Coronavirus, Covıd-19

Coronavirus, Covıd-19

Coronavirus Live Updates: Studies Show N.Y. Outbreak Originated in Europe

Breaking News: The virus came to the New York area mainly from Europe, not Asia, genetic analysis shows, arriving weeks before the first confirmed case

4/9/2020 5:12:00 AM

Breaking News: The virus came to the New York area mainly from Europe, not Asia, genetic analysis shows, arriving weeks before the first confirmed case

The C.D.C. outlined how essential employees can go back to work even if they have been exposed. Scientists warn that the virus might not fade in warm weather.

How Coronavirus at Rikers Puts All of N.Y.C. at RiskOfficials have promised a mass release of inmates from city jails to slow the spread of coronavirus. Critics say the government isn’t moving fast enough.“To not have any control over anything, to just be waiting and on the edge of your seat, it’s mind blowing at this point.” Janette’s fiancée, Michael, is detained on Rikers Island. He’s serving time because he failed to check in with his officer, violating his parole for drug possession. Now Michael, and hundreds like him, are at the center of a public health crisis experts have been warning about for weeks. “Two months owed to the city, it’s not worth somebody’s life. You’re giving people a life sentence leaving them there.” TV announcers: “An inmate who tested positive for Covid-19 died yesterday at Bellevue Hospital.” “Rikers is one of the largest correctional facilities in the world, and right now, the infection rate there is seven times that of New York City.” “Is our prison system equipped to handle an outbreak?” “When the coronavirus seeped into the jails, public officials, public advocates all rushed to address the situation.” “We will continue to reduce our jail population.” “We’re releasing people who are in jails because they violated parole.” When the virus was first identified in New York, there were 5,400 inmates in city jails. To combat the spread of the virus, the Board of Correction recommended the release of 2,000 inmates. Parole violators, people over 50, those medically at risk and inmates serving short sentences. But two weeks later, government officials have released just half. “Prisons, jails, are acting as incubators for the virus.” “Think about the jails as the world’s worst cruise ship.” “If we get a real situation here, and this thing starts to spread, it’s going to spread like wildfire, and New York is going to have a problem on their hands.” Thousands of employees travel through the city’s jails every day, forming a human lifeline to the city. Inmates also come and go. “So it’s particularly urgent to get this under control because it’s not just about who is in the jails right now, it’s really about the city.” This is Kenneth Albritton. He was being held on Rikers as Covid-19 spread through the city. “It’s scary in there, that’s what I would tell you. When I was in there, you had guys making their own masks with their shirts. They didn’t want to breathe in the air with the same people that’s in the dorm with them.” Kenneth was on parole after serving time for second-degree manslaughter when he was 18. “I was brought to Rikers Island on Feb. 5 for a curfew violation. For me reading a paper and watching the news, and I’m seeing that they’re saying no more than 10 to a group. But you have 50 guys that’s in a sleeping area. It’s impossible to tell us to practice social distancing there when they’re being stacked on top of each other.” After someone in his dorm tested positive, Kenneth says he was quarantined. But less than 24 hours later, he was released. He was given a MetroCard, but no guidance about how to deal with the potential spread of Covid-19. “If they would have tested me on my way out, then I would have felt like, OK, they took the proper steps. When I left the pen to come home, they told us nothing about how we should handle situation. Even though nobody told me nothing, I felt I should quarantine myself.” “Not much has been considered in terms of what happens to inmates after their release, and once they’re back in the communities and in their homes.” When we asked about the pace of releases, the mayor’s office agreed it was slow, but said they don’t have full control of the process. The state’s Department of Corrections said it’s working as quickly as possible. “My fiancée who’s on Rikers, we had our son in September and about two weeks after that, he found out that he had a warrant for his arrest.” “Oh, you got those boogies. I told you that baby likes that camera — Oh my goodness.” “This is a person with nonviolent charges. It’s like a real health care disaster. The parolees is like the easiest thing they do. Right. Yeah, they said about 500 or 700 parolees. I just had read it last night. Yes, that he signed off on it.” The outbreak at city jails doesn’t just pose a threat to inmates. On March 27, Quinsey Simpson became the first New York City corrections officer to die from Covid-19. “Correction officers every day, despite harm to themselves and their family, are rolling on this island to do this job.” Officer Husamudeen criticizes the city’s response, though he’s arguing for improving jail conditions not releasing inmates. “That’s not the answer to solving this problem. They haven’t served their time. If they served their time, they wouldn’t be on parole.” But his opposition is in the minority. While the overall population at Rikers has decreased, there’s an unusual consensus from public defenders, prosecutors and corrections officials that the releases aren’t happening quickly enough. “We need to reframe our thinking around public safety right now to accommodate the fact that public safety includes trying to prevent viral spread.” “My brother who’s a New York City schoolteacher contracted the coronavirus. Are you OK? Oh, I love you. Oh, you scared? What’s the matter? Oh, God. Don’t get into your head that it’s going to beat you. You’re going to beat this. OK? OK, I love you. OK, I’ll call you in a little while. OK. As a teacher, he had a lot of precautions, and thought he was following everything he was supposed to be doing, and he contracted the coronavirus going into a school. This is why I’m so adamant about fighting for Michael to get home. The person standing right next to you can have it and you wouldn’t even know it.” Across city jails, hundreds of inmates and corrections workers have tested positive, and half of all inmates are now under quarantine. “Covid-19 and the pandemic has exposed pretty rapidly sort of all of the weakest places in our social safety nets. And it is no surprise that one of those is the ways that jails put people at risk.” “I know, love — This is just ridiculously scary.”

Minnesota attorney general is increasing charges against Derek Chauvin, Sen. Klobuchar says George Floyd's Accused Murderer Hit with Upgraded Charge, Other 3 Cops Charged All four former officers involved in George Floyd's killing now face charges, Sen. Klobuchar says

Officials have promised a mass release of inmates from city jails to slow the spread of coronavirus. Critics say the government isn’t moving fast enough.CreditCredit...Yousur Al-Hlou/The New York TimesStill, hundreds of diagnoses have been confirmed at local, state and federal correctional facilities — almost certainly an undercount, given a lack of testing and rapid spread — leading to hunger strikes in immigrant detention centers and

demands for more protectionfrom prison employee unions.In Cook County, officials released hundreds of inmates early — all of whom had been convicted of nonviolent crimes like drug possession and disorderly conduct. Judges are continuing to examine the cases of each inmate to determine if bonds can be lowered for certain people. That would allow dozens, perhaps hundreds, more people to be released, officials say.

The sheriff, Thomas J. Dart, has set up a quarantine area for those who have tested positive and another to monitor those showing symptoms. The most serious patients are being taken to a hospital.But inmates and corrections officers have complained that the jail’s safety measures are inadequate. A protest was held outside the jail on Tuesday. Advocates and family members have also filed a federal lawsuit seeking the early release of older inmates and those who have chronic medical conditions that may make them particularly vulnerable.

The union representing corrections officers there has complained that the sheriff’s office failed to provide adequate protective equipment to the jail’s staff and has provided only cursory instruction and training to avoid contracting the virus and limiting its spread.

In New York City, jails like Rikers Island are also seeing infection rates grow exponentially. City and state officials have promised the mass release of inmates. But many say, putting inmates, staff and the city at risk.W.H.O. leader warns that politicizing the pandemic is ‘playing with fire.’

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People went from Wuhon to Europe to U.S. because Pres. Trump closed traffic from Wuhon to U.S. direct. Gm Newyork my favorite city of all cities God is in control God bless Gm God is in control believe that God bless So new york times shows their violent racism toward Europe Can you give us the bare minimum amount of credit before you print this macaroni art propaganda

Is that really important? We are all equal against the COVID-19🤷🏽‍♀️ There's more people from America traveling to europe, and the flights are cheaper than flying to any part of Asia, so anybody who doesn't have a brain boiling in racism should have already seen this coming. 🤷 wasted ya time complaining Asians have farmers markets instead lol

I posted this article on a FB group page I belong to and unleashed a brouhaha along party lines! Xi awards you 1 social credit Additional points have been added to your social credit score. Congratulations fellow comrade “Chinese Virus” my ass trump This is Chinese propaganda Italians visiting New York? Color me shocked. SARS-CoV-2 still originated in China.

Guess we gotta do another tea dump Theview USA has 450K cases of COVID19 and China has 82K what was this administration doing VP GOD IS OMNISCIENT zellieimani From Wuhan, China to Italy. Where is the LOL emoji? Likely Propaganda spewing🤮 And it originated in CHINA, does China have an interest in the NY Times

It most likely spread when the cruise ship unloaded, while two were being quarantined in China!!! Are you really trying to already rewrite history from just 4 MONTHS AGO? LOOL Yeah buddy, that's why it absolutely exploded in Ch*na before the first cases were ever seen and reported in Europe. Because it came from Europe 🤪

So the travel restrictions worked? This is stupid Europeans are famed bat connoisseurs. morons and the 2500 cases of mysterious ‘vaping’ lung disease what happened to them? shaunking Stunning. blackrepublican Uh oh! shaunking Facts shmacts it doesn’t fit the narrative Doesn't really matter were it came from ... 198 countries are infected... every country got it ... even the most isolated Islands. Whom does it help to debate over origins?

The Europe Virus New york times, journalism dies in Chinese propaganda This doesn’t sound like fake news 🤥 And it got to Europe how? Magical fairy dust? shaunking Gave Trump ample time to blame Asians. shaunking Why does this not surprise me shaunking the anglo-saxon virus Thank you realDonaldTrump for preventing us from getting the virus from China. It's a shame the leaders of Europe didn't do their part.

