Coronavirus live updates: Trump extends social distancing guidelines to April 30

The U.S. now has over 135,000 cases and more than 2,000 deaths.

3/30/2020 1:17:00 AM

BREAKING: President Trump extends White House coronavirus guidelines: 'We will be extending our guidelines to April 30th, to slow the spread.

The U.S. now has over 135,000 cases and more than 2,000 deaths.

For those who don't have direct deposit on file with the IRS, a website will be created that will allow Americans to upload their information to receive their money. Mnuchin also urged companies to consider their laid-off employees and give them a second chance.

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President Donald Trump signs the coronavirus stimulus relief package in the Oval Office at the White House, March 27, 2020.President Donald Trump signs the coronavirus stimulus relief package in the Oval Office at the White House, March 27, 2020.Evan Vucci/AP, FILE

"Go back and hire your workers because the government is paying you to do that," he said.3:21 p.m.: Global COVID-19 cases surpass 700,000The number of coronavirus cases around the world have reached over 710,000, according to Center for Systems Science and Engineering at Johns Hopkins University.

The U.S. leads the world with 135,499 cases followed by Italy with 97,689 cases and China 82,122 cases, according to the data. Italy has the most COVID-19-related fatalities with 10,779 deaths, followed by Spain with 6,606 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins.

2:47 p.m.: Moscow orders lockdown starting MondayMoscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin issued an order that mandates all residents self-isolate starting Monday.No one will be permitted to leave their homes except for traveling to work, buying groceries or medications, seeking medical care, taking a pet for a walk and throwing out garbage, according to the mayor's office.

A couple enjoy warm weather on a bridge with St. Basil's Cathedral, right, and an almost empty Red Square after sunset in Moscow, March, 28, 2020.A couple enjoy warm weather on a bridge with St. Basil's Cathedral, right, and an almost empty Red Square after sunset in Moscow, March, 28, 2020.

Alexander Zemlianichenko Jr/APResidents who have to take their pets for a walk will only be permitted to go no more than 100 meters from their homes, the mayor's office said.2:43 p.m.: TSA screenings drop to lowest in decadeThe number of people who passed through TSA screenings around the country was 184,027 on Saturday, the second consecutive day of screenings below 200,000, the agency said.

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The number represents the lowest number of TSA screenings in over a decade. Nearly 2.2 million people passed through TSA screenings during the same day in 2019, according to the TSA.A passenger removes her goggles and face mask used to fend off coronavirus at the request of a TSA agent as she goes through a security checkpoint, March 24, 2020, at JFK airport in New York.

A passenger removes her goggles and face mask used to fend off coronavirus at the request of a TSA agent as she goes through a security checkpoint, March 24, 2020, at JFK airport in New York.Mary Altaffer/APScreenings have dropped every day for the last two weeks.

2:30 p.m.: Cuomo says New Yorkers 'feel under attack'Gov. Andrew Cuomo gave some reassuring words to New Yorkers as the coronavirus outbreak has made them a target by other leaders who enforce strict rules against them.This weekend, Gov. Gina Raimondo reversed an order that mandated only New York residents go into self-quarantine if they visited the state and President Donald Trump toyed with an idea that New York City to go into a quarantine. Cuomo said New Yorkers feel like they're"under attack," but reiterated that they are well in this crisis together.

"We have made it through far greater things. We are going to be OK," he said."We are strong. We have endurance, and we have stability. We know what we are doing."National Guard troops listen as New York Governor Andrew Cuomo speaks to the press at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York, March 27, 2020. The New York National Guard, the US Army Corps of Engineers, and Javits employees are constructing a 1,000-bed facility at the center, as the state tries to contain the rising coronavirus cases.

National Guard troops listen as New York Governor Andrew Cuomo speaks to the press at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York, March 27, 2020. The New York National Guard, the US Army Corps of Engineers, and Javits employees are constructing a 1,000-bed facility at the center, as the state tries to contain the rising coronavirus cases.

Bryan R. Smith/AFP via Getty ImagesThe governor said that the state health department did make some progress when it came to detecting COVID-19 cases. The health department has developed a less-intrusive coronavirus test that uses saliva and short nasal swab.

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The test requires less PPE and will be ready for use as soon as next week, according to Cuomo.1:20 p.m.: Deaths climb to 965 in New YorkNew York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said the death toll in New York state climbed to 965 on Sunday, an increase of 237 from Saturday.

