World, Coronavirus Live Updates From Around The World

World, Coronavirus Live Updates From Around The World

Coronavirus live updates from around the world

The coronavirus pandemic has brought countries to a standstill. In many places, as countries reopen, Covid-19 cases are on the rise. Follow here for the latest.

7/4/2020 7:33:00 PM

Florida is reporting a record 11,445 new coronavirus cases today. boris_sanchez reports from Clearwater Beach, Florida, where many people have told him they feel comfortable coming to the beach to celebrate Independence Day.

The coronavirus pandemic has brought countries to a standstill. In many places, as countries reopen, Covid-19 cases are on the rise. Follow here for the latest.

How to stay safe at the pool or beach this holiday weekendFrom CNN's Alaa ElassarPeople gather at the beach on July 3 in Huntington Beach, California. Michael Heiman/Getty ImagesIt's July Fourth and the summer heat can be brutal. What's better than splaying out on the beach or cannonballing into the pool?

Trump and first lady request mail-in ballots despite attacks Sanders rips Trump for opposing Postal Service funding: 'He's going to do everything he can to suppress the vote' Howard University's history of producing trailblazing Black leaders on display with Harris pick

Since risk of coronavirus infection is thought to be lower outside, where wind can blow the virus away, you can have fun without fear —Here are some tips for enjoying the water this holiday weekend:Before heading out,pool or beachyou're going to is enforcing safety protocols, like social distancing rules or restricting the number of people who have access at one time. If you find that the beach or pool is too crowded to always maintain at least 6 feet from others, it might be safer to save the trip for another day.

Bring your own disinfectant wipesto clean shared chairs or pool toys and wear a face mask when you're not in the water.Whether you're in or out of the water,keep your distance from other people. Don't swim close enough to other people that you'll come in contact with their spit or breath.

Don't blow your noseor spit in the pool or near another person. If you can, exit the water and use a tissue to cough or sneeze, then wash your hands. Read more: CNN »

Spain's Canary Islands curb smoking amid COVID-19 worries

The Canary Islands became Spain's second region to all but ban smoking in the streets on Thursday as part of measures to stop a resurgence of coronavirus infections, and other regions considered a similar ban.

What part of WEAR A MASK & SAFE SOCIAL DISTANCING DON'T THEY GET?!! It's not like they've been living under a rock for the past few months, they KNOW that we are in a PANDEMIC! 'Come on, you're better than this!' Where's the Florida senator I believe his name is DeSantis. State of Florida needs to feed him to the sharks

Hmm wonder if this demonstration will contribute to the virus 🤷‍♀️ greenday American idiot. kwani wenzetu wanakwama wapi? sisi kwetu shwareee And remember, these totals are running a few days to a week behind. It us only fake news to all you people who have not had it happen to someone close to you, a family member, friend. There is no read between the lines. I'm sure DL Hughley falling off his seat in front of his audience from the virus doesn't think it was fake news.

🤢 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 So freakin damn sad!! We gotta figure this shit out ASAP!!!! Sad CNN just quoted uk deaths at 65000 when the uk and the WHO states 44000. State facts or you become what trump says you are. dontloseourtrust From hospital administrator at UCLA Health in California. Hospitals are incentivized to report positive Covid cases especially now that their are so few on ventilators and can’t collect the 30k ea its now a volume game for hospitals hoping to make up for lost revenue.

CNN is fake news and hopes daily for death and destruction FL aldo reported a low 17 deaths. Jeffery Zucker and Jeffrey Epstein we’re pals rumors if pedo rings for years can’t wait to see how CNN reports that when Maxwell starts talking if they can keep her alive Cool. Nancy and Chucky Schumer finally got all their testing, testing, testing. Death rate is way down. More people tested oh and did you know that the common cold is in the coronavirus family? Probably not. Lol none of your reporters or anchor men have graduated high school

Fake news 😢 CNN lied about hydroxy All cnn medical experts and gupta need to have their magical licences taken away. This treatment undeniably works. Deaths caused by denial of this treatment means CNN caused the murder of many elderly people. Shut this lying outfit down. So what? Report on death rate odiots. Cases on it's own meaningless.

wow!!! Mask = respect to others. but how many deaths? This is going well 🤣 WINNING. and dying. Wake up America ! Fake news cnn, you have lost all credibility , thats why you have terrible ratings De fakeantics is planning to open schools and daycare centers in August LIBERATEFLORIDA That many people caught and got tested the same day or same time period. How? Just How I live in fucking NY. We not catching it like that.