I wouldnt believe a word NYTimes says. They have completely destroyed & discredit what was once the premier newspaper in the world. The virus originated in Wuhan, China. Stop carrying water for murdering dictators. How'd it get to Europe? When you spot some more communist propaganda I don't need farmers, I got my food from Walmart!

Hahaha! Carry more China water you loons. The virus originated in China you idiots!! CCP has FakeNews on payroll cnn msnbc nbc CBSNews axios washingtonpost TheView mmfa WHO globaltimesnews Columbia NYDailyNews and WHCA now share the same slogan: “All the news the CCP says to print” Chinese sweat shop workers imported to Lombardy to sew leather goods labeled 'made in Italy.'

Annnnddddd, how did it get to Europe How did it get to Europe and what communist party lies and misinformation let it spread there? So don’t be fooled by FakeNews NYTimes If this came from Europe then explain how it started in China (to date the official story) Are you telling us you know something that no one else does? Are you saying all the Experts are lying about the fake”wet market” story? What gives?

This won’t age well like most Democrat-ran headlines. Where do you idiots think the Europeans got it?! I'm sorry this is happening to you in your Chinese Communist overlords How it got to America isn’t important. Where it started & the lies surrounding it are important. In China documents & doctors disappeared. Why? Because China was attempting to cover up what was happening. Of course it spread all over the world. WHO no human-human transmission.

You all can read I assume. The article is talking about the New York side of the outbreak. The west coast got infected more directly from Asia. The only important point is that it started in China and the CCP lied So the same virus popped up in two different places with no interaction between the two? Is that what you fucking hacks think?

dianewitt This is information for morons. We all know where it came from. And why it came. First we need to solve this problem. Next prevent it from happening again. COVID19 KungFlu ClaudiaCorzoA So what ? And the virus cane to Europe from Asia -China . The Europeans got it from Asia. Europeans aren't eating bats.

Carl_noWinslow LiechtensteinVirus NYTIMES MEETING AGENDA: 1. MOVE ORIGIN OF VIRUS FROM CHINA TO EUROPE. 2. PRINT STORIES OF TRUMP'S SLOW RESPONSE TO CLOSE EUROPEAN TRAVEL. 3. GET TALKING POINTS TO ALL NEWS ORGANIZATIONS. 4. HOPE IT WORKS. Further reinforces that the lying Chinese caused this to spread much further and faster than it shouldn’t have before letting he world know that it existed and that it could spread by human to human contact.

Was this written by a Chinese operative I’m certainly not a Trump fan but I can’t imagine Biden being in charge of this -he can’t even remember what city he’s in. You're garbage. This! Is why NYC is the epicenter of Covid in the US. Great Chinese propaganda NYT. Okay. Came from China to Italy via migrant workers, and China’s Belt & Road Initiative. Then to USA. If you actually tried integrity in reporting, you just may accidentally become legitimate. But who would bet on it?

*facepalm* That's because the chinese flew from china to Europe then to the US because Trump shut the border down with China. It was chinese new year and everyone who had faimly in NY came from china to spend the holiday with them... THATS how it spread... stop trying to miss lead people! This is almost a criminally misleading story - I'd suggest some type of conspiracy to provide aid and support for a foreign terrorist enemy - the Communist Chinese Government.

Hope Xi sees this, bro You people will do anything to defend China. Why do you insist on protecting communist China? NYT is the wet market of newspapers. The not credible, and milk is pasteurized... Omedocin This retweet as well. The MSM are authoritarian government sympathizers. Because of China’s rules/laws, they allowed a virus to spread amongst the world, killing 100s of thousands. It’s China’s fault 100%. And wouldn’t you know it, the wet markets are open again in Wuhan.

🇨🇳🦠🇨🇳🦠🇨🇳🦠🇨🇳🦠🇨🇳🦠 Chinese propaganda So if we call it the Europa virus, would that be considered racist too? ChinaVirus ChinaLiedAndPeopleDied Why does this matter now? Oh yeah Trump did something wrong right? Correct. China was aware of the virus & allowed it to spread throughout the world for weeks before disclosing it. During those weeks, they silenced doctors & destroyed evidence of it. Once exposed, they lied & said it couldn’t be transmitted human to human & denied CDC help.

“The virus, it came from EU!” ...That came from CHINA!!! A big thank you to the communist Chinese paper of record. The whole world was weeks behind on critical information on the virus thanks entirely to the Chinese Communist Party's cover-up and the WHO's complicity. NYT = Chinese Communist Party Mouth Piece!!

So much for root cause analysis. Boity I thought as much Uhhhhmmm how did Europe get it you disgusting excuse for a so called newspaper The NYT now says the CV19 outbreak was here, hidden in NYC, before anyone could have taken action. So, DeBlasio and Cuomo are off the hook as far as the underlying blame for the outbreak. But they still failed to use the death-preventing measures available (HCQS) to save lives.

is FakeNews and EnemyOfThePeople Fake news. And it got to Europe from....? Come on, where? Breaking News (to you unspeakable FakeNews fools): realDonaldTrump restricted travel from China on January 31st and was called racist and and xenophobic for it. And Europe from China! So clear! Communist China Propaganda. Started In China.

Because China flights were banned to USA and Europe should have done the same but were scared of being called racists The Europeans have also brought this virus to Wuhan. Just like the Spanish brought the Spanish flu to Fort Riley in Kansas. And how did it get to Europe? Damn fine journalism. PandemicCovid20

Breaking News: ' science reporter doesn't understand even the tiniest shred of science. The bulk of cases in NY contain a mutation(s) that arose in Europe after the virus arrived there FROM CHINA. how about you do an article on the 46000 FLU deaths or how they admit to counting ALL deaths as Covid bet you’d get some big ratings

Oh please, ok China Times It's not Europe in 542 AD. They have airplanes now. And open borders. must have not received the memo. Covering for China again .., shocking 🙄 Yeh and it got to Europe from China 300,000 Chinese from Italy went home for New year celebrations on 25th Jan and returned. How many of this vast number carried the infection? Italian city of Prato -100,000 Chinese workers returning from Wuhan & Wenzhou to Nthn Italy at the time of the COVID19 outbreak

How'd it get to Europe? PandemicCovid20 Isn't that expected? When u shutdown flights from China, of course it has to be from Europe, which in turn was from China. What is the point of this article? 🛫 🛬 COVIDー19 WuhanVirus Not Europe generally - but via Italy.. after the RETURN OF CHINESE TEXTILE WORKERS FROM Wuham you complete morons

More lies and propaganda from NYT. It originated in China. Period. Whose genetic analysis from NY? It came to the west coast directly from China. NYT=birdcage liner Super FakeNews So the 100,000+ people going back and forth from Wuhan to Italy don't count? Not true, China knew about WuhanVirus in November & covered it up, killing whistleblower doctors & journalists, hundreds of thousands of Chinese brought the Wuhan Virus to the US including to NY, just as Chinese brought the Wuhan Virus to Europe the Middle East Africa

Even if this was true, it still originated from China. ChineseWuhanVirus ChinaLiedPeopleDied And how did it get to Europe And how did Europe get it again...? Let me think, this one's a puzzler...🤔 NYT= NOT YOUR TRUSTED news source So it magically appeared in Europe? You are a vile paper! You neglect to follow the path - chinese nationals traveled to italy france europe over lunarnewyear and brought the WuhanVirus with them infecting Europe. ChinaMustPay and wholly complicit for this pandemic

In Europe, where did the coronavirus come from? New York Mao Times How did the Wuhan get to EU? So typical of NYT. Yeah we sure believe you. Europe huh? HAHAHAHAHA How’d it get to Europe? Who cares where it came from. What matters is how the Gov responded. Y’all worry about such trivial shit ARIDIAN53816546 You are a lying newspaper...🤬🤬🖕🖕

ARIDIAN53816546 Early December 2019: For the first time, cases of unknown pneumonia occur in the Chinese city of Wuhan. Well where the F*** do you think the Europeans got it? Northern Italy had daily flights to Wuhan. And did not shit them down. People jumped on trump to close travel from China so guess that worked and then closed to Europe so he was right again FACTS!!

And the people from Europe got it from where. Oh right China again No! It 100% came to every country from China China China China China! The whole thing still started with China and it's lies. How much did Xi pay for this? Lemme guess. You’re doing it for free I had a layover in Chicago on my flight to Tulsa but that's not where I came from. Morons.

How much money did China give you to spread their propaganda? Are you really that stupid? Chinese propaganda. Remember when Trump announced the European travel ban and you applauded his leadership? Me either. You are racist And how did it get to Europe, you CCP shills? Still started in China.... Total BULLshit

Where did it originate? Lol. How did Europe get it? This is not hard to figure out. NYTimesFakeNews As of February 23, 14 COVID-19 cases had been diagnosed in the following six states: Arizona (one case), California (eight), Illinois (two), Massachusetts (one), Washington (one), and Wisconsin (one). 12 of these 14 cases were related to TRAVEL TO CHINA.

Shilling for the CCP ....yer, and? and it came to Europe from ....? ? ? ? here, I'll finish it for you: Chy-Na Hey Einstein - how did it get to Europe so easily? Because the CCP lied that the virus was communicable for over a month, allowed flights out of Wuhan, but quarantined Wuhan from the rest of China at the same time.

this tweet is dumb. 'MAINLY' from Europe? how do you mean Mainly? The virus came from Wutan and spread across the whole planet. Wuhan Italy New York. ...via Asia, dumbasses. scott_emeson How did it get to Europe? Carrying China’s luggage. Pathetic That's racist. Lies. This is garbage news. CCP propaganda. It came from China.

