Coronavirus, Covıd-19

Coronavirus, Covıd-19

Coronavirus Live Updates: Trump Calls Houses of Worship ‘Essential Services’ and Urges Reopening

Breaking News: President Trump called houses of worship “essential” and ordered them reopened, without any clear authority to do so.

5/22/2020 10:07:00 PM

Breaking News: President Trump called houses of worship “essential” and ordered them reopened, without any clear authority to do so.

A federal agency and several state health departments have come under fire for mixing two types of virus tests. Many Memorial Day events will look different. A new study found that hydroxychloroquine, promoted by President Trump, may be harmful when taken to treat the virus.

President Trump called houses of worship “essential services” and told governors to let them open “right now.” Read more: The New York Times »

Good Great, I support that, church is essential, thanks. Try again, NYT. without ANY authority to do so. Enough weasel words, OK? Praying Donald Trump Tough!!! He did it! 1 Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

never heard of the bill of rights? So many people have and are going to continue to needlessly die at the hands of this con man. Oh America! You deserve so much better! Sorry Trump you don't get to tell the CDC how they should medically issue guidelines You're jst the sad COVIDIOT who thinks the power of being POTUS qualifies you to be a med expert knowing what's best for the human beings residin in the US Your graspin for votes at this point.

Do you have to go to the building to receive the blessings of church ? Because I seen way to many Christians spout that ' the building is only part and that you should be practicing religion on your own at home' but then literally never practicing outside the building Church is always important It's not like he or anyone else could order them closed

Is he doing this because he wants to return to church or again a political decision to get people riled up🧐 As a Christian who misses my church… no Maybe if you put your policies and arrogance aside, you may find the need is “Essential”. Not human efforts, divine intervention. If you cannot see this as a spiritual malady then you’re in deeper trouble than ANYTHING this world has to offer.

No one has the authority to shut them down. Separation of church and state as a christian, no. you can worship at home with your family Apparently the NY Times forgot we have a constitution Nope. Sorry Donnie, you don’t get to say that. Stupid fucking redhat. BREAKING NEWS! Your diety can still hear you when you pray at home..... Culling the stupids...

So more reasons for religious nuts to get sick. If they are stupid enough to go to church it’s on them. Atheism It’s a good thing this is up to the governors, and not Putin. Actually, try the constitution, not the media. The people have the rights, the military must defend those rights, particularly against unfair governing. Try this, you might like it.

Uh, the First Amendment disagrees with your dumb sentiment. Suck it Why is Trump trying to order religious men/women around. pastors, priests decide what their flocks will do. Does Trump want to control religion now Just like Governor’s have “no clear authority” to order businesses to close, citizens to stay inside their homes, and Law Enforcers to halt jailing criminals The NYT’s remains shameless.

Is Donna the Pope now? What about Metal Church? So much for rights of the state huh? Futures market on 'Dont Tread On Me' flags in flux. Gotta keep funeral homes in business. Because he’s soooo religious!!!!! That's NOT something Stalin would have done...and he HAD the 'clear authority'! Great job Mr. President. 🧡💛🧡

That he thinks he has the authority to override governors (or local elected officials) is just another proof that Trump is a MORON! He would put the constitution through a shredder if we are stupid enough to give him the chance. Biden 2020! Trump in jail 2021! . TAKE-OVER OF STATE GOVT BY FEDERAL GOVT Trump Fed Govt ordering State Govt to open Churches reducing the power of State Govt and increasing power of Fed Govt over States...I thought the Tea Party MAGA movement want less Federal Power over States? Vote Truth & Facts vote. org

He has the ultimate authority ! Jesus said, 'Pray & watch.' Mark 13:33 Paul said, 'Pray without ceasing.' Paul said, also, 'Forsake not the assembling of yourselves together.' His authority is The Constitution. Incorrect fake news peddler , watch the whitehouse speeches that is NOT what Pres said. Check with Kayleigh next time before you spread lies . Guidelinesyo reform to churches: 5 points follow then

You don't need a building to worship God (whomever). People have done it for centuries from home, a foxhole, etc.. Trump's trolling for evangelical votes. Churches should stay shut till July cuz we need to see if Memorial Day crowds spike COVID. Churches are crowded places. Church is people! Svcs can be scheduled in small blocks thru out Sunday w/ mask requirements & distancing, then parishioners schedule their block time. It can be done like loading a plane so folks don’t cross. 1st in fill the front, & those in the back exit 1st one at a time.

Real headline: Trump realizes his only hope is fanatical Christians...good luck with that. Why do you give him press time. He’s irrelevant. Fake News ISN’T TIME YOU BANKRUPT YOURSELF!!!! BY BY BY BY The Trump-supporting churches must be running out of money. Trump fixed that and to hell with the lives of parishioners. You can pray just as easily, quietly at home under the circumstances.

Trump is a kind of unprepared and corrupt politician, just like we have here in Brazil. News: A scam president backs the biggest scam in history; organized religion. And he's going to rush right out and go to church......NOT. He threatens because that's all he knows. Killing your voters. The 10th Amendment holds that all rights and powers not specifically reserved to Congress are reserved for the states. The President has absolutely no power over this matter!

Funny he has no legal right to force states to open their religious centers. It’s a separation of church and state if he doesn’t like it he can go shove anchor up his fat Chito ass By reopen he means without government interference as to their choice to freely assemble and freely not assemble. Good try though

Wow this article is going to go down as one of NYT biggest fails. For any who believe that is still America's paper, this article should wake you up This brings a whole new meaning to sharing the gospel This won’t even be wave 2. This will be an extension of wave 1 after reopening too Early. Can’t wait for two weeks from now when the spike in cases is attributed to these silly cult gatherings.

