World, Coronavirus Live Updates: Cases Top 1.4 Million Globally - Cnn

World, Coronavirus Live Updates: Cases Top 1.4 Million Globally - Cnn

Coronavirus global cases surpass 1.5 million

Countries continue to battle the novel coronavirus as it infects more than 1.4 million around the world. Follow here for the latest news.

4/9/2020 1:56:00 AM

The novel coronavirus has infected more than 1.5 million people and killed more than 87,000 worldwide, according to a tally from Johns Hopkins University

Countries continue to battle the novel coronavirus as it infects more than 1.4 million around the world. Follow here for the latest news.

Fron CNN's Katelyn Polantzannounceda second major purchase of ventilators, buying more than 43,000 ventilators from the manufacturer Philips for $646.7 million.The ventilators will go into the national stockpile, which gets distributed across the country, in chunks. Philips will make a first delivery by the end of May of 2,500 ventilators, the Department of Health and Human Services said in a statement. The company will deliver a total of 43,000 ventilators by the end of the year.

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The major purchase comes hours after the department announced a similar contract for the auto company General Motors to make ventilators.The contract with Philips, a company that was already a major presence in building ventilators, comes under the Trump administration's announcement to use the Defense Production Act to get more needed supplies to aid the fight against the coronavirus epidemic.

HHS said it will award five other companies contracts under the DPA."The DPA is allowing the federal government to work with manufacturers, such as Philips, to accelerate production of ventilators and ensure that they go where they’re needed most," Secretary Alexander Azar said in a statement Wednesday."HHS will continue awarding contracts to companies for which it has invoked the DPA for ventilator production, while we explore every possible avenue to get life-saving supplies to the frontlines of this war on the virus."

Frans van Houten, CEO of Royal Philips, issued a statement, saying Philips is "actively collaborating with the U.S. government to help save lives in the U.S. and across the globe.”“There is an unprecedented global demand for medical equipment to help diagnose and treat patients with COVID-19," van Houten said."We welcome the support of the U.S. government in our efforts to aggressively increase the production of hospital ventilators. We believe in fair allocation of scarce medical equipment to those who need it the most, and we are ramping up to deliver 43,000 units to the most critical regions in the U.S. in the coming weeks and months through December 2020.”

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Heard an interesting statement a few days ago... Maybe mankind is the disease and covid-19 is the cure for mother earth. Hydroxychloroquine is working! I trip on the curb today. The virus caused it. Every death counts. Every year thousands of ppl die of a new strand of a coronavirus.. why cant there be a discussion for alternative reasons for symptoms 5GCoronavirus 5GKILLS

It's all Trump's fault China 🇨🇳 man cleans feet 🦶 with 😷 mask before selling them to Americans. Chinaman cleans feet with clean face mask before selling them to Americans Whatever you do continue to be gloom and doom. Don’t tLk about the possibility that the virus spread has improved and cases are lower. Might not meet with your agenda.

Didn't know Allyson was a Dr. Précision: Killed more than 87000 people outside China... With it... At least 160000 ChinaLiedPeopleDied 87k? We are destroying education, the economy, and civil liberties over 87k? Americans kill 600k yearly via abortion. How is this number worth screwing everyone else?

US set for around 80k deaths come August (source- IHME, Seattle). And? Minnesota doctor on Fox News just doesn't get it. Put cause of death as this virus, get extra money for hospital. Everyone realizes there are underlying causes. I wonder how many people can the hospitals and medical centres in the whole of USA can treat or admit simultaneously or at one time together ...pls clarify ASAP. TQ

That's around 0.001% of annual deaths Please help kashmiri people realDonaldTrump antonioguterres 88,000 people died last year from alcohol abuse and they leave the liquor stores open because they are a essential business...14,000 people have died from COVD and they close the entire country.... Any data from China?

Not even in the ballpark. KINDLE UNLIMITED Lectura ilimitada Cualquier dispositivo: LInk: PROMOCIONAL!!!! What happened to the 2,2 million deaths in America alone? fransweisglas Is that the same Johns Hopkins that organised together with the BMGF Event201, a simulation of a corona outbreak, held in October 2019, just 6 weeks before the 'real thing's.

This coronavirus is indeed novel; but so far, measures in place to contain and contail it once sustained, I see a major break thru sooner insight globally; with God showing us mercy. Journalists should pay attention to this... don't just always write about infected and dead from corona virus. Stop the panic and for once write good news about corona: the number of people overcoming corona is about three times the deaths

And counting! I have never seen anything like this. Where are we at? Less buy anything from china after this wars Ew Still a long way to go for Corona... the flu kills 500.000 every year what a ridiculous pandemia joejohnscnn WoW 😳 that is a lot Sad news The novel coronavirus has infected 20 million CNN blowhards!!! STFU

CCP lied people dead Anybody: I have some bad news regarding COVID-19 CNN: pizzagate How Qatar treating workers in Qatar2022 projects No cooments ukcoronavirus BorisJohnson DonaldTrump tramp Mind-blowing statistics COVID19 . I would really hope these numbers represent the truth. Imagine lots of people turned away from testing who probaby have the virus. Our lives have been turned upside down and life as we knew it will never be the same. People need to stop minimizing!!! It's not the same as the flu!

LA doctor seeing success with hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19 LA doctor seeing success with hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19 It is very sad to the families of the people who died to this pandemic Wait what about 240,000 deaths in America alone. Is this another Anderson Cooper standing in a ditch?

