Coronavirus crisis? Dr. Howard Dean says Trump lying about looming medical crisis

Fmr. DNC Chair Howard Dean says President Trump is a 'terrible spokesperson' regarding COVID-19 because he is 'incapable' of telling the truth. 'Partly because he's worried about his re-election more than he is about what happens to the Americans.'


Fmr. DNC Chair Howard Dean says President Trump is a 'terrible spokesperson' regarding COVID-19 because he is 'incapable' of telling the truth. 'Partly because he's worried about his re-election more than he is about what happens to the Americans.'

The worldwide coronavirus infection has spread to the U.S., driving President Trump to hold a formal White House briefing with doctors and government health officials about the state of the problem on Wednesday. On the night of the briefing, Former Democratic Governor Howard Dean, a doctor, argued Trump is a “terrible spokesperson” for a concerned nation because he is “incapable” of telling the truth about the problem and what comes next. Trump recently inaccurately claimed the virus would be gone by “April” because of weather patterns. Dean cautioned that the virus is “serious” but “not a reason to panic.”

Feb. 27, 2020 Read more: MSNBC

Agreed 🧐🤥. This is the same person who said, the soldiers had headaches instead of brain injuries after the bombing of the us base in Iraq. Imagine that GovHowardDean, adding nothing to the political discourse. SHOCKED! Howard Dean Mr no where Man Anyone can say anything! And so they do. They poison the water with lies and accusations just enough to confuse enough people so they can win. They come first , not america or the people. Very bad.

medical91 This is one of those many times when our country literally suffers for lack of a 'Comforter-In-Chief.' Trump has no capacity for empathy. He doesn't know what to say to make us feel better. And even if he did, we'd struggle to believe him because he lies to us so often. Exactly U politicians take such good care of yourselves and your families...Biden gives his son $10k month job... I’m sure u all have great healthcare & pensions... it just sickens me u don’t see to it that everyone in this country has great healthcare too!

Insanity is ANY candidate that DOESN’T support Medicare for All..coronavirus hits here it will spread because people either don’t have Health insurance or under insured & cant afford to use their insurance & there’s no sick pay so they will go to work spreading virus!

Rush Limbaugh Claims The 'Common Cold' Coronavirus Is An Effort To ‘Get Trump’The conservative radio host declared communists and the media have 'weaponized' the 'common cold.' Medal of Freedom winner ladies and gentlemen. The reaper is coming for this dude Ok 👌

The sky is falling technique is not working fake news blame china not our dear prez Must love how MSNBC always gets 'objective' commentators. Pick a topic … any topic … and this statement applies … it applied in 2015, and in 2016.and in 2017, and in 2018, and in 2019 … and now again in 2020. Yu had me at “former DNC chair...

FakeNews that funny coming from howard dean but what do you expect the DNC communist party wants to regain power that's all they care about. Trump is a terrible everything. All he cares about is Trump and Trump making $$$ and Trump winning next election so Trump can make more $$$. He’s actually a pretty simple guy. A selfish , malignant narcissist.

Trump Administration Seeks $2.5 Billion to Fight CoronavirusThe Trump administration is asking Congress to approve roughly $1.8 billion to fight the novel coronavirus as the disease spreads across the globe and seeking the flexibility to spend as much as $2.5 billion. Negative Nancy won't support it. Trump is asking so.... Isn’t this an ACTUAL emergency, so Trump should raid Pentagon funding

Lies.... Wonder if he’ll repeat his super famous furious outburst again. Was one to remember. Truth. And the stock market self off You people are pathetic, you dig up a has been to push a false story and go crazy when called on it........FakeNewsMedia KAG2020LandslideVictory 🇺🇸 I tell them, people become stupid watching Fox News 🤪

every elected official in DC is more concerned with getting reelected over the good of the country. That's why things are this way right now. He is. 😂😂😂😂😂😂. Who ever heard of getting behind the POTUS and hoping he doesn’t fail. That would just be odd wouldn’t it Except for MSM bashing REP and conservatives for not getting behind Obama, now it’s the norm to bash POTUS during a crisis. Seems like a really good idea msm

Trump Asks Congress for $2.5 Billion to Fight CoronavirusAccording to public health experts and former HHS officials, the $2.5 billion budget request is not enough to adequately handle the global health emergency With the idea of diverting the money to his “fence”. He makes me so tired

Sounds like someonepocketedmoneyncant getenoughtogetawayfromthegoldbullioncheese,healreadygotcaughtcheatingwhenwillthecongressionalsenatorrealizethetruthaboutthismanbehavior.conartist. You should look at your capability of truth-telling while you report such falsehood about the president! Trump 2020 Lol stfu - remember the Zika / Ebola / west nile - yeah please.