"I can't say you are not going to see people pass away because they are. That is the nature of what we are dealing with and that is beyond our control," Cuomo said at a news conference.Based on the projections models, Dr. Howard Zucker, the state's commissioner of public Health, said it appears the death toll in the state will rise into the thousands.

"I don't know how you look at those numbers an conclude anything less than thousands of people will pass away because remember who its attacking, it's attacking the vulnerable, (people with) underlying illnesses eccetera," Cuomo added.

The bulk of the deaths have occurred in New York City, where the death toll rose from 517 at 10 a.m. on Saturday to 678 at 9:30 a.m. on Sunday, according to data from the city's Health Department.Cuomo also said that new hospitalizations in the state rose by 1,175 overnight while 3,572 patients were discharged.

A total of 172,000 people have been tested in the state for the coronavirus and more than 59,000 have tested positive with 8,503 hospitalized and 2,037 in intensive care units.Cuomo also announced that he is extending his"New York Pause" program requiring nonessential state workers to stay home for another two weeks. The new deadline is April 15.

12 p.m.: Number of new coronavirus cases in Italy appears to be droppingItalian health officials said at a news conference on Sunday that the number of deaths and the number of new coronavirus patients appears to be slowing, an indication that that hard-hit country is approaching or has reached its apex.

For the third straight day, Italy saw the number of daily deaths slightly decline. On Sunday, officials reported 756 new deaths compared to 889 on Saturday and 969 on Friday.Italy still has the highest number of COVID-19 deaths in the world at 10,779. But the percentage increase in the total number of new cases was the lowest it has been since the start of the pandemic.

The total number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Italy is now at 97,689, but the number of infected people in ICU decreased 5.2% on Sunday to 3,906.10:50 a.m.: Dr. Fauci says US could see 100,000-200,000 deathsDr. Anthony Fauci, the director for the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and a member of Trump's coronavirus task force, said it is possible that 100,000 to 200,000 people in the U.S. will die from the coronavirus

Fauci, who appeared on CNN Sunday morning, was asked about how many cases there will be in the U.S. and estimated there will be anywhere from one to two million cases.The doctor noted that while his previous experience shows that modeling overshoots to show the best and worst case scenario, the"reality is somewhere in the middle."

(L-R) Touro University Nevada medical students Allison Moran, Claire Chen and Miranda Stiewig put on personal protective equipment as they get ready to conduct medical screenings at a temporary homeless shelter at Cashman Center on March 28, 2020.(L-R) Touro University Nevada medical students Allison Moran, Claire Chen and Miranda Stiewig put on personal protective equipment as they get ready to conduct medical screenings at a temporary homeless shelter at Cashman Center on March 28, 2020.

Ethan Miller/Getty ImagesFauci cautioned that the latest model projections are based on"various assumptions" and are"only as good or as accurate as your assumptions.""I've never seen a model of the diseases that I've dealt with where the worst case scenario actually came out," Fauci said.

"We're going to have millions of (confirmed coronavirus) cases," he added."But I just don't think we really need to make a projection when it's such a moving target that you can so easily be wrong and mislead people."10:30 a.m.: Spain records 838 deaths in 24 hours

Public Health officials in Spain said that the country recorded 838 new coronavirus-related deaths in a 24-hour span between Saturday morning and Sunday morning. The total number of deaths in Spain from the pandemic has now grown to 6,528, making it second for the number of fatalities to Italy's 10,023.

As of Sunday morning, there were nearly 79,000 confirmed coronavirus cases in Spain, including 4,907 patients in intensive care units.10:20 a.m.: Cat tests positive for coronavirus in BelgiumA cat in Belgium has tested positive for COVID-19 after its owner came down with the virus and was quarantined at home, officials said.

Describing it as an exceptional case, officials at the Liege Veterinary University Faculty said they tested the feline after it began to exhibit symptoms similar to humans who have contracted the virus, including respiratory problems, diarrhea and vomiting.

After conducting further research, the officials at the university said they are convinced that there is no evidence that an infected pet can be contagious for human beings but advised people to practice social distancing with their domesticated animals.