So Trump's travel ban from China worked? Chinese propaganda Called him a racist when he banned travel from china now yall suggesting he should have completely shut down travel Make yall minds up The virus came mainly from China to Europe. Fact. disney_18 Off topic but cough cough the WHO has a big part in all of this, but keep blaming Trump so that distraction can help Trump in help fighting against them...

QuotedReplies Now do how it got to Europe you bunch of hacks. You know America is in trouble when its prominent 'news' agencies sweep things under the rug for China. Nice CCP talking points. You guys seriously need to re-evaluate your lives. Dear NYTimes: 'From Asia... via Europe' is still 'from Asia.' Thanks very much. Signed, Golly You're Gullible (a/k/a What's Your Payoff)

Oh come on. Eurotrash is just as nasty as those 3rd world bat eaters. You media hacks are twisting yourselves into pretzels to perpetuate ChinesePropaganda And how did Europe get the Wuhan coronavirus? Lies upon lies And where was it before it “came from Europe?” getbusyliving Wow way to confirm you are CHINAS PUPPET👍

Kinda like how SARS and the Spanish Flu actually originated in America. But where did the virus in Europe come from? Probably Italy, since Chinese talking over northern Italy You are KNOWINGLY lying to the public. Spreading Chinese propaganda. This beautiful dry aged prime ribeye came from Whole Foods, not Oklahoma

Breaking: The paper the NYT uses to print on came from a warehouse, not trees, analysis shows. More CCP propaganda I see, traitors! NYTisTrash It would nice if the American news media didn't spread communist china propaganda. China thanks you for covering for them! If true maybe that’s because Trump stopped the China traffic. Either way it’s clear it started in China and they lied. They owe the world!!

Chyna!!! To quote one of your faves..'at this point, what difference does it make?' Who cares? It originated in Wuhan. And how did it get to Europe, dipshits? Fuuuuuck that makes all the sense now. So it originated in New York, flew to Europe, then to wuhan China. Now I get it. The current wing of the Chinese Communist Party. coronavirus

How did it get to Europe? 😏 Your checks are signed by The CCP 🇨🇳 aren’t they 😏 Lol.... trying to change the narrative....FATHOM THAT!!! Propaganda trying to excuse China and the World Health Organization. Nice try but anyone can see through this. How did Europe get it? Chinese bio-weapon you say? Where did it originate in Europe?

I will just wait for your retraction for this dumb propoganda... xPhotographMe This is the dumbest thing I've read all day. Keep cucking to china, nyt IT CAME FROM CHINA. Watch this newly released video for an even further breakdown. More BS from The NY Times. I guess the Chinese New Year celebration occurred in Italy. Just another way to spread ‘got cha”

That's weird, I heard it was a nurse who'd recently traveled from Iran. In case NYT needs a geography lesson, Iran is where? Oh yes, Asia. stories like this prove your lack of intelligence.. and therefore cannot be trusted as a news source !! close your doors !!!! No surprise. More flights to NYC from Europe. And flights from China were stopped earlier.

CCP propaganda President Trump says Nytimes is fake news. The virus came from the CCP. The media loves their China White man bad Hmmmmmmmm....where did it come from before Europe? Have anything to do with Trump limiting inbound flights from China so early (which you and the rest of the Democratic Party called racist at the time)?

Umm, northern Italy, the epicenter of Italy outbreak, is where China owned fashion factories are that directly fly in cheap workers from Wuhan. And the point would be? Massive Italian connection in NY/NJ but you guys know that already. Italy got it from ___________ . If you can't guess the answer here then you should probably move on from journo.

👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼 oh oh oh I have a question! How did it get to Europe? DEPORT , either that or the punishment for treason. And how did it get to Europe, you house organ of the Democrat Party? How did it get to Europe? The Patient Zero is from Seatle, USA. Its Yours. Have fun with it! ...which originated in, say it with me CHINA lol

Where the fuck did it originate...? Semantics 😂🖕🏼 Now do the west coast. So the Chinese factories in northern Italy. Got it. No Now imagine if Europe instituted a travel ban from China You guys are so dishonest it's frightening that anyone takes you seriously. Your own article states how coronavirus originated in China.

So, potus travel ban from china worked! Good to know! This whole not wanting to say it originated in China thing is weird and creepy. So the EU virus is worse than the WuFlu? Got it, thanks So, where did the Europeans get it? Is that because Trump earlier on banned all travel to and from the country the virus originated (China) in?

Quit pissing in my coke. You are a joke. Congrats Chairman Xi 🇨🇳🦇🇨🇳🦇🇨🇳🦇🇨🇳🦇🇨🇳🦇🇨🇳🦇🇨🇳🦇🇨🇳🦇🇨🇳🦇🇨🇳🦇🇨🇳🇨🇳🦇🇨🇳🇨🇳🦇🇨🇳🇨🇳 ...but during the time that Trump was holding rallies, golfing, and ignoring all of the intel about what a disaster it would bring to the US. Can we call it Caucasian Virus now?

Is the NYT owner Chinese? Classic_S_w_a_g ian_relish JamLeeJunior 👀👀 And where did Europe get it from? Breaking News: sugar comes from packets, not from sugar cane. It came from the nation of China. Stop being an outlet for foreign propaganda. So Trump locked down travel from China before Europe did...and then most NY cases were seeded from Europe (via China)! Just imagine how many more cases we would have if Trump listened to Biden and did not lock down travel from China!

Why would anyone beli The NY Times anymore... I hope after this study, racist American people will stop attacking Asian people living in The USA So when Trump shut down flights from China, that was effective, but when Europe did not do the same thing out of fear that they would be xenophobic, they screwed us all. And someone thinks Clinton would have done this better?

Uhm... pretty sure it originated in China. China is where it started. CHINA. Might have migrated to Europe, and then the US... but it started in China. NYT another media outlet who just loves that Chinese dick. The We Are China Shills Times Thank you, Comrades! ❤️CCP Where did it come from before arriving in Europe?

How stupid do you think we are? Or, how stupid are you? Because planes cant fly from China to Europe... idiots. Flights from China to New York go from China to stop over in Europe then to New York. Jesus Christ is the New York Times this stupid? NYT protecting its owners, China How did the virus get to Europe?

You're so lame How did it get to Europe Stop. Just stop. Don’t forget virus’s don’t have passports? Here. Ignore that this ChineseVirus is a bioweapon ... Are you daft? So he’s racist for canceling flights and then wrong for not canceling them. Can’t have it both ways. Change your name to the Beijing times CCP is toxic. You parrot their talking points. You are the EnemyOfThePeople

The CCP thanks you. EnemyofthePeople it came from China since Europe did not have the virus right away. No genetic analysis shows this, We got the virus from China who lied and people died So you're saying it turns out that we ARE racists? Confusing. How did it get to Europe? Yay for white people blaming others for our problems again

Corporate media is the - ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE. How much interest does China own in The NY Times? Carlos Slim approved leftist Chinese propaganda How did it get to Europe ? Someone got paid to post this. All these people out of work right now and someone is getting paid to do this? where did the case from Europe originate from

Bullshit! How much did the Communist Party of China pay for this 'news article'? In 2019, some 6 million Chinese visited Europe. Or we can go with the Europeans eat Fruit Bats. Yup and my meat comes from Trader Joe’s, not a farm. Which originated from................................................China!

Idiots.....where do you think the Europeans got it? Does taking temperatures matter if someone is asymptomatic and can still be contagious? ..And China before that. what's the trying to do. That's because it didn't get a direct flight from had a stop over in Europe before continuing on to the States.

Hang with me here: Wuhan to Heathrow to New York. Air travel is neat! Wow. You really DO think we're all stupid. 🤦‍♀️ We’re still not voting Joe. Fresh stolen maemae Where did Europe get it from? How does CCP ass smell? But Cuomo is still Jesus Christ of the Coronavirus, GTFO of here Where'd the virus start at? Hummmmmmm? Christ you guys suck at being partisan hacks.

roshelejackson Where did the virus in Europe come from? I have thought this myself, i think i had it in November Timeline still works. First confirmed cases late Jan in Europe from CHINA then back over to NY from Europe. Can I work for NY Times now? Who cares deal with it But the virus came from Wuhan china. ¡Chinese virus!

Change it rewrite history how much of you are owned by Chinese groups ? If I fly to Hawai'i from Oklahoma and I have a stop in California, am I Californian now? FakeNews is OWNED by CHI ~ NUH Spreading the new Chinese talking point? How did it get to Europe, donks? Spreading Chinese propaganda again. Only the New York Times...😂😂😂

But where did the virus actually originate, give you a hint(NOT EUROPE). what is fucking wrong with you? How did it get to Europe? What the new york times sees in the mirror How did it get to Europe then? NYT is the enemy of the people. FakeNews Cuz Trump banned flights from China...they had to fly to Europe to get the the US...then Trump banned flight from Europe

Did the virus start in Europe? NY Times - 'All the news the CPC approves to be fit for print' lloydtheboy92 Anything to defend China. Idiots. How did it get to the west coast where first cases were reported? AND...... They got it from WUHAN!! Lol. Working for China now I see. Where did the virus originate

🖕🖕🖕Chinese propagandists🖕🖕🖕GFY! Which is the bad way. If you divide China into E&W from Wuhan, the more deadly strains went west while the less deadly strains are to the east. There is data in Europe that doesn’t fully support this therory hvr, if you look at Iran, India, Italy, Spain and NY it holds true

FakeNewsMedia propaganda liars. Lying to us again. Why do you keep doing this knowing that we know about you now? Definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. You are a bunch of idiots and we all know it. And where did Europe get it from? I’m just thankful the models were wrong! Now, let’s get back to our lives!!

