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Coronavirus | Reuters

A deadly virus spreads around the globe, killing and infecting thousands.

4/7/2020 4:45:00 AM

The WHO voiced concern that the wearing of medical masks by the general public could exacerbate the shortage for health workers who are on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. Follow live updates:

A deadly virus spreads around the globe, killing and infecting thousands.

U.S.Cecilia Bartalena, a doctor treating coronavirus victims, lives in terror - torn between the oath she has taken to heal the sick and the fear that she might infect the people she loves.2020 Open Championship cancelled due to coronavirusU.S.The 149th Open Championsip due to be played at Royal St George's from July 16-19 has been cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, golf's governing body the R&A announced on Monday.

BTS: 7 Covers You Should Listen To | Billboard UC becomes nation's largest university to divest fully from fossil fuels GOP strategist says Trump allies' attacks on Bidens just keep failing

Florida beaches remained packed with partying college students as the coronavirus crisis gathered force, and the Republican governor was slow to impose social distancing in a tourist-dependent economy.U.S. stocks extend gains, Dow up 5%AdvertisementItaly's Serie A soccer league recommends that players' salaries be cut by one-third of gross salary if the current season does not restart due to the coronavirus crisis

Hong Kong music school keeps on trucking through coronavirus shutdownU.S.When 7-year-old Sophia Cheung hears a truck park outside her home in Hong Kong, she grabs her sheet music and runs out the door.Dow up 4.3%, S&P 500 and Nasdaq up over 3% at market open

JPMorgan Chase & Co's top boss Jamie Dimon on Monday said he sees a "bad recession" in 2020, and that the largest U.S. bank could suspend its dividend if the coronavirus crisis deepens.

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WHO Is this a serious organization? WHO Acknowledge Hong Kong if you’re copying its strategy. You won’t because you’re afraid of upsetting China as HK is a separate entity in WHO. Are you gonna revoke HK’s membership soon as per China’s request? WHO is such a pathetic cunnt! DefundWHO BoycottWHO WHO

WHO it's a terrible shame for WHO that general public is unprepared for pandemy and doesn't have medical masks WHO WHO Why hasn't this scumbag stepped down? He should resign at once! WHO This guy was in charge of the health ministry in Ethiopia & he was caught lying about the cholera epidemic in his country & Sudan. Many died because of his criminal response. How & why is he in charge of the WHO? The UN is so corrupt

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WHO Yeah not listening to them. I can help the health care workers by not needing to be treated in the first place thus help relieving the burden. WHO Are we still take advices from this 🇨🇳 organization and this 🇨🇳 puppet? WHO The Chinese vírus boy!... WHO Of course they would, As an Agency of THE CCP their job is to help spread the Virus and kill as many NON Communist people. It's all in the plan China2025!

WHO This guy is a fraud and a communist WHO WHO Ramp up production WHO We don't need you. Disorganize WHO! WHO if the general public were to wear masks it would help prevent spikes or clusters & admissions/ visits to hospitals. If we weren’t short of masks we would 100% be telling everyone to wear masks but we are short so an adjustment was made

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Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a virus (more specifically, a coronavirus) identified as the cause of an outbreak of respiratory illness first detected in Wuhan, China. tahairyy She must live somewhere COLD, 'cause it's currently SPRING in the Western World 😂😹🤣🌻🌞👗

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)How to Make Your Own Face Covering During COVID19 Watch as SurgeonGeneral gives step-by-step instructions on making a covering to wear when you go out to places where socialdistancing is difficult:

1,320 Americans Died Yesterday From Coronavirus, More Than Any Other CountryAs the United States grapples with exponential growth of coronavirus deaths, it surpassed every other country in the world in terms of daily coronavirus deaths. This is a crock....majority of cases and deaths are all in New York, to say that this represents all of the US is outright stupid. This is sad! Theb CDC and the FDA really fucked things up super badly. This is why government SUCKS.

In coronavirus-stricken Italy, a new field hospital rises at the foot of the AlpsThe coronavirus battle led the Alpini to build a field hospital in Bergamo, Italy. Speaking of high altitudes. Watch this and share A field hospital? Just exactly what kind of results are they expecting to get from such an isolated, makeshift operation? So, Sorry for Italy , all most Speechless . Rome Italy So, Romantic City .Where Opera music & Belet dance used to make Lyrical rhythm in loving artististic mind . Suddenly Cold death took place around the whole City .Spring bloom is there -Wind is mourning . Adriatic Sea crying .

When will we know the UK lockdown is working?Almost two weeks after Britons were confined to their homes, is the coronavirus curve flattening? 1-2 weeks later.

School districts, including New York City’s, start banning Zoom because of online security issuesOnline security issues are growing with the mass rush to virtual education during the coronavirus crisis.