Coronavirus updates: Blood clots clogged lungs of African American COVID-19 victims, study says

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CORONAVIRUS LATEST: • Autopsies on 10 African American patients who died from COVID-19 show their lungs were filled with blood clots, according to new study. • Pandemic has killed more than 355,000 people worldwide.

5:06 a.m.: Blood clots clogged lungs of African American coronavirus victims, study finds

The autopsies were performed at University Medical Center in New Orleans by a team of pathologists from the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center New Orleans.

In this file photo taken on April 21, 2020, a mother and daughter pray as paramedics and firefighters with the Anne Arundel County Fire Department prepare to transport the confirmed COVID-19 patient in Glen Burnie, a suburb of Baltimore, Maryland. Despite stay-at-home orders, the Washington, D.C. region has become a coronavirus hotspot, and the African-American and Latino populations of the U.S. capital have been the hardest-hit.


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only republican states are coming back to normal and it's working, Even with media lying about clusters of people testing positive that the US health department has said are lies.

Weddings 6 feet apart? “You may now long distance air kiss your bride” Please

Why limit gatherings at all? Wouldn't it be easier for the small number of at risk people to avoid large gatherings.

Even the bride and grooms?

Horrible, especially being that there's a spike in cases

The responsibility of all of these is the whole of China, whoever has done this should be punished. Do you all agree with me, this is China virus corona

Who wants to get married if they can't kiss,hold hands,or dance with their spouse?!

More Chinese fear porn - our media is complicit

you cant make this shit up lol

He doesn’t want the USA to have the worst pandemic numbers so he is helping Brazil to catch up.

He’s sending Snuggie’s too!

Please stop. Many more will die from the lockdowns


I feel sorry for the people who take it on a daiy basis!

Trump wants to get rid of hydrochloquine and nothing better to send over Brazil, a country ruled by idiots and lunatics.

So a hundred thousand deaths in America are not enough? Now he wants to kill Brazilians too? God, this man needs to be stopped.

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The stupidity is overwhelming!! 👌

Here's hoping he takes them all, personally.

Interesting, I didn’t know Brazil had a problem with malaria right now


Bleach ale too

Wonder if Trump has divested his shares in the company that makes Hydroxychloroquine yet?

What is he, the poster child for hydroxychloroquine? He must be the number one salesman.

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Which have been discontinued due to not being effective. These morons.

Of course. His family and friends are making money off of it. And it will probably kill people. And he doesn’t care one little bit.

Ask for a refund.

Ridin The Quine!! birdsofafeather

What else is Trump sending that doesn’t work?

Two men who will never admit they’re wrong leaving the citizens to suffer the consequences.

Ignorant racists friends, smh

BosloTrump ou Trumpsonaro! Dois políticos imprestáveis que devem ser expelidos da política o mais rápido possível.


Aye right. He is selling off his unused stock.

Cos it's useless

Dumb and Dumber

Well that should kill about 1 million of his countrymen. That will save him millions on his back handers for false medical certificates. Corruption personified. A emperor god trump hero.

In unrelated news trump received a few million doses from India.

He’s got a job at Fox when Brazilians run him out

Two wackos helping each other make their respective citizen’s sicker trumpet the puppet and bolsanaro the putz

sending or SELLING

he's the brazilian trump

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That’s a lot of potential deaths from that drug.

Oh FFS 🙄


And many will die.

The number of people having stokes due to covid is is probably way underreported.

trumpclots!!!! Trump did it! He did it! TRUUUUMMMPPPPPP

Correlation is not causation. What happened to the scientific method? Am I old school at the age of 18? If so I’m screwed I guess.

this is who george floyd was, a peace activist. a respected community leader. he was murdered by the very issue he was fighting for. remember him for this and not the video of his death. acab. BlackLivesMatter JusticeForGeorgeFloyd

Я знала это

Exciting news over 100,000 deaths in the USA from Coronavirus, keep up the good(great) work Donald Trump.

So mayors and governors have decided to shut down businesses, ruin people's lives, wreck families forever because 355m people died out of 8 BILLION? Great job.

Why are we just hearing about this now almost 6 months into this?


7.6 billion people on earth

Does the world have any intention, plan or ability to gather ExcessMortality data to learn the REAL number of COVID19 deaths? WHO CDCgov UNHumanRights SenateDems HouseDemocrats JoeBiden

Yeah, that's what ventilators were doing. Didn't Italy already report that the ventilators were doing more damage?

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