China owned news outlet. Good to know, you hacks. MSMHatesAmerica The hole in the story: Did the European strain of the virus originate in Europe? Or was the spread to NY from Europe spread before that from China? Is there a bio lab in Liechtenstein that accidentally released the virus? Or perhaps it came from a wet market in France?

The New York Chi-times. You have been fully approved by China's emperor, 11. Good job. Now, move your offices there for full payment. So? Where did Seattle get it before them? And where did it come from to begin with? Asia. Not Europe. It came from Asia. The route it took FROM ASIA is irrelevant. lmao but y'all wanted to put images of Chinatowns with your coverage of the virus in NY...smh

All this does is push back the date by a few weeks that China new of the disease, knew it was easily communicable, and withheld that information from the rest of the world. You Trump haters are idiots. Hello, from China — Europe — US is still from China. 🤦‍♂️ How much did china pay you to write this? And howd it get to Europe?

stop defending China 🛑 The study didn’t post a confidence interval and is therefore not reliable. Nice try NYT. Anything to keep your Chinese (ROC) backed pensions, aye? Are you really that stupid? RealDLHughley We are a country of spoiled brats,I fall for nothing Yes my European Huawei phone came from Italy because a ship from Italy bring to me.

Also True: Breaking News: The virus came to Europe mainly from China not Antarctica, genetic analysis shows, arriving weeks before the first confirmed case. Hey fake news, where is Europe get is from? Answer: China haters gonna hate dannyliamho We know. Only idiots would believe trump and his zeno lies

Amazing how the NY Times and leftist media try to make excuses for China so they can try to fool people into blaming it on Trump. He knew it was coming in December so it doesn’t matter where it came from (although my money is on Russia, and it being deliberate). Communist propaganda How did it get to Europe? God damn out media is way to quick to defend China

Yall really gonna believe an article from the new york times when they get paid by the chinese goverment China THEN Europe THEN America. How do you even gave a job writing? The NY Times first came from China Man, this is some racist shit right here. Hey NYT, how did it get into Europe? China has a Bio Lab in Europe!?

bUt HoW dID iT gEt to eURopE? You can’t possibly be that stupid. There’s reason no one but NYT anymore because of thier fake news! Go to helk NY times. This all leads back to China... Where did Europe get it from? You tit. The comments here are insane. I’m not certain I care where it came from. This article isn’t saying that the virus originated in Europe. It’s saying the virus got to NY via Europe. That we’re so focused on finding who to blame is silly. Let’s focus on the cure.

Where did it arrive in Europe from 'investigative Journalists'? Come on are ALMOST about to discover what everyone else has known since last year. And how did it reach Europe ? Genius... But it came from China first. You forgot to mention that. How far the NYT has fallen. Once the model of journalistic integrity and standards, now a left wing propaganda publication. How sad.

Thats false Ok, & Xi sends his regards 👇 Southsidegirl55 New York Times is a great source for lies! You have to be a complete idiot to believe their crap! What about the first US cases on the West coast? How did it get to Europe, then the US? How you consider your paper competent is beyond me. Just one horseshit take after another

Weird, how did it get to Europe? God i hate this publication. Can’t trust NYT How is this breaking news? Where was it before Europe? How much of that sweet ChiCom cash did you get for this? The only thing your newspaper is good for is lining the bottom of my birdcage NYT is now beyond parody... ChinaVirus19 ChinaLiedPeopleaDied ChinaMustPay

The virus came from China. Wink SusanLiTV Fake News, of course it came from China This is China talking bout ya’ll How much is China paying you? Do you REALLY thinkAmericans are this stupid? How many liberals will now think it’s Europe’s fault. All for the to flack for China. How are you all still in business? Seriously. How? The virus originated in China. China took actions that raised the risks for the rest of the world. Stop trying to shield China. We know that's what you're doing. Stop it.

LaurieSorensen7 Yes. Enjoy your social credits, comrades. great article Comrades.. How did it reach Europe..? So how did Europe get it How'd it get to Europe, geniuses? How did it get to Europe, sycophants? You heard it from the Times first: if your flight has a layover in Albuquerque, you're an Albuquerque resident.

Right. There are a MILLION Asian-Americans in NY. There are 9 ChinaTowns in NY state. Of course there are many Italian-Americans. A hard hit country. Diversity isn't always good. Hahahahahaha. The NYT never disappoints But originated where, ya commie puppets ? Now do Seattle. I’ll wait. I hope Xi sees this.

How did it get to Europe? How did it get to Europe? Uh oh.....Trump is going to be big mad. His thoughts are wrong again. Surprise Surprise Fake news So he was right in blocking China from the start and should have blocked Europe at the same time. Europe got hit hard and spread it to the USA because they were slow to block China. Trump was right after all...

So the virus originated from Europe. There, NY Times readers. if only Cuomo had acted sooner. What a disgrace. And how did it come to Europe.. Ok commie sympathizer. I see your Chinese masters have given you your new orders ... Way to undercut your own narrative. 'Arriving weeks before the first confirmed case' means that it was spreading rapidly throughout the population and precisely no one noticed. Not even the . So we killed the economy for a virus that had been doing zilch for weeks.

You guys are hilarious... And on one from Wuhan traveled to Europe, right? QuotedReplies Well someone wake sleepy 😴 Joe and tell him this news. This is Biden’s response to Trump banning Europe travel So the China travel restrictions worked? U guys forgot the other links in this chain... How did the virus get to Europe? How did the virus get to Europe, Karen?

The Wuhan Flu made in ITALY? Article says it started spreading in NY in mid-Feb from Europe. We placed travel restrictions on China in late Jan. Sounds like the ban worked. Imagine how many more would’ve had it in mid-Feb without restrictions. Ppl act surprised ppl who weren’t allowed in didn’t spread it.

How did the virus get to Europe Mr. Journalist? Headed by the ex-DG of the bbc, I do believe. Well duh, the problem here is the amount of countries that did not ban travel to Asia who were then able to be used as a middle point for the virus Ok NY Slimes - and how did it get to Europe then the here? Mainly from Wuhan to Milan to you morons? 🤦🏼‍♂️

Here we go blame trump Bunch of Monday morning quarterbacks. SusanLiTV Via Asia clowns SusanLiTV Fuck China Now do the Seattle area cases. demeir_wav And the Europeans got it from outta space 🤔 Man, this is dumb. The first known case in the US was a person from........wait for it............WUHAN, CHINA. Are they kidding with this?

I love how the times always finds a way to blame white people. Its like they write the npc dialog out of an npc menu. ChinesePropaganda Everyone is so informed in hindsight. 🖕 Did your Chinese intern write this? Wow SMH-China owns Italy!! Everything started in China but countries that did not put a ban on travel, continues the spread. Will give you credit for saying Cuomo, DelBlas, and their health commissioner have blood on their hands for waiting to late to shut things down!

Facts are why conservatives hate science. How did it get to Europe? The WHO Experts Say Coronavirus May Be A Pandemic...Suddenly Our Dow Drops 1,000 Points...While The DNC...HouseDemocrats...And The SenateDems Continue To Block Our POTUS's Efforts To Contain The Virus...While SpeakerPelosi Wants Open Borders...Wow!

'Twitter Me This', As the HouseDemocrats DNC SenateDems...Scream Our POTUS Is Destroying Our National Security...Yet For Some Reason...They Are The Ones Wanting Open Borders...Wanting Illegal Aliens...Wanting So Called islamic Refugees...Who Is The Real Threat To Our Security The Coronavirus COVIDー19 CCPVirus are mainly from euro, by it originally started at , Wuhan, China

'Twitter Me This', As The UN's Climate Change Experts Continue To Scream...'The Sky Is Falling'...They All Seem To Over Look The Real Reasons For Our Problems...And That Is Greed...Ignorance...And Down Right Stupidity...As Our Rain Forest Are Wiped Out... Wow! Trump is going to go nuts and say “FAKE NEWS!”

You literally should believe the opposite of everything this rag writes. You will be ahead of the game for sure. Isn't it strange how the UN & its satellite the EUCouncil spread islam across Europe...the UK...and other Western Societies...while the same islamist were Slaughtering the Christians of the Middle East...yet neither the UN or the EUCouncil did anything to help the Christians!

The same people who run the WHO...the UN...along with its satellite the EUCouncil are behind all of the problems we face in the world they establish their New World they have done this...and who is leading the charge...islam. From China! Through EU. Quit covering for communist China

The NY times want all Europeans dead. The Wuhan Military Games October 18-27, 2020 “7th Military World Games was first international military multi-sport event to be held in China & it was largest military sports event ever to be held in China, with nearly 10,000 athletes from over 100 countries” How do you think it got to Europe u dopes? Lmfao

Hey geniuses, how did it get to Europe? From outer space or something? It still started in China...the Chinese virus spread to Europe then made its way to NY Yeah well this one guy in California got it from his kid so u started this. Right? Terrible we have2 pay 2read this!!!!!!!! At a time like this it should b free!!!!!

If it arrived weeks before confirmed case then how all of sudden people started getting really sick and passing why it take weeks for that Still it doesn’t change the fact that the WuhanVirus originated from Wuhan, China - they started having cases MONTHS before anyone else did. Yet, CCP is still trying to blame other countries like the US and Italy😡

This is why we need to stop panicking thinking the entire US will look like NY. NY has a very dense population in a very small land area, has trash in the streets and a population that travels internationally very frequently. “Unless there is disagreement on where the virus originated, it makes no difference which countries it passed through on its way throughout the world. Is questioning where the virus originated in the first place?”

