Coronavirus, Covıd-19

Coronavirus, Covıd-19

Coronavirus Live Updates: White House Suggests U.S. Death Toll Is Inflated

China on Saturday reported no new coronavirus deaths or symptomatic cases, the first time that both tallies were zero on a given day since the country’s outbreak began. Read the latest on the pandemic from around the world.

5/23/2020 7:09:00 AM

China on Saturday reported no new coronavirus deaths or symptomatic cases, the first time that both tallies were zero on a given day since the country’s outbreak began. Read the latest on the pandemic from around the world.

Countries in the Muslim world have tightened restrictions ahead of the Eid holiday, which begins this weekend. The pandemic has “reached a milestone in Africa,” the W.H.O. reported, with more than 100,000 confirmed cases on the continent.

ImageElian Peltier and his mother were reflected in a Plexiglas partition as they visited Mr. Peltier’s grandfather, René Bindel, at his nursing home. Mr. Peltier’s grandmother, Marie-Thérèse Bindel, is also at the home.Credit...Lydie Peltier

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Elian Peltier covered the coronavirus pandemic in Spain before returning to his home country, France. We asked him to tell us about a visit to his grandparents.When France went under lockdown in March, my mother was relieved. Her parents were in a nursing home, and with travel restrictions suddenly in place, she and her sister could no longer drive the 80 miles south of Paris every weekend to visit them.

At least in the home, my grandparents would get the care they needed.Then the virus slipped inside nursing homes, and relief turned to alarm. Had a move to protect my grandparents instead condemned them?So began a long vigil of daily calls, weekly video chats and customized postcards created online.

When I told my grandfather about reporting in Spain, I omitted mention of the bodies taken out of apartment buildings in Barcelona and of health care workers in hazmat suits disinfecting nursing homes in isolated villages. It felt better to update him on the uncertain fate of European soccer leagues, and to reminisce about our penalty-kick practices in his garden in Beaugency, where I spent my summers as a child.

The coronavirus has killed about 14,000 residents of France’s nursing homes — half of the country’s death toll. We are lucky that, so far, none of those deaths occurred at my grandparents’ home, where the caregivers were vigilant about social distancing.

As France began easing its lockdown last week, we were finally able to visit, or rather sit outside the home, as my grandparents sat inside, a few feet away. To allow us to hear each other, the staff opened the door, but placed a table with a Plexiglas partition in the doorway.

We could see my grandparents only one at a time, since they are in different parts of the home that can no longer socially mix. My grandfather, a former stone mason, misses many things that we cannot yet deliver, like shorts, because of the home’s strict rules. It is my grandmother’s company he misses most.

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My grandmother, once a wonderful cook known for herpoulet basquaiseand cherry cakes, has Alzheimer’s. When she struggled to recognize me, I broke the rules and took down my mask for a second. A nurse gently caressed her hair as we spoke. My mother and I were a little envious that the nurse could do what we could not.

For now, I plan to finally read my grandfather’s journals of his military service in Chad when he was around my age. He gave them to me at Christmas; I thought I had plenty of time to read them. That was before he had a stroke, and before the pandemic created a new normal.

The virus’s ‘different pathway’ in Africa may be a function of the continent’s younger population.ImageCoronavirus testing in Juba, South Sudan, last month.Credit...Alex Mcbride/Agence France-Presse — Getty ImagesThe coronavirus is taking a “different pathway” in Africa compared with its trajectory in other regions, the World Health Organization said on Friday.

Mortality rates are lower in Africa than elsewhere, the W.H.O. said, theorizing that the continent’s young population could account for that.The virus has reached all 55 countries on the continent, which recently confirmed its 100,000th case, with 3,100 deaths. When Europe’s infection count reached that point,

it had registered 4,900 deaths.“For now, Covid-19 has made a soft landfall in Africa, and the continent has been spared the high numbers of deaths which have devastated other regions of the world,” said Dr. Matshidiso Moeti, the organization’s regional director for Africa.

More than 60 percent of people in Africa are under 25, and Covid-19 hits older populations particularly hard. In Europe, around 95 percent of virus deaths have been among those 60 and older.Many health experts have cast doubt on the W.H.O.’s numbers, however, saying that most African countries’ testing capability is extremely limited — partly because they struggle to obtain the diagnostic equipment they need — and that deaths as a result of Covid-19 are undercounted.

