Coronavirus, Covıd-19

Coronavirus, Covıd-19

Coronavirus Live Updates: E.U. Will Bar Americans as It Reopens Its Borders

The bloc will allow visitors from 15 countries, but the U.S., Brazil and Russia aren’t among them. Dr. Anthony Fauci and other health officials will testify before Congress.

6/30/2020 6:00:00 PM

4 of the top health officials in the U.S., including Dr. Anthony Fauci, are testifying in Congress today about the coronavirus, which is spreading with increasing ferocity in at least 30 states. Follow along live.

The bloc will allow visitors from 15 countries, but the U.S., Brazil and Russia aren’t among them. Dr. Anthony Fauci and other health officials will testify before Congress.

ImageWest Virginia Eye Consultants received money from the Paycheck Protection Program, without which “things would have been pretty dire,” said Dr. Chris Stansbury, a founder.Credit...Kristian Thacker for The New York TimesAfter a stumbling start three months ago, the U.S. government’s centerpiece relief program for small businesses

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is ending with money left over.The Paycheck Protection Program is scheduled to wrap up on Tuesday after handing out $520 billion in loans meant to preserve workers’ jobs during the pandemic. But as new outbreaks spike across the country and force many states to rethink their plans to reopen businesses, the program is closing down with more than $130 billion still in its coffers.

“The fact that it was able to reach so far into the small-business sector is a major achievement, and those things are worth acknowledging, and celebrating,” said John Lettieri, the chief executive of the Economic Innovation Group, a think tank focused on entrepreneurship. “But we’re still in a public health crisis.”

Thehastily constructed and frequently chaotic aid program, run by the Small Business Administration but carried out through banks, handed out money to nearly five million businesses nationwide, giving them low-interest loans to cover roughly two and a half months of their typical payroll costs. Those that use most of the money to pay employees can have their debt forgiven.

The program appears to have helped prevent the nation’s staggering job losses from growing worse. Hiring rebounded more than expected in May as companies in some of the hardest-hit industries, especially restaurants,restored millions of jobsby recalling laid-off workers and hiring new ones.

Lenders cited two main reasons there was money left over. First, most eligible companies that wanted a loan were ultimately able to obtain one. (The program limited each applicant to only one loan.) Also, the program’s complicated and shifting requirements dissuaded some qualified borrowers, who feared they would be unable to get their loan forgiven.

U.S. RoundupSix states in the Midwest had increasing case numbers as of Monday.ImageCredit...Emily Rose Bennett for The New York TimesThe Midwest, which in June started seeing declines in virus cases — particularly in Kansas, Detroit and Wisconsin — is now seeing the beginnings of a resurgence. Six states in the region had increasing case numbers as of Monday. And even in places like Illinois and Minnesota, where case numbers have remained mostly flat, new hot spots have emerged.

Senator Puts Rare Hold On Military Promotions Over Ousted Army Officer U.S. coronavirus cases hit new global record, rising over 55,000 in single day Woman charged with helping get rid of body of Vanessa Guillen, missing Fort Hood soldier

In Kansas, the governor on Monday ordered residents to wear masks as case numbers lurched back toward their peak levels. In Wisconsin, new cases in the Madison area have reached a troubling new high. And in Ohio, the cases in counties that include Cincinnati and Cleveland have been doubling in the past two weeks. Gov. Mike DeWine, a Republican, said the Ohio increases were not the result of more testing, contradicting the messaging from the White House and some other Republican governors.

“If the spread of this virus remained at a low level, more testing should show a lower positivity — there simply wouldn’t be as many cases to pick up with testing,” said Mr. DeWine, who asked for federal help responding to upticks in the Cincinnati and Dayton areas. “Instead, the creeping up of our positivity rate even as we are doing more testing means that we are likely picking up signs of broader community spread.”

In other news from around the United States:More than 80 soldiers tested positive for the virus on Monday after three weeks of grueling survival training inNorth Carolina, according to a current defense official and a former one, who spoke on condition of anonymity. The roughly 110-person class was quickly quarantined at Fort Bragg in North Carolina, but those who tested negative for the virus were allowed to leave, the former official said.

TheF.B.I. Read more: The New York Times »

Republicans are finally getting on board. Too bad it took months of carnage and 120,000 American deaths for them to respect science. See This. In Brazil! UNIMED Belém - Pará Brazil and Porto Feliz-SP city. My God 🤔 Dive into the stats and data on all things relative to COVID-19: I guess all those health care workers on Tweeter coming out to tell how all the numbers are being padded, and all the flights coming from the southern boarder, dropping sick off with no papers.

Coronavirus live updates: Gilead announces remdesivir pricing; U.K. eyes big investments to rebuild economyThe coronavirus has infected more than 10.15 million people around the world as of Monday, killing at least 502,048 people. Between unmarked black delivery vans and the company name Gilead, I may have to give up watching HandmaidsOnHulu or else start looking to relocate to Canada. weebiejeebies HandmaidsTale Gilead pharmaceutical

Coronavirus Live Updates: Global Death Toll Surpasses Half a MillionThe global total of deaths from the coronavirus has passed 500,000, according to a New York Times database, while the number of confirmed cases surpassed 10 million. Latest updates:

Coronavirus Live Updates: Global Tally of Known Cases Passes 10 MillionBreaking News: The global tally of known coronavirus cases has passed 10 million, according to a New York Times database. The death toll is approaching 500,000 as infections surge in multiple regions. All caused by China Do you have news COVID-19 cases in Pakistan? and UAE. Do you have please share with me. Nyt spreading fear and panic

Live updates: Texas, Arizona face record coronavirus hospitalizations as U.S. cases near 2.5 millionStates across the South and West continued to report new daily highs in confirmed cases.

WATCH LIVE: Senate Hearing On Reopening Schools, Workplaces Amid CoronavirusThe Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions is discussing plans today for reopening schools and work offices that have been shuttered during the pandemic. Watch the hearing live ⬇️

Coronavirus Live Updates: Pence, in Texas, Now More Vocal About Need for MasksAfter weeks of donating the antiviral drug remdesivir to hospitals with severely ill coronavirus patients, the drug’s maker, Gilead Sciences, announced that it has settled on a price: $390 per vial, which works out to be roughly $2,340 per treatment course Until recently remdesivir was the only drug shown to help severely ill Covid-19 patients. But the benefits were modest, and the drug did not improve survival in those patients. Read more here. What is their profit margin? Shouldn’t be a problem as SecAzar said yesterday on TV that the US government will pay 100%!