1000 yuan has been deposited into your account. You do know how much Chinese labor has been imported in places like Italy, don't you? You aren't even pretending anymore, are you? It came from China to Europe to us. It also came directly from China to us. The first known case was on the West coast, not the East. It originated in China, and no amount of wishing can make it otherwise. China's is a totalitarian regime; the Left wants to excuse it.

Liberals need to get the Gates vaccine. DarwinProject How do you think Europeans got infected. Stop the stupidity This headline is racist. CC TitaniaMcGrath The kung flu came from Wuhan China. Stop protecting communist China you shill hacks! Yes because flights from Europe and other countries were not banned.

Someone needs to tell HC_MikeGundy OSUAthletics : the CCP thanks you for your service. But what about the China ban I thought it was rasict to say where it came from? Hmm how did it get to Europe? Dumb headline China LOVES the New York Times. 430,000 chinese travelers to usa prior to the travel ban, but it went to europe first and then usa. So the chinese are totally innocent and the most wonderful country. Am I doing this right ?

mikiebarb So it was “Le Virus” after all and not the Chinese Virus! So what you're saying is both Europe and the US should have had travel bans a lot earlier than they did. But it's easier to peddle racism as opposed to acknowledging that China was lying weeks before, allowing a deadly bio-weapon to pick up speed globally?

Came from Europe (because there was no travel ban) but didn’t come from China (travel ban in place). Sounds like it worked So says the FAKE NEWS champion. The china travel ban worked. Should have made it a global ban. Thanks ! Now let's find a vaccine aka cure Huh who’d have thunk? Blame China first then shift to blame Europe ... Why not enlarge test capacity ,record the gene stuff ,let the science speak ?

The virus was made in China! So, in other words...if Europe Leaders took the same action as our President in banning travel from China, we all would be safer. More breaking news: the European virus originated in Wuhan. President Xi is proud of you. Fake news Virus enters US from China via Europe. If this virus can be so easily traced and separated from the very beginning, it will not spread so quickly across the world. So stop pointing fingers and do something constructive.

Amazing what comes to light when the real facts and info is studied and brought to light! DonaldJTrumpJr realDonaldTrump But the virus got to Europe from China. What is this some sort of LSAT question for idiots? How dumb does the NYT think we are? Have known that for a while now .. most West coast strains originated in China wheres the East coast got Europe .. not much consolation for somone in ICU though, is it?

Genetic analysis... yeah right. gtconway3d Guess he shut the wrong door andrewrsorkin FAKE NEWS! lying eyes...dont believe what you see....believe the NYT!.... Who cares, we know it started in China! But it Originally Came from China, Wake up AMERICA China wants to Destroy Us. Yes and we know why, because Americans flew to Infested Italy where a 400.000 Chinese community live and work, same people who flew to& from China before after Chinese New Year& brought back Corona with them!

The most important phrase here *weeks before the first confirmed case*. This virus has been spreading for months. It's almost like the virus went from China to Italy then to the US. Weird. So again, why didn't Cuomo step up and make the decisions that could have saved thousands in his state? Luckily almost everyone can see past this rank attempt deflecting blame from the CCP who have given the world a Plague.

In other words it still came from China because that’s where it originated and wasn’t contained before spreading globally. So a European who got it in China brought it over. Good to know. In early March, NYC health officials told everyone to come out and enjoy the parade. The mayor claimed how 'prepared' and 'ready' the city was for COVID 19. Yet the media is blaming the feds.

andrewrsorkin And how did it get to Europe? delete this You’re talking about the China virus, correct? That's not breaking news, Trump said this in one of his press briefings. It's why he shut off travel from Europe. Do you… do you even READ the news? Is your paper so badly written even you can't stand to read it? It wouldn't surprise me.

This virus has been here long before the travel ban from China, get real. It was discovered in December (supposedly) meaning it had to have been circulating before then, with borders open all over. 5 million Chinese left Wuhan before the city was shut down. Trey_Mont I worked in wall st , i saw so many Europeas sick specially Italians ..... i had this costumer who came in to my store looking like he was about to passed out of how sick he looked .... i am pretty sure they brought it here .

brejolie2 ChinaVirus ChinaLiesPeopleDie Chicom media. Obviously Yes, 4millions chinese travelled from China via Europe to Newyork. 🤦 So are you saying the travel ban w china was super effective? Distinct_Words and it came to Europe from China - what is you point? The US outbreak will make its way back to Asia

Oh no! Now Tom Cotton will want to go to war with all of Europe. Where did Europe get it from you disingenuous hacks. I hope Xi sees this, bro. Ya, and eventually Trump put travel restrictions on Europe too. Was that racist also NYT? Ask the democrats you work for that question please ChineseVirus That means it was already spreading in Europe such that travelers contracted it and brought it with them in late Jan/early Feb. Shows how China lying about transmission and numbers was detrimental to the entire world.

Which only proves the China ban helped. Since Americans use The Times to line bird cages and as puppy poop pads, it's having to sell itself out to the CCP. Yes Europe has been infected by the Chinese Wuhan Coronavirus COVID19. Yeah it started in November The New York outbreak MAY have originated from NY’ers returning from Europe, which had not yet closed their borders with China. But I see liberals commenting on this article without even reading it. Or maybe their compression is faulty. Sad.

I have a deed to a famous historical bridge I'd like too sell you ..... ryaningr I think the mayor and Governor has stated the first case came from a person who had visited Iran. They were supposed to do a contact tracking of her and the passengers on the plane but failed to do it. Of course it did So, you're saying the one half-assed measure the President took did nothing to help. Sounds about right

Oh but 45 wanna put up blocks to many BROWN and Asian countries. Idiot. But it came to Europe from China, right? It all came from China. So it really is the Bubonic plague all over again And how did it get to Europe? 1 2 3 4 5 FROM CHINA! And. It originated in China. Chi. Nah And where did the virus in Europe come from

I was out of work for 7days in January. It was so bad I had to be taken to the hospital, they thought it was just the flu. I think I had covid, hope they hurry on testing those without a positive test. So bad everybody been screened, we would have had different outcomes, and maybe less deaths.. Wrong How much money are you getting from China?

And were did Europe’s originate? China. But we all know who owns the NYT, so it was only a matter of time before you guys found a way to blame Europeans for it. So tell me NYT... Where did the European strain come from? If only we did what country X did, then we’d have no infections or deaths in the US, according to the many idiots who comment in this thread. So dumb. . . .

And where was the virus from before that? So in other words Europeans failed by not banning travel from China and globalism is shit. This will be a problem for those claiming WHO is too 'China-centric' and to blame for our problems. Failing NYT: Europe bad, China good, orange man bad. Cearn to Lode you soon to be laid off hacks.

This is obviously bullshit, nice try though. Say hi to Xi for us. WhiteHouse gop ouch there goes all your campaign slogans karaswisher How bout that. Now go have a look at what % of NY pop is Italian. How’d it get to Europe kungflu This is such bullshit!!! There is no way you have this evidence!! SHOW THE DATA!!

Fake news The fact is corona virus originated from wuhan, china and Chinese government hid it in the beginning. So it sprayed to EU. Europeans! Stop👏🏻Eating👏🏻Bats👏🏻 China getting it's money's worth from NYT. You sheep are so funny. The Times will look stupid again when the REAL information comes out! FAKE NEWS!

“The research revealed a previously hidden spread of the virus that might have been detected if aggressive testing programs had been put in place.” CHINESE PROPAGANDA ferialhaffajee I don’t think president Trump will agree with that report. Thank god for our president!! There you go again.. WOW.. WHAT DOES COMMUNIST CHINESE GOVERNMENT HAVE OVER THE NYT AND THE REST OF MSM & THE DEMS HMM? You guys push their propaganda.. IT STARTED IN WUHAN COMMUNIST CHINA!!😎🤓🧐😷😷😷😷

And how did it spread into Europe? Nice attempt to spin here. So, the administration was supposed to know that the virus had spread to Europe and then on to the US months ago, when this revelation is only now 'Breaking News' and 'New Research Shows?' Your bias is showing. Who NYT is kidding?Always defend the China.We saw all the videos much much early then Europe that Chinese police dragging people from their home putting police vans. By the way deputy of W.H.O .wants to do same, separating families,& you defend them NYT? shm.

? Most people have no concept about geography or history..or science..none! This is a very inconvenient fact for Trump and his followers who would much rather scapegoat Asians; it’s much convenient to regurgitate ethnic stereotypes than to actually look at what happened How much did China pay for you? Well I guess it's not the chi na virus at all

So now the OrangeManBad narrative shifts again! Europe is a continent. Where exactly in Europe is patient zero from? You re trying to find a way to blame Trump... you re proving him right fakenews... weeks later? Genetic testing? Dont lie !!! Everybody could have acted faster!!!! If , if if CHINESE VIRUS

NYT your eyes are slanted According to dumblasio & comatose Cuomo they were prepared... Came from China, via Europe. Who cares? It still originated in Asia. Can’t you people report on things that matter? I thought I had blocked y’all already. SadSadGayle Oh Donald? realDonaldTrump IdiotTrump And soon we’ll discover those “studies” by “experts” were funded by CHINA, the country you pledge allegiance to.

And where did Europe get it from? How’s that Chinese propaganda tasting? No one believes you Chinese propaganda. Is China paying you for this or are you doing it for free? NYT = CCP The New York Times wants you to skip the Wu han, China to Europe part of the equation. The media is completely broken. Because workers commuted between China and Italy. It came from China. Stop being so obtuse.

