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Coronavirus Live Updates: Boris Johnson Moved to Intensive Care and the U.S. Death Toll Surpasses 10,000

Breaking News: Prime Minister Boris Johnson of Britain, who has the coronavirus, was moved to intensive care as his condition worsened

4/6/2020 10:32:00 PM

Breaking News: Prime Minister Boris Johnson of Britain, who has the coronavirus, was moved to intensive care as his condition worsened

A U.S. government report found medical facilities stretched to capacity and in need of everything from ventilators to thermometers. Iran moved to end a shutdown of businesses.

in some places.Analysts highlighted the tentative deceleration of infections in New York as a good sign for other virus hot spots in the United States, as well as stock market sentiment. European stocks were trading higher after a modest rally in Asia picked up steam later in the day.

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U.S. Treasury bond prices fell in Asian trading. But the price of oil, which generally rises on good economic news, fell amidover supplies between Russia and Saudi Arabia.Japan will declare a state of emergency as the virus surges in Tokyo and other cities.

With new cases of the virus rapidly increasing in Tokyo and other cities in Japan,Prime Minister Shinzo Abesaid on Monday that he would declare a state of emergency in seven prefectures that include the country’s largest population centers.Mr. Abe, whose country faces a deep recession as the virus hinders trade and tourism, also announced an economic stimulus package worth nearly $1 trillion. He said that the government would suspend $240 billion in tax and social security payments and pay about $55 billion to households whose incomes have been affected by the pandemic.

The seven prefectures to be covered by the state of emergency, which Mr. Abe said would last about a month, are Chiba, Fukuoka, Hyogo, Kanagawa, Osaka, Saitama and Tokyo.Under an emergency law enacted last month, Mr. Abe can ask prefectural governors to close schools, request that residents refrain from going out or holding events, and order building owners to contribute their facilities for medical use. He cannot issue

or force businesses to close, as other countries have done.Mr. Abe said that public transit would continue to run and that supermarkets would remain open.Nearly three months into its outbreak, Japan is continuing to record new daily highs in confirmed infections, with the health ministry announcing 383 on Monday. Japan’s total number of cases has more than doubled, to 3,654, in the last eight days.

Japan has so far not reported the sort of explosive rise in cases that other countries have experienced, even though it has not taken aggressive steps like restricting people’s movements or testing widely for the virus. Its leaders have said for weeks that they have managed to contain the outbreak by quickly identifying clusters and tracing close contacts to infected people, but experts fear that the

limited testing has allowed the virus to spread.In remarks to reporters, Yoshihide Suga, Mr. Abe’s chief cabinet secretary, said that “in urban areas, including Tokyo, the number of infections is rapidly increasing, and the number of infections that cannot be tracked is increasing.”

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Inon Sunday, the governor, Yuriko Koike, announced 143 new cases, a record high. By Monday evening, the city had announced an additional 83 cases. In all, Tokyo has reported more than 1,000 cases and 30 deaths.The situation in Japan presents a contrast to the trajectory of the

outbreak in neighboring South Korea. That country, which has tested 466,804 people for the virus, more than 10 times the number in Japan, announced only 47 new cases on Monday, down from 78 a week earlier.The Navy’s top civilian excoriated the fired captain of an aircraft carrier stricken with the coronavirus.

The U.S. Navy’s top civilianin a speech to the ship’s crew on Monday as the sailors huddled on the island of Guam amid a coronavirus outbreak among their ranks, according to a transcript that was leaked online Monday.The New York Times has obtained an audio recording that supports the transcript’s authenticity.

Acting Navy Secretary Thomas B. Modly addressed the crew of the aircraft carrier on Monday afternoon via the ship’s internal loudspeaker system. In a profane and defensive address that one crew member described in an interview as “whiny, upset, irritated, condescending,” Mr. Modly took repeated shots at the integrity of Capt. Brett E. Crozier, who was removed from command last week, and injected partisan political tones into the address by attacking former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., who has repeatedly criticized Captain Crozier’s removal.