President Trump's 4 July message: We're beating 'China plague' Coronavirus is a measure of people intelligence and social responsibility . Most of the world has defeated it by wearing masks and listening to scientists. The USA will soon have 100,000 new cases per day because Trump is without question the dumbest President on the planet.

Atta boy, VISITFLORIDA. You’re doing great, sweetie. COVIDIOTS coronavirus Florida Hey CNN I’m just popping by to tell your followers the truth. CDC updated things. Covid is no longer a pandemic since June. The numbers you’re using are from rapid testing that are also antibodies test results. We also have a treatment for those that are older and at risk. YW

EvaColeBooks 15 days ago Florida was full of tourists celebrating juneteenths. There you go Floridians 11,000 cases alone this Saturday Babies are getting killed due to your idiocy and stubborness! How many more have to die until you truly understand what is at stake here? Fix it now!! Where is this checkpoint?

Hmm. I wonder why As expected when you are testing 10s a thousands a day asymptomatically. It is nature and exponential spread. What you don't hear fewer deaths and hospitalizations. Hell, we even have asymptomatic nursing home patients. Make America greater, again 👍 Most these responses prove our biggest need is education. It is just amazing how many uneducated people there are in the United States. It's time to change !!

That's so terrible. Hope stay safe, and need to take a mask daily life, even if you don't want . We have usually take a mask in Japan under this situation. All hail Cesar, or is it Nero watching his country burn? Herd immunity. When Barack Obama visited Mt. Rushmore CNN called it 'quite a sight' and 'majestic' But when President Trump visited, they called it 'A monument to two slave owners' What changed, CNN?

So, from 'Unided States of America' to 'Independent States of America' WhiteHouse Shame on you! Blame the govenor for all these cases!!!!!!!!!!! Total population of the world is roughly 7.9 billion but there more who past before us, the last person who will enter Paradise would have faith Equivalent of one seed of whole wheat and the same person will be the last person release from hellfire.

There's going to be a lot more if you're accepting flights from Chile to Miami !Probably have of the passengers are with covid19. PLEASE StopflightsfromChiletoUSA !!! covidchile alejandramatus ✌😷 Great testing thanks to Trump I got horses in the back They needed beaches and bars and hair cuts .....

Republicans are failing this country. They have been at this game trying to destroy this country ever since they lost the civil war as Democrats. Th% arh Applications Mobiles Dernieres Nouvelles: DC_Draino punk 😢😭😢😷 McClain_on_NFL This was reported before noon on Saturday. Strange But yet no increase during the protest abd looting? Yeah...Whatever

Show that to Trump and all his puppets, mister we have it under control. Are those Florida liscence plates? It's called a fucking joke I’m fucked. TraitorTrumpResignNow TraitorTrashTrump belongs to Putin. And all of the staff who work for this Russian Traitor & enabled him should be shunned. treason Hooray for heard immunity! I wish I would test positive.

If this is the virus when Trump has it under control, what would it look like out of the control? Wait, I know: No Context - How many Test were Administered, number of negative results? Hahahaha It will be 15k in 4 days and 20k in 8 -10 days. Florida Winning! Good job GovRonDeSantis Keep up the good work!

Fake news But in 2008, CNN marveled at the landmark when then-Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) visited Rushmore on the campaign trail Way to go USA. So very sad 😔 These are the only one we know about given the gov. Like to screw up the numbers. Unfortunately they have not peaked yet and are likely 6-8 weeks or more of doing so. Unless they start to smarten up by next Saturday it will be at or above 20k a day. Good like with your puppet governor. FL is a perfect example of how trump is handling this pandemic.