I thought the NYT was owned by a Mexican Billionaire & not China 🇨🇳- I was wrong! When are you dirt bags gonna STOP lying to your readers and taking your readers for stupid ellen_coyle mlchealth faisalislam HSELive AllisonMorris1 And how did it get to Europe? DUH....seriously ? Because Europe was packed with tourists from Southeast Asia ....not only in February but way before Christmas - Taiwan reported a new kind of pneumonia in mid December....DUH !!!! What else is new ? Wait...where are you going with this report ?

Soooo... does this mean we call it the Europe virus now? 🤔 Haaaaaa banter And everyone in Europe got it from China what’s your point CCPVirus EVERYONE NOT WEARING MASKS SHOULD BE FINED Of course. White people infected the World again. Just like smallpox. rarediseasemom Ah, the European Virus. Someone contact Fox News.

So PANDEMIC_TRUMP will start calling it The European Virus? MAINLY. still carrier one from Asia. Original China. Duuuh. It’s kinda funny to call this Breaking News when we literally watched it happen on the back page of your paper in real time. Just moving it to the front page shouldn’t make it breaking news.

Who got it from China. You blow off numerous global studies showing HCQ effectiveness in fighting covid-19 & personal testimonies from very sick ppl who quickly recovered after using it. But now based on 2 NYC studies, you can attack Trump's China ban instead of deBlasio's go mingle & socialize push. Fashion week strikes again

It passed through southern CT at middle to late January. So we were def waaaay behind in identifying and testing gtconway3d I’ve been telling people that the virus was definitely here WAY before January! I have friends who said they got what they thought was the flu back in Nov, Dec and ended up feeling deathly sick for weeks, sicker than they’d ever been and were told it was a virus not the flu!

gtconway3d Does that mean it should be called the European Virus? So when you guys fought against Trump’s bans, now you’re blaming him Priceless. Surprised nobody has looked into the possibility of this one man in Seattle from china infecting 400k+ in less than 3 months. Is it even possible mathematically?

JohnCornyn SenTedCruz hope this sets the records straight and so help our senators stop misinformation from highest level of government and public servants!! Considering travel from China was stopped that makes sense doesn’t it. Yes the East coast got most of their cases from the flights coming back from Italy through lack of quarantining and not stopping flights

Genetic analysis? Is the NYT also capable of analyzing the genetic retardation of its story-writers? This post has the largest number of disturbingly insane people i have ever seen. Useful idiots Actual ccp collaborators. Single digit iqs Pure lunatics Ny times readers are disturbing Where did you get your information on the virus originating in Europe? And is it covered with poo?

It is still the WuhanVirus. It started in China. MakeChinaPay из американской лаборатории на территории Европы еще хоть как-то похоже на правду Another mix of useless information & a title to vindicate China! Example of low level fact checking:“...Given that countries currently in ‘summer’ climates, such as Australia and Iran, are experiencing rapid virus spread...' NYT editors don't know that Iran is in the N Hemisphere

And how did it come to Europe? Can the United States give a unified opinion? Where does the virus in the United States come from? It should be a leak from Fort Detrick's biological weapons laboratory. AmericanVirus TrumpPlague It came from China. It traveled to the USA. It traveled to Canada. It traveled to Europe. ~ and so on, and on.

That means his travel ban from China worked and we need stronger border security overall. Y'all saying this like it's a revelation... From Chinese people coming from Italy? Right because travel from China had been limited it came indirectly from Europe who got it from China. Dumb headline. templaine Get the BCG back in the world, there's no time to waste!!!!

That could had been any of the 5 million Chinese that fled China before the lockdown, and no one knows where they ended up! I for one find this shocking.... Does anyone know what the sarcasm emoji is? China started the pandemic, they lied about and now they are playing the victim Communist China must pay for this horrendous crime

MiaFarrow Hm V2019N peterjukes That's what happens when your President or Prime Minister don't take things seriously enough and let travellers travel. People are still using airports without restrictions in the UK. No testing and no control. 'Europe, being closer to China, and having a large population of Chinese students who come over for university, got it first' hmmm 🤔 yeah I suppose that does makes sense. But I thought you guys were saying it doesn't matter where it came from. So why now trying to blame Europe?

Virus Spread route is like China - Italy - USA, over a million Chinese work in Italy on OBOR related projects. The US don't ban flights from Europe is a miscalculation. Christopher Columbus is so proud. Historically, a lot of viruses from Europe have wreaked havoc on this country for centuries. But it came to Europe thru China

Bottom line is that the virus originated in China. That’s where patient zero was. Intellectualizing this to be politically correct is just tenuous. IwriteOK The picture makes me want nachos, and that makes me feel awkward. StatistaCharts How can you know it for sure? You should have tested every single person. What if other people has the virus that came from China? In any case the virus went from China to Europe so the source is still the same.

More different time NYT: Travel from Europe caused NY infections Racist: who cares where it came from...but it came from China tho US considered natural disaster of COVID19 for China only and did not pay much special attention, So now US is suffering. But I thought the wall would stop everything 🤷🏽‍♂️

Why are they asking essential workers to go into work with face masks that will not protect them? Then it seems if the mask stops you from doing your job you, will not be required to wear one? Did I read that right? Lol. Unbelievable. It's stunning how you protect China Must. Not. Blame. China. Well from China to Europe to NY. I think you are being paid by the Chinese to run this piece?

You al cried at the travel ban from China and now you moan about the travel ban from Europe not been quick enough? You’re all actually insane😳🤣 mental cases all over the left, and ny times journalists😳 professional people been this insane is madness hahaha Oh boy. If Trump would have banned Europe flights earlier liberal heads would have exploded. The virus came from Europe via China.

WUHAN 🇨🇳- Don’t blame Europe for this mess jentaub Get a free bitcoins today WhatsApp me on: +1585-939-7917 the only thing trump did has been proved useless BobGragson Wow! It's still a Chines virus by the way. It went pandemic because of China lying and western leaders dumbness. And yep, I also include Trump for being too late to respond: I remember he was criticized from banning flights from Europe, so he was right... late by right ChinaVirus

And the cases in Europe came from China. You’re welcome. China and the WHO lied to the world! Stop blaming. Study where the virus come should be for scientific reasons not political reasons. FilmCritHULK Yep, maybe... I wonder how europeans got infected though... Exactly! The Chinese took the fly from China to Europe and then from Europe to America.

But mainly Americans going home Oh... quelle surprise. How did it get from Wuhan to Europe, NYT? Breaking News!! The virus came to Europe from China. Carrying water for the chinese now. WuhanChinaCoronaVirus. So it was not C.H.I.N.A. V2019N Uh-huh. And it came to Europe from China. It came to Washington State from China. China is the enemy of all free societies.

Interesting. The CDC endangering public health. Criminal . “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published new guidelines on Wednesday detailing how essential employees can go back to work even if they have been exposed to people infected by the coronavirus” It started in China and unless he banned flights from every country it would have found its way into the US one way. Trump can do nothing good in your eyes, most countries were too slow to act. I hope we close China and their disgusting diseases off after this.

noneejudi That is such bullshit it went to Europe from China and then here it did not originate in Europe it's absolute bullshit but not surprising considering it's the greedy New York Times they must have stock in China ShawnInArizona And more pieces to the puzzle 稍微分析一下就能推测出来的事情 Jerm00ny this further confirms my beliefs

Have a look at this: Coincidence DanSlott Lmao This is very untrue. It all came from China. No. No. No. Don’t bring Europe into this mess. You US ppl gives me a good sense of a country full of racial discrimination.Even now black has still been treated unfairly, and now xanthodermthe .The world war 3 will start either from religion or racial.This encouraged me much to participate in politics.Wait 30 years bro.

What the Fuck? Okay, it may come from Wuhan, Don’t bring Europe into the PR war between US and China! malcolmXsansX So, NYT stand with China RMB. Try to help China get rid of 'Conronavirus pandemic origin'. 🇨🇳 China LIE 🇺🇸Americans DIE ChinaVirus Europe didn’t just magically get it by itself It came from China, folks. Don't let the MSM blame anyone else. Wuhan, China.

Trump lost the best time to control the virus, which led to the current situation in the United States. Trump doesn't care about Americans, only cares about money, only cares if he can be re-elected as the next president. I'll stick with Science. When all else fails, blame white people. QuotedReplies draiochta14 Who is going to tell Trump that now he has to call it the European virus? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

This is a terrible story, so poorly written that it’s hard to believe it’s not meant to deceive. The point of entry is completely irrelevant. By that time, the virus had been in humans for as much as 2 months and had traveled globally. It did not originate in Europe. Does it really matter where the hell it came from ? It’s already everywhere and all nations must find a way to kick it out !

So why don't you people gave the racial breakdown of which race is dying the most in New York? Virus came to New York mainly from neighboring areas in America. No doubt his next move will be massive tariffs against European countries... As he tries to flatten the curve (or should it be fatten the perv?)

If flights has been banned from China early early, the spread of this thing would have been much slower. Yes it would have still happened but it would have been slower. Yes 👏🏻 because 👏🏻 flights 👏🏻 were 👏🏻 still going 👏🏻. Same as London. Same as Italy/France. Highly visited tourist areas for Chinese people but also highly conmercial routes for business.

Its a traveller virus and travel with person and thats how it spread. Some lesser the people move around lesser chances of spreading it. So the WHO’s recommendations regarding Trump’s travel ban was right? It wasn’t an effective measure to stop the spread? Maybe we shouldn’t cut that funding just yet.