Mr. Modly said Captain Crozier was “too naïve or too stupid to be a commanding officer” if he thought that letter wasn’t going to leak. “The alternative is that he did this on purpose,” Mr. Modly added.Rear Adm. Charlie Brown, the Navy’s head spokesman, said he had seen the transcript but could not verify its authenticity. “I’ve asked his personal staff about it on travel,” Brown said. “I can say the secretary traveled to Guam and he did address the crew” of the Theodore Roosevelt.

Hundreds of sailors on the shipduring a send off last week.Cases continue to climb in Spain and Italy, but at a slower rate.Western Europe may have reached an important turning point in the coronavirus epidemic: while the total number of patients continues to climb, the rate of new infections is no longer rising.

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The shift seems clearest in the two hardest-hit countries, Italy and Spain, thoughincomplete and inconsistent datamake it hard to be sure.Italy’s daily tally of confirmed new infections peaked on March 21, at more than 6,500, but for the past week the number has not gone above 5,000. In Spain, the number seems to have reached a plateau, fluctuating for almost two weeks between about 6,400 and more than 9,200, a high that was set last Tuesday.

In each country, the death toll attributed to the coronavirus disease, Covid-19, has reached more than 900 on some days. But it has been lower in the last few days and on Sunday, it dropped sharply. Whether that represents a long-term downward turn is unclear.

To relieve the disastrous burden on health care systems, there must be a decline in the number of active cases — people who are currently infected and have not yet recovered or died. While the number is still rising in Spain and Italy, the growth has slowed dramatically.

Across Western Europe and Scandinavia, the number of new infections recorded daily has fluctuated between 27,000 and 37,000 for almost two weeks. More than 40,000 people have died, and there are more than 400,000 known, active infections. (The outbreak in Eastern Europe is harder to gauge because

the information is spottierbut the virus still appears to be spreading fast.)The outlier in the region is Britain, which was slower to be hit by the virus than most of its neighbors and slower to order people to stay at home and businesses to close. There, the number of new infections confirmed is still rising, and hit its high so far on Sunday, at more than 5,900.

Merkel rules out lifting social distancing measures, despite difficulties.Chancellor Angela Merkel ruled out an early lifting of social distancing measures in Germany on Monday, even as neighboring Austria mapped out a timetable for a gradual return to normality.

Schools and shops would remain closed and Germans should keep observing strict social distancing measures until at least April 19, as announced last month, the chancellor said. No virologist, she said, was suggesting that it was safe to cut that time short.

“I say deliberately that the protection of health will always have priority, also in the reopening of public life,” Ms. Merkel told reporters at a news conference Monday in Berlin. “We are still living in a pandemic.”The number of known infections, now over 100,000, is still rising in Germany, but the data suggests that the growth rate is slowing. Ms. Merkel acknowledged the hopeful signs, but stressed that it was too early to decide on a timetable to loosen measures.

“We can’t do that,” she said. “We only have very early indications how things are evolving.”Calling herself a “freedom loving citizen” and once again evoking her own history behind the Iron Curtain, the chancellor stressed how difficult she, too, found the many restrictions.

Thanking citizens for overwhelmingly cooperating despite a spell of sunny spring weather heading into Easter break, she asked for a little more patience and promised that as soon as it was deemed safe by the experts, public life would resume in a step-by-step process.

“We would be a bad government if we didn’t think intensely, even day and night, about how, while protecting our health, we can gradually open up the country again,” Ms. Merkel said. “But I would also be a bad chancellor, and we would be a bad government, if we would already give a date.”

Debate roils White House over an untested drug the president insists on promoting.Mr. Trump doubled down on Sunday onhis push for the use of an anti-malarial drug against the virus, issuing medical advice that goes well beyond scant evidence of the drug’s effectiveness as well as the advice of doctors and public health experts.

Mr. Trump’s recommendation of hydroxychloroquine, for the second day in a row at a White House briefing, was a striking example of his brazen willingness to distort and outright defy expert opinion and scientific evidence when it does not suit his agenda.