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In some places, they say, low official numbers for cases and deaths mask a much graver reality.How to have a safer Memorial Day weekend.This is Memorial Day weekend in the United States, when beaches and backyard barbecues beckon. Though many places continue to reopen, you still shouldn’t gather in groups — but since many people will, here is some guidance for lowering your coronavirus risk.

Reporting was contributed by Louis Lucero, Jennifer Jett, Jin Wu, Elian Peltier, Maggie Haberman, Noah Weiland, Abby Goodnough, Sheryl Gay Stolberg, Sheila Kaplan and Sarah Mervosh. Read more: The New York Times »

And you actually believe them? FFS 🤦🏻‍♀️ 🤣🤣🤣 repeats ChiCom lies 🤣🤣🤣 sounds legit. They can say anything doesnt mean it's TRUE. Trump says alot of things doesnt mean it's TRUE. Wow.... 1.4B population with 0 new cases..... “This CCP propaganda brought to you by the NYT.” What a joke! 1.3billion Chinese and not a single death. Is China thinking others are foolish or they are over smart to smell anything like this! Bloody liers. ChinaDaily PDChina CommunistChineseVirus ChinaLiedAndPeopleDied WuhanVirus lies

lol at all the twits in the comment section crying about china when their countries have DPM rates over x100 worse. You all sound like a bunch of Moonies. “bullshit “ this is great news i can only see negative comments ha No one believes in Chinese Communist Party. Rubbish....dont believe it. A former newspaper, still believes China provides unbiased information.

Interesting considering that they are going through a ‘second wave.’ Wow NYT speaks up for China. Not surprised. Send your investigative journalists to safe places in America and ask how many Chinese Americans-VOTERS-some are smart- turn from Hillary to Trump. You don’t need to risk reporting from China and getting jailed.

Bullshit Thats means they had 100 cases More shit from China nobody believes your lies ! And of course they are entirely trustworthy in their reporting!! Why do we even care what’s happening in China, they can disappear off the end of world for all I care! NUKECHINA Of course, we trust you this time China!! 😂 😉 😜😜

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Same thing was sad last month Hey China, we're all tired of your lies. And you believe the commies No they’ve given it to everyone else Why did you put the pay walls back up for COVID-related articles? China reports No new cases Because everyone has had it and the weak And old are all dead and cremated It amazes me how quick Some western media, put out Chinese Propaganda And believe what ccp says Noway to fact check it but they parrot it

Do they want to tell the truth about the infections from before? So that we can accurately model and respond long term. I don't believe it! One day (if true?) isn’t cause to throw caution to the wind and become complacent! CHINA IS FUCKING LYING Only new yorkers believe in chinese words because they are used to it with donald trump. It quarantines several places from jilin to guanzhou.They even sent 20 people to its southern bordering country to spy on the mountainous areas to escape when needed.

I totally believe them Fake news Report from China? Reported by NYT? A liar may belie the lie of another. China report all sorts of things. Do you think they could be lying? Apart from all the new cases in Jilin which is under lockdown again 🤷‍♂️ After all that's happened to you really believe China? Anything to boost their economy

Bull shit so now NYT is owned by China.... Good luck to China : bad luck given to us. Chinese Government needs to begin calculating how much compensation they are going to pay to the rest of the world towards the terrible financial consequences of their actions. Claims, but the chi-coms never lie. I didn’t realize the was shilling for Xi.

Have they let you guys in back or is all foreign media still banned? Imagine believing what China says after what they done to the world Amateur China experts incoming! Telling everyone what to make of this news. Maybe they haven't published it Thats funny. Heard there were new clusters of infections appearing again.

If Communist China and say so . . . it must be true. Yeah believe that And we are supposed to believe China are we? That county has put the whole planet in this mess and they should face serious sanctions. Sure... A beautiful LIE* and the band played believe it if you like Can we believe it though? So basically, it's magically disappeared from the country where it first started? And yet, wet markets are back open in some parts...thr place where it's said to have come from? Sorry, don't buy that from your communist run country where people seem to be silenced for speaking up

Bullshit Does it matters what Chinese government says about the coronavirus right now? In my county, almost all dwellers have stopped wearing masks, I just attended a wedding of my close friend last month. Can you believe it? even during the most serious period, we still lived very well, cause all life necessities were provided as before. Plus, I am Chinese.

