Coronavirus live updates: COVID-19 deaths top 2 million worldwide

A pandemic of the novel coronavirus has now killed more than 2 million people worldwide.

1/16/2021 5:53:00 AM

'They're not just numbers and statistics. They're people.' A clinical director of nursing for a COVID-19 care unit on caring for patients who decide to stop treatment.

A pandemic of the novel coronavirus has now killed more than 2 million people worldwide.

Biden stresses equity, transparency in vaccination planPresident-elect Joe Biden laid out a five-point vaccination plan Friday that he promised would turn the public's"frustration into motivation" and meet his goal of getting 100 million shots into Americans' arms within his first 100 days in office.

Frustrated Coronavirus Not Sure What More It Can Change About Self To Get With Vaccinated Grandmother Manhattan prosecutor gets Trump tax records after long fight Biden marks 50M vaccine doses in first 5 weeks in office

The plan includes working with states to open up more priority groups for vaccination, mobilizing a larger workforce to administer vaccines and working directly with independent and chain pharmacies to distribute them. Biden's administration also plans to set up 100 federally funded vaccination centers in school gyms, sports stadiums and mobile clinics to help reach communities that have been hit hard by the virus.

"Equity is central to our COVID response," Biden said.Scientists in Biden's administration, like the surgeon general, will speak directly to the American people, he added, and pledged to be transparent about"both the good news and the bad" when it came COVID-19 progress."You’re entitled to know," he said.

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Trump impeachment trial live updates: Managers show new security footage of riot

Live updates from former President Donald Trump's historic second impeachment trial in the Senate.

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