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.... the Equivalent of Satan ordering the doors to more people can die! Pathetic! Trump's father jerked off at a flower pot and got a blooming idiot Why add the last statement to it? Can't you just keep to the news? GOD BLESS THE USA🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸 Stand Strong, Mr. President, and Thank you for your great leadership. God built you to last, for such a PROPHETIC TIME as this.

What place of worship you talk about your Synagogue of Satan a Christian who make another person sick is a Devil like realDonaldTrump Yeah, right. The governors are scared of you: Be afraid, be very afraid. It's not essential. You can pray anywhere and God and Jesus will be with you. You can pray at the table, you can pray at the store, you can even pray on the toilet, that's a favorite pastime of mine.

Wake up people. This man doesn't care about u or your beliefs. All he wants is more money. More fame, and your vote. Separation of church and state anyone? Think there's something in the constitution about it. 🤔 Oh yeah, that's been trampled on for DECADES. 'Let them eat prayer' You can pray anywhere !!!

Stay 🏡 Pray at 🏡 Trump doesn't have the authority to open houses of worship. Pray at 🏡 people. Amen. Way to go Trump. It is essential!! Thanks for exerting your executive powers - now declare the emergency over and shut the mouths of these nut bags in this thread up!!! Further reason to avoid evangelicals.

Amen.. For where two or three are gathered in his name. He is among them! “You shall not tempt the lord your God”, Jesus responding to the devil realDonaldTrump Prayer and worship is an essential part of every American, regardless of faith. Leftist desperation cannot destroy America. Amazing how all world is amazed by new news and events not news and events before few years

the family... Hey realDonaldTrump will you be attending church or golfing, enquiring minds want to know. realDonaldTrump TrumpLiesAmericansDie That'll work. Trump's evangelicals take the virus as seriously as they take religion. This will thin them out significantly. Trump violates every single law & treats like a totalitarian dictator, keeps lying, changes his words easily. US presidency costume does not suit him. To save democracy everybody must vote according to President BarackObama !

So much fiction here. Amazing how little outrage there is from the people that hate 'big government' and think 'the fed' should have less power over states. GOD gives realDonaldTrump the authority! Typical Walter Reed Project Advice. The African-American churches will decimate their CONGREGATIONS if they fall for this classic TRUMPIAN misadvice and CON-ARTISTRY. STAY ALERT EVERYBODY !

LOL, not your call, dude. The people that have a problem with re opening churches can CHOOSE to stay home or not go. Don’t stop the ones that do want to go as it is an essential to them. Wow, while this is going on? In other words, kill all the christians! Re open churches! Why is Trump deliberately trying to kill-off elderly Christians and others of faith? Is he the devil incarnate? BostonGlobe NPR PBS MiamiHerald TexasTribune chicagotribune newsobserver FoxNewsSunday world BBCWorld CBSNews NBCNews ABC hillsongNYC maga2020

First Amendment of the Constitution. That's clear authority enough. He's just pandering to the religious right for votes .. Hey he is not forcing them to open. It's still up to the parish if they want to open already. Idiot posing as president is frightening. God bless the President! Różne kur..2 tzw przewodniczących do burdelu w Urnston Różne kur..lansiwali leniwe osły Nibletta i inne chore

Governors do not have the power to void the constitution and deny the right of assembly. Um.. who's gonna tell him? Lol Without any authority at all to do so. No clear authority aside from being the President of the United States. I'm sorry that still galls you . He's right. Haleluya🙌 Praise God👼 He’s “President Trump”! Of the nation of fools.

Houses of Worship are not essential. I’m not religious, but I’m pretty sure you can pray pretty much anywhere Oh, NOW Trump suddenly believes in centralized governing. This hypocracy won't save him from burning in hell for botching this crisis. open it but i'm still having church in my house sorry can't true human anymore

GOD IS THE ULTIMATE AUTHORITY!!!! OPEN THEM CHURCHES!!! Brah he da prez Essential to the spreading of COVID 🤦‍♂️ About Time! There's a separation of Church and State! It's another unrealistic way of America NOW! As of now, We've freely given up our constitutional rights. All 4a virus less deadly compared to the flu

Since when is hypocrisy an essential or a service? Who has the authority to order them closed? I for one don’t want to live in fear, certainly not state imposed fear. A title worth noting idiots. I could run loops around your so-called journalist! Being original is far gone. Freshen it up you archaic imbeciles!!

Dr Birx is the new Trump lapdog I actually think most churches are smarter than this man. Yes, let's have a Korea's Shincheonji church situation, or India's Tablighi Jamat. That's what America's missing right now Well he was right about Hydroxychloroquine Since all we do is copy America, let's copy and paste this act too NigeriaGov

Just moral authority Hey if they are a essential business then can they pay those essential taxes?. After all equal rights means equal taxes right?. Most of us can see who & what Trump is, yet the GOP members to Congress choose to not only ignore him they choose willingly to both support & promote him. They shield him at all costs. As bad as he is, his enablers are nearly as bad. When he goes down they will go down with him.

I thinks it’s pathetic how he thinks he is this mighty dictator, waving his “you are open, now you are open” wand. Most churches in MO r already open & most my church r being cautious & staying home for the teleservice anyway bc they are smart & listen to the data for our area. He gave liquor stores as an example for essentials, but people just buy and get out while in worship house gets crowded so there is no comparison between the two.

And the Darwin award winner is... Donald Trump...he loves the uneducated and a whole lot less will be around in November to vote for him. Better to die in church than in a bar! The right-wing evangelicals that are his base are the ones that he's killing off. If it wasn't so horrifying it would be hysterically funny. Maniacal insanity.

When was the last time he went to church (that wasn’t a photo op)? Was you asleep when we pointed out Obmha was making these amendments to laws to allow the President to have all this power? Might wanna re read some things but wait you probably already know that.... 😉 Yet he never goes NY times you are lying 🤥 but what else is new.