In reality being a goody too, 2 shoo, shoe is dangerous & as long as you try to follow your country's laws it is good enough; but it's difficult when in Middle School another kid baits you by hitting you with a rubber band & wether joking or not it's wrong for kid's right reason. We don’t really know how many of those worldwide deaths are coronavirus — do we? Sucks.

can you tell the world about the shadow government how there is150,000 indictments of the elites an those who joined with them... also tell them about how their is a way we can do it va_shiva has what is needed for the USA Not bad. H1N1 infected about 800 million and killed about 600,000. So, we’re well on our way to exceeding that one, right?

So, when do we start talking about flattening the unemployment curve? 📈⏳ Many years ago a friend of mine caught the crabs. Someone suggested RAID. He sprayed himself. Everything turned red and peeled. Killed all the crabs though... Why do you not report those who are getting well you only put out the deaths. You all suck.

qualeomimimi 1% At this rate, will it reach the 100 000 deaths ? 100% China’s fault Will you please start reporting new infections on a daily basis? Stop focusing only on total infections. “But the flu kills 60,000 every year. Coronavirus isn’t ba...... oh wait.” Where did those people go? I was getting tired of them but now I kind of miss them.

And that's the number that have gotten tested... Chloroquine should be given to all Americans. I would rather die from chloroquine than Covid-19. Stop the whole bureaucracy and save lives. OMFG out of 7 Billion! What an edging disaster. At first I was like ok. This thing is serious. Now I want to punch every person pushing this agenda.

TwitchTreehop Holy crap How many by 'fully-semi-automatic weapons cnn? I hear sales are up slightly.🧐 Must be exponentially high. Any journalizing going on? This is a man made 🦠 virus which has gotten out off control and way beyond its creators the scientists how should have created its antibodies first and vaccines before releasing it Was Trump in such an rush to destroy China that he didn’t think about his own people

Ah yes cleansing of the pensioners making room for the baby boomers. This virus is a killer No one cares if you get it and you die its meant to be that way only the strong eiill survive this Many amongst the dead were professionals from the medical field that took years to build up. RIP. Stay home How many just had the common flu and it was labelled as Covid? How many died of heart attack and was labelled as Covid? How many died from abortion and was labelled as Covid? How many more lies will you spew for your “orange man bad” bullshit? TrudeauMustGo cowardofthecottage

🦠Humanity is our greatest strength My daily on COVID19 🇬🇧Get well Boris Johnson More to come. More to go. O God, as you have said, and your words are true: corruption on land and at sea has been revealed by the deeds of the people. God, reveal the savior to us 🙏 ThePromisedSaviour My heart goes out to all the families of the bereaved. Please accept my condolences. God please help our world and put a hand to help us flattened the curves all over the world.

These numbers are completely misleading, they are only known people confirmed cases. the number is 50 times this And more than 300,000 have recovered. .6% of the population has been tested—-please honor your slogan citing facts. This tweet is misleading bullshit!!!!!! Ο.λ....ο..λ οι. How many of those 87,000 actually died of ChineseVirus I bet less than 25%.

That's bad the pandemic is killing innocent people and destroy life and property also.. ALMIGHTY GOD IN HEAVEN YOUR CHILDREN ARE CRYING FOR HELP SAVE US FROM THIS WORSE DISEASES PLEASE FATHER IN HEAVEN HEAR YOUR CHILDREN PRAY AMEN It has actually infected many more since testing is so limited and many with mild symptoms don’t even know they have it.

WORLDWIDE.. not big numbers considering how many humans live in it fake news But we all know those numbers are wrong Same guys who said we’d have a million deaths in the US? 🤔 A lot of those deaths are not from the virus that’s it? man the united states overreacted Well no. Tested infected. The real number is at least 20 times higher.

US coronavirus cases top 400,000, doubling in one weekThe number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the U.S. has surpassed 400,000, according to NBC figures, with 12,864 fatalities nationwide. 👀 Boy if I had a nickel for everyone of those.... And what’s the recovery rate?

NATPE Budapest, Streaming Plus Rescheduled to Summer Amid Coronavirus UncertaintyWhile January’s NATPE conference and market is one of the few events to have been spared by the coronavirus pandemic, organizers have rescheduled their summer editions as the global coronavirus pan…

Experts urge caution on possible 'flattening' of coronavirus cases: 'Can't say we're out of the waters and safe''Can't say we're out of the waters and safe': Epidemiologists urge Americans not to gain a false sense of confidence and continue to practice social distancing. Gotta keep the fear going..... Flattening the curve does not mean its over. It means it is spreading out over a longer time to resolution. I think in the future everyone is going to make sure that they have plenty of toilet paper on hand.

Ralph Lauren Donates $10M to COVID-19 ReliefRalph Lauren announced on Thursday that it will donate $10 million to coronavirus relief. Thank you man. Good man Louiselksnaz So many businesses and corporations are doing good things for the country. Except for realDonaldTrump His business is asking for a bail out for...... themselves. FakeBillionaire

Is it selfish to go outside, and other ethical questions raised by the COVID-19 pandemicThe new coronavirus has infected more than 1.3 million people according to Johns Hopkins University.

Coronavirus live updates: Boston issues curfew to increase social distancingBeds line the Mountain America Expo Center, in Sandy, Utah. The center will be used for hospital overflow as medical centers treat influx of COVID-19 patients. I suppose they could have donated it to people in need..... wait, what am I saying? Dairy farmers were having troubles before the virus hit. Tough times for those farmers.