Mr. Trump suggested he was speaking on gut instinct, and acknowledged he had no expertise on the subject.“But what do I know? I’m not a doctor,” Mr. Trump said, afterrecommending the anti-malaria drug’s usefor virus patients as well as medical personnel at high risk of infection.

“If it does work, it would be a shame we did not do it early,” Mr. Trump said, noting again that the federal government had purchased and stockpiled 29 million doses of the drug.“What do you have to lose?” Mr. Trump asked, for the second day in a row.

When a reporter askedDr. Anthony S. Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, to weigh in on the question of using hydroxychloroquine, Mr. Trump stopped him from answering. As the reporter noted that Dr. Fauci was the president’s medical expert, Mr. Trump made it clear he did not want the doctor to answer.

“He’s answered the question 15 times,” the president said, stepping toward the lectern where Dr. Fauci was standing.On Saturday, Dr. Fauci had privately challenged rising optimism about the drug’s efficacy during a meeting of the coronavirus task force in the White House’s Situation Room, according to two people familiar with the events. The argument was

by the website Axios and confirmed on CNN on Monday morning when Peter Navarro, the president’s trade adviser who is overseeing supply chain issues related to the virus, acknowledged the disagreement.Mr. Navarro said he had takena sheaf of folders to the meeting, outlining several studies from various countries, as well as information culled from C.D.C. officials, showing the “clear” efficacy of chloroquines in treating the virus.

Dr. Fauci pushed back, echoing remarks he has made in a series of interviews in the last week that rigorous study is still necessary. Mr. Navarro, an economist by training, shot back that the information he had collected was “science,” according to the people familiar with what took place.

Domestic abuse is rising worldwide amid widespread lockdowns.Add another public health crisis to the toll of the new coronavirus: Mounting data suggests thatdomestic abuse is acting like an opportunistic infection, flourishing in the conditions created by the pandemic.

There was every reason to believe that the restrictions imposed to keep the virus from spreading would have such an effect, said Marianne Hester, a Bristol University sociologist who studies abusive relationships. Domestic violence goes up whenever families spend more time together, such as the Christmas and summer vacations, she said.

Now, with families in lockdown worldwide, hotlines are lighting up with abuse reports, leaving governments trying to address a crisis that experts say they should have seen coming.The United Nations called on Sunday for urgent action to combat the worldwide surge in domestic violence. “I urge all governments to put women’s safety first as they respond to the pandemic,” Secretary General António Guterres wrote on Twitter.

But governments largely failed to prepare for the way the new public health measures would create opportunities for abusers to terrorize their victims. Now, many are scrambling to offer services to those at risk.In Lebanon and Malaysia, the number of calls to domestic violence help lines was double that of the same month last year, while in China, they are three times higher.

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This is terrible... and he has a little baby on the way. Will he ‘Brexit’? Get better soon Hydroxychloroquine will be the treatment they will use. He will recover. Even though i feel very sad,he'll be a father This is the way he choosed 人在做,天在看。不是不报,时候未到。 Prayers 🙏 get well soon Get well soon “Herd immunity”?

Praying for Prime minister Boris Johnson BorisJohnson has kids and a pregnant partner at home. If you're wishing him death right now because of his terrible political views, there's something wrong with you. wishing him death is wrong! Wish his policies to not succeed, but let the dude recover. Wish him a speedy recovery... 🙏

I am not a fan but do wish him a speedy recovery and perhaps he will change his mind on many of his decisions. He's in intensive care and they are making preparations for the foreign secretary to take over his duties if necessary. This is obviously not good on so many levels. I think he needs his friend realDonaldTrump to cheer him up in person.

Something to feel good about! Clearly George Soros didn’t FedEx him the vaccine The case should be treated early to prevent from being worsened later quickly. We witnessed too many cases that people got better sign firts but suddenly collapsed because of staying at home without treatment 早日康复❤️ I mean, conservatives and Evangelical Christians should see this as God sending them a message. A message that money and pride won't save people

Hope Boris get better soon. As all people should be prayed for their lives. Stop using politics against human being on all nations. We should work together fighting against the virus together, not fighting between humans, otherwise, virus will win! Lord help the sick and save this situation. Amen Goodness

Too bad he wasn’t told that there was no room! like some regular folk are told. I hope he gets better and comes out of it as a wiser, more compassionate person. HirokoTabuchi If Johnson were to die, Trump would likely go totally bonkers. hope he gets better soon!god bless! Unlike the underprivileged, he'll have the best doctors and equipment on hand.

