Morgan Winsor

Morgan Winsor

Coronavirus news: US records highest daily death toll in weeks

A pandemic of the novel coronavirus has now killed more than 935,000 people worldwide.

9/16/2020 2:06:00 PM

CORONAVIRUS LATEST: — U.S. records highest daily death toll in weeks. — India's case count tops 5 million.

A pandemic of the novel coronavirus has now killed more than 935,000 people worldwide.

US records highest daily death toll in weeksAn additional 1,422 coronavirus-related fatalities were recorded in the United States on Tuesday, a more than threefold increase from the previous day, according to a real-time count kept by Johns Hopkins University.

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The country's latest daily death toll from COVID-19 -- the highest since Aug. 12 -- is still under its record set on April 17, when there were 2,666 new fatalities in a 24-hour reporting period.There were also 52,081 new cases of COVID-19 confirmed across the United States on Tuesday, down from a peak of 77,255 new cases reported on July 16.

Valerie Macon/AFP via Getty ImagesPeople walk past a sign reminding everyone to keep their distance on the Venice Beach Boardwalk in Los Angeles, California, on Sept. 15, 2020, amid the coronavirus pandemic.People walk past a sign reminding everyone to keep their distance on the Venice Beach Boardwalk in Los Angeles, California, on Sept. 15, 2020, amid the coronavirus pandemic.

A total of 6,606,562 people in the United States have been diagnosed with COVID-19 since the pandemic began, and at least 195,942 of them have died, according to Johns Hopkins. The cases include people from all 50 U.S. states, Washington, D.C. and other U.S. territories as well as repatriated citizens.

By May 20, all U.S. states had begun lifting stay-at-home orders and other restrictions put in place to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus. The day-to-day increase in the country's cases then hovered around 20,000 for a couple of weeks before shooting back up and crossing 70,000 for the first time in mid-July.

An internal memo from the Federal Emergency Management Agency obtained by ABC News on Tuesday night identified some areas in the northeastern United States as"emerging hotspots," including parts of Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Read more: ABC News »

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How The U.S. Could Solve The Coronavirus Test MessNPR's Mary Louise Kelly talks with Dr. Atul Gawande, who writes for The New Yorker, about the problem the U.S. is facing with coronavirus testing and what can be done to solve it.

New U.S. Coronavirus Cases Fall, but Hurricane Sally Puts Some States in JeopardyHurricane Sally threatened to complicate antipandemic efforts in some states: “The Covid public-health emergency doesn’t take time off in order for us to deal with the natural disasters,” Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards said putin's stolen vaccine will save the day in the land of mordor where the shadows lie. trump will be off golfing while americans die.

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U.S. Popularity Plummets Worldwide Amid Widely Criticized Coronavirus Response, Poll FindsThe U.S. is viewed positively by only 34% of those surveyed in 13 countries around the world, a new Pew Research Center survey finds—and President Donald Trump ranks even lower realDonaldTrump i Love Cue his rage tweeting Everything he accused Obama of, he has done. The world laughed at him at the UN and we are no longer respected thanks to our failing President.

U.S. woman accused of infecting over 50 people with coronavirus in BavariaA 26-year-old U.S. citizen was recently accused of sparking a wave of new coronavirus infections in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, a ski town in Bavaria, Germany. 🤷‍♂️ “The lady had symptoms, came to the test station and was told to stay in quarantine because of the symptoms. But she did not do so.' yup...sounds just like an entitled American karen😒 'After taking the test, the woman was instructed to quarantine and wait for the results, but instead, she went out and attended a bar crawl.' This behavior is commonplace here in the US - which is why we are stuck in our 6 mo long 1st wave. Also why they don't want us there.

Coronavirus news: US reports over 34K new cases as hotspots reemerge in NortheastNEW: 872 million students—or half the world's student population in 51 countries—are still unable to head back to their classrooms amid the coronavirus pandemic, UNICEF says. The number is down from 1.6 billion students at the height of the pandemic. It is easier to control an uneducated population. No rush مكه المكرمه