POTUS Mike_Pence mikepompeo Franklin_Graham If you are an Evangelical and fall for this guy’s pandering, you are weak of spirit. He is leading you into a setting where without social distancing and masks you will all get sick. Please reject this false prophet! What service is he attending? It’s ok.... we’ll just look for the giant bolt of lighting.....

FAKE NEWS. FAKE NEWS. FAKE NEWS. FAKE NEWS. FAKE NEWS. FAKE NEWS. FAKE NEWS. FAKE NEWS. FAKE NEWS. FAKE NEWS. FAKE NEWS. FAKE NEWS. FAKE NEWS. FAKE NEWS. FAKE NEWS. FAKE NEWS. FAKE NEWS. FAKE NEWS. FAKE NEWS. FAKE NEWS. FAKE NEWS. FAKE NEWS. FAKE NEWS. FAKE NEWS. FAKE NEWS. QAnon-I watch your show every day, but remain a political atheist, Trump is pathetic, but so are you joebiden, and the other media weirdos, like SeanHannity, all grasping for an illusion. Hate and divide is not happiness, your anger clouds your logical mind.

Pence is the Evangelical and they are the biggest contributors to the Trump Champaign. they want power and Trump is giving it to them because he's bought and paid for by them. If Pelosi said it you wouldnt be bitching and questioning if she had the authority to do it or not. He doesn't need authority. There's something called the First Amendment, you expletives.

He can go ahead and try to do that. But nobody can make people go to church. Best President Ever.... Has anyone ever seen tRump in a church? On sundays he goes golfing!! TrumpDeathToll95K TrumpHasNoPlan Praying for COVIDー19 to go away is his new plan to stop the spread of the virus. It's a shame he's not a believer and will not join his supporters to congregate in HousesOfWorship

Not the house, but worship is essential and I can do it in my own home (for now) not trying to get or spread Covid-19. It’s obvious trump is doing this to pout religious people against their governor. It’s always about political gain with him. God will understand the need to limit mass gatherings and to keep physical distance 🙄

I’m a Christian, I’m worshiping at home. I mean if a liquor store is deemed essential then it's pretty understandable that places of worship would be. You have that backwards. Churches were closed by governors who had no authority to do so. And there was no end of the world numbers, no 'curve'. It was all hype.

Clear as the Constitution baby. Ask Kentucky, whose Governor was smacked in the head by the KSC. Ending with a dear brad letter that the virus does not affect the Constitution of The United States of America. He doesn’t even know the Lord’s Prayer. I’m sure he will persuade his followers and get some Guinea pigs. What is the only way to check and see if the virus is still strong or weak? People pray more away from the church than in the church. No thanks God give HIS wisdom! We will be still and patiently wait.

God LITERALLY says that you don't have to GO to a PLACE to worship him in the Bible these ppl just wanna get together that's it. You can praise God from your home!!!! Breaking New: Trump is an idiot, stop reporting on him. Any church or ecclesial community shortsighted enough to hold services during this pandemic should not be attended. I think of Noah’s ark, while the rain lasted just 40 days and 40 nights, Noah stayed in the arc for a year until the waters subsided.

kelliwardaz KayaJones USCCB realDonaldTrump WhiteHouse dougducey sistervpaul_ Ironically enough marklevinshow points out the President's legal authority on this is derived from the Commerce Clause in the Constitution, so give generously to your Church. I do. I love the pandemic hysteria the media portrays. Excellent ratings which mean more profits. More profits than they get from Trump.

We have the worst leadership. This is a political move. Comparing hundreds of people in on sitting IN A CHIRCH to entering a liquor store together is idiotic. And yet, he’s running this country. Wake UP The Constitution? If it’s so safe, than why aren’t ALL GOVERNMENT OFFICES opening up? There’s a reason.

Needs to open places of worship now.... Doesn’t matter if he has the authority people just like he gave the order Pandering for votes. He needs the religious brain dead vote. More difficult to lead those ignorant masses to the slaughter when they're not being indoctrinated by dogma. “Here’s the church, here’s the steeple. Open the door and see all the people”.

When did the net become so hostile toward anyone with a different viewpoint than them? Anyone wondering whether Trump cares more about Americans’ health over his political interests just got their answer, to no one’s surprise. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 If prayer worked - then, and ONLY then - would a church or house of worship be essential. Until then, they are less functional than TomiLahren and IngrahamAngle. At least those blowhards pay taxes.

Old Mr 2 Corinthians 'The Chosen One' should know his Father is in our homes and His word is in our Bibles and we don't have to fellowship right now and that's ok. This place is gonna be just ziggurats in another decade. NEW CHURCH OUTBREAK! Georgia MAGA Need to control the growing cases! But this is pure contradic to it! Gives a big jerk to nation

Well there was no clear authority to shutter them in the first place, so..... Ahhh... but there is clear authority to shut them down. Got it. I love republican hypocrisy. They attack all lgbt and minorities of color(things you dont “choose” to be) saying they shouldnt get protections because nobody should get special treatment..... yet here are all the repubs demanding special treatment over their choisce based beliefs

he is bent Might be more essential if they paid taxes to help with the massive costs the related outbreaks are going to incur. How far do droplets spread when hymn singing and proclaiming praise? Don’t lie FakeNews He didn’t ‘order’ them to open, nor is he forcing anyone to go. He merely declared them ‘essential services’ which means that those who want to go, now can, following the same CDC guidelines as any other essential service. It’s only fair.

Good job realDonaldTrump He wants to kill a bunch of people then. If he said the opposite, the headline would be “President Trump doesn’t consider houses of worship essential”. 🤷🏻‍♂️ I really hope that they do a serious job on disinfecting the holy chalice. Blessing it won't kill the virus! Clear authority?.... God?

