Coronavirus Linked To Changes In People’s Periods & Libido, Suggests Study

Coronavirus Linked To Changes In People’s Periods & Libido, Suggests Study

Covıd-19, Trinity College Dublin

11/29/2021 10:29:00 AM

Coronavirus Linked To Changes In People’s Periods & Libido, Suggests Study

Researchers in Dublin spoke to women and people who menstruate about their overall health and found that the immense stress of the pandemic may have had some surprising effects.

and your interest in sex. Stress can leave you feeling preoccupied, tired or in need of a time out. It’s hardly surprising that sex may not be on the top of your list of priorities when you feel that way. Depression and anxiety have also been linked to a decrease in libido. 

Researchers also linked the pandemic to disturbances in participants' menstrual cycles.Dr. Owens found that 56% of participants had experienced some sort of change in their menstrual cycle since the beginning of the pandemic. 64% said that they’d experienced worse pre-menstrual symptoms such as mood swings and cramping. Participants also reported a monumental rise in feelings of anxiety and poor sleep.

The researchers concluded that an increase in menstrual disturbances could be linked to increased mental distress and poor sleep during COVID-19. “This study was conducted at a relatively early stage of the COVID-19 vaccination program, so the length of the pandemic and effectiveness of the vaccine may influence future findings, further investigation with objective, measurable data is needed,” said Dr. Michelle Maher who worked on the study. “We would

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encourage women experiencingany reproductive disturbances such as (irregular, missed periods, painful or heavy periods, PMS or reduced sex drive) as well as mental health disturbances (including symptoms of low mood, anxiety, stress and poor sleep) to see their GP for advice."

As mentioned earlier, a rise in cortisol can send your body into a state of increased anxiety. If you spend a prolonged period of time like this then your period may stop. This is your bodies way of telling you it’s not ready to conceive a child right now. 

This study, conducted at Trinity College Dublin, isn’t the first to highlight how the pandemic may have impacted peoples periods.Other scientists have sought to establish if any of the COVID-19 vaccines were having an impact on people’s menstrual cycles. After 30,000 people reported some changes to their menstrual cycle following their vaccine leading immunologist Victoria Male wrote in the

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BMJ,“Vaccine hesitancy among young womenis largely driven by false claims that COVID-19 vaccines could harm their fertility, and failing to thoroughly investigate reports of menstrual changes after vaccination is likely to fuel these fears. If a link between vaccination and menstrual changes is confirmed, this information will allow people to plan for potentially altered menstrual cycle phases.”

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