First cases that were tested positive outside China (as far as I am informed, no claim to be correct): USA 20 Jan, France 24 Jan, Germany 27 Jan, plus a UK citizen who got infected in Singapore on 20 Jan and spread it in Europe. No hate or bias, please! NYTimes trying to get ahead of the coming storm for NYC Public Health. Read tweets from NYCHealthCommr MarkLevineNYC in February.

Yeah and European outbreak was caused by Asia you so what's your point Well that’s awkward realDonaldTrump Bojo and his mates also doing a great job spreading it round London. Even the Royal Family were doing their bit too... I’m sure if you beg the CCP will allow you back to their utopia. You all dislike trump that much that you will take the side of a horrible oppressive regime. Yeah, that will show him.

There is a document lying around, which ACCUSES CHINA; Who launched a biological attack on the biggest economic forces, China made believe that it did not come from it, but they have few deaths as well as RUSSIA which is allied !!! Oh no! Now we need to be racist againts white people? So are we sure it came from eating bats? Maybe Haggis? Shepherds pie? Vegamite? Vega....maybe?

🥴 BBCWorld BBCBreaking BBCNews 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ asmith702 So dumbass closed wrong travel corridor 2NE1FourEverrrr regardless, its origin is China. Yes it's all about airplanes but authorities around the globe didn't really get this, I wonder why? And even then the screening didn't happen quick enough or at not at all as is still the case. People carry viruses! When the economy is still the patient people will die!

Focus on Asia first, then clean up Europe, and finally Africa. Do n’t go in the wrong direction. A unified world needs to take its time 1) It came to Europe from Asia 2) If you had a “bad flu” that you “couldn’t shake” in New York in February you probably had Coronavirus Europe- Italians in Northern Italy sold their leather goods and textiles companies to China. Italy then allowed 100,000 Chinese from Wuhan/Wenzhou to move to Italy to work in these factories, with direct Wuhan flights. Result: Northern Italy Europe’s hotspot for coronavirus

He's 1 on Facebook, you know. Snip: The deepest branches of the tree all belong to lineages from China. The Nextstrain team has also used the mutation rate to determine that the virus probably first moved into humans from an animal host in late 2019. Note: 1st China case not Jan., Oct at latest. Research

I wonder if there's any link or study with Western tourism and spread of stds around the world or in their country of origin. Ha Ha Ha Nice try The coronavirus originated Wuhan, China, not Europe. The New York Times should rename to Beijing Times. I am amazed at how clumsy the NYT journalists are. This is an info that is valuable in an analysis AFTER this crisis plus more info to better explain the distribution AND the mistakes that were made. Now it's just ammo.

Where did Europe get it from? How much does China pay? Where did Europe get it from Where did Europe get it from? So where did the European travellers get the wuflu from? kmalone369 I'm guessing European-Americans won't be harassed the way Asian-Americans were harassed. Selective ignorance. What a stupid article. Is patient zero from Europe?

It's a DIFFERENT VERSION from coronavirus from China. Please read the article before you say something stupid. It's been proven GENETICALLY! So around the same time China was funding a propaganda campaign of taking selfies with Chinese people in Euro countries? Interesting. Where did Europe catch it from?

Yup. Our as well in SA. All from EU If an alien attacks the Earth, shouldn't we join forces to fight? Now is the time. Racism is the worst vanity man has ever created. 锅终于还是甩向了欧洲 It’s interesting that not only do Asian countries have a lower case % per capita, they also have a lower mortality rate % for the cases that they do and have had. Maybe there was a more intense Europe virus mutation, which is what came to the U.S. and driving similar figures.

No shit questlove SXYLK was right are we surprised? Bitch no it's SXYLK listen questlove Damn Europeans been killing ppl with viruses since the Mayflower 😩 And your point is? Where was the virus before it got to Europe? 🤔🤔🤔 Wasn’t it in China? So, the virus came from China! How much is China paying you to publish FakeNews ?

Oh yes! What virus caused the incidence of respiratory infection in late 2019 (September, October, November December) 🇺🇸 So what? Now are Chinese good, Europeans are bad and Americans GREAT? Trump is still an irresponsible fool. After all you will find out that those 'originated' Europeans were infected by Americans two more weeks earlier

mizzousundevil (First case in USA was in Washington state, btw) Watch Trump call this one fake news. Paid headline by China gztstatistics It originated in China anyways. Oh that'it! Blaming Europe game begins It came from china One study, could have been Chinese going to Europe n finding different ways to come to Europe. Plus if China was not close, u would get double .

Lmao how science became politics. This is at best their estimate at worst politics, to the rescue of the communist brothers overseas. Truth is 1 person from 1 country didn't bring the virus to US it don't work like that. The US got it from Iran, Italy and China...around same time I find Interesting and coincidental similar symptoms were linked to vaping lung illness starting early as March with the most cases July-Sept 2019 with 68 deaths and 2268 hospitalized spanning 29 states and District of Columbia.

_theghettomonk Would the different lineages have different symptoms/outcomes? I believe I had the disease in early January. Testing, people, testing. They used among other things, DNA Molecular Clock. Same genetic analysis technique that scientists used in 1987 to announce that modem humans originated from Africa (Mitochondrial Eve) and spread to Europe and Asia. The same technique was used to confirm dogs came from wolfs!

And who gave it to Europe? Dont change history, holocaust denying New York times Oops Did those people come from China traveling from Europe 🤷‍♂️ Of course it came from Europe. And to Europe it came from China. Republepidemic GOPkillsUS The article claims it entered the US by mid February. The Italian marathon runner they were referring to as a super-spreader didn't have symptoms until Feb 14. Most other nations in Europe didn't acknowledge community spread until weeks later.

We'll make China pay for all the bullshit they have created around the globe ! Nothing can stand up against our will ! We'll send the bill and make sure that will be accounted and paid at time! Wuhan to northern Italy where there are numerous Chinese owned textile factories.. Came from CHINA TO EUROPE and killed a thousands people all over the world once AGAIN from CHINA like the other 💩 before!!!!!

So Trump's 'big move' of partially shutting down travel from China really didn't make much of a difference realDonaldTrump Well yeah .. Are you telling me Caucasians came from Europe to the East Coast of the American continent and got the native people sick? What? No. No way. why is Cuomo so praised? total disaster

Yet they attack Asian Americans. Not that it’s right to attack Europeans, but racists need no reasons, just excuses to hurt people that don’t look like them. So what do we call it now? The White Nationalist Virus? Must be all those ILLEGALS running around in that wondrous open bordered state, anyone can come ! All those other diseases to boot .... Not forgetting all those homeless 💩ing on the streets .

Complacency thy Name is Pandemic Disaster what happened about those 430000 ppl fly in from China?,reported the other day?wow, they did nothing to NY OUTBREAK? WOW, unbelievable The virus came from china to europe ZenMaster333 Simply because these European hippies decided to do world traveling, went to ChinaLiedPeopleDied caught it, then returned to Europe and/or NY with Covid. NYT, shhhhg already with your lies.

Are you trying to take the focus off of ChinaLiedPeopleDied Stop with the BS reporting and political motivation of NYT. Focus on ChineseCoverup MadeInAmerica from here on out! patriot ”The research revealed a previously hidden spread of the virus that might have been detected if aggressive testing programs had been put in place.” Are aggressive testing programs being put in place now?🤔️

I knew that already. C'est la photo de la vicieuse ? Why am I seeing this while I'm not following NYT acc? Wait. Who should we blame? I don’t know how this will ultimately play out but this makes the most sense. Flying through Europe, if you look at the connections via those airports, it makes sense. That said, it could just have easily come from Asia. Again, it’s all about airflights.

Thanks. Not breaking V2019N Expected, considering the fact that Asian countries held more restrictive travel policies against Mainland China as compared to lax European nations. Mark_Gawenus Sorry Trump! Europe virus👿 No matter where it came from it's no excuse for the extremely poor reaction of the govt.

These guys like to control the narrative. Seems they’re good at sympathizing with the enemy It doesn't change the fact that it originated in a laboratory in Wuhan!!! This is an excellent article. Unfortunately trump ruined a center left media & transformed NYT into outhouse butt wipe. Travel ban put on effect for China was of no use then? All the stupidity surrounding was wrong. Has Trump ever gone anything right? A man that can bankrupt a Casino is made in charge of a country. 🤦🏼‍♀️

First it was smallpox! But, vírus made in China. Next... abusulayman الصورة عل بالي عن طبخ الضب..!😁 Trumptards BTFO. Where was the travel ban on Europe?!?!? illdiscourse Wonder where it came to the Eurpe area from?🤔 Nice shitty news. Mattison Will Trump call it the Europe virus now? JasonLaCanfora But it came to the west coast from Asia.

So the ChineseVirus is fake news and a hoax, realDonaldTrump? Trying to figure out where a virus originated in order that we can BLAME that particular locality is the biggest f’in waste of time money and energy I’ve ever heard of in my life! Why aren’t we using this precious energy to create a vaccine? To research highdose vitamin C therapy

HirokoTabuchi It’s like you guard in front of you (China) but you get stabbed in the back (Italy, Spain etc) Yoongimeowmeow7 Wbk, like in all the continent 🤷🏻‍♀️ I think the CDC needs to get its head out of trumps asshole it's not safe to send people back to work this virus kills people ! If the CDC is so sure that's it's safe they need to take off all their ppe and walk through New York City without any gloves with any face mask !

I guess Trump needs to apologize to China? Well stepped on news! So many people replying to this have no idea what the term genetic analysis means, you can tell who is really struggling with it Can’t believe we have to start calling it the English Virus now. Corona is weapon of mass destruction of Chinese economy

MAGA👀🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣😂😂🤣 illdiscourse 45% of all cases in the US are in NY & NJ. Americans ordered home were incubated in holding areas for hours before being released to their communities. Much as the Florida Spring Breakers. Let's us see what happens! It wasn’t a breaking news but those racists need some time to digest this. I get it.