Not surprising considering most of them support tRump. It's hard to feel bad for them. London, Ontario... 1 case reported yesterday... come on people, stay home stay safe!! We are almost ready for stage 3 of opening.. See you guys tomorrow for the same news That’s some GREAT TESTING Bla bla bla bla panic bla bla panic CNN PIECE OF SHIT DONALD TRUMP BEST PRESIDENT EVER WWG1WGA MAGA

How many more till you people realize this is pretty serious. That’s what you get protesting and COVIDiots not giving a shit about safety 🤷🏻‍♂️ .0005% of population. I think it's safe to say the whole state will be positive at some point. The world is at war instead of worrying about other stuff we have to put all of our resources to kill this virus we all must pull together and get through these terrible times that before the July people

We see you! Make America great again and again 👍👍👍 Trump Doesn't Care If You Die ! He Only Cares About Winning At Any Cost ! He Considers Your Life To Be Worthless Unless He Wins. If Given The Offer Of Becoming A Dictator, But He Would Have To Sacrifice 1,000,000 Of You. He Would. There's more cases because there's more testing. We'd have a spike in morons if we tested everyone's IQ too.

It’s gonna disappear, disappear, disappear... into Red states. Wow their numbers keep getting bigger Fake news media happy 4th of July. Jesus. Florida. 11,000, one day. I urge people to stop reacting to these “new positive” case reports with hysteria, and read in-between the lines. Pay attention. It’s the testing, It’s the testing It’s the testing! Look at the lines!

Congratulations!!! It was a great Memorial Day our. Dragon is mythical, but Tiger really exist communist virus ! MaryAReed I had to go to the ER Thursday & was admitted; non-Covid. Doctors, nurses, and staff are terrified at how the hospitals are near capacity & numbers are out of control. They all believe this will get far worse, and are angry our government won’t step in. They seem defeated.

Natural selection at work. For crying out loud, it’s the Fourth of July. Give it a rest already. Can communist china fight back india with Terracotta army ? No retreat not able to surrender. What a shameful situation. Thank you to the Gov of Florida for not killing Grandma & Grandpa like the Govs in NY & MI did.

Really.....Oh Well !!! 🍿🍿🍿 AMEN CNN please report: New York deaths per 100,000 residents is 165, New Jersey deaths per 100,000 are 171. Florida deaths per 100,000 are 17, thats right, 17. Yet we hear about Florida because it has a Republican Governor. Please report the real story, not a story. fanningtheflamesCNN

Good thing is deaths are still coming down The young were ignorant of not doing what they were told to do so there going to be sick for a bit Time is way overdue; recall RonDeSantisFL now Proud to be in a State that Test as many as we do... the more we test the more likely numbers will grow.... makes perfect sense and should not be as alarming as SOME in our country are making this out to be...

Now, now I wonder just wonder. How many of these are the protesters and people destroying property? That’s the real question, we will never know because it’s not in the agenda to know. And can you only imagine how many beach goers traveled back from Florida to their respective homes, causing a high rate of spreading the virus far & wide along their paths. RemoveDeSantisNow COVID19

Lockdown lockdown lockdown... Seems basic... The disease is running wild.. Only a matter of time for an overwhelmed health system Florida is going after NY for the 1 spot! Ya. Those Dem Governors are completely incompetent. Wait....never mind They are counting everyone admitted, wake up people. CNN bunch of crooks

coronavirus Floridacoronavirus COVIDIOTS Sad thing is, it could've been helped. Masks and no bars would've been 'oppression' Any comment on this terrorist CNN? All counts are a fake Floridiots COVIDIOTS It must be so embarrassing to call yourself a Floridian 😂 Great work Governor RonDeSantisFL

I thought the sun and was supposed to kill it? Douchebag Deplorables NEVER LEARN!!!! Cancer News network (CNN) this COVID positive is a scam... Check all the stories on twitter We are so helpless here in Florida our governor and president are letting us down. Our president has celebrations with large groups while his fellow Americans are getting sick and dying. We are definitely on our own in this country. Please everyone protect yourself and family.