Really hoping he gets better. No matter your thoughts about his past decisions we should all hope he gets better💜 Why him and not Trump? They’re both COVID19-denying idiots. And, yet, inexplicably, NOT ONE elected official in the entire U.S. has been seen on T.V. with a protective mask on. Bless him to recover. God heal our world. Amen.

I don’t agree with his politics or anything but he will make it through this and hopefully come out changed Lo siento, espero pronto se recupere Hope he gets well soon... don’t have to agree with his politics, but he was elected by the ppl and is about to be a father... PrayForBoris How old is he? Wish he recover soon

I hope he gets well soon. Other leaders deserve to be sick but not him. Why couldn’t it be trump? I definitely don't want Boris Johnson to die! : if he dies, there's a good chance I won't get any money from the British government! May he recieve all of the grace he's given others. I don’t like him but I do wish him a speady recovery. He is going to be a dad and I will pray for him.

Herd immunity here we come 🐏🐑 🐑🐏🐑 let us to pray - he and everyone ( w covid19 ) gets well soon 🙏 Will President overnight a dose of his favorite malaria drug to Boris in London. What's he got to lose? Are you anderstand ? Wishing British Prime Minister Boris Johnson Godspeed and speedy recovery. Deseamos que esté bien y se recupere pronto.

? Estoy preocupado. Que más puede suceder I hope more UK citizens take this seriously. Hopefully the U.S. as well. As a world leader he has access to the best UK medical care so I am sure he will pull through. Sad to hear this How sick is Boris Johnson? Britons want to know. 🙏🙏 Même si il n'a pas pris la mesure de la situation et n' a pas pris au sérieux le virus, je lui souhaite de se remettre rapidement de la maladie et qu il lance enfin les actions nécessaire pour l endiguer dans son pays Test, Masque, Etc soin avec les médicaments d usages

Jesus please send your healing to all affected by this novel virus. I pray for speedy recovery for all 🙏🙏❤️💕 I'm really surprised that no one has corrected 'prime minister Boris Johnson of Britain' as Britain refers to the the largest island in the British isles and misses out Northern Ireland which he is also prime minister of.

PatGallenCBS3 Sorry to say but he’ll probably be dead in a week. SocialDistancing it's not a fucking joke! TrumpVirus and Bolsonaro must awake! PrayForBoris That CCPVirus is killing western democracy in body, mind and politics What to do, what to do? Sería una ironía que quien negó la magnitud de la ola, sea muerto por ella. Esperemos que no! 🙏🙏

Herd immunity at it’s finest! It would be an irony if the man who denied the magnitude of the wave were to be killed by it. Let's hope not! 🙏🙏 🙏 Praying for his full recovery. 突发快评:英国首相送入重症监护室、自由世界遭重创、中共阴谋已显山露水(4/6) via YouTube It's sad news when anybody is sick, and we should always hope people recover fully from any illness, but I have no extra tears for Boris Johnson.

“群体免疫”害了他自己 LanceUlanoff 🙏🙏🙏 Get well soon !! Mr johnson!!! 😇😇😇🙏🏿🙏🏿👼🏼 Doubtless all of the people objecting to snarky responses were just as worried about this MachineGunYorki SocialDistancing it's not a fucking joke! StayAtHome TrumpVirus and Bolsonaro must awake! PrayForBoris herd immunity failed

Not a Boris fan , but I don’t wish death upon any person . I hope Boris recovers quick as his country needs him 🙏🏽 Does this cancel Brexit? put aside everything, pray for boris The virus is democratic. Anyone can get it. The treatment is not. Those with resources has a bigger chance not getting it or receive adequate care. States with invested money in care and medical equipment stand strong and so do the people within. With Boris ill it’s obv. anyone..

