Coronavirus Cost Global Tourism $320 Billion In Just Five Months

Few industries have been hit as hard by the pandemic as tourism.

8/2/2020 3:28:00 PM

The coronavirus cost global tourism $320 billion in just 5 months

Few industries have been hit as hard by the pandemic as tourism.

foreign tourism fell, according to France 24.While the UNWTO did acknowledge hopeful signs of more people travelling—especially as European countries began to reopen their borders to visitors from some countries this month—recentupticksof new reported coronavirus cases across Europe and in other countries stand to threaten the progress made.

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The report specifically named the U.S. and Canada as two countries responsible for many tourists that remain “at standstill,” when it comes to travel, with U.S. travelers stillfrom many countries as a result of the high coronavirus infection rate at home.

Earlier this month, the U.N.’s trade and development arm said tourism could lose as much astrillion for the whole year.CRUCIAL QUOTE“This latest data makes clear the importance of restarting tourism as soon as it is safe to do so. The dramatic fall in international tourism places many millions of livelihoods at risk, including in developing countries,” said Zurab Pololikashvili, the World Tourism Organization’s Secretary-General in a Tuesday statement. “Governments in every world region have a dual responsibility: to prioritize public health while also protecting jobs and businesses.”

WHAT TO WATCHThe UNWTO said the majority of its expert panel agree that levels of global tourism should bounce back by the tail end of 2021, the organization said in a.KEY BACKGROUND Read more: Forbes »

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It is not the Coronavirus, it is the Gouvernement Response that cost 320 billion in just 5 months. closer to 400 Billion........ how many zeros does 400 billion have? Sit down relax and don’t travel until 2021. Some people just can’t shut up about travelling and needing to get away and missing their get away. Ok we get it. Just go if you want to ✈️! Don’t forget to quarantine for 14 days 🔐 when you come back.

To give you an idea.. that’s almost the GDP of a small country like Denmark 🇩🇰 or Norway 🇳🇴 They should take China to Hague and see how much they can cough out from them for business damages due to covid. One day I'll pass the test pills who need to pass the test In another way that’s scary that it was just that little. That easily what Disney World, Epcot, Universal Orlando could have lost in Fl. alone.

I thought I will be in trillions..

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Union warns of U.S. Postal Service cost cuts as states prepare for mail-in votingThe head of the country&39;s largest postal worker union warned about the administrative shake-up causing delays as states prepare for mail-in voting. this will be a huge cluster bomb This is really really sad!!!! Voter suppression comes in many forms. BIDEN2020 VotetRumpOut

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