What? Wait! The President is lying? If he keeps his support, he's not giving up power no matter what the election results. Dictators do that kind of shit. The truth like there were NO CUTS TO THE CDC under Trump? That the CDC budget is controlled by Congress, not the President? All the left does is lie. 24/7 about every single thing.

'Former DNC Chair'. Like anyone cares what this swampdweller says. Love the Dem projection! What the hell is he doing by talking abt it? Turning it political! The left has lost what little tiny brains they had How long will it take voters, including those who mistakenly voted for Trump, to realize that he values himself & his assets, & of course, re-election, over everyone & everything else. This had been his M. O. all his adult life. WHY CHANGE NOW!

Coronavirus fears tank markets but Trump says everything's under controlPresident Trump tweets, 'Stock Market starting to look very good to me,' after the stock market had its worst day in 2 years due to fears over the impact of COVID-19. 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️realDonaldTrump He's Right Time to BUY... Ask Warren Buffett

Idiot Absolutely right it’s all about him to look at him shows America how far we have fallen AP has debunked Dean’s statements. Why do Democrats lie in a way that’s so easy to prove wrong? Is it because MSM normally don’t challenge the lies? Political Hasbeen SCREAMING HOWARD DEAN peddling Crap that President Trump is incapable of telling the truth screams He'll do anything to be relevant again.His comment mirrors what DEMS & their Co-conspirators in the media are doing, lying about Trump's coronavirus Preparedness.

Nonsensical because they are one in the same. If Americans suffer, Trump loses. If Americans don't suffer, Trump wins. Correction: His ONLY concern is re-election. He couldn't care less what happens to actual Americans, except as that impacts his chances in November. The Russians are coming! The Coronavirus is coming! Everyone should panic! OMG we are all going to die!!! Is that better? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

He's a terrible 'spokesman' period. That’s an UNDERSTATEMENT of this decade. trump is the worst person to be in charge when country is in this DIRE DANGEROUS SITUATION. The 'truth'? Lol... cmon. The leftists are exploiting this for everything they can politically. Sickening really. Percentage of death per Coronavirus is 2.3%. (CIDRAP report) Percentage of death per influenza is 2.8%. (NIH report) These figures are readily available.

Trump aide Cuccinelli asks Twitter for help finding coronavirus info.AshleyRParker says President Trump hiring loyalists can be costly during possible crises. 'The president has hollowed out a number of these agencies, especially the scientific community, so there's not necessarily all the people you would want in place' AshleyRParker Just tell him to ask Dr Google. AshleyRParker Just have the corona virus managed at the White House. Problem solved. AshleyRParker Twitter gets info much faster than News media that is why!

Democrats are not happy unless the President foretells of gloom and doom. Yeeeeeeeee Haaaaaaaaaa! Howard. 'Partly because he's worried about his re-election more than he is about what happens to the Americans.' Not partly, totally. He's a narcissist who lacks empathy. Without empathy, the focus is totally on oneself. And those are the dangerous chickens finally coming home to roost

FakeNewsMedia lying attack Trump usual. Yawn.... What is more of a threat to the United States right now? Coronavirus? OR The shit, piss & dirty needles on streets of San Francisco? (Pelosi's city) Obama did that with ⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇ Trump seeks a 'miracle' as virus fears mount, Read Full News: YtBring67MBack MehmetçiğinYanındayız イレットペーパー FALLINGMUSICVIDEO Mステ wordpress WordPressWebsite elementor webDesign webDevelopment FridayFeeling FridayVibes

he is also a horrible human being, a horrible dad, husband,friend,& PRESIDENT. THE man is just HORRIBLE all around Can you spell 'drumming up panic with media lies'? Didn't think so. Oh stop your nonsense

Never Fear: Trump Assures That Coronavirus Is 'Under Control,' Stock Market Looks 'Good'Trump offers his own reality on the day of the worst stock plunge in two years and after the World Health Organization warned nations to prepare for a pa... Like when he said Kim Jung-Un was no longer a threat? Let's hope not that severe! That probably means the economy is going to crash and half the population is gonna die from the virus. At least FOX will lose a lot of viewers Created duh, just like all the other shit

Yep Ask this FORMER DNC Chair... how did the Democrats think 30 years of catering to diversity would end? The obvious answer is with the party being divisive. Agreed. Interesting that Dr. Dean referred to us as 'the americans'. He wants to be a member of the elites so badly that he will say anything to get in a position to dictate to 'the americans'.

