Coronavirus Live Updates: Trump Taps Pence to Lead Virus Response

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Breaking News: President Trump appointed Vice President Mike Pence to oversee efforts to prevent a widespread coronavirus outbreak in the U.S.

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Breaking News: President Trump appointed Vice President Mike Pence to oversee efforts to prevent a widespread coronavirus outbreak in the U.S.

People with potential exposure are in quarantine around the world — including 83 in Nassau County, N.Y. The number of new infections outside China has outpaced those inside the country for the first time.

transcript Wash Your Hands. No, Like This. Scientists say that a common technique for applying hand sanitizer, one recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is inferior to an alternative method with twice as many steps. Storylog 39339 FINAL: (Instructional video narrator) “The best way to clean your skin is with soap, hot water, and plenty of elbow grease.” (Reporter) What if we told you that you’ve probably been cleaning your hands wrong, and that science tells you so? It turns out there’s not one, but two common, internationally accepted ways to clean your hands: one from our very own CDC, and another by the World Health Organization. So which of these two methods is better? Researchers now know. They enlisted doctors and nurses in a Glasgow hospital in an experiment. And what they found in a study published this month was that the W.H.O.‘s method was microbiologically more effective than the CDC’s. So, the W.H.O. — won. But here’s the rub: the CDC’s method for cleaning hands goes something like this: (Demonstration) The W.H.O.‘s method is like so: (Demonstration) · Rub palms together · Rub each palm, front to back over the back of the other hand, interlacing fingers · Twist palms ,with fingers interlaced · Interlock your fingers and twist again. This time, backs of fingers against palms · Clasp your left thumb in your right hand and move thumb in circular motion · Still with us? · Press your right fingers together and rub them in a circular motion on your left palm. Then switch. · Alright. You’re done! Don’t take it hard if it doesn’t seem worth it. Although the W.H.O. method got cleaner hands, only about 2/3rds of the study’s doctors and nurses completed the whole thing, which took about 42 seconds to do. The simpler CDC method? Only 35. And this is important because you see, in hospitals, hand hygiene is dope. (Excerpts of training videos) According to the CDC, some 2 million patients get hospital-related infections a year. And the CDC estimates that doctors and nurses clean their hands correctly only half the time they should. So follow-through might be just as important as microbiological effectiveness. While this study focused only on alcohol-based hand sanitizers, its author says that the W.H.O. way applies equally well to washing your hands with plain old soap and water — something you can practice at home. (Excerpts of training videos) Scientists say that a common technique for applying hand sanitizer, one recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is inferior to an alternative method with twice as many steps. Credit Credit... Yousur Al-Hlou/The New York Times If the coronavirus appears in communities in the United States, as federal officials anticipate, what can you do to protect yourself and your family? Much of the advice from experts involves common sense, not very different from what you would do to dodge the flu or any other respiratory virus. Because Americans often disregard colds and flus, continuing about their ordinary business, there are people with symptoms in public places. Without apology, you should put distance between you and them. Six feet would be good, but even a little distancing is helpful. And do your colleagues a favor if you aren’t feeling well: Stay home from work. Another obvious way to reduce the odds of infection: wash your hands often. “It’s not super sexy, but it works,” said Dr. Trish Perl, an infectious disease specialist at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. During the SARS epidemic — also caused by a coronavirus, but one that was much deadlier — hand-washing reduced the risk of transmission by 30 to 50 percent, she said. If it is not feasible to wash your hands with water, you can use a hand sanitizer, but check the label to be sure it contains at least 60 percent alcohol. The trademark of coronavirus outbreaks abroad are those ubiquitous face masks. But if you are healthy, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and infectious disease specialists do not recommend face masks. Most surgical masks are too loose to prevent inhalation of the virus. If you are infected, however, a mask can help prevent the spread of a virus. Health care workers and people caring for sick people should wear masks. The most effective are so-called N95 masks, which block 95 percent of very small particles. In suburban New York, 83 people agree to be isolated after potential exposure. Health officials in Nassau County, N.Y., said on Wednesday that they were monitoring 83 people in voluntary isolation for potential coronavirus exposure, but that there were no confirmed cases in the county or the state. Many of the people had recently been in China, while others had been in contact with such people, the county health commissioner, Dr. Lawrence Eisenstein, said in a news conference. About 175 people in Nassau County, which borders New York City, have been asked to self-quarantine for some period of time since the authorities started taking that precaution several weeks ago, he said. People in other parts of the country have also agreed to isolate themselves after traveling from places with coronavirus outbreaks. “As of today, there are 83 people who are on our list of being removed from contacting other people,” Dr. Eisenstein said. Officials are in communication with them every day, he said, and all have complied with the quarantine request. Five of the people have tested negative for the virus, and a sixth person’s test results are pending. The people being monitored are asked to remove themselves from other people, including family members, and are checked every day for a fever or other symptoms. Andy Simone, the county’s director for emergency preparedness, said that hospitals were prepared in the event that someone tests positive. But she added, “There is no fear right now, we do not have a case in Nassau County.” Germany’s health minister says source of some new infections cannot be traced. Germany’s health minister, Jens Spahn, said Wednesday that new cases were confirmed in the country that cannot be traced to the virus’s original source in China. This raised the troubling possibility that the virus might have been transmitted within the country itself. The disease is moving to a new phase in