He needs Chloroquin!! Hasanain_Alani 💔 Instead of praying, please Refer2Cure rathnasiddha covid19_medicine CharlotteAbotsi Hope nothing bad happens to him lol Wish him speedy recovery 🙏🏾 Wish him a speedy recovery as well as all those who are affected by this virus worldwide. May our world be blessed with positive energy and vibes, so this dark phase is over soon 🙏

Get well soon Hope he,recovers this is not good news Prayer for recovery Prayer for him get better soon Holy shit! You gotta stay alive Boris! You can do this Boris 💜. Our thoughts are with you.. Please, please pull through.🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧😪 Take care BorisJohnson 🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰🌾🌾🌾🦠 Wishing a speedy recovery...

God bless boris johnson Hope he makes a miraculous recovery we Chinese wish him all the best It’s really painful!! All the prayers for BorisJohnson and other people who are going through in the Same situation. Hope Trump get a chill on his spine, oh, wait. NMD, he doesn't have one. AttackChina

Coronavirus live updates: US deaths top 8,000, cases top 300,000; 5-year-old dies in UKDr. Anthony Fauci on possible effect of extending social distancing guidance to 30 days: 'Everybody should be doing some degree of this physical separation. If we do that—again, I have confidence that what we will see is the turning around of the curve.' Dead-relatively quickly. this should have been done 2 months ago. are we being lied again?

Coronavirus live updates: Over 10,000 dead in USFirefighters applauded health care workers and sounded sirens from their trucks in a show of support in the battle against the coronavirus outbreak in New York City. This will be the 'peak week' for parts of U.S., an HHS official warned. GOD BLESS 🇺🇸🙏 Wasn’t it supposed to magically vanish last month? realDonaldTrump? Walgreens workers are only receiving a TAXED bonus at the end of April for working during this pandemic. Please read the pinned tweet and RT or follow to spread awareness.

Coronavirus live updates: UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson hospitalizedGO, CORONA, GO: Millions of people across India lit candles and shone flashlights in a symbol of solidarity as the country's more than 1 billion people remain in lockdown over the novel coronavirus. Speedy recovery Doesn’t his pregnant girlfriend have the virus as well? Sending prayers for a quick and full recovery for him and his partner. 🙏🙏

Coronavirus live updates: More masks, ventilators on the way, Trump saysAsked why he’s not wearing a mask during the coronavirus task force briefing, Dr. Anthony Fauci says “the major reason to wear a face mask” is not to infect others and his test for coronavirus yesterday was negative. Dipshits !! He’s in THE MOST CONTROLLED ENVIRONMENT ON THE PLANET !! Not hard to stay healthy! + Some people comparing QUEEN’s lovely TV appearance to TRUMP’s style. She’s been on TV four times on 80 years, Trump’s 2 hours a day + round of golf ⛳️ Trump is wearing duct tape mask here but we all wish it will also cover the nose. OK friends, the Trump administration has beed copycatting the same bullshit that Macron has been serving us. THIS IS A LIE. Masks are VITAL, regardless of your status.

Coronavirus Live Updates: Trump’s Advisers Spar Over Untested Drug—A tiger at the Bronx Zoo tested positive for the coronavirus, and other big cats there appear ill — Queen Elizabeth II, in a rare televised address, urged Britain to display resolve, as Prime Minister Boris Johnson entered the hospital Latest updates: Read updates in Chinese: 新冠病毒疫情最新消息 I am wondering how they decided the tiger had COVID-19. Trump’s unauthorized practice of medicine adds quack to his resume. Malarone took the life of a friend, when taken to avoid malaria. It is not a flu drug that Trump should “prescribe” for anything. He’s ignorant, and doesn’t know the PDR from NPR.

Coronavirus: UK live updates, 4,934 deaths and 47,806 coronavirus cases reported in Britain - Business InsiderThe UK has confirmed 4,934 deaths and 47,806 coronavirus cases as Britain suffers its worst day of the COVID-19 pandemic.