Asia, Coronavirus News And Live Updates: Markets Take Historic Tumble As Virus Spreads - Cnn

Asia, Coronavirus News And Live Updates: Markets Take Historic Tumble As Virus Spreads - Cnn

Coronavirus news and live updates: Markets take historic tumble as virus spreads - CNN

The first confirmed novel coronavirus case in Nigeria is an Italian citizen who traveled to Lagos. Follow here for the latest.

2/28/2020 4:31:00 PM

A woman in her 70s is the fifth passenger on the Diamond Princess cruise ship to die from the novel coronavirus, Japan’s Health Ministry says.

The first confirmed novel coronavirus case in Nigeria is an Italian citizen who traveled to Lagos. Follow here for the latest.

Global stocks plummet again in worst week since 2008 financial crisisBy Laura He, Michelle Toh and Charles Riley, CNN BusinessGlobal stocks areon track for their worst week since the global financial crisis,as coronavirus fears have pushed markets down for a seventh consecutive day.

Sisters charged for allegedly stabbing store security guard 27 times after he told them to wear a mask Trump confronts his 50 percent problem US economy grew a record 33.1% annual rate last quarter but the pandemic remains an enormous threat

The MSCI index, which tracks shares in many of the world's biggest companies, has fallen 8.9% — its worst percentage decline since October 2008.European stocks suffered significant losses in early trading Friday, with Germany's DAX, dropping as much as 5% in early trading and London's FTSE 100 shedding 4.4%. In Italy, where 17 people have now died as a result of the virus, the benchmark FTSE MIB index was down nearly 4%.

China's Shanghai Composite closed down 3.7%, bringing losses forthe week to 5.6%, the index's worst performance since April 2019. Japan's Nikkei ended down 3.7% and benchmark indexes in Australia and South Korea both shed 3.3%.A man in a mask is seen passing a financial markets display board in Tokyo, Japan, on Thursday. Credit: Kyodo News/Getty Images

The coronavirus has increased fears thatthe epidemic will wipe out corporate profitsand push some of the world's biggest economies into recession.US stock futures were also sharply lower Friday, suggesting that the country's three main indexes will resume their plunge after a sharp sell-off on Thursday during which the Dow suffered its worst ever points loss, dropping 1,191 points, or 4.4%. The S&P 500 suffered a similar fall and has slid more than 10% from its recent peak.

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Trump, Biden clash in final debate on COVID-19 response, health care, race

President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden faced off in the final presidential debate of the 2020 election from Belmont University in Nashville Thursday.

Six deaths among those aboard the cruise ship Diamond Princess. Yet, parent company Carnival wants to disinfect ship and sail away this bad publicity in April. Whoever is in charge of their operations ought to be thrown overboard. TrumpLiesAboutCoronavirus Konducta4LFE A woman, you say? No wonder the world calls you FAKE NEWS. You make things up as you go along. It’s a MAN not a woman!

people STOP TRAVELING AND WAIT IT OUT ...SO EVERYONE CAN GET BETTER THIS SAD PEOPLE LOSEING THERE LIFES TiffanyDressle2 Well The superbug is in China, and Japan let's take a cruise and go see it the diamond princess passengers said ...☠️☠️🤷 🤦‍♂️ people dont seem to understand that the government lets the press talk about this and this but uet then behind the scenes the laws are being changed its like a magic trick where your all looking at a point of view and the real action is taking part over there

Nobody should travel now In Japan, you cannot go to a hospital to test for coronavirus. Only those who have had a history of contact with the infected person and have a fever of 37.5 degrees or higher can be tested. 16,000 people in the US have died of the flu. Why are you not reporting that? Why no body slave this problem

Nothing out of the ordinary. Elderly people die daily from being sick. Quit making this into something bigger than it really is. Elderly, people with compromised immune systems and children are at higher risk why are you spreading so much fear be truthful was your hands don't touch your face Trump said the virus is a myth and shes playing dead

I keep seeing “experts” say hospitals will need to gear up for coronavirus. Over 90% of patients with flu present to their PCP not the hospitals . PCPs are the front line. We need test kits more than hospitals Interesting. Panic over 2-3% death rate as reported in China. Outside China death rates are much much lower. 700 on Ship 5 have died .7% death rate. Why isn’t media aware of these discrepancies?

Death Cruise. 🥴 Doctor says your mask won't help you against coronavirus. MORE FAKE NEWS FROM CNN! She should of went on the Love Boat instead of the Dead Boat . sad It didn't have to be an incubator for the coronavirus. Fear & ignorance stopped countries from accepting the passengers and putting them in quarantine. Thanks to Mexico for atleast giving this ship a place to dock. Now we need to save those still aboard.

Hey CNN, Your anchor Kate Bolduan just interviewed someone from 'John Hopkins University'. That is a mistake that should not happen. Also the scroll at the bottom identified the University as John Hopkins not Johns Hopkins. AGAIN CNN YOU missed any background on the person who passed away... She was 70 years old... ok.. Any health background Medical issues Where was she from etc. Is CNN being run by hysterical 12 year-old gender-less,'experts' who are afraid of the dark

能怎么办呢 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)—Fighting Products link “may have”?! They can’t be that stupid. They knew what would happen. They sacrificed them in attempt to keep it from spreading on their mainland. Nobody buys that vague response. Someone needs to call out ebay, and to a lesser extent, amazon, for allowing price gouging to the point of 4 to 500 for 10 masks being condoned and allowed. People are disgusting and disappointing.