Germany, Mr. Spahn said at a news conference. “The infection chains are partially no longer trackable,” he said. About 20 cases of the coronavirus have been identified in the country, he said, but until now health officials had been able to trace those who became infected back to the virus’s origins in central China or to hot spots in Italy. The authorities in Germany’s most populous state, North Rhine-Westphalia, were trying on Wednesday to retrace the steps of a couple who contracted the coronavirus from a source they could not immediately identify. The couple had spent the previous two weeks — the estimated incubation period for the virus — “taking part in normal, public life,” said Karl-Josef Laumann, the state health minister. That included attending a large carnival party and taking a brief trip to the Netherlands, he said. Dutch authorities and the hotel where the couple stayed have been informed. As global markets continue to slide, Wall Street shows some signs of stabilizing. Nervousness about the spread of the coronavirus gripped Wall Street again on Wednesday, with an early rise in stock prices giving way to a third day of selling. The S & P 500 was down 0.4 percent at the end of trading, bringing its losses for the week to more than 6 percent. The day began with the S & P 500 increasing by more than 1.5 percent before giving up those gains. Market observers attributed the change in sentiment to comments from Germany’s health minister that the outbreak had entered a more serious phase, because the coronavirus had been transmitted there. Bonds rallied, pushing the yield on the 10-year Treasury note to a record low for a second day. The price of oil also fell. Major markets around the world continued to drop, with investors reacting to reports of the coronavirus spreading across the globe. European markets fell more by than 1 percent on Wednesday, and Asian markets ended the trading day lower. Investors have been dumping stocks all week, seeking safer investments like government bonds, as the outbreak spreads beyond Asia. A potential casualty of the virus is Europe’s open borders. The coronavirus epidemic poses a new and serious threat to Europe’s already diminished system of free movement across borders. For generations, Europe Union leaders have pursued — and, to a great degree, realized — a vision of a continent where not only would trade be seamless, so would travel. Eventually, 26 European countries — including four that are not in the bloc — signed on, allowing people to travel from country to country in what is known as the Schengen area without showing passports, or even being stopped at border crossings. But the idea has never been universally loved; right-wing and nationalist politicians in particular have opposed it. Ireland joined the European Union in 1973, but has never joined Schengen; neither did Britain, a member of the bloc for 47 years until it left in January. Opposition to free movement surged with the migrant crisis of 2015. Many countries erected what were supposed to be temporary border controls, but five years later, some are still in place. As coronavirus outbreaks grow and multiply, calls for closing borders have grown louder. So far no country has taken that drastic step, but privately European officials have warned that could change quickly. On Wednesday, the European Union’s top official for communicable diseases said that Europe needed to prepare more broadly for the kind of crisis that has hit northern Italy. “Our current assessment is that we will likely see a similar situation in other countries in Europe, and that the picture may vary from country to country,” said the official, Andrea Ammon, director of the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control. Two European hotels remain locked down as new cases spread across the Continent. Two European hotels were on lockdown on Wednesday as coronavirus infections spread on the Continent, and a third was quarantined for several hours. The authorities in Innsbruck, an Austrian ski town in the Alps, sealed off the 108-room Grand Hotel after an Italian employee there tested positive for the virus. The cordon was the second at a European hotel in two days, after Spain on Tuesday cordoned off the H10 Costa Adeje Palace on the resort island of Tenerife after a guest, also from Italy, tested positive. Each of the infected Italians had recently visited the Lombardy region of the country. Though the virus originated in China, an outbreak in Italy has given it a foothold in Europe from which it has spread to at least five countries. Spain, Austria, Croatia, Switzerland and France all reported cases linked to Lombardy on Tuesday. In central France, the Ibis Center hotel in Beaune was closed after a client from Hong Kong died during the night. The health authorities ordered that all 30 members of the guest’s group remain in isolation while tests were conducted. But the tests results on Wednesday afternoon did not show coronavirus, and the lockdown was lifted. Cuomo to set aside $40 million to prepare for possible infections. Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo of New York said Wednesday that the state would set aside $40 million in the expectation that the coronavirus would eventually spread to New York. He also said the state had begun planning for possible quarantines at homes, hotels and hospitals. While there have been no confirmed cases of the virus in New York, the governor and the state health commissioner, Dr. Howard Zucker, warned that its spread to the state was inevitable. “It is highly probable that we will have people in New York State who test positive,” said Mr. Cuomo, noting that New York City is “the front door internationally” for many travelers. “No one should be surprised when we have positive cases.” The governor also said he would ask federal health authorities for permission to test patient samples in a laboratory in New York , rather than waiting several days for results from the C.D.C. in Atlanta. State officials have already been taking precautions against the disease, asking about 700 recent visitors to China to voluntarily quarantine themselves, even as Customs and Border Protection agents continue to screen passengers at area airports. Individuals who have visited mainland China are judged to be of “medium risk,” according to the State Health Department, though it said none of those self-isolating individuals had exhibited symptoms of coronavirus. Reporting was contributed by Russell Goldman, Choe Sang-Hun, Keith Bradsher, Austin Ramzy, Elaine Yu, Ben Dooley, Alexandra Stevenson, Kevin Granville, Marc Santora, Melissa Eddy, Christopher F. Schuetze, Matina Stevis-Gridneff, Alan Yuhas, Andrew Kramer, Anton Troianovski, Richard Pérez-Peña, Alan Finder, Gina Kolata, Ernesto Londoño, Noah Weiland, Maggie Haberman Emily Cochrane, Alissa J. Rubin and Falih Hassan. Advertisement Read more: The New York Times