You Nailed It! It’s always about Criminal Con Artist Trump! Pathetic! JanisWedmore This is SO true. Trump doesn't care about anyone except himself. Howard dean, you bring back memories. Wooawoo!!😠 Retweet this Patent for the CoronaVirus

The stock markets knows he’s lying🤦🏾‍♀️ Howard Dean is a spokesman who speaks because he hates Trump. Nobody cares what Howard Dean says. The only time I agree with Dean I believe the only reason trump needs to be re-elected is to stay out of prison! Also, he's really reaching at this point. VoteTrumpOut2020 TrumpPandemic

Do not be fooled. Evil Dems (crooked MSM, CDC, WHO) are desperate to hurt our economy...our stock portfolio...our President. Note: Rosenstein's sis is a doctor at the CDC who is scaring the hell out if the country over the Coronavirus. Bill Gates has a patent for the coronavirus Trump is just as good as the CCP

Lyingdying TraitorTrump This administration’s incompetence will be laid bare. Unfortunately, many innocent people will pay the price. Howies a crazy guy! TDS MS NBC would have you believe that we are all dying tomorrow. MS NBC is the biggest piece of crap news media that you could ever come upon. People please listen to something that makes sense.

You nailed it - although he would lie about regardless. What does an MD know? We have a “ stable genius “ in charge You’re right. He is a terrible spokesperson for the American people. He LIES about everything- he is a disgrace as a human being!!! devdev324 Partly? He's ONLY concerned about his reelection

Pence being put in charge of dealing with the coronavirus, we are doomed. Pence is not a public health expert, either. As governor of Indiana, he slashed public health spending and delayed the introduction of needle exchanges, which led to the state’s worst outbreak of HIV. Heeyaaaah! We know we've known for a long time

This is the cost of years and years of lies to the American people. Keeping this yellow haired baboon in office means ruining the world we know So says the Democratic National Committee😂😂😂 Really? 1SnoozyQ Even Republicans don't believe anything Trump says.

Rtreatwilliams The Orange Antagonist, how much science does he know aside from Nick name science? Could have hung that quote on Obummer's forehead This is what Blaming Trump For Something That Hasn't Happened looks like. If someone in America gets sick... it's Trump's fault. leafleague Trump has to cover up his record of appointing people to key positions who know more about the bible than about the department they are supposed to head and people who are obviously tasked with making that department non-functional if not gutting it entirely.

PELOSI AND SCHUMER ARE THE ONES TRYING TO USE THIS FOR THEIR POLITICAL GAIN. CRITICIZING AT EVERY POINT. THEY CALLED HIM RACIST BY NOT LETTING CHINA FLIGHTS IN. ALWAYS ACCUSE THE EXACT THING YOU ARE DOING. DESPICABLE. leafleague He's worried about re-election and also determined to not spend a dime that could go to the military or tax cuts. Keep your eye on which states get federal assistance / resources and which don't.

Meanwhile President Obama was unavailable for comment he was too busy finding the cure. I believe he is sleeping with AOC they sound the same, just another liberal crying over something stupid, I do believe they screw up a 2 car funeral So basically according to the Democrats and Trump haters ONLY Democrats can save the world.ASSCLOWNS.

And this , right here is why no one watches your network. Dump Trump. He cares only about himself. Of course he did. Meanwhile Joe doesn't know what state he's in or what position he's running for. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Just saw Joe and crew giving Trumps props about the press conference. Just because he was not as bad as usual doesn’t make it fine.This could be death to someone. Pence doesn’t believe in science! And he is in charge?

joncoopertweets hero I'm sure President Trump will handle it. MalcolmNance Why should anyone credit or care what democrat hack Howard Dean thinks about a virus? The LEFT's been telling us Trump's a liar for 3+ years, BUT the FACTS when uncovered have PROVED that THEY r the ones lying 2us! It has happened over & over again! Drop . maddow lawyers told U during trial w/ChanelRion that ppl KNOW stuff she says is OPINION-NOT fact!