Without any clear authority? Okay lol. How about an article on, “essential booze.” I'll easily go to church if God or Jesus will heal me if I get the virus. But that doesn't seem to be happening. No thanks. Trump wants to see everyone dead Trump can’t do shit BevElliott9 Fake news Gotta get those collection dollars

No he allowed them to make their own decision to open. Once again, Fake News NYT, last time endersing a Republican President was Eisenhower. Good. The people going there think god decides what happens in their lives anyway, so when they get covid they can be satisfied that god chose that for them He has FULL authority to do so!!!!!. Read the Constitution you darn idiots at NYT!!!!!

Political stunt to get “Christian” vote in November NOT TODAY SATAN He chased us out of the church but we continued having worship service online now you’re trying to get us back into the church so you can kill us in the churches A dictator who isa phony. He is not religious and uts you at risk f you attend a service in which not everyone has been tested.

Spiritual life is the only life that lasts. Trump will kill as many as he can. It's a campaign move. The governors won't reopen the churches, making them the bad guys, while Trump gets credit for fighting for churches to reopen without having to deal with the consequences of extra infections. I will gladly travel and attend any service the President attends on Sunday. I will wear a mask.

without clear authority? lol You obviously forgot he's the President. Way too soon! Americans can just as well pray at home and be safe. I'm afraid to see the Covid-19 positives skyrocket again!☹️ Go ahead religious people. Get sick. Get everyone else sick, then claim it was an act of god. Or thank trump

Law is never settled. Nothing is for sure until it is then it can be canceled Here's your authority ------------ realDonaldTrump is the president. Do not challenge the patience of a patient man. ChurchIsEssential freedom He’s a god in his own mind. Where are all the states rights supporters. Could you imagine if Obama had attempted to exceed his authority like this

Refresh us. What church do the trumps attend? Maybe this is the way to rid the world of Evangelicals... 🤔🤔🤔🙏🙏🙏 . If Church is an essential service . . Then I am someone's god I bet everyone here who thinks this shouldn’t be allowed is 1: not aware of the rights they are voluntarily throwing away at the cost of “safety”, and 2: think that the 6 ft rule and face masks will protect you from a virus. Let people live. They are only endangering themselves.

Really? Lol leave it to to say the President has no authority to dream house of worship as essential! For those of us for whom our religion is in fact essential have never stopped worshiping. We just quit going into a building 😂😂😂😂😂😂 that is very funny! If trump is a christian, or is even a believer, then I'm the queen of England. He's pandering to his faux Christian base.

Why does he want the people who vote for him to get sick? I really don’t get it. If churches are essential they should pay taxes like every other business We'll see first hand just how utterly useless prayer and religion are. The 'J' stands for Jim Jones No! Separation of church and state? yeah, thats because hes an asshole

Ha! Just as the 1st Amendment prevents him from establishing an American religion, it prevents him from declaring religion 'essential' to American life. The governors are not making any comment on whether religion per se is 'essential'. Just managing gatherings in a pandemic. What is it, exactly, that makes physically attending church an essential endeavor?

He can send federal troops to ensure their civil rights are protected just like Johnson did for black kids going to white schools. Pure cult. Good. Let them all meet up to worship their fairy tale gods. We need a culling of stupid in this country, and this is a good place to start. The irony is that trump is the least religious or spiritual person on the planet. He just appeasing the evangelical leaders who want their collection plates full and don’t mind killing a few parishioners to make that happen. TrumpDeathToll100K

Houses of worship have never been 'essential' to trump, other than for photo ops to film flam actual religious devotees. Governors and churches should ignore him on this so called 'order'. All Church’s should be closed just a cult. Don’t need to go to church to believe in something. Well, here’s what the President can do: he can go to each state where churches are ordered closed with a cadre of US Marshals and a stack of civil rights complaints and start incarcerating the responsible officials.

He's just trying to start a fight between the governors and churches. So let's see what side God is on. Safety or infection. He's doing this strictly for his followers (for future votes)-he sure as hell isn't doing it because he's concerned for their safety SocialDistancing VoteBlue2020 he also said it because governors have left abortion centers open because they are 'essential'. Thats why he declared them essential, and they are.

houses of worships should be opened, with the rest of America, if Walmart and Menards and other HUGE stores can stay open, than so can churches and small businesses. Trump2020. I miss church , but I do it with ZOOM meetings, Trump does not care about worship, just wants to please his evangelical base. I worry about my self and family, but the rest of these idiots can go to church and get infected - their choice.

Seems fitting. Let religion do its killing thing. Breaking news: The 1st Amendment guarantees the right to not only freedom of religion, but to freedom of assembly as well. Thus, the President, by upholding the Constitution is well within his rights to do just that. Bye 👋 GOP imagine a world with precedence for “Obama the 2nd” to order the States to open up mosques during COVID-26. You’d be okay with that, right?

But I thought their god was omnipresent? Or he just dwell in a temple? Does this man know what what is in Proverbs 20:17 Bread gained by deceit is sweet to a man, but afterward his mouth will be full of gravel. Can his “God” cut my hair? Trump is putting prayer to the test against COVID. Then he can open the movie theatres, theme parks, zoos, etc. too! (sarcasm BTW)

'essential' ......God is laughing at this silliness. He certainly has the authority as executor of the federal government to protect our first amendment rights with the justice department as an enforcement arm.... so ya, he does. good now all the religious boomers can die and the usa will finally be fixed

Like he needs more blood on his hands Pandering to evangelicals. It reeks of hypocrisy and desperation. How typicallyTrump What makes him think churches are essential services? I feel like if you can do it from home, it isn't really essential. Well that was ill advised What authority did the governors have to strip us of our freedoms by quarantining the healthy?

fuck you new york times Good, kill them off faster. Jonestown effect Must be Allowed to reopen, not the same as must reopen. If they choose not to because of Covid, good on them. When places of work, with workers gathered with little choice, are open yet those of worship forced shut, is wrong. Hate to say it, but Trump is correct on the hypocrisy

Without any clear authority? Breaking news: major media outlet doesn't understand the first amendment. failingnewyorktimes Suckin up to the nutjob religious voters It’s called the constitution - Yes everyone go into a rather tight space together AMEN! If abortion clinics are essential then you bet the House of God is!