We’re doomed It can't be prevented. What's he supposed to do? Check every single in Italy, China, Washington State, the cruise ships, bathrooms, health spa, public restrooms, restaurants, schools, universities and colleges, the seven continents. He has no knowledge or medical experience. Someone mention prayer. I'm here to let u know prayer does work 🤗 if more ppl try it sincerely, watch God chance thing. 💖😘😊

I'm surprised the media hasn't blamedthe cause for the the Corona Virus to global warming. Wow, they finally found a job for him! Too bad he's useless He is too stupid. Les États-Unis d'Amérique ne peuvent pas être jaunâtres, mais ils doivent agir de façon réaliste. So the NYT sent people to this press conference and summarized it? I have a question. Have the words “rambling” and “incoherence” been removed from your dictionary? You’re normalizing someone who cannot string a thought together.

I appoint Ronald McDonald to oversee my cheeseburgers and fries 🤡 Why pay scientists, when Mike will pray for free. will the coronavirus go all way in our country it could if more people not found and if it breeds off of people could this president send usa into a recession if work not done fast find all who may have been in contact with people the way i see it could cost president45 election

Coronavirus live updates: Asia markets brace for losses as virus fears spill overWhere is the ticker on the screen during the Special Report?

The big setup, he's using Pence to be the scapegoat when things don't go well he has someone to blame. Why did Pence get his medical degree? I've begun to despise the New York Times. They've made money normalizing that orange freak for years, and because of that, I consider them partly responsible for the mess we are in. Now they put data about the outbreak behind their paywall. NYT can GTH.

Oh dear.... So Pence let the HIV epidemic escalate in his hometown until it got out of control then finally allowed condoms and needles after an outcry from his state that he wasn't doing anything. This man does not believe in science is this a joke? RESERVE YOUR MARKER STONE WITH THIS TEAM! This is not 'breaking news' this is a national threat.

Coronavirus thriving in the White House He will make sure all LGBTQ are quarantined because you know they spread it

Coronavirus Live Updates: Outbreak in Northern Italy Poses National Challenge—CDC warns Americans against traveling to South Korea —An ominous quiet descends on Milan, Italy ’s business engine —Deaths in Iran rise to at least 12. Linked cases elsewhere point to Mideast spread Latest updates: Just wait for Trump to start blaming all his incompetencies on the Corona virus now. Perfect scapegoat 🙏🏻 When Coronavirus hears my music, it's going to wish it wasn't standing in the ring at SummerSlam '93

Must really don't want him as VP anymore. Now we're praying it away Maybe Trump will wipe out all his own supporters at his rallies. Good call, trump. VP rocks competence 🤦‍♀️😷 Need it be pointed out that HIV ballooned in Indiana under his watch. Good job Brownie... you’re doing a heck of a job. This is Trump’s Katrina.

The man literally does not believe in science. So this should work out well. We are so screwed! Pence is gonna try to pray it away. If it becomes an epidemic in the US then he is replaced by Ivanka. Solved it! Pencedemic

Coronavirus news and live updates: Global cases surge past 80,000 - CNNThe death toll from the novel coronavirus has risen to nearly 2,700 worldwide, with the vast majority of those in mainland China . The total number of global cases stands at more than 80,000. Follow live updates: Man this is starting to worry me. Kids aren’t the best hygienists & aren’t mindful of everything they touch! These are not the times when we should be proposing budgets that cut back on funding for the CDCgov realDonaldTrump Just wait until they start counting all those dead bodies the Chinese shut in to their apartment buildings and welded their doors shut.

Only the best people. Geez. So we can see the strategy now, Pence on his knees in the oval office late at night praying for godly intervention. Pence...Trump's Fall Guy!!! Two weeks before the official WH position is “the President hardly knows Mr Pence, he may have had some low level role in the administration “ ?

Can someone who believes in science do it, please?! You'll pardon me if I don't panic Nice knowing you all Remember from January when Trump closed border to travelers coming from countries with Coronavirus cases? Remember how Dems criticized this move as unjustified and an overreaction? Hypocrites... What a joke trump just wants his point person to report back to him what he wants to here

Coronavirus Live Updates: Concerns Over Outbreak at Spanish HotelAn Italian doctor staying at a resort in the Canary Islands has tested positive for the virus. New outbreaks in Europe, Asia and the Middle East are renewing fears of a coming global pandemic. Very scary.

