4th weekendBeaches in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach Counties and the Florida Keys will close for the July 4th weekend to halt the state's rising COVID-19 rate. First About fucking time! They will be open for protesters and as a place for looters to cool off.

Facebook reveals the future of VR headsets, and it's more 'CSI Miami' than 'Tron'It looks like Facebook *puts on VR headset* — wait, I thought these were sunglasses. YEEAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH That's one of the reasons as to why Facebook dropped Oculus. I personally prefer this light and sleek slight look. Lost me at Facebook Apple is the future of VR headsets, but it will be about three years.

Miami Beach mandates face masks in public spaces effective TuesdayThe city of Miami Beach is now mandating the use of face masks to help prevent the spread of Covid-19. Any person not wearing a facial covering is subject to a $50 civil fine, according to a statement from the city. riotwomennn About time too don't want to wear a mask then don't go out.. easy solution riotwomennn Prepare for the kenandkaren show.

Coronavirus updates: 'The minute we opened, it was like COVID didn't exist'A pandemic of the novel coronavirus has now killed more than 509,000 people worldwide. Over 10.4 million people across the globe have been diagnosed with COVID-19, the disease caused by the new respiratory virus, according to data compiled by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering at Johns Hopkins Now, many people don't exist. It doesn't

Coronavirus updates: 'The minute we opened, it was like COVID didn't exist'JUST IN: In a Senate hearing today, Dr. Anthony Fauci and other top health officials are set to warn of a 'tremendous burden' the U.S. health care system faces this fall if seasonal flu and COVID-19 are circulating together. “On the brink” Wow we are really doing a lot of testing

After Asking Americans to Sacrifice in Shutdown, Leaders Failed to Control VirusNews Analysis: However much Americans have yearned for a return to normalcy, their leaders have failed to control the coronavirus pandemic, write Sabrina Tavernise, Frances Robles and Louis Keene. And there is little clarity on what comes next. Redesigning Your Life to Stop the Racist in You and Become a Better Human Being. Yes, the Democrat Leaders allowed thousands to riot without concern for you or me. The media failed Americans.