Wasn’t “essential” at Easter. Seems essential is a matter of political pressure even he cannot withstand. He’s farting in the wind again. He wants people to risk death and vote for him. If you call yourself a person of faith and still back Trump then you might want to re-read the book you follow. There is nothing religious about a man who cares nothing about 96K deaths he has exacerbated but only about himself.

I am Christian & love my Church & absolutely not into politics! I don't agree that gathering is safe right now. Specially for elderly! It will take only one person to infect the whole church just like nursing homes! Stay safe everyone! But will he take any responsibility if virus spreads and people dies?

This is what’s known as an election season Hail Mary pass attempt to the Bible Belt. RealityCheck Death pits Why are they essential? You're not a person of faith if you can't pray and worship God anywhere. Can you please write detailed pieces on all the secretive evangelical church leaders? Clearly they funded that unctuous declaration yes?

Feeding the right-wing religious maggots Have they paid him? DBChirpy 10th Amendment. Nor can Congress. Can’t promote any religion. Der Trumpf thinks he’s a dictator He’s playing to the evangelical base. Fishing for votes and paying tribute to his mentors, no matter how many more die. Demeaning. It's a guaranteed right. The first amendment spells it out in black and white for all to see. Your type of journalism has gone the way of the dinosaur. WE ARE AWAKE ObamaGate Treason

Lmao weird. “No authority to enforce the Bill of Rights.” 😂 They can zoom are they missing our 10-20 percent of money you know what dam I’ve saved a lot of money this is weird god still with. Me though I haven’t given money for a while I mean church is a place to catch this crap He’s kidding, right Um check the constitution lol great journalisming

Funny, most states are locked down - without any clear authority to do so. Haven't seen that in your headlines. That's Your President speaking. Did China tell you to write that? I'm closer to dozens more people every day at work than when I attend worship. They are not essential. You don’t need them to survive.

All you need is your inner self 🧘🏼 & a quiet place no church required They aren’t essential! If god smites people for trying to not get sick and die then send me to hell. realDonaldTrump is starting to sound like Cartan from SouthPark. trumpProjecting trumpSpin You see! I was right! He IS the Antichrist. Demand people go to church so they can all get sick and die. Proof!

Like, he goes to church—-NOT! And noooooooooo!!! places of worships isn’t essential; i highly doubt Allah, Jesus, whoever y’all believe in, recommend people to go and risk their lives by going out and praying. You can worship at home if it means to save lives and prevent spreading a virus. Trump is killing people. smh

1A? 14A? Supremacy Clause? The police powers of the federal government reside within the Executive. The President (any president) IS the Executive Branch. He's a pretend president. The Constitution isn't clear enough? Here’s the thing. Nothing is closed. No religious place of gathering is being forced to close. It’s called separation of church and state. Legally the state can tel the church to close. The church is choosing to do this. And it’s a good thing they are

Vomit Then I want pics of him mingling at church with no mask on this weekend Where will *Impeached* Trump be this Sunday morning ? / It’s not discrimination to apply universal health safety rules to religious assemblies when there is ample evidence that religious assemblies—much more than beaches or parks—have proved capable of spreading the virus

So, , President realDonaldTrump is not sworn to uphold our consitituional rights? Especially, the rights so many of our governors are violating? Got it. DerangedDonald Spanky has no idea what essential services are. If god is supposed to be everywhere, why not pray at home. Doesn't make sense to me

A good day for the constitution. Amen. Veni, Sancte Spíritus, reple tuórum corda fidélium, et tui amóris in eis ignem accénde. Emítte Spiíitum tuum et creabúntur; - Et renovábis fáciem terrae. 真是人民的好总统,不连任天理何在!哈哈哈 👍 They are essential If I can take college courses online y’all can pray from your fucking homes

His authority is called the U.S. Constitution! You should read it sometime, especially the part called the 1st Amendment! Yes,if you forget the Lord then who will save you? Well done 👍 Why doesn’t he go to church this Sunday? Because he’s a fraud who could care less about church services what he’s actually doing is sending his ignorant flock of sheep to slaughter

How many more deaths will this cause? If they don't believe that God is with them all the time everywhere, then they do not believe in God. Maybe those preachers need to keep their donations coming to pay for their multiple homes and private jets! He is doing this for votes. Votes that he will ultimately lose, when innocent people die because of his ego driven decisions.

God is definitely essential. YOUR GOD IS EVERYWHERE, NOT JUST IN A CHURCH. HE DOESN'T CARE ABOUT PPL!! HE USES GOD/RELIGIONS TO DO HIS DIRTY WORK, JUST LIKE THE REST OF THEM USING GOD'S NAME TO JUSTIFY THEIR OWN PERSONAL DESIRES. IT'S SICKENING! After the Plague in Europe killed one third or more, they turned away from religion to humanity and the Renaissance. Fear running high among preachers that could happen again?

Trump has no authority. Perhaps he wants churches to pay Federal taxes? I’m Christian. I don’t need a building to worship 🙏🏼 God bless those who do not know.. everyone has birth rights. White liberals won’t stand for this. Lie JoeBidenIsARacist That would literally kill a good amount of these church goers....🤔🤔🤔 have at it 🤷🏾‍♂️

'Thou shall not tempt the Lord Thy God.' No Satan, we've seen this play before, trying to convince us to jump in harm's way in false faith. We don't have to be in a building to worship God. It's not safe and the REAL Christians are safe at home under the Blood of Christ. ‘House of Worship’ is essential = You can Worship at your House... worship can be done anywhere not just at the church. I am born Baptist and Baptist raise. You need to have a seat...