Oh great. Can see the plan already. 'Let's pray away the virus.' So basically we're F'd. People are as good as dead if this is true. Why? Does “Mother” have a special remedy prayer she wantsto put out there? Shit, you might as well have put a sock in charge. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 the turd us distancing his self! Oh, that will help!!!!

Well I feel safer already!!🙄 Oh well America will be fine then. Magic Mike will protect the country under his sky fairy bubble. We are so screwed. —the United States of America

Coronavirus live updates: CDC raises travel warning for South Korea, US airlines waive cancellation feesThe total number of COVID-19 cases climbed above 80,200 as of Tuesday morning with deaths climbing to at least 2,704. I turned to CNBC yesterday due to the 1200 point stock market drop. Then and this morning, I found so much info on coronavirus as well as the ramifications on global industry. Really good work.

😂😂😂 well good luck with that one! Yup. Who needs doctors 🤷‍♂️ Let's hope not we don't want that to happen. Trump is the most ignorant person i have ever experienced...pence in charge of virus....will he pray it away. Dumb n dumber...thid is highly dangerous. Trump only cares because its effecting the stock market..its all about money..cdc knows whats going on....

They keep brainlessly shouting Small govt untill it blows up In our faces. I hope this doesn't though... for all our sakes This political games with serious infectious disease is dangerous. People's lives are being endangered by realDonaldTrump's failure to appoint people with expertise in infectious diseases to head the war on Coronavirus. Who wants to leave his/her life with dishonest politicians?

Why not appoint your daughter Ivanka who is an expert on everything! Why isn't anyone mentioning the 2009 swine flu pandemic that killed over 200,000 people and infected 50 million? Trump has really thrown Pence under the bus with this one. When the virus spreads Trumpy will blame the VP and stand well back from blame

Bye bye Pence. It wasn't nice knowing you.

Coronavirus live updates: US plans trial of Gilead drug, CDC raises travel warning for South KoreaThe Port of Los Angeles is the busiest container port in North America. 40 sailings have been cancelled from Feb. 11 through Apr. 1, about 25% of typical ship calls during this time, Port of LA Executive Director Gene Seroka says. And yet the market is still trying to brush it away.

You don't even have masks enough for everyone for just one day lol how are you very very ready lmao please respect the advice from the expertd Y'all motherfuckers are doomed May Jesus help us all Brah you need someone that is alive,vibrant,have what is takes to lead in crises, not fall a sleep .zzzzzzzzzz

Is that called passing the buck ? So if it goes belly up trump can blame pence. I fear his solution is to “just pray it away” Can't wait to see what he winds up groping at the CDC. Is going to cure it with prayer? Good luck America 🤧🙏😂😂😂 He realized he got caught lying when he said he'd got it all under control so now pence will take the blame if and as when cases start breaking out in USA ..... Typical Shithead.

It's embarrassing borderline painful just to watch this. A rambling conman obviously with no clue on the area and the cohorts making sure in every sentence praise fake 45 as the great leader and so on. Oh and watch the money congress allocated for this,this gang has cut all funding to research and the organizations involved,they will most likely steal all money meant to enhance defense on this.

Hospital pass ... bye bye Pence Pence’s days are numbered Now we are in more trouble. This is hilarious À science non believer, no doctor and knowing nothing about epidemiology It’s already in the US. Trump is lying to the people. I know of at least 5 cases, which means the real number will be much higher. The infected will not know they have it, while they stroll through the general population, unknowingly passing on the virus.


Oh dear. Really qualified. Like the rest of this fraudulent government. Heavenly Father on papa and i son Christ Jésus on sieria 📶 Sky.A N APATA MIKE PENCE.24763.19R\\01L. When ever there is light thé darkness comprehended not .Thankle heavenly father DONALD J TRUMP.8.son thé second 🗼. Now everyone is going to get the virus

Send a virus to catch a virus This idiot is so embarrassing The dude who doesn’t believe in science? Yeah cool. We are all dead then! The mentally stable geniuses have now taken over the study & cure if infectious disease, which only means the virus was better left alone. Now it will surely spread.

Uh oh! God, please finally show some divine mercy, how many more plagues of misfortune must we all see cast upon us? Amen Stolen: Pence will pray away the RNA! Does this mean Pence will “resign” in two weeks? If something goes wrong (and we hope it does not), Trump will be the first to throw shade on Pence. What did he do to deserve this appointment? Was he late for a meeting?

is pure garbage Doesn't this gathering of caring, nurturing champions of the healing arts just fill you with confidence? We're fucked...

Thank God! We can all begin immediately to pray the virus away - We’re all fucked! 😳🤦‍♀️😖 No thoughts and prayers And AMERICA IS DEFINATELY DOOMED IdiotmoronInChief realDonaldTrump !! Lucky Obama brought in universal health care for all. You will all be ok.... What a joke, Mike Pence could not lead a health delegation on the coronavirus, what expertises does he have on health care issues!