The cat has now fully recovered and is coronavirus free, and the owner is also doing well, officials said.10 a.m.: 'Biggest assistance package in history' may not be enough, Kudlow saysWhile touting President Donald Trump's signing of"the biggest assistance package in history," National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow acknowledged the difficulty in knowing if the funds would be enough to meet the needs of the millions of Americans impacted by the novel coronavirus pandemic.

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That's a relief,help save more lives The only time I have ever agreed with anything this man has ever said Yes April 30th ,.this being the day I told the virus to leave our country,... I guess you were wrong again when you said he was not and would not listen to the experts. He has from the beginning. One news conference where Trump made an intelligent comment referring to scientists! Let’s remember his moronic comments which were many😱! Some example 1.Virus is hoax. 2 . Virus will be gone in 2weeks! 3. Don’t help Gov. who don’t appreciate me😱! TRUMP🤮

Darn darn darn...lets get up and running where we can. I believe he said that was an aspiration. You know, hope for the best. Where you parse and misquote to provide disinformation for your masters. MinistryOfTruth JournalismIsDead Would that really be the greatest loss of all? This headline is so inaccurate! You wonder why he hates the media 🤦‍♂️

Good on that. Thought it was all a hoax anyway? At least that’s what he said He is an idiot All about money,he does not care about us as humans.He want to open the work force back up not knowing what position this thing is in.People that goes back to work listening to him is in your grave already,dump ass

He was being optimistic about Easter but the media claimed he was going to force people back to work by then. This is how the media lies nonstop. Their hate skews their judgement and they can't be shamed. Shocker! realDonaldTrump I would really like to know who chose this photo and who approved this graphic be released. WTF

He didn’t reverse anything. His comment was that it “would be Nice” to be open by Easter. It was a wishful comment, not an edict ! Stop twisting his words. “You people” are making this so much worse with your irresponsible reporting, fake news and flat out lies ie: CBSNews Trump declared victory 6 weeks ago multiple times ,how wrong was he ,he obviously didn’t listen to the medical experts ,who’s left ? Kushner

Who finally got through his demented head? President Trump the compassionate leader, while the media scares and acts in partisan, he leads us through this quagmire with steady hands. God Bless President Trump! SocialDistancing President Trump is doing an excellent job for America in a challenging ever changing environment . It’s called being proactive. Thank goodness we have his business leadership in this crisis. 🇺🇸❤️

Blathering fool who doesn't have a say in it changes deadline in his head. Then proceeds to blame medical personnel, without evidence, of stealing masks. Fuck this guy. Trump didn’t “call” to reopen businesses by Easter, it was an aspiration. Only the media is hoping this goes on longer. The rest of us are hoping things reopen as soon as possible.

No Mask No Service in hot and warm zones. Our supermarkets are petri dishes. People breathing on everything without cover. Can't buy a mask then make one! Stop the spread of the virus. No Mask No Service in supermarkets please. Save lives. And schools are closed until May 15 🥴 It’s all just Kardashian level publicity to keep us watching his crappy reality show presidency*. I’ve canceled him. Who still watches as he calls MD/nurses thieves, calls 100,00 deaths a victory, and yells at a respected reporter for reading his words back to him?

Why dont you actually say what he said instead of twisting words...REPORT THE TRUTH OR NOT AT ALL! November will be a great loss for him. You do not win victory against a virus. The number of people who die will not be a negative number. It will be a lot of people and it will be a tragedy. His delusion that you can win a pandemic is a vanity that is going to get more people killed.

No , all of the deaths will be the greatest loss of all He didn't really reverse what he said because he said 'I would like to open the economy by Easter'. Not he WOULD lol see how one removed word can create a fake article? Try reporting on facts instead of being politically motivated Not reversed , extended

RAMRANTS He said he would like to reopen by Easter but it was not a call (decision). Be accurate for a change. RAMRANTS “Reversed his decision”. He NEVER even decided that was going to happen. Mockingbird media, lying thru omission as usual 🖕🏼🖕🏼 Glad he sees the light 💡 Heartbreaking : ( Thank you for all that health care professionals and their supports are doing for humanity.

Cite a doctor, a health professional, who says this isn't enough. It is NOT your job to try and promote him, . Stop. AlexontheMic 💔 Yes guess it took telling him that it would kill 2 million people to get him off the ledge. I'm a caring abdl mommy who take care of adult babies dm if you need mommy kindly retweet & repost 🙏🙏🙏

so sad moment RAMRANTS That was never his call Well you know it was aspirational. Lol So much love. Old news. Sad but no need to post it every day. The fact the the quatation mark is by itself really bothers me. Your country is out of control sailing into the third world. Has Xi won? Heart wrenching !!! this guy trump is a wordsmith .