So you are trying to push the churches to open back up, yet neglected the communities that support them ? Please don’t claiming to be doing us a favor us, Sir... Because you are not... I wonder if this is a political call No, they’re not. Go to hell, Trump. States' rights, but only if it benefits me and no one else. If it doesn't, then I need big government. Freedom of religion, but only for my faith. The other religions are 'fake'. The Constitution matters, but only if it agrees with me. If it doesn't, then it should be kneecapped.

Fuck him. Wonder which church he’ll be at this Sunday. *Sarcasm Desperate Dotard grasping at straws. First Amendment? Less religious people the better This moron kills people. 😬 Praising Nazi's one day,ordering people to go to church the next. It almost seems like he wants to put his followers at risk,which makes no sense.If they're dead they can't vote for him. He's so afraid to say anything that will set them off, like wear a mask, he does the opposite

Looks like the New York Times only likes the freedom of the press. Freedom of religion is secondary to them. Jesus’ blood will protect you. What authority does the governor have to decide what is essential. We all should be able to make the decision ourselves what we deem essential. Good!🙌 If people want to worship let them if that’s there passion and if I recall there’s a separation of church and state as well as the first amendment!❤️

Funny whether you’re an Islamic extremists or Christian extremist. These people leave dead bodies every time they’re in power. Just to piss liberals and their corrupt media off. 😂 Murderer the orange ass really wants to murder his supporters King Breaking News: I'm calling Trump UnfitForOffice and ordering him to step down immediately, without any clear authority to do so.

IF he has no authority to do so he can piss off. Too bad idiot houses of worship people are going to bear the brunt of being cited and possibly fined. They better pray on their actions before the take it. If we all had decent health care Dear Freedom-Lovers, What’s the difference between ordering something to close and ordering something to open?

TrumpVirusTestingFailure is just part of Trump's pathetic scheme for reelection to avoid criminal prosecution. Start having churches pay taxes, they are burdened to our healthcare This is all about votes not saving lives. I hope pastors, priests, and ministers all are smarter than this man. Open it up - I mean u can’t even twist the Pope

realdonaldtrump unless you’re planning to once and for all confirm you are in fact a dictator, 10thAmendment has something to say about that. ✔️ TrumpPressConference Stayhome staysafe FlattenTheCurve Trumpdemic TrumpSlump COVID19 COVIDIDIOT RidenwithBiden Biden2020 No clear authority? He is POTUS. Who is going to have the balls to challenge him on it? Nobody.

I think the houses of worship will make that decision, if they as a group don’t feel safe or feel it’s too soon, Trump can’t force any of them to do anything. He likes to give orders like people have to listen 👂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 10th Amendment grinningbamE Wasn’t 🦠 blown away by Copeland? Why wont those doctors stand up to him? They aren't political. I'm more upset about that than what that clown did.

I wonder how many zombies read the headline and never bother to actually read the article. Also, what dreamworld do you live in thinking governors and mayors have the authority to indefinitely and arbitrarily violate your rights? Superspreader Events 2/17 Christian Open Door Church, France -Over 2000 cases, 17 Dead 2/18 Shincheonji Church of Jesus, S.Korea -5,212 cases 3/6 Greers Ferry 1st Assembly of God , AR -60+ cases, 4 Dead 3/10 Mt Vernon Presbyterian Church, WA -53 cases, 2 Dead

Trump never lets facts become an obstacle to his whims... His maga-church pastor buddies are behind this. If he gives a sh!t about people going to church, I’m a freaking saint. I’m not a saint. Yeah essential to his vote 🙄 Trump doesn't actually care about these houses of worship. He is just trying to look good. He's being foolish by putting these people in harm's way.

Thank you President Trump for protecting our first amendment right! 👏👏🇺🇸 This is A Victory Trying to play a church card that he personally knows nothing about...TrumpTheDevilIncarnate I’m Henry the 8th I am, Henry the 8th I am I am King, Pope and...grand Pooh-Bah! All in one. But call now and you get two! That’s right two terms of this carnival barker’s most grand Pooh-Bah administration!

Trump is Estupido😳 I'd bet Trump never considered Sunday church services 'essential' anything until he figured ignorant evangelicals could become his base. If he went to more than a dozen church services in the forty years before running for president it would be near miraculous. The child-king has decreed it.

Order this... Please he is morally corrupt. When you are a sociopathic narcissist, I guess you think you are a king. He doesn't give a crap if they actually open or not - just grandstanding as a fake Christian to get the fairy tale believers' vote. This coming from a guy who does not go to church. Also coming from donny. As a leader is to put your life in danger to by going to church. God hears prayers from lot's of places not just church. MSNBC WSJ washingtonpost NightlyPolitics USATODAY

...ummm... no surprise here... because he's stupid, and thinks he has absolute power to do anything... He has NO authority to do so. Good grief you're all still so bad at this. For almost 4 years I’ve been trying to figure out why this guy isn’t 1. In jail 2. Out of a job 3. Why he hasn’t been assonated. Can someone please explain why he is still POTUS?

nobody cares what Trump wants, he doesn't have the power to do shit. My governor, GovernorTomWolf never closed churches. TrumpHasNoPlan He’s the highest authority second only to God at this time in history. Wake Up !!!!! Separation between church and state. No gray area here. If government attempts to force religion onto Americans, there will be a war. Religion is a PRIVATE matter. If you believe in God, fine, worship God at home.

Gotta get those essential pedophiles back in their pulpits So Trump will be in church. This weekend. And not playing a round of cheaters golf. Sure. Then let them pay taxes. 1st amendment comes to mind Here's the real reason he's playing the religion card. Half the people at my grocery store dont even wear masks. You put all those people in a church and that's a tinderbox just waiting to go off.