Comical... Pence?Hes only good at licking boots

Mother! VP, Pence is what you call the fall guy. Trump knows that this is going to get bigger. So he let pence takes the fall. This guy never wants to take accountable for his actions. You lie Again We at mapsofworld have been tracking the spread of coronavirus since 27th January 2020. We have been updating this article with the latest map and figures regularly. coronavirus COVIDー19

It’s called a hospital pass. good luck America with this kind of arrangement and mentality to fight the COVID-19. Americans, you are on your own. Putting Mike Pence in charge of a deadly virus is like putting Casey Anthony in charge of a daycare center it's a recipe for disaster. HE DID SO WELL WITH HIV GREAT JOB!

It sure is Breaking news. The news means are system is broken.

If we all say our prayers, it will all go away. Pence....' No sex, especially in the LGBTQ community and have your wife with you at all times especially if a woman is around'. That will make everyone safe Great... The guy whose medieval Taliban-aligned politics precipitated the worst HIV epidemic in Indiana history is ON THE CASE. Just what we need. 🙄

That'll fix it folks. He has appointed his MOST INCOMPETENT,100% BLIND, LOYAL SERVANT, MIKE PENCE, to address the control and elimination of the most contagious virus seen in the WORLD, in a GENERATION OR MORE. AMERICA IS AUTOMATICALLY IMMUNE !?!? Well I am so relieved it’s in the hands of a god fearing man..

Trump throws Pence under the bus of his budget cuts. dr trump appoint dr pence for virus both can u see air it is experinced so virus u cannot see as plasmodium vivax malarial parasite use qunin tablets trump lord appoint lord modi pay in billons we tackel in 100 billons Trumps Scapegoat and Pences Plan:

Poor Mine. Is he off too? Sacrificial lamb. Oh lord no!!! I feel so much better Pence in charge is a scary thought. This WH and its administration are such a failure. During Ebola, President Obama immediately sent teams of epidemiologists to foreign countries so they could get a handle on it asap before it came to our country. Trump is such an epic failure.

...seemingly on the spot. He's going to pray it away. He's looking for a new fall guy. Looks like it's Pence's unqualified asses turn, at Americans expense.

Do you already have the antidote? MF. now we're going to pray it away.... VP now we’re really fucked ... it’s going to involve prayer right? We’re all gonna die now 😳 Oh! God! now we're all going to die!!!!! I’m thinking a person with some kind of medical background would have be chosen but..oh...never mind. So sick of the madness.

Now we are really in trouble. Should we now all start holdings hands and praying? This way when the market tanks, he can take no blame.

Well that’s a complete joke. VP is a medical and science denier who causes an uptick in HIV cases when he was govenor of Indiana. Trump just needs someone to blame when this all goes bad. Which it will since he put an idiot in charge of it. Oh great. He'll be busy trying to pray this away like he tried with HIV..

I await The Hunger Games to start any second.. What a joke. Trump kids busy? That's great - a man who denies science is going to make medical decisions that affect the whole country. Maybe he'll just pray the virus away. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Poor Bastard! That's not right ! stayinyourlanepence Gee, he'll ask god to intervene.

Nice guy, put you in charge to “prevent a widespread Coronavirus” ? The thing just shutdown an entire city in China with 11 million people ? I’m drinking Coronas ... denise_vert You misspelled “Demented maniac finds a patsy to take the fall for corona virus outbreak” Today 27th Feb , Western medias reported coronavirus news in the same time. It's a bit late anyway it's good to see be started focusing on coronavirus. Will see how these countries handle this situation.

can't wait to see how realDonaldTrump 's lapdog will screw this one up... let's see how pence will help the spread of 'caronavirus' and covfefe 19 🤪 I feel so much better. What a laugh Pence who thought praying can heal AIDS? We are doomed For fuck sake he will want to pray the virus away So I guess female doctors can’t be involved now...unless his wife is at every meeting! Seriously, this is beyond parody!


See your friend modi... Working in Delhi Fuck. Now hes gonna make a pray center for the coronavirus 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️that's it that's all were getting and blaming that whoever got it/ died its cause they sinned.. great😒😒😒😒 We are great......I am off this shxt! Is his wife allowing him to talk to women?

That makes me feel a lot safer!!! Well we now know who will get the blame if it goes bad POTUS VP thoughts and prayers Pence is in charge? Now we are in trouble.

Now he doesn't need to worry about his golf schedule. Play on. The best response is when Trump contracts the virus...then blame vp Dam thoughts and prayers I think this is fantastic. Mike Pence should lay hands on all the stricken to try and heal them. The same way he handled the HIV outbreak in Indiana?

BettyBuckley So the Apocalypse! Talk about passing the buck. Also gives him a reason to drop Pence from the ticket if the outbreak dings his approval rating. Because it’s always all about Trump. Mother won’t be pleased Does Pence even know what virus is? Tapping a person with no scientific training whatsoever to fight a pandemic is a bad idea.

Guess you have now decided to pen a 'TRUTH'? In this photo, it looks like a bit of metheking virus under his eyes. He'd better get that checked right away. I feel way less safe, now. Oh Goodie! NYT - can you not call this as this is!!! A disaster! Feel safer now Bad idea🙄 So...we're all going to die. We”re fucked!

With prayers and best thoughts to the Country.