Seems legit. That’s because probably now everyone in the country has contracted the virus. People always cannot believe what beyond their comprehension D This nonsense again..... ObamaGate Why is NYT still publishing such articles based on doubtful data provided by China. Don't they know all these articles would be extended as proof by China when it is investigated in the future.

You tell me you guys believe what the Chinese are telling you 😂😂😂😂 this is both good news, and news worthy.. let it be the light at the end of this covid19 tunnel.. JK_Selorm next they’ll say the dead people have resurrected there and we will believe it Its hard to trust China What is the results of the on-going tests for 11million Wuhan residents ordered by the gov, in which several swabs were collected in the same container without label? It looks like the medics are doing this just to carry out the order, just to tick a box.

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Haha what rubbish China has tonnes of cases in Wuhan alone not to mention many other cities in quarantine. This is why no one trusts main stream media bullshit Really? Doubt. Please ask China Wuhan and North East ppl. 🤣 guys guys, what if China's not actually lying... what if they just stopped testing so they could make this headline?

What a load of bullshit Reporting cases and no cases are too different things. Trusting China is playing Russian Roulette CoronaVirusUpdates COVID19 ChinaVirus FoxNews Because they've passed it on to every other poor sod Sure 😒 Zero new cases in a country of 1 billion people - means they aren't testing or reporting accurately WHO

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All I'm saying is that the Chinese national Congress just went back to session, not sure if they would have put, idk, all their people in power in danger if the thing is not contained. What? You just believe that report from the Ccp? Did you know the second C in ccp stands for Communist? What the hell is wrong with youre fundamental journalistic training? WOW. Seems you guys are living in a theory of disbelief or more likely following

Has to be fake news!Really hurts if true! LOLOLOLOL NYT itself just reported yesterday shulan in northeast of China is in Wuhan style lockdown. Keep going to trust tRump. He lead you to hell , Almost 100 thousands death. Why Asian countries got a low infraction and death? Think about it. ChinaLiesPeopleDie

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If you believe the numbers coming out of Chine, I have a bridge in Wuhan to sell you. What? Like, you were there to check? Fools. Believing anything communist tell you. But you know. I am not surprised. Back in the days, you supported Hitler too. I only know that all aspects of China are returning to normal. As for whether you believe it or not, who cares.

Xi, that’s amazing! 🙄 I see a lot of Americans here seeking comfort by denying the achievement of China. Hope death of your relatives and friends will wake you up. Breaking: China buys New York Times, immediately takes over Twitter account CCP propaganda Why have they locked down many new cities? Ah, the chinese propaganda... Reported on April 7: 'Wednesday’s reopening came after only three new coronavirus cases were reported in the city in the previous three weeks' LMFAO like thats believable.

Also reported full religious and political freedom. 18 percent growth rate. And success of their Forever Young pill, which ends aging and guarantees immortality. Sure would be great if American alleged news outlets didn’t parrot Chinese propaganda. Why doesn’t the article refer to Natalie Dean with a title (specifically, Dr) when it gives titles to Deborah Birx and Donald Trump? Not cool.

They've been hoarding PPE again & just reported an outbreak.😳 Is this an opinion peace written by Xi or what? I read this and I wonder if the United States will ever reach that point. Not expecting to anytime in the near future.... Umm, yeah, not a single death or case. That’s the ticket! But deaths from the flu have gone through the roof for some unknown reason.

Riiiiight Another hard-won milestone towards complete recovery. Liberals will actually believe this is true because China never lies and Orange man bad! Propaganda unless independently verified! China is infamous liar! ...what the Chairman wants, the Chairman gets!!! -so it is for Emperor Xi and his crony Maoist junta....

BolsonaroReeleito 😂 Duvido que alguém acredite em números divulgados pela ditadura chinesa I doubt somebody believes numbers released by the Chinese dictatorship L.I.A.R.S. We can no longer trust thier report nor numbers.. They have made us think this way. But, this is their strategy and tactics, so that China can do anything as they hide truth to its people. Please pick up all the bad things China have been doing to other countries in the world.