Man this guy... and the Body Count will Continue... Good! Governors never had the authority to close them. Victory is at hand my fellow intelligent atheists... just remain indoors for 2 - 3 months and the US shall be ours. Well maybe it’s time to start taxing them if they are essential , as they took our tax dollars ... anybody else notice he is taking Democrats tax dollars and paying farmers and now parishioners, he literally buying votes 🗳 with democratic voters tax dollars 💵 scandalous

One day after touting the bloodlines of an avowed anti-semite. Please cite the authority the Governors have to keep them closed. You know what else is essential? Not listening to Trump The president was speaking on behalf of a lot of muted voices. There is nothing wrong to say so, right or wrong aside. Everyone has the right to say what's important to them.

He’s The President? Dumb dumbs 🙄 Because almost 100K dead is not enough? Without any clear authority? Didn’t you guys want him to shut everything down? Now he doesn’t have authority? You’re a total joke! 😂 Tax free buildings dedicated to fairy tales are essential? For what? Can't one find abundant 🐎💩 just about anywhere ?

Correct, your sh:t paper is not essential. But did he hereby order them Can god not wait God is with you whether you’re in church or not. Christians are basically saying that their god cannot wait and is impatient and needs worship. Lmao D-Cup Donnie is just appealing to the evangelicals. This means nothing to him really.

Did he open the People's House aka the White House yet. Houses of Worship are as 'Essential' as Comic Cons! THERE! I HAVE THE BALLS TO CALL OUT BULLSHIT! Trump doesn't care about the public! He just wants / needs the churches Blessing during the election! It's all about votes to him. He doesn't care how many may die!

As the chief law enforcement officer of the country who is sworn to defend the Constitution of the United States, I'd say he has manifest authority to defend the First Amendment rights of all Americans from the leftist bigotry of tyrannical Democrat governors. BAM 💥 TRUMP CARD DOWN! Can you say pandering boys and girls?

So Trump is going to church on Sunday? Yes it is ... To fleece sheep. 🤮 💯 percent campaign motivated. trump has NO BUSINESS being in the position of president ... That embarrassing dummy doesn’t have a clue about the constitution! trump is as dumb as a box of rocks! Where are all the “STATES RIGHTS!” jackasses when he says crap like this?🤔

Amen 🙏 If they are so essential, why doesn't Trump attend them? Thank you president for doing the right thing and giving some freedom back to Americans. Unfortunately some won’t see it as freedom because they are totally brainwashed by the fake news media. If liquor stores or abortion providers are deemed essential & may SAFELY stay open, why not also houses of worship, being even more central to life for millions? Our Constitutional & God-given right to public worship ought not to be hindered if done safely.

you can praise God anywhere, doesn’t have to be at a church.. FuckTrump TrumpForPrison2020 He has no power to enact this, it’s clearly just value signalling to the base so why is this getting coverage. Every day, this guy comes out and sets the media agenda with ridiculous statements, and every time, they follow him down the trail, even though it’s always a dead end.

Anything for the great invisible and always absent deadbeat heavenly one......... Everyone who is against this is nothing but a RACIST against Jews Muslims and Christians How can houses of worship be essential when Trump and most Americans didn't go on a regular basis pre-COVID? Clearly no authority You are correct, Open them up.

Keep worship out of your political tug of wars Look losers, I can make my stupid followers beleive I am religious if I tell governors to open the house of god,if I tell them I’m god ,they believe me, sad enablers He needs more donations from Evangelicals Good!🙌 If people want to worship let them if that’s there passion and if I recall their’s a separation of church and state as well as the first amendment!❤️

I care and it's about time that Churches, and other religious houses of worship are opened! Trump would like evangelists and predominantly christian churches to open, but he has to do it this way. Please dont think he shows faith and prays as all you do, its for votes. So now your against Christians, Jews and Muslims! Shame on you!

remember that one preacher who refused to close his church and git arrested lol If churches are an essential, they must be taxed. Re-open churches!! The Pope needs gas for his Mercedes! Answered Prayer ✔️ I’d like to see what church you go to? NOT! Just keep in that little mind of yours how many more people you will kill!

Without any authority. Not unclear. None. Here's an idea, if you don't think it's safe, don't go. Easy stuff. Your going to kill us all!! he needs to pray he still has a job come november That’s funny, they don’t pay taxes. 🚨 BREAKING NEWS: The man who attempted to jump a barrier at the White House earlier today has been identified as the President's son, Eric Trump.

And will he override the houses of worship if they refuse to compromise their members and remain closed? No God of mine would put people at risk. What kind of nonsense is this? KEEP THE LIQUOR AND LOTTO STORES OPEN, BUT CHURCH SERVICE? NOPE! -The Left This is how deranged and psychotic you all sound. Crazy campaigning move to feed hiss redneck base.

Then so are bars and strip clubs. Of course he does. We are in a oligarchy! We give this man too much power not deserving of his position.He is a servant of the people. Cry more, libs. You fall in line to pass his bullshit every blessed time. ... AH He can’t do that? The health of the American ppl supersedes his craziness! He’s such a mindless jackass!

...but they aren't though. Calling for churches to be open when you don't even go. Literally the least essential thing This is a new distraction, he is hoping for a couple to stay closed so he can pick a Twitter fight and hope you don't see the TrumpCrimeFamily stealing from America over the MemorialDayWeekend

It's the congregatin' - not the prayin' - that's the problem and no one seems to understand. How about constitutional authority that places of worship have over states? You folks are so dumb Dutch video dealing with coronavirus, advises, to avoid people staying long in poor ventilated indoor areas, since the virus spread via aerosols! Example church choir practice in Washington, where infection occured even when members stayed 6 ft apart!

He’s now working hard to make religion look bad. Yeah , he received the call from the MONEY MAKERS ..... yes the ones that open the church on Sunday to collect $$$ ,,, money donations .... to somebody else with trumpyshitty Yup, voting day approaches He will find another group of potential voters that he can do something for regardless of consequences.