We all gonna die!!!! That asshole doesn't believe in science and I'm pretty damn sure the flying spaghetti monster or his friends are going to save us. WeGonnaDie DeathByPence tRumpKillingUsAll Y’all are literally a parody of yourselves. 😂 Trump, lining up his scapegoat. Because he needs a fall guy.

He knows how to wash his hands after he touches his pipi (mother said), so he’s over qualified (much better than a wedding planner who runns HUD for NY) 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Hint...hint... It will take more than prayers, Mr. Pence! Obamma and Biden need to Sue trump for libel over the commercial. good for the goose is good for the gander.

I don’t think he even drinks, beer or whatever. Kind of like putting the pope in charge of fighting syphillis. Oh, well. Pence will think it’s the Rapture

Didn't know praying was on the list of infection control best practices. It definitely didn't work in Indiana. It isn't going to work with a much more infectious disease than HIV. We’re all in deep doodoo now God help us. What's he gonna do, just pray the virus away? We are so screwed. Doomed 😂😂😂 What a relief now that Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil VP Pence is in charge, as he is well schooled in public health measures. Wait, he’s not?

Great move by the President. At least it wasn't Jared or Rudy Under the great Trump’s watch, there is zero Caronavirus. Oh, good, now I feel a lot better! 🙄😷

“Mother, I will be working late tonight.” Will not be travelling to the US anytime soon. I feel another wall coming on I think everyone at the New York Times should go to China and keep us updated! We need the details on what’s going on. Send ABC, NBC, and MSNBC too! We REALLY need you guys on this!!! He's gonna be pissed when electroshock therapy doesn't work.

That’s one way to get rid of him. Well, he got Tony Fauci on the stage--the only guy in NIH who hasn't quit. You have corona virus? Thoughts and prayers. Bye. Pence has been a big help to the president and knows there is no out break in this country, 19 cases and there in the hospital, The flu has killed more people this year

And we are all going to die. Of course he did. realDonaldTrump is a failure at everything so it’s probably for the best he stays out of this. He’s a piece of garbage. Oh goody - I feel so safe and secure now. 🐑 1st order of business male and female can’t be in the same room at the same time. Especially one of each sex at the same time. This is half the battle VP Mike Pence

That press conference was a total circus. The Orange One has no idea what is going on nor the grave risks of a true pandemic. Plus the main driver for this press conference was the drop in the stock market indexes. Because Captain Crunch was unavailable at this time. Pence CoronavirusOutbreak Omg Poor Jared!

Could have appointed someone with experience with diseases but what do I know

Prescription holy water and mandatory prayer circles OMG PLEASE TELL ME THIS IS PARODY... Let me order extra masks and disinfectant!!! 🤦🏽‍♀️ Lol I don’t think praying the gay away is an effective solution to the problem. This is terrifying 'Here, hold my beer', policy. Aka Q-Tip is the fall guy if things continue to get worse.

I wasn’t worried until now. $10 says he crafts a pray it away campaign.

Phew! 😅 We’re saved! Scapegoat in the making You always assign the guy outside the family to be the fall guy I got nothin’. Great news! Knowing that VP Pence will prepare the US for Corona by praying it a way is very comforting....😉 Total TDS Like two drunk college students arguing over who is going to drive home from the bar.

We're doomed

What? Not Kushner. Putting Pence in charge oh the coronavirus. We're going to die Poor Pence, he is going to be the fall guy for the inevitable failure... Is this a joke? Good luck with that. And Mike looked thrilled 😂 😂 😂 We're fucked. Is he going to form a prayer circle with mother Pence? Is this a joke? It has to be one more that has no experience with something they are heading.

VP is capable of organizing the best team to protect AmericaFirst against the coronavirususa. We Trust POTUS + We Trust VPOTUS Mike_Pence I just created a new Twitter Name for you VPOTUS Vice President of the United States. Lock it up now. KarenPence

THE BLIND LEADING THE BLIND..TELL VP PENCE TO USE HIS CHRISTIAN BELIEFS TO PRAY AWAY THIS VIRUS..AMEN..their new found evangelical friends can help too... Whoop dee ding dong Pence doesn’t know shit about infectious disease so, yeah, makes perfect sense. I feel so much safer..not...seriously does anybody believe Donnie even knows what a pandemic is? Can he spell it?

Pues ya valió verga We’re all doomed. Excelent. Good news. Maybe he’ll go with an abstinence platform. Well, now we know who’s the next one Trump will throw under the bus! What could possibly go wrong?

Because he's qualified...? What? Bwahahaha! 'An HIV infection cluster was first Scott Co, IN in Nov 2014, &... peaked at about 126 cumulative people on about Jan 10, 2015. Initially dragging his heels & saying he wanted to “pray on it,” Pence would not declare a public health emergency until March 26, 2015.'

LOL because that was a fucking great idea Our saviour has arrived. GOD HELP US! Basically we're all dead.