China lies,people die. Assuming the Chinese Communists are saying the truth. They have been having issues with that for quite a while. Don’t trust China. China is a**hole We cannot know for sure. Sorry because they report what they want the world to know. Waiting for Virginia to report zero new cases/zero deaths. But we had 1229 new cases on Thursday and 813 new cases on Friday. Someone isn’t social distancing and wearing a mask.

🤡🤡🤡 How much is the ccp paying you? Must be true then 🤣 Sure Jan it’s crazy people still take anything that comes out of china seriously 🙅🏻‍♂️ Does anyone actually believe this bs? Coming from the same country that denies and has erased tiananmen square Who believes that number? Did you even bother to question their numbers or were you being good little bolsheviks and just regurgitating what they said? I don't feel like paying for your crap.4

1,400,000,000 people, and no single new case/death. Even my chinese friends think it's a joke! Bullshit objective Lol you believe the Chinese government 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 More than 100 million people in China face new lockdown as second wave of COVID-19 cases emerge Yeah , I’m sure that’s true.🙄 Don't trust anything coming out of Trump's mouth

Don't trust anything coming out of China's mouth. I am president

Coronavirus Live Updates: Pandemic Hovers Over China’s Legislative Pageant—President Trump, visiting a hard-hit U.S. state, declined to wear a mask in public —The pandemic hovers over China’s once-a-year political congress —Ecuador’s biggest city is a regional hot spot, as the virus roils Latin America Read updates in Chinese: 新冠病毒疫情最新消息 Why was Dr. Fauci, a health expert, just a few months ago telling us masks were harmful & unessential to those of us who aren't infected? Why do we need masks now!? What's changed since March? S52 E23 - Air Date: March 8th, 2020 Trump is like the actual ruler of Saudi Arabia, Muhammad bin Salman, for how long, and the United Nations has not imprisoned Muhammad bin Salman, the terrorist, ruler of Saudi Arabia, and his crime, Khashoggi

Coronavirus Live Updates: Pandemic and Natural Disasters Deal a One-Two Punch—Lockdown, then evacuation: The pandemic and natural disasters are dealing a one-two punch —Mexico has acknowledged a vast discrepancy in its coronavirus death toll —China's president hopes to rally national pride at a once-a-year legislative meeting Read updates in Chinese: 新冠病毒疫情最新消息 Police brought in a fire truck to spray a JEWISH FUNERAL! You can NOT STOMP ON PEOPLE'S CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS! NYGovCuomo ChrisCuomo Doctors from Pathankot killed our Child on 28 Apr 2020 Police not filing our FIR 😓😓24 DAYS GONE already DGPPunjabPolice CMOPb iamsunnydeol Taxidri45445769 abpnews RanaAyyub ajitanjum i_theindian local authorities r saving Culprits.Plz help 742842830

Coronavirus live updates: New York City and New Jersey set timelines to expand reopeningNew York City's Mayor Bill de Blasio says 'all roads are leading' to begin re-opening in the first half of June. Stay up-to-date with the latest coronavirus news here: Remember when he said he envisioned New York being totally locked down for 6 months? What a clown Don't worry about hydroxychloroquine Enjoy Your Life Don't be fooled by fake news

Coronavirus live updates: As states reopen, a third see a rise in daily new casesThousands of Royal Caribbean crew members remain at sea during the pandemic. Why is it taking so long to get them home? Frankly, it’s a difficult thing to do. It’s very complicated. It’s also very expensive.” CEO Richard Fain told seemacnbc earlier. seemacnbc It's that last sentence that identifies the true stumbling block seemacnbc Wow! seemacnbc Because they have contracts so royal wants them to finish the contracts by doing other work

Coronavirus live updates: Global COVID-19 cases reach 5 million Coronavirus latest: • Global COVID-19 cases reach 5 million • CDC quietly releases detailed plan to reopen America • U.S death toll passes 92,700 Retweet Fear mongering once again COVID-19 is just as eager for the world’s economic engines to reboot, and for the human-fuel to get back out there-and, really, SHOP TO YOU DROP!

Coronavirus live updates: Italian PM says 'worst is behind us;' Elvis Presley's Graceland to reopenThe coronavirus has infected more than 5 million people around the world as of Thursday, killing at least 328,471 people. Um Graceland is not in Italy