Coronavirus pandemic

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6/12/2021 2:45:00 PM

Virus update: • Pandemic relapse brings trouble for India's middle class. • Russia’s COVID-19 cases spike 47% in a week. • U.S. vaccine surplus grows as expiration dates loom. • California governor rolls back virus rules. More AP coverage:

News from The Associated Press, the definitive source for independent journalism from every corner of the globe.

June 6, 2021 GMTUK urges commitment to vaccinate the world by end of 2022 Read more: The Associated Press »

Unrecognizable stray dog that went viral gets storybook ending - CNN Video

A neglected dog that was so hairy he was unrecognizable gets adopted. Jeanne Moos reports on the hairiest dog finding a forever home.

If he only knew he was president Can we send the soon to be expired vaccine out to those who need it in India and Russia? Still struggling with forex trading or becoming A Profitable trader? I can help you invest in forex, without sending money to anyone, No need to pay for Signals, learn how to invest and generate income all by yourself. Inbox me for more info.

wait a minute. in the news India was described as a poor country. can a poor country have a middle class? and, if this is so, why do they let so many live in abject poverty, is it the cast system? Maybe we should share the vaccine with Russia. 😂 just kidding. I just want to say a big thank you to LISAMARKDONALDT I was nobody until a friend of mine introduced me to you it has been nothing but financial success for me , I will continue to share your good name ma’am

If enough of us scream the truth loud enough maybe people will stop listening to the lies. I believe that healthcare for all could be passed by the current administration. It’s the biggest change they could make in this country for everybody. Demand Healthcare For All Americans! - Sign the Petition! via Change MedicareForAll

Still don't know anyone who's had it 😂

News Analysis: Harris’ Latin America trip shows complications and contradictions in immigration strategyLike everything else about Harris' mission to curb migration to the U.S. border by addressing the fundamental causes, it’s complicated. And the complications are what make her task so daunting, and perhaps unresolvable anytime soon, writes Noahbierman Noahbierman Too bad the Media did not explain that while Trump was President. Noahbierman Candace Owens Noahbierman The root cause is so easy, it’s the same one for 350 years, it’s better here then there. The Democrats plan to make us like there should solve the problem.

The Times: Daily news from the L.A. Times“The Times” is a podcast from the Los Angeles Times hosted by columnist Gustavo Arellano along with reporters from our diverse newsroom. Every weekday, our podcast takes listeners beyond the headlines, with our West Coast outlook on the world. News, entertainment, the environment, immigration, MayorOfLA 'Political icon'? Where did you come up with that? MayorOfLA A wise man once said..' If you take a fool who ruined his city and failed at his job, and you place him somewhere else expecting a different outcome, you are a fool trying to catch a breeze in a fishing net ' MayorOfLA Icon? Garcetti is a turd (apologies to turds for the disrespect).

WSJ News Exclusive | U.S. Launches Task Force to Open Government Data for AI ResearchThe Biden administration launched an initiative aiming to make more government data available to artificial intelligence researchers in an effort to stay competitive with China, Russia and others Rosenchild 🇺🇸 U.S. President / POTUS JoeBiden and the Biden Administration launched an initiative aiming to make more U.S. Government Data available to ArtificialIntelligence - AI Researchers in an effort to stay competitive with China, Russia, etc. 🖥️ |

Man killed by lightning day after news site says there were no deaths this yearThe National Weather Service reported 17 people died across the U.S. in 2020 after being struck by lightning.

Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash relationship timeline as couple announce baby newsWith baby number two on the way, here's everything we know about Joe and Stacey's long-standing romance

WSJ News Exclusive | Biden Administration to Give Hospitals More Time to Spend Covid-19 Relief MoneyThe Biden administration plans to give some healthcare providers more time to spend emergency coronavirus money, after hospitals and lawmakers asked for an extension good luck US backed Saudi-led genocide war on Yemen resulted in 4 million IDPs, 7 million malnourished persons most of them are under 5 kids and PLWs We must speak up to stop this barbaric war and end the suffering of 30.8 millions Yemeni affected since 2015 EndTheYemenWar