Really? or is already April's fool day?, as long as he doesn't push praying as the only strategy to fight the virus, I think we could be ok Wtf? Why? Is this his speciality? Why would you tap the person who was responsible for an HIV outbreak to control a virus outbreak ? Sure of course trump did so then he can blame pence for any out break ,,trump is a worthless human

The move that finally lost realDonaldTrump the election 🇺🇸 Trump this days giving vice president more responsibilities does this show inability or is he trying to hide from blame Bibles and awkward smiles aren’t going to help, but thanks y’all

🤣🤣🤣🤣 😂😂😂😂 But Trump told me that this was contained, no way he lied Great and Pence is going to appoint Jesus or God to oversee it. We're doomed. Just pray it away realDonaldTrump is setting up the VP. We're screwed! Im wondering what good that is going to do. He's going to 'pray' it away. We're screwed.

Finally something Pence will be noted for: Pence's pandemic. Qualified? Nope. Trump? He’s consistent.

Heads it’s Jared. Tails it’s Mike. Sorry Mike. Yeah no surprise MSN He will blame the virus on the Gays, Abortion, and immigrants, oh yes let's no forget all those who are saying bad things about our very stable GENIUSES. 🤔🤭🤫😷 Welp, here comes the rapture... Pence, who is now overseeing the US response to coronavirus, was just proclaimed an 'expert' in public health by Trump. Pence is best known for overseeing a massive HIV outbreak while serving as governor of Indiana, the worst in state history, spurring by gross mismanagement.

He’s just NOW doing this because of what Biden said in debate last night about the Ebola outbreak. Because Trump is an idiot. Paging Dr. Jesus. News Flash for Trump: He's part of the vulnerable population. Current figures estimate 70 to 79 years have an 8% fatality rate and those aged 80 years and older had a fatality rate of 14.8%.

Sure.......... Put they guy looking forward to the end of days in charge. What could possibly go wrong 🙄

I hate this country Lovely. I feel much more safe now. Trump care less about the VIRUS if he did he wouldn't have CUT THE FUNDS FROM THE CDC. Don’s way to get rid of Pence. Yeah, because someone who doesn't believe in science is qualified. FFS. For the Trump administration’s response, Mike should borrow Trump’s Sharpie and mark the word “coronavirus” with big “X,” and we’ll know it will never spread in the US.

Jared wasn’t available? He can start with trump WeAreFucked! realDonaldTrump VP

Of course he did there is no one eose left and he can say he never knew him when it gets out of hand! Yikes. The guy who thinks you can pray away shit. Amazing. 不 Pence 2024 Rofl. This administration is such a shit show. GOJO manditory in all public lavatories and open food business'! Oh goody! Jesus will take care of it.

Treatment plan shown HERE.

We’re dead! Going to pray it away? There's nothing to worry about, thoughts and prayers will take care of the virus. 😁 Sooooo, literal 'thoughts and prayers'? Sigh. Good. What could go wrong.. Because he’s too busy filling his pockets and golfingz

Praying should cover it. We’re fucked So he’ll have an excuse to choose a different VP when the pandemic spreads in the U.S. Should any of us survive, Pence is going down like the Titanic! Trump knows it can’t be stopped as of yet so now we know who will be trampled and labeled that next “loser” in this administration. They eat their own...bye Mike 👋

His plan? “God will sort it all out.” Have any LGBT people gotten it yet? Cause if that’s the case, honey we got a storm coming! Pence only cares about diseases that straight Christians get 🙄 So..... thoughts & prayers? 🙄 Trump just made VP Pence a Star Trek red shirt.

The survival rate for this thing is like 97% so this is a pretty easy win no matter what happens. Let's remember that most people are surviving this already, without any vaccine. Let's not let Trump tee up an easy win here. Trump doesn’t want to take the blame if it goes badly. That confirms it. donnie's evil regime is masterminding the great purge of 22020.Make no mistake, trump knows exactly what he's doing.

Sooo..I guess we are on our own for this? That’s a joke. Right? Mother said God will provide. Dumb and dumber! Time to buy the dip! YOLO He’ll beat it with prayer !

Trump is totally ignorant & unprepared so he just threw Pence under the bus. Dumb and dumber 2 of the kind do nothing idiots As this goes sideways trump will blame pence. Why? You may ask...let me tell you, he can’t READ! Pence can! With a “wink, wink” afterwards. After all, it’s starting to get warmer so that should take care of the virus, right?

Not sure if it's a great idea to put a guy praying for the Rapture and the end of times in charge of stopping a pandemic. Just saying... I think he was watching the debate and saw how Obama had Biden take charge of Ebola. TRUMP HAS SOMEONE RUNNING AGAINST HIM IN THE REPUBLICAN PARTY AND HIS NAME IS CORONAVIRUS.


He’s going to pray it away! 😆 Dr. Pence is in the house Yeah good luck with that. This is actually the first laugh i make since the Coronavirus came in Italy🤣🤣🤣 You're so screwed! I don’t think electroshock therapy fixes coronavirus We are f*ked! Mike Pence?! Wow-what is he going to do-pray about it-A science denier in charge

No way in Hell this isn't a setup. Pence Voter Fraud Commission his last project. I’ve often thought of Pence as a lab animal.