ZYTT How are u going to work in a Bernie bash in this story? Do you have a dedicated Bernie bash team? Will u work it into stock market news too? Shameful to do it on covid19 coverage! Give it a rest! It's getting gross! Obama praised Cuba during his 'Cuban thaw' Can CNN please start sharing how many are cured of the infection rather than just spread fear? I thought you cared about facts! cnn

You might not get this from reading much. Of the coverage - quote — “Though it poses a se­ri­ous risk for some—namely older in­di­vid­u­als and those with un­der­ly­ing health con­di­tions—for the ma­jority it will likely be a rel­atively mild ill­ness.” Cover up no such thing as virus ,what do you expect going to happen when nobody takes care of their pollution

정부와 코미팜 코로나19 치료 개발 완료! 양용진 회장 '코로나19 치료제 '파나픽스' 임상준비 끝' Chairman Yang Yong-jin, 'Preparation for clinical trial of 'Panapix' Old news, a British male is the 6th. This is really going bad I believe the picture is from Korea We are told that many other countries have such better healthcare than we have yet viruses seem to spread so much faster & they want help & money from us. Interesting

BNODesk 🙏🏻 Why would you lie and lie and lies and lie?. They are going to make a horror movie about this DIE? Well fuck cruises... dishes of disease.. God have Mercy They way Trump is handling it we will all be at risk....he still only cares about his re election The battle over the coronavirus price tag ai really don’t see why so many people take cruises ? Seriously ! Cabins are small , You always surrounded by the same people and limited in the places you can go or things you can do and thus for 2 weeks time Just don’t see the big fuss

Diamond Princess was an incubator for the virus. Everyone knew it. The crew had to endure exposure bc if they complained, they wouldn’t get another contract. Shame on the Japanese authorities who pushed the quarantine. Cruises are deadly we need responsible cruise legislation These factors have led to criticism that government measures disregard patients, and there are also those who claim that actions of the divided government are resulting in adverse effects.

Cruise ships are petri dishes! very sad news. Japanese government did their best to save passengers in this British cruise ship. They have them on a freakin ship. They will all eventually get infected. psychologyofjoy Cg già Is the british couple still ok? Cruise passengers tend to older so what’s the mortality rate here? Is it inline with the 4% for over 60s?

Just like people with the flu.. the elderly are always the first to go. Corona virus is lethal diamondprincessquarantine Coronavid19 Thank God, we have President Trump...can you imagine Bernie or any of lefty candidates trying to run any type of emergency...Bernie never had a real job...The virus proves we need closed borders.

More people die from the flu each year. Stop fear mongering. Oh no 😢 Wick CNN that God u people brought to Nigeria is watching Thanks China 🇨🇳 eft up the entire world cos u like to eat weird crap. Coronavirus COVID19 Prevention & Treatment from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Yeah if people could just stop dying from coronavirus that would be great

This documentary is going to be insane Oh no

‘Corona beer virus’ and ‘beer coronavirus’ searches increase as fears of outbreak spreadAs the coronavirus continues to spread, Mexican beer brand Corona is drawing criticism for a social teaser promoting the brand's hard seltzer. Strike while the iron is hot... News is taking advantage of the fear tactic Did coronaextrausa hire the astros PR team? wingoz minakimes MGolicJR57 katienolan Who knew

U.S. Stock Market Suffers Brutally as Dow Drops to Historic Low Amid Coronavirus FearsThe Dow marked its biggest one-day point drop to ever be recorded on Thursday

Nancy Pelosi calls stock market plunge 'disturbing' as she pushes for coronavirus fundingPelosi pushed back on Trump's suggestion that the stock plunge was at least in part the fault of Democratic presidential candidates. NOBODY CARES WHAT PELOSI THINKS! I don’t care what Nervous Nancy has to say. She's disturbing

Corona will continue controversial promotion for hard seltzer amid coronavirus outbreakConstellation Brands will continue a marketing push for its new Corona Hard Seltzer amid controversy that its tagline 'coming ashore soon' is in poor taste. There is no outbreak you cnbc criminal boiler room carnival barkers.. Re your last guest's statement on foot traffic in the USA, please refer him to this: There is nothing 'controversial' about it. Merely coincidence, not controversy.

Coronavirus fears are clobbering the stock market — is it doing the same to your retirement?The market drops could clue investors in to how comfortable they actually are with risk in their portfolios. Don't worry, you will always have Social Security and Medicare, if you vote out the GOP and Trump of course. We all know they are dying to cut those to fund their budget-busting unfunded permanent tax cut for corporations, who are now done buying back their stocks This is a good chance to build the retirement portfolio for many... No, I am not stock market stupid.

Concerns Over Coronavirus Send Stock Market Into FrenzyStocks went on a wild ride as investors struggle to gauge the economic impact of the coronavirus outbreak.