Supporters will deny he ever said, 'open by Easter'. And say stuff like, 'best President Ever' etc... We all know their cult. 🤣 RAMRANTS wrong.. he didn't reverse his call to reopen business by Easter. He didn't make that 'call.' He said he was hopeful. Why to you legacy journalists hate hope so much?

POTUS made the right call, but the MSM is not giving him any credit for the decision. They're saying the doctors overruled Trump. He is POTUS and could've gone 'cowboy' MSM is the enemy of most Americans. Don't forget it! We are on Lockdown, hardly breaking news..we watched, we screamed at TV. Then watched movies until gruel was ready..

why don't you guys report real news that will make a difference, then an article that doesn't do anything to help He's not a president. He's an embarrassment She's a birther... 😢😢😢😢 Deep. She does not write those tweets. She has people to do that. She has no idea what is going on What in the.... Never ever post a close up of her again. I lost some good water scrolling through then seeing this crap....

😭😭😭😭 The Bride of Frankentrump: ArcalaLourdez That is heart wrenching. 7NY Please worry about America first 😥sad A hooker with a heart of gold Very sad, but what can be done, this is inevitable. This special precaution is to protect his own son. I wish she could all her husband to listen to the men and women in the room with educations. Step aside Trump.

This is so sad. MELANIATRUMP worn out call girl. So he thought that wearing his scrubs home was the best way of protecting his family? Oh really...... This breaks my heart 💔😢 Nurses, doctors, military men and women, all the people who clean the streets and hospitals, are true heroes ❤️ Everyone else, STAY HOME! Don’t be selfish. We can help them get reunited with their families sooner. FOLLOW THE RULES! STAY HOME!!

Heartbreaking 7NY Break my heart 😭 this is heartbreaking 💔 Where have you been first lady where have been your voice when this Viruses broke out That sucks, but he's a good man and a very responsible dad. Hey Natasha, where’s Boris? neftalirr Bro this is heartbreaking Total respect to all our medical soldiers fighting this f$&ked up virus

So heartbreaking. He did the right thing keeping his little boy safe. Stay strong everyone ❤️❤️❤️ This.... 😩 Oh damn, I hoped she was talking about 45. Is that wrong of me to hope? So sad. God bless him. Another slap in the face; thank you so much I never would have thought to be positive to the children.

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It’s better for anyone who is working in hospitals not to bring clothes home. Wear there and take it off there, for your family’s safe. God bless all people who work in Hospitals KSA ❤ That’s her statement? That’s it? She needs to learn some words from Michelle Obama How would you know how to handle children? You locked them up and still have done nothing to correct the situation

He will understand everything😘 7NY FilmYourHospital idiots, you should take a gander This is a lot better advice then what I was telling my kids. I guess I'll stop telling them to lite fire crackers in their mouths and seeing to this. Heartbreaking 💔 the whole world should simultaneously condemn the Chinese Communist Party government

😭😭 Why is abc covering the trumps so much melanoma is not liked at all she's a cancer SaludHEALTHinfo idontcaredoyou Hard to watch 😭 :( neftalirr Thanks CCP renisonpatrick1 My little one would be on my head by the time am starting to scratch my head and breakdown Heartbreaking, how to explain to a small child 💙

In tears because he can't hug him or in tears at the lack of common sense that people have who brought his son to a high risk area? bless them both 🙏😥 He should have disinfected/cleaned/taken bath outside before going into his house. Not hugging his son doesn't guarantee safety bcos he might have carried the virus home.

😭😭😭 Why do they (prez, vp, fauci, etc) stand so close together but tell us to practice social distancing? 🤔 💔💜 What a load of crap. You people just can't help yourselves, can you? I have nothing to say about this meaningless woman! 😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥 JFC. How privileged she is. 💔 Imagine thinking this bullshit is real

It's pictures like this, that makes me CRY!! 😭❤️ Who let that kid run so close to his dad and took video of it instead? That’s pretty reckless and irresponsible. I’m sorry as long as she willingly supports the man she’s married to her words are useless! So easy to say when your rent and food are covered....