Lol, let’s see if his stupid ass goes on Sunday. Thank God I don't attend church. But I do attend estate sales. Go ahead, go to church. The King Doctor said: go to church, so go. I Refuse to go back until I AM COMFORTABLY ,not when Mr mcdoofus says to go They are essential The sound bite I heard was calling them essential and then calling on governors to open them back up again. There is a difference.

It’s called the 1at amendment and his DOJ has the power. He's the fucking president............. Show me the precedent or statute that inheres authority in governors to forcefully shut down places of worship in the first place... Wtf we doin, America Mission suicide 🙄 Our Covidiot-in-Chief commands it! TrumpEssentials To start with gun shops deemed 'essential' during corona crisis by orders of Trump's conservative judges, that was to please his white supremacist hooligans, now Abusing his Power by playing with sentiments of Evangelicals, distraction Big

So you cant prey at home Yeah he can't do that and no we won't be opening our congregation for in person worship. That's just irresponsible and ridiculous. We will continue to serve God and protect each other. Trump is a super-spreader of bull 💩 Places of worship are not as essential as worship itself. God could care less about the building. He cares about the hearts of His people.

Evidently Trump has not paid attention to the number of COVID outbreaks linked to church services .Have yet to read about any linked to liquor stores A play to his biggest base: Evangelicals. But he already has them so it's a wash. So we’ll see you in church every Sunday? TheTweetOfGod do something about it!!

This is so bizarre, why do you need to put essential in quotes. Where is your source for writing ‘without any clear authority to do so’. You have zero journalistic integrity Obamagate This is Trump once again making it up as he goes along. I agree with the President!!!! President Trump called houses of worship “essential” and ordered them reopened, without any clear authority to do so.

92 parishioners went to an Arkansas church service. 35 were infected with Covid-19 and so far 3 have died. It's not safe to gather in groups This is posturing to shore up the evangelical base — they were already pissed about slow reopening. I’m guessing leaders were threatening to take their money and sit out 2020.

We want to see trump being there first. trumpfirst realDonaldTrump's pushing large gatherings is as reckless as pushing a malaria drug that can cause harm & as reckless as not wearing a face mask. People going to large Church gatherings should be signing medical waivers. Our healthcare workers don't need this sh*t. SecAzar

How sinful The media has to stop letting him basically create the news cycle...he could’ve did this with a’s Friday afternoon on a holiday weekend, who cares what he would’ve put out...if he doesn’t say anything of value or import, it’s okay to let him talk to himself all day Ummm, I seem to recall separation of church and state

Yea... a pill popping, adulterous affair having, hate mongering, crooked low life declares church essential.. I’ll pass.. Desperate I agree with the President!!!! China has nearly 0 cases and death cases are almost stopped. Either China has developed vaccine to cure Corona or spreaded corona on perpose in the World.

TrumpIsANationalDisgrace Tax the churches! Without any clear authority?

Fox News Poll: Biden more trusted on coronavirus, Trump on economyMost voters are concerned about the pandemic and the economy, so when they favor Joe Biden on coronavirus and Donald Trump has a narrow edge on pocketbook issues -- it makes for a tight race for the White House. Biden vs Trump in a debate will be disastrous for the dems. FYI make sure you keep the 6’ rule so joe doesn’t get tempted to sniff some hair. Trump2020 I trust Trump Come on, . How can you not know by now that those polls mean nothing. Trump will win in a landslide. Stop playing around in the FakeNews.

Coronavirus government response updates: Trump orders flags lowered to honor COVID-19 deadWith the U.S. death toll from COVID-19 close to 95,000 as the Memorial Day weekend begins, Pres. Trump has ordered all flags on government buildings lowered to half-staff through Sunday 'for every life lost to the coronavirus pandemic.' Sad when you plainly see the puppeteers' work. Trump would never have come up with that on his own. Nice of him to finally acknowledge the deaths, after months of not even bothering to express condolences to the victims' families. Tuck Frump

Coronavirus government response updates: Will Trump wear mask during visit to Michigan plant?President Donald Trump was visiting a Ford plant in Michigan now making ventilators, but it was unclear whether he would wear a mask as company rules require. 😂😂😂😂😂 Well he’s an idiot.

Life at the Trump Tailgate: Spiked Slurpees, Culture Wars and the Coronavirus HoaxMichigan is beset by disease, floods and joblessness, but it’s voter fraud conspiracies that really frighten the president’s supporters. CyndiRob60 Sad. So darn cute. And how is this realDonaldTrump fault, and how in the hell is he supposed to fix local problems? thats the job of the Governor and the local authorities!!

Trump Orders CDC To Research His Investment Portfolio For Potential Coronavirus CuresWASHINGTON—On the heels of touting the anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine for treating Covid-19, President Donald Trump issued orders to the CDC Wednesday, urging the agency to conduct extensive research into his investment portfolio to find more potential cures for the novel coronavirus. “Look, there’s all sorts of stuff in here that could help with the disease as far we know, so let’s start giving people some luxury spa treatments and see what happens,” said Trump, demanding that the country’s leading public health institute conduct clinical studies to see if an hour or two a day on a Floridian golf course could significantly reduce the need for a respirator. “Even just a couple of studies showing that Pepsi or Microsoft products can help neutralize the spread of the virus would be really amazing. Remember, people are dying, so we need everyone working around the clock to make sure that none of my financial interests are overlooked.” Trump added that in order to expedite the process, all further study would occur at the CDC’s new state-of-the-art facilities at the Trump International Hotel. I want to die Finally He’s looking for his next bankruptcy

Trump Says U.S. Having World’s Most Confirmed Coronavirus Cases Is “a Badge of Honor”The president is recasting failure to contain the virus as a success in later counting those afflicted by that failure. From the perspective of someone with no feelings, empathy or soul, I guess that’s not surprising wow America is a more populous country. You have to go by per capita.