Coronavirus Today: Mask middlemen mania

Coronavirus Today: Mask middlemen mania

5/30/2020 6:03:00 AM

Coronavirus Today: Mask middlemen mania

A special Friday newsletter edition to equip you for the weekend and get you up to date on what’s happening, from L.A. County's progress toward reopening restaurants to how a would-be deal with the state exposed the Wild West of the mask trade.

For many Americans, quarantine has felt how they imagine a prison stay might.For Kevin Harrington,. He knew what prison was, having served 18 years of a life sentence for a murder he didn’t commit. After a judge exonerated him last month, he was thrilled to go into quarantine.

DeSantis turns to Hannity for shelter from political storms Naya Rivera Seemed ''Really Happy'' and ''Excited'' for Her Future Prior to Boating Accident - E! Online 12-year-old girl wins $20,000 for inventing device to help prevent hot car deaths

“You don’t know that feeling of terror.”For many in Wuhan, China, the initial fury at being lied to, locked down and abandoned has been replaced by horror at how other countries have failed to contain the virus despite early warnings of the danger it presents. Residents are also angry that the world is blaming them,

.A Hollywood-style exhibition of our pandemic times. In the winding hills of the Hollywood Dell neighborhood of Los Angeles is the Museum of Quarantine, a collection of paintings, Post-It notes, weavings and other ephemera.AdvertisementAn image of a Clorox bottle is posted on the Museum of Quarantine on an empty street-facing wall created by Ann Morrow Johnson de Rivera. She asked her neighbors to hang their own creations on the wall to bring the community together during a time of isolation.

(Gina Ferazzi/Los Angeles Times)What happens in places where pork is a way of life?Weeks after one of the nation’s largest coronavirus outbreaks closed a sprawling Smithfield plant in South Dakota, workers are now trickling back through its gates. They face an acute version of the problem we all confront: What’s safe, and for whom? One worker who returned asks: “

”They survived a school shooting. Then the coronavirus stole their senior year.When the pandemic shut down end-of-senior-year traditions at Saugus High School, it only compounded the still-raw feelings of loss from the morning in November when a student

.“Massive and intimate, communal and personal.”For the first time in nearly a century, the iconic Hollywood Bowl will be silent this summer. The Times asked entertainers from across disciplines, including Lionel Richie, Danny Elfman, Courtney Love and Misty Copeland,

at the Los Angeles landmark.AdvertisementScreens show the movie “Nightmare Before Christmas” during Danny Elfman’s concert at the Hollywood Bowl.(Michael Baker / For The Times)A day in the life of Seth Myers’ “Late Night.” Read more: Los Angeles Times »

Coronavirus Today: Crossing 100,000Our special-edition newsletter breaks down the latest coronavirus news, including 100,000 confirmed cases in California and 100,000 deaths across the U.S. With it or because of it? If everyone was tested for antibodies of a regular non pandemic seasonal flu virus, that would be 10’s of millions. The death rate, “with” the virus or “from” the virus?

Why a president from the 1980s offers lessons for Colombia todayWith poverty and unemployment surging, discontent could return. Colombia's president should emulate one of his most successful predecessors

What Happened Today: Ex-Police Officer In Minneapolis Arrested, Pandemic QuestionsNPR's Ari Shapiro and Michel Martin are joined by NPR's science correspondent Jon Hamilton to talk about the information about the coronavirus learned since the beginning of the pandemic.

USA TODAY @USATODAYHennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman gives update in George Floyd case. Justice needs to be served, we can’t go on as a society who lets monsters walk our streets and torment our people. Some people say, He looks drunk..... maybe he was waiting to sleep off a bender before charging Chauvin. ¯\\_(ツ)_/¯ 3rd degree murder? George Floyd was saying “I can’t breathe” for a long time and the officer didn’t remove his knee. The officer knew exactly what he was doing. This isn’t 3rd degree murder at all. This is NOT justice!!! JusticeForGeorgeFlyod

USA TODAY @USATODAYJoe Biden addresses the unfolding situation in Minneapolis and the killing of George Floyd. Live...from my basement... He’s saying nothing. It’s all mush mash. It’s better when someone just quotes him and you don’t actually listen to it.

USA TODAY @USATODAYMinneapolis remains on edge as protests continue following police-involved death of George Floyd Following the murder of George Floyd by police while in custody. Not protestors, they are rioters with violent intentions who want anarchy. PoliceThePolic1 PoliceThePolice