😢😢😭😭 hope everything will be all right Isn't that the same tuna that was wearing the who cares jacket ? I don’t really care what she thinks. Ever. It lives .... Here is the fun I'm gonna have you see Melania you are so ill informed. To a child the concept of forever is about 5 minutes maybe half an hour! Adults and children are terrified so please keep your BS comments to yourself! Offer to babysit children whose parents are working to save your and our lives!

It will only last forever if her husband denies the truth & continues to put the American ppl in danger I just cannot see this video. 😰 STATter911 This is why I don’t wear work clothes home. Heartbreaking 😪 This is heartbreaking. I haven’t seen my son in weeks for similar safety reasons. I miss him dearly. May our children all stay safe and well.

No one cares what she thinks twendi66 That would make ball out as well. Aeast he was doing the right thing for his child. Much respect bro. This is heartbreaking Y’all still sleep.... mattgutmanABC True leadership. Take notes. She should really tell the story at one of trumps rallies to everyone in person while shaking their hands

I told my kid it was a hoax. I don’t believe that myself but that’s what I was told Please muzzle your husband. mattgutmanABC I think this gov got the message that if he talks I’ll of trump.. he ain’t getting shit! I'm keeping positive that she will be deported about this time next year. Please wear a jacket that says ' I CARE for the suffering America' please be a part of the solution, not be with the problem.

Wow - so inspirational! This family is the best with words. They have the best words. We feel so much better now. Thanks! mattgutmanABC What a great attitude. Let's not point fingers, lets get the job done. Newsome has been a rock star during this whole ordeal. It’s hard for parents to encourage their children when the parents aren’t being encouraged by their “Leaders” this will not last forever. Instead all they see is another continuation of quarantine, increase deaths, increased mental health concerns, jobs lost, and more.....

Geez why...... mattgutmanABC There's, I want to be president on the news everyday leadership and then there is this. Tons of politicians think we are so stupid. Its time to realize we see whats up. Is this supposed to be calming, or an original idea? How ‘bout DUH? Flotits always has the best words! mattgutmanABC Thank You Governor Newsom for all your work.

Oh please she does not know anything! Where’s she been anyway! She is referring to Donald Trump being President? He is like a Virus.. spreading fake accusations and lies.. So grateful for her brave leadership in these trying times. 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 I wonder how much fun she’s having with her beloved. . At least they’re consistent! He was was too late accepting there was a pandemic heading our way. Now weeks into this she’s telling us how to handle the children. No worries; we’re taking care of this.

She knows a thing or two about overcoming a virus She is pathetic Look real close at that photo... she's pretty scary under that industrial makeup. She has No soul, no heart, no morals and NO credibility.... I know she tries sometimes but I just get so mad that she’s married to literally one of the worst human beings on the planet.

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Really! If you have any power ask your husband to show some empathy,humility and concern for the suffering. Please, if you care. You never cared for immigrants; at least care for Americans. This shall not pass easily the way Trump is handling. Thank you. These are the words my mother spoke to me the night NumptyTrumpty was elected.

Yes as long as anyone can leave infected NYC and go to a mansion in Florida isolated and guarded, everything will be OK. Stay positive! Girl bye, you just keep working on your tennis court. 🙄 Angel of Death says what? Now we know why she got the Visa... She’s the last person to give parenting advice.

Some things come unexpected, others out of nowhere. Means well. And I need to take advice from her, why... COVID-19 germ war is not going to be the last one. Please use this time to teach yourself & your loved ones: Nutrition, hydration, hygiene, sanitation, & keeping a healthy environment. Many information can be found on CDC & FDA. Get the simple & basic to use for a lifetime.

I want that b to shut the f up!!! russia mattgutmanABC How many people came in and out of California going to China while the epidemic was spreading GavinNewsom ?! You had a chance to get out in front of it and “solve the damn problem” but you let the economy dictate your morality. Just like you always have!

Except those that die..... that is forever FLOTUS - You have done shit for the American people. We don’t want to hear from you - Be Best? Really Sorry but you are a joke! MelaniaFakeFirstLady Ironically this is the same thing she thinks during sex with 🍄 Fk off opportunist!! Nothing she says is worth listening to. She’s a total waste of a First Lady. AllTrumpsSuck AllTrumpsGetOut

Fraud Who? I actually tell my children that your husband is the reason their lives have been turned upside down, and this is what happens when you vote in a psychopath into the White House. They hate him. I’ve never been prouder. Love this message. We need hope. Adults are scared,stressed and Children are frightened. The press needs to be a solution not the problem.