Still only approx 3600 deaths though CASES ARE IRRELEVANT. Which is why it’s all you hear about.... count Deaths - the only metric that tells us something. Have a great convention realDonaldTrump What is the fatality rate? 11K+ new cases, testing sites closed, no mask mandate, 900K unemployed Floridians being denied federal benefits... RECALL GovRonDeSantis

Wonder why? We test more than any place else. Deaths? Great picture, showing the increasing testing being done. Boris_Sanchez blah blah blah nobody believes you CNN just quit just stop broadcasting like nobody believes anything you say we just laugh at you. Boris_Sanchez FFS there is NO evidence of spread outside in the open. NO evidence of asymptomatic. Maybe presymptomatic fever, no cough/sneeze. You had no coverage while anti Americans rampaged, looted and rioted. GFYS and Happy4thofJuly EnemyOfThePeople

Winning Yikers! So what. Now we know that the governor TRUMP CLONE is lying. All testing sites are closed for July 4th in Florida. Thus he,s been making up figures all along. Members of the Brazilian parliament decided to confirm suspicion & enter a hospital claiming that he had 5000 infected & 200 deaths due to COVID-19. There was not a single person there & the hospital was completely empty & was under construction.

Boris_Sanchez Great, you are doing a great job Boris_Sanchez More lies and fear spread by the “Enemy of the People” Boris_Sanchez Lies explained elect a Trump protege (GovRonDeSantis) and this is what u get Florida POTUS I say BS Where is the governor?😷 Broward County Testing site is closed for holiday 7/3 - 7/5. We can’t even get any further info. I guess FL thinks coronavirus takes holidays.

This is the miracle realDonaldTrump was talking about? Huge numbers. Huge Faulty test. Just stop already. Death rate down with more cases. How's this possible? Democratic scam 3,700 deaths in FL, almost 25,00 in NY. But according to CNN DeSantis is an idiot and Cuomo is a hero. And their numbers are fudged..

What exactly is the goal here? Do you know what PATRIOTIC citizens are doing this July 4th? They are STAYING AT HOME. Don't be a Covidiot. Stay home and avoid the spread. Haha What's the positivity rate? How many people were tested? Are these all new cases or do they include people who previously tested positive & were retested? Give the facts behind the numbers instead of just totals. It does make a difference.

By the way I am in Florida and they counted me as a Covid patient when I only had spider bites in the emergency room. Well done Florida. Go idiots Will see if its just testing in two weeks. I hope it is for the drs and nurses sakes BN9 This is a data dump. The test results are not in real time. I mean it’s going to up now that more testing is available....

cnn freak out again, you are all hateful people Fake news. I went into the hospital for spider bites and they counted me as a Covid patient. I never had the Covid test and they still send my number to the CDC. This is a huge scam.

Coronavirus live updates: Florida hits new coronavirus daily recordSome people in Texas received a jarring alert on their phones Friday evening, saying hospitals were at capacity. hoax fakenews That also today 4thofJuly2020 Vietnam war dodger crook, Crafty, cunning and yet a Clueless Covfefe needs a miracle to win & miracles are hard to come by Shed red Go blue Happy 4th blueforthought For only a Medicare A recipient, hospitals have been out of reach since corporate insurance took over at Nixon. You'd have to have a pandemic to really justify Medicare for All, I guess.

US marks record 57,683 new cases in 24 hours – latest updatesBrazil’s coronavirus cases surpass 1.5 million mark. More Covid-19 updates: 🇲🇽 Mexico registers 6,740 more infections 🇦🇫 Afghan president's top aide dies of Covid-19 🇺🇳 WHO urges focus on first wave of coronavirus For more: إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعونَ Innalillahi wa inna ilayhi rojiun May Allah grant him Jannah.

Bodycoach Joe Wicks is 'highest paid fitness instructor ever' on '£16K a day'Joe Wicks the Bodycoach has become a staple of many homes due to the coronavirus pandemic lockdowns around the world, with his PE classes proving very popular DailyMirror What fot getting t*ts, out? DailyMirror I’d like 0.5% of that! How much from the BBC..

California's July 4 coronavirus warning: 'Assume everyone around you is infectious'The rate at which coronavirus tests in California are coming back positive continues its alarming climb — jumping 51% over the past two weeks, a Los Angeles Times analysis found. Or looting footlocker There's only one Party, as Joe Biden said, who wants to keep you in chains, and that's the Democrat Party Or Newsomes Winery. There. You can go there. But no where else.