This time I think he is not lying? Wrong Who?🤣😂 MalcolmNance He doesn’t worry about us AT ALL. I would have to agree, honestly Pence sounds more like a President. I feel bad for him, he had to stand there and applaud Donald for his being “ Presidential”. Who listens to this idiot Blah blah blah blah KatTompkins exactly

Given that democrats prefer to focus on Russia Hoax 2.0 and impeachment2.0, you shouldn’t be complaining. Trump is a pathological liar. He should not be the president of this nation. Lost all credibility

Then he needs to mention that the “DeepState” did it. Would that be better? Darn DeepState and their darn “Depopulation” plans. 🤫 Complete Propaganda Bullsh*t . I can't believe people are this dumb. AudreyGarden Hear no evil. See no evil. Their incompetent. I wouldn’t believe anything they say. They claim this is “well contained” after testing only 426 out of 330 million individuals not including foreigners and illegals. That’s under 0.000001% of the population tested...

Good points Howie - now are you recommending we institute travel bans to and from certain countries? Stricter border security and mandatory quarantine of high risk people? Didn’t think so. How about he’s a terrible President and person? I mean this is a prime example of his lack of credibility impacting everyone. You can’t trust what he says b/c he’s shown over time to be full of shit, only willing to paint a positive “Trump” picture. We need honesty right now.

Face it. The Impeached President's reason for the lies about the virus is solely to save the Stock Market and NOT the American People. of course he is worried about getting re elected. He is going to be hauled off to jail as soon as he is no longer president. Well, we know that Howard, but thanks for showing up.

Get Face Mask Against Corona Virus Now, Protect Yourself From All Viruses: Spot on!

Truth. He’s worried about the stock market ➡️ election He repeated what the experts said and managed not to OVER panic the nation. The democrats can't find anything good ALL THE TIME. They will loose this election, specially with Bernie wanting to be Fidel Castro and enabling minorities to sell drugs for money.

Remember when HD was a progressive? I do.. miss that guy.. Weaponizing a sickness for political gain is exactly what the Democrats are doing and that is a crime! Trump2020NowMoreThanEver Maybe he could catch the virus and give us first hand information!! See HuffPost this is news. Posting Kardahsian bullshit shows that you are not a serious news source any more.

Oh right, another DEM. Trustworthy? Probably not when it comes to opinions about Donald Trump. I’m sure you geniuses would do better. 😂

the yelp heard round the world. Hello. Trump LIES about EVERYTHING.. Yaaaaghhhhhh! Dems using coronavirus for a political advantage. Are we sure Trump isn't colluding with the virus? Dems should launch a 3 year investigation just to make sure! Hey, Donald's worried about the stock markets, too! Think of the Money! Gosh! RepublicansOnlyLoveMoney DontHurtTheMoney

Yes exactly. He has always been like that but it takes fear of a killer pandemic to fully acknowledge the damage he is capable of? If Trump gave a weeks long speech and donated his life savings to this, the media would still have something negative to say. I think the IMPEACHED president shouldn't be allowed to speak publicly on any topic. He's been IMPEACHED and we know he's a proven liar. Shut him down, or change the law to shut him down. At least Pence uses complete sentences, sometimes. FightDisinformation GagTheLiarInChief

He couldn’t tell the truth for exactly those reasons. His bad is clueless and ignorant just like Trump. catherineschwo3 That's a given.

Ignoramus, Right, bc when he’s not re-elected he’s going to jail. GoodTimes Let’s see if the Democrats will favor closing the border in the interest of national health... And, you know, Trump isn’t a scientist or a doctor. He should keep his mouth shut. a real medical doctor: Bill Cassidy, M.D. As a doctor who ran vaccine programs to decrease the spread of disease, DonaldTrump is doing what’s necessary to protect Americans from the coronavirus. Democrats’ attacks are unfounded and aimed at stoking fear for political gain.

Everyone one knows howard dean is cuckoo. And you? Not politically motivated? 'Dr' Howard Dean? Please, the man is an idiot and we are supposed to listen to Mr. Lefty about the corona virus?

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Krispy Kreme is giving out a free dozen doughnuts to healthcare workers

A 102-year-old Italian woman recovers from coronavirus

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Tornado flattens buildings in Jonesboro, Arkansas First death of infant in connection with coronavirus reported in the US Biden mounts behind-the-scenes mission to win over wary progressives NRA sues California Gov. Gavin Newsom and other state officials over gun store closures Biden leads Trump by nine points in latest Fox News poll Krispy Kreme is giving out a free dozen doughnuts to healthcare workers A 102-year-old Italian woman recovers from coronavirus Coronavirus live updates: Trump considers enforceable quarantine in NY, NJ; 200 US cities lack face masks New York Gov. Cuomo says Trump has no authority to impose quarantine: 'It would be illegal' Fun-Loving Turtle All Business When It's Feeding Time Trump to Mike Pence: 'Don't call the woman in Michigan,' aka Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson are back in the U.S. after coronavirus diagnoses