Stop giving this malignant tumor of a family ANY free air time!!! Like this b***h gives a DAMN about ANYBODY Wow, about time she speaks up. Where has she been? This is the time she should be a voice of compassion to other mothers. I just can't believe she was permitted to speak mattgutmanABC He's doing great crisis management of a non-crisis.

Yes, come November her husband will be voted out of the White House 🤢🤮 She's referring to her husband's presidency not lasting forever. Thank goodness People are dying all over the place, in part because of your “husband”. Wonder if she understands what the acronym FO&D means? 🤔 How about Ivanka‘s interior tent palace using a garment rack to hold up the sheets. What? No extra garment rack? Ask the maids if you can use their old brooms.

FLOTUS TrumpIsTheWORSTPresidentEVER Is she talking about her husband? Oh good thing she told me otherwise i would have told my kids it was never going to end and do nothing fun for few weeks in isolation. Here come the attacks on an otherwise unpolitical person,...In 3..2..1 I bet that never occurred to anyone.

I'll tell my children Trump's Trophy wife said not to worry. Is she talking about her marriage? Someone wrote it for her, be best. Thanks, 'Melanie' bebest Michelle Obama was the greatest First Lady Racist birther who supports kids in cages says what now? I encourage her to fuck all the way off. I tell them the same thing about trump.

Your husband is killing people Resign in the name of humanity mattgutmanABC Too bad Newsom was born in Kenya. Otherwise, he'd make a good presidential candidate someday. mattgutmanABC Will landlords of Arizona 'take it easy' on renters Gov dougducey through April 30th? We 👏 Need 👏 Financial 👏 Stabilization 👏 We 👏 Need 👏 Rent 👏 Suspension 👏 NOW! coronavirus COVIDActNow HowToEnd_CoronaPandemic HealthForAll Landlords rentfreeze RentFreezeNow

mattgutmanABC Love the energy, but you need a formula b4 you can solve it. Why continue to allow him to spread his lies and false hope...He's misleading the public. Have you become FOX? Damn trump is killing this many people a day. Nothing to say Because it's not a natural virus i think that's a plan..started from 1981 & destination year 2020 just changed the name 'Gorki-400'-1981, 'Wohun-400'-2008, 'COVID19'-2020👍👍 Director Russia Producer China World people's already cleared

realDonaldTrump have been reactive all along. It's time to take tuff bold steps to curb the spread of the virus. Get it straight on your head before we become irrelevant to the rest of the world. China is now providing help to other countries, this should have been the USA. Nothing to say Because we are it's not a natural virus i think that's a plan..started from 1981 & destination year 2020 just changed the name 'Gorki-400'-1981, 'Wohun-400'-2008, 'COVID19'-2020👍👍 Director Russia Producer China World people's already cleared

realDonaldTrump it time to lockdown d country for 15days. Move health supplies to states. Have states create hotlines where people with symptoms can call into and then picked up by first responders to get tested. This will greatly reduce d impact to d economy slow virus spread. ABC while you continue to air Trump press conferences live you lose me as a longtime viewer. A guy who brags about his ratings because of the free airtime you give him... while people are DYING doesn’t deserve any airtime.

Why aren't we listening to Dr Fauci instead of this buffoon? “15 ppl sick - little flu- no problem, no need for panic, concern.“ Ughhhhh dougducey shutdownAZcovid19 normalizing the TrumpPressConference is dishonest and a disservice to the American people I was glad to hear President Trump extended the social distancing guidelines in connection with the Caronovirus epidemic until April 30. I’m glad he showed such flexibility and listened to the doctors in making his decision. I think he is doing a great job!

Do current world events relate to bible prophecy? - Dr. Sankaran homeopath treated Iranian Coronavirus patients with Camphora 1M and 10 M successfully.Repeated tests useless. Prevention &cure vital. Either vaccine or low cost camphor. It keeps off viruses from home. It's power rescues respiratory distress.