Wow. What a relief to know VP is in charge of preventing a coronavirus outbreak! God help us...we are doomed... Pence has history of denying scientific data. Put MD or epidemiologist in charge. He’s gotta have some one to blame. Oh. Finally. He has a job. I predict a massive failure. 'It's God's will' Pence's answer when things go wrong.

I guess it’s in gods hands now Hand it over to the guy who as governor of Indiana let HIV and AIDS become a pandemic for there state....he’s in charge of saving America from corona lol

Liberals will pointlessly whine about this, too. At least it wasn’t Ben Carson.😑🙄 The only time he appoints people to tasks is when they can take the fall if it fails. coward Oh, *that’s* reassuring. This has gone from under control to a common co!d to Pence is in charge ... Yeah, because he's so good with handling medical crises... Well, the more anti-vaxxers there are, the less there will be...

Yikes Wut? Kurscher didnt a job this time even if he promise to read 50 books on coronavirus? I thought it would of been ivanka

Wonderful. A guy who will tell us it’s god’s will that we all die. As in China Trump's opponent xi is not the leader to deal with COVID19. lol he got it. It is well and good decision as US has more imports from china We are so screwed! His plan: 1) Conversion therapy to non lethal virus 2) Prayer Let's all just pray?

Ya, cuz like everything else, he can't handle it himself!! 😕 His Administration oversaw an epidemic of AIDS due to his policies Lmao it's happening, donnie is hurling his vp under the bus...when will he announce his new vp choice...Haha Haha donnie knows he screwed coronavirus up every way incl cutting CDC budget for dumb wall and pence will take the fall when outbrk & fatalities take over USA. Poor mikey

A lying incompetent turning over a major pandemic situation to another incompetent!! Typical trump administration when trump isn’t lying or cheating at golf!!! I will keep watch they update with the CDC! I give credit to the CDC expert not using Trump Name Constantly as the God who is Preventing Coronavirus Spread. realDonaldTrump is a fool. We may be on the brink of a Coronavirus spread! Thank God CDC and Infectious Disease Experts!

Ah hell we're screwed america is safe Thoughts and prayers should do it Isn't just fakenews Donald? Thoughts and prayers not going to fix it? Finally will give Trump a reason to fire him. YEAH, THE SAME VP THAT SAW THE LARGEST INCREASE OF HIV AIDS OUTBREAK IN HIS STATE DUE TO CUTTING BACK MEDICAL PROGRAMS BECAUSE OF HIS DISBELIEF IN SCIENCE!! YEAH, I FEEL REASSURED; FUC*I*G NO!!!

Pence will close the borders, expel illegals and visa overstays, and incarcerate illegal aliens, just like he should I mean... for a man who is has all the things, seen all the things, is better at all the things, experienced and lived through all the things im shocked he didn’t appoint himself 🤷🏻‍♀️

I'm sure Pence is praying for the Rapture so this makes sense ...

Oh Wow. Now I'm relieved. WoooooI feels safe now. Lord help us Feeling safe as a kitten now. IdiotInChief No Kushner? After successfully fixing the Middle East? Pence! Thoughts and prayers... PENCE? Let me guess, whatever happens it’s TheTweetOfGod’s will Aren’t the elderly more susceptible to this? Why isn't the CDC Director permitted to speak at this coronavirus press conference?

VP Pence is unqualified. His response to the HIV outbreak in Indiana on his watch is all the evidence you need. We’re all going to die! Because he did such a good job with HIV in Indiana? K so whole continent is fucked. Thanks Comey. Liar Thoughts and prayers, vs masks and medicine. Great, the HIV outbreak guy. Excellent.....

Thoughts and Prayers? REMOVE! THE! PAYWALL!

Oh great.... Pence is going to try to pray the virus away! Can we all pray that Trump and Pence accidentally get the virus and rid us of their idiocy Oh Lord. I’m terrified! oh lord we’re all going to die I guess he's looking for an excuse to throw Pence under the bus and pick a new running mate. We all know Trump only appoints people to actual jobs when he plans to use them as scapegoats later. ByePence

He realizes prayers are not going to help stop the spread of the virus right? Welp, it's been fun y'all. Hanging Mike Pence out to dry...…... Ivanka on the ticket ….. Breaking News: Mike Pence determines coronavirus is the beginning of the rapture.

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Women are using code words at pharmacies to escape domestic violence

Trump was slow to grasp coronavirus reality, Biden says

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More than 40 spring breakers who ignored public health advice test positive for coronavirus Nation's top coronavirus expert Dr. Anthony Fauci forced to beef up security as death threats increase US coronavirus death toll crosses 5,000 An ER doctor dies in his husband's arms a week after first coronavirus symptoms China's Shenzhen bans the eating of cats and dogs after coronavirus Women are using code words at pharmacies to escape domestic violence Trump was slow to grasp coronavirus reality, Biden says Fact check: Trump again misleads on ventilator shortages and coronavirus timeline at off-topic briefing As tragic toll from virus rises, so do questions about Trump's leadership Shin-Soo Choo pledges to give every Texas Rangers' minor league player $1,000 Los Angeles mayor urges everyone to wear masks Biden campaign says it will arrange call with Trump about coronavirus