And where did it come from before Europe? I understand the need to dunk on Trump, we can attack his poor handling of this pandemic while acknowledging the CCP’s poor handling & censure which is now impacting the globe & hurting citizens not caught in the US v China fight. How did Europe get it you idiots? This started in China and spread to the rest of the world. The world knows this and China will ultimately be held accountable.

Just, wow Made in China! TariqueKhanJave Yes u r right that is because of not following instructions of Prophet of Humanity Mohammad PBUH, he ban movement Where is Wuhan in a European country and why is NYT covering for China? Something seems fishy here. Who do you work for? Really and from where Europe got it CHINA

Trump is going to be so upset about that news. He's been saying it's from 'Chi-nah' all this time. I convinced that American is the real sick man in the world! Riddle me this riddler. Where did Europeans get the virus from. You are close sooooo close. I look at this stuff an hour out of the day and undrstand completely how the garment district in Italy is a focal point. Mainly hundreds of thousands of Chinese workers.. Pick up the pace

AdeelShahidMD The Trump Administration's testing failure meant the first case arrived weeks before New York could test anyone So what? We'll be blaming Italians now? Will it solve the problem? This proves realDonaldTrump China travel ban worked. Trump consumed with patting himself for his partial China travel shutdown , allowed Covid to enter US undetected and caused community spread. No test , no required quarantine . This officially TrumpVirus 70DayDeadlyDelay

Viruses not only hurt people's bodies, but also stimulate hatred between races. Keep social distance and wear mask hope we all healthy Yah idiots, because the Chinese disease was spread to Europe first. If there was no spread to Europe from China, it wouldn’t have been possible to contract the disease from someone from Europe.

My next door neighbor, 32, was deathly sick late Dec-Jan, after returning from Europe. Stopping in Boston her Mom couldn't understand why she was coughing so much, then she flew home to San Diego. 11 employees called in sick at her work days later; another 11 sick a day later. Of course US closed borders to China but not to Europe so welcome to the best in history of america 😏

This mean the potential origins from NYC are from tourists or business travelers who had been to China before going to the US. Still does not erase the fact the Sars Cov-2 virus originated from Wuhan though. On blankets? And it came to the Europe from Saturn,right? Yup,WaPo, you got it right again! This guy has a message for wapo:

kuhnhall So probably around new years eve? Cue the idiots going on about China instead of asking whether we were prepared for this route of entry. Plot spoiler: our pants were down to the ankles. The travel 'ban' only restricted foreign nationals from travel. Americans were allowed to fly back and forth to wherever they wanted.

But he moved so fast!!! He shut it down and the Dems were complaining!!! Fair. Mark my words...he will now start saying that he banned flights from Europe FIRST! 🙄 Sorry NOT buying the snake oil you're trying to sell. is bought & paid for by the ccp. Chinese Communist party. IS the ENEMY of WE, the PEOPLE !

Judging by NYE 2019, there were a lot more Asian tourists in the crowd than usual. Proof? No testing put us in this terrible position. Breaking news? That was pretty clear from a deep reading of the Worldometer outbreak data. People shut down much travel from China but left all the other borders open for asymptomatic (and symptomatic) people topass throu th freely.

And? sethjlevy So, China. WuhanVirus ChinaLiedAndPeopleDied sethjlevy China sycophants NYT paid shill of CCP So it's a French thing, or Spanish, or German. Definitely didn't start in China though.....nope !!! Imagine how embarrassed Trump is knowing he could have stoked hate by calling it the 'Berlin Flu'.

translate: SARS-CoV-2 no es lo que piensan. Es proteína de comunicación extra celular, exo gen. y la creamos nosotros mismos bajo periodos de estrés. esto pueden comprobarlo haciendo el test a personas en países sin covid19. o 'sanas' The replies But His BackPats 'Chinese virus' Oh, well. Maybe next time.

akstanwyck CCaspy If that was the case...why did it begin in Washington state and why was it that a man who visited the assisted living home who had visited China gave the people the covid19...wasn't till later in the month that NY got it...that post don't make any sense.. The 'genius' in the White House barred 'non US citizens' from traveling from China in January with 11 exceptions. Hong Kong SAR, Macao SAR and Taiwan were not included. European ban didn't go into effect until mid-March. Is he smart?

tberryfnp Off course. It is from Europeans otherwise it have hcome much earlier than you have seen. Does anyone still believe the New York Times today? America slanders China and wants to slander Europe!A really crazy dog!US is more dangerous than virus!world people need to be careful!☠️🇺🇸☠️ That’s because Trump shut down flights from China. Remember when you called him a racist and xenophobic? Also, where did Europe inherit the virus from? (Hint: China)

And Europe's came from Asia. How nice that it chose to make a few sight seeing stops. Probably the most worthless article I’ve read on COVIDー19 A false headline with no data? Come on you do better. Yeah because Europeans couldn’t have possibly come in contact with people from China, or people that had been in contact with people from China, in airports in route to the U.S. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

boohoochinaflu Bullshit ... u work for and promote Chinese propaganda So now you tell us. Three months into the situation. Now go back in time and change everything we knew at the beginning because everyone, including the experts, told us it was coming from China. Hello,The New China Times. so should we call it the Eurovirus now? i like to have me xenophobia grounded in epidemiological data.

*leans out my window shaking my fist* EUROPEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANS!!!!!!!!! I 100% believe myself and 5 family members contacted the virus in December, 2 even had received flu shots. My son went to work sick in a Detroit office, spouse in Ann Arbor and others caught it from them. 'Mainly'? Wow 😳 The media will do anything to absolve China of guilt. Seriously wondering if our mainstream media outlets have been infiltrated by chicom agents.

For everyone hung up on this coming from China, yes, I’m sure China lied about the number of cases etc. We know they do that! Our president was warned and he downplayed the threat. Trump is the guy who really dropped the ball. TrumpWorstPresidentEver The Europe Virus.... Damn. Time to shift blame from China to Europe!

BillyCorben Can we still try blame it on Trump? realDonaldTrump Moron JasonLaCanfora And how did COVID-19 get to Europe? And guess where Europe got it from.... its not hard to figure out It was probably already spreading in Europe by October at the latest unless someone who brought to the US just happened to be nearby when the virus start spreading.

Interesting to see how many Trump bots eager to jump out to keep calling out CCP. No matter how hard you bots try to scapegoating foreign countries, the incompetence of current administration can never be covered up. Headline needs to be “came via Europe” not “originated in Europe” if you don’t want to feed misinformation.

But..but...he banned the flights from china! Failing news paper lol Anyone with common sense could see this. So...European virus, according to Trump logic Orange Corona Pandemic Twitter is a bad place. If you want to understand America from twitter, you’ll find that this is a place full of haters and racists and they are proud of themselves.

Coronavirus live updates: Boston issues curfew to increase social distancingBeds line the Mountain America Expo Center, in Sandy, Utah. The center will be used for hospital overflow as medical centers treat influx of COVID-19 patients. I suppose they could have donated it to people in need..... wait, what am I saying? Dairy farmers were having troubles before the virus hit. Tough times for those farmers.

Coronavirus: UK live updates, 5,373 deaths and 51,608 coronavirus cases reported in Britain - Business InsiderBoris Johnson is in intensive care after his coronavirus symptoms worsened. Here's what we know about the COVID-19 pandemic in the UK hope he recovers soon. Auguri di pronta guarigione per Lui e la sua famiglia

Coronavirus live updates: Wisconsin election set for Tuesday despite coronavirus crisisCoronavirus latest: • UK PM Johnson in ICU with coronavirus • China records no new deaths on Monday for first time since January • Wisconsin election set for Tuesday despite coronavirus crisis China is lying. YOU LIE. SHILLS FOR CHINA🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 YOU WONT REPORT THE TRUTH THEN WE WILL🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Qannon MAGA HumanTrafficking ChildTrafficking China FakeNews WWG1WGAWORLDWIDE

Coronavirus live updates: China reports no new deaths for 1st time since JanuaryCORONAVIRUS LATEST: • China reports no new deaths from novel coronavirus for first time since January. • Pandemic has claimed the lives of more than 74,000 people. • There are now more than 1.3 million diagnosed cases of COVID-19 . But at least now we can say there's some hope! Medical masks can be mailed to Europe and America, please contact me. LINE ID: yzfz866 They have reported deaths since January.. ABC has not

Coronavirus Live Updates: Boris Johnson Moved to I.C.U.; And an Early White House Warning Coronavirus cases are spiking in Japan, but a state of emergency would rely on voluntary compliance. Abe does not have the legal power to issue stay-at-home orders or force businesses to close, and he has promised to keep public transit operational. No, NYT... Your dream of every government being based on Central Power isnt (and never will be) the real news. What your dream of the world wants, isn't reality. What you report is FAKE NEWS. I you want to be believed and your paper not die, you have to take the politics out. It is the first time in the last generations that we will have in Brazil the Three Powers of the Republic members in the face of a highly questionable administrative, political and legal issue - Administering Brazil during an extraordinary event such as the coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus live updates: 'Light at the end of this tunnel,' US surgeon general saysCORONAVIRUS LATEST: — U.S. death toll nears 11,000. — Cases top 10,000 in Africa. — France has not yet peaked, health minister warns. — China reports no new deaths for first time since January. — Japan declares state of emergency for seven prefectures. I really hate CCP... what's the accuracy in China? CBS reports China reports ' without evidence '