Dad says that Pres. Trump must reopen businesses or the whole 150 million average Americans WILL DIE financially & be buried in debts until they meet their real deaths in grave. - يمدد ترامب المبادئ التوجيهية للفيروس التاجي الأمريكي حتى 30 أبريل. - يقول Fauci أن الولايات المتحدة يمكن أن تشهد وفاة 1000000-200000. - الوفيات العالمية تصل إلى 30.000. - البيت الأبيض يطلب من المستشفيات إرسال تحديثات يومية للبيانات.

TheView That’s not how it works.... TheView Seriously? It's STILL just all about him! What a pig! TheView I always know he is being sincere and heartfelt when he has to read what someone wrote for him without being able to look up. TheView China sent us the virus, let’s send them Nancy Pelosi and call it even!

TheView Wait..Is Trump quoting Roosevelt? TheView We look forward to Gov. Cuomo’s update here in Texas everyday. He is the only person telling the truth. TheView Wasn’t it supposed to wash away 👋wash away 👋two weeks ago? 'The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 37 Psychiatrists & Mental Health Experts Assess a President' Dr. Bandy Lee/on amazon/Bezos handing them out for free ;) Read it & be very, very afraid of the danger Typhoid Trump really is! As if we couldn't see this on daily TV!

more then 600 people in Europe have been saved by the malaria drug. A doctor in Florida said he saved 600 people with the drugs. realDonaldTrump you are the one that wanted to ease the guidelines. Dumbass Good. What do we do about rent till then? I encourage 45 supporters to go to church on Easter. Why aren’t you Dems cheering? Ensuring further economic ruin here. And supporting all your panic.

It's like he's finally realizing he has a job to do and he's not on reality TV anymore SlaterNFL What PowerPoint is VP Supposed to hold up now ? Keep extending roncorning But but but i thought everything was gonna be ok by Easter? Can't believe a word this dick says WerderEdESPN God Bless President Trump and God Bless America

Trump: 'I want to open America by Easter' Left: 'He will kill us all!!!' Trump: 'We need to extend to slow the spread' Left: 'This is B.S. I need to work to survive' SlaterNFL I think his cronies should go to church on Easter 🤷🏼‍♂️ WerderEdESPN Thought it was gonna be done by Easter lol So no resurrection this year..

Screw Trump, we’re listening to the nurses, doctors, and scientists, we don’t need realDonaldTrump to do a damn thing, he was warned over 3 years ago and did nothing😡🦠 SlaterNFL Easter 2021 Good decision Mr. President!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 God be with you!🙏🙏🙏 Didn’t he say a few days ago ‘we’re near the end’?

Teleprompter trump... as an Australian... fuck I loathe him, but I thank God that the leaders of my country and state are not as selfish, cruel and looney as this man. Do not reopen the country by Easter then, clearly it’s not happening He's so full of shit, it comes out his mouth. The Trump administration sent California 170 ventilators to help in coronavirus battle — but none of the equipment worked.What else can you lie about.

Then why do you want to reopen the country at the peak?

Trump: Coronavirus guidelines, set to expire Tuesday, will be extended to April 30“The peak in death rate is likely to hit in two weeks,” Trump said. “Nothing would be worse than declaring victory before the victory is won.” NOTHING should be as anxiety producing as waiting to see how badly the president of the united states is going to fuck the next thing up. So much for Easter. :p

Fauci predicts up to 200,000 U.S. deaths as Trump weighs adjusting coronavirus guidelines. Here is what you should know.As Trump considers easing social distancing guidelines, health expert Anthony Fauci says millions will contract coronavirus, up to 200,000 may die. U rebuke that statement in the name if Yeshua We pray for God's protections

The Best Recipes, Apps And Other Life-Saving Hacks We Tried This WeekOur editors share what's keeping them calm, productive and entertained during coronavirus social distancing. Hacks from the hacks. irony Fire them. They're useless.

Nervous about grocery shopping? Here's how to get what you need fasterTo maintain coronavirus social distancing guidelines and to calm anxiety about going out to grocery stores, here are safety tips to make supermarket shopping faster. Yes we do. But paywall. Paywalls suck. How about taking a deep breath and realizing you don’t need to hoard before shopping?

British PM Johnson has coronavirus, self-isolates in Downing StreetBritish Prime Minister Boris Johnson has tested positive for the coronavirus and is self-isolating at his Downing Street residence but said he would still lead the government's response to the accelerating outbreak. Apparently, he doesn't wash his hands More social